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How to Make an Epic Crowdfunding Video

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Working on your crowdfunding pitch video?

You gotta include the things I’m gonna mention on this video…

Seriously, they’ll turn any Kickstarter video from boring to fascinating.

Oddly enough, they’re very easy to add to your video. They just aren’t well-known.

When you add these elements, you’re going to, at minimum, double the effectiveness of your campaign pitch and make sure that you keep your visitors rapt with attention.

As you might have noticed, I share a ton of content on crowdfunding. It’s difficult to keep up.

The best way is to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You’ll get notified about more content like this.

However… you’ll have to actually watch the videos. I know that you might be busy and not have time for that.

That’s the reason why I created an Audible book that walks you through everything that you need to know when it comes to launching a successful Kickstarter campaign.

This Audible book is called the Kickstarter Launch Formula!

You can listen to it on the go, in the car, while you’re commuting to work, and more!

Also… it’s on Audible as a whole, which is an awesome service. You can listen to a TON of books and learn so much faster.

Totally recommend Audible to any avid learner. But, if you prefer physical books or ebooks, I’ll also link to those down below.

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