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How to Quickly Raise $361,476 on Kickstarter

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Within the first day of going live, this Kickstarter campaign surged past its $50,000 goal.

Not only have they gone on to raise more than $361,476, but they also got into dozens of media publications!

In today’s podcast episode, I brought on Jong Shin, the co-founder of HOPii – your personal micro-brewery.

We go behind the scenes into where he got the idea for his product, how he created it, and why he had a such a powerful campaign launch.

This episode is perfect if you’re planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign and want to get a clear idea of how to best spend your time.

After listening, you’ll get a better picture of the various components you’ll need to have in place if you want to smash your goal on Kickstarter.

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