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This Crowdfunding Strategy Raised $1,565,398 on Kickstarter

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Whenever someone sees remarkable success at a young age, it’s a blinking indicator that you need to PAY ATTENTION.

If a group of young entrepreneurs just out of college can raise $761,130 on Kickstarter, then so can you!

The Podo Labs team makes it look easy. With their second Kickstarter campaign, they raised $804,268 from 16,019 backers.

Not only that, but the team has also secured millions of dollars in private startup funding.

Pretty epic, huh?

Today, you get to listen in on a conversation I had with Podo Labs’ CEO, Eddie Lee.

Eddie and his cofounders have done a killer job building out a skilled team that’s dedicated to high quality products.

He came on the podcast to share what’s working for in terms of getting backers, getting the word out, and coming up with hot new product ideas.

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