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5 Best GoFundMe Alternatives

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Personal Fundraising Guide: Check it out here. It’s all about crowdfunding personal expenses. Get Funding for Education,Travel, Volunteering, Emergencies, Bills, and more.

Don’t get me wrong! GoFundMe is a great crowdfunding platform and one of the largest in the personal cause fundraising space. However, if you’re looking for an alternative to GoFundMe, with different pricing terms or a different project page layout, check out the 5 sites below and let me know which you like most via comment below!

1. YouCaring

The reason I love YouCaring is that, unlike other cause-related crowdfunding platforms, they don’t charge a fee to use their website. You just need to pay a credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction (standard for most platforms). Most other platforms will charge a 5-10% platform fee. Check out the video explaining the platform below.

2. GiveForward

GiveForward works best for: Medical Expenses including travel, medical equipment and service animals, out-of-pocket living expenses that are associated with an illness or injury, “Bucket lists” associated with a terminal illness, and funeral expenses or memorial funds.

The platform charges a 5% fee + 2.9% + $0.50 per transaction for payment processing.

How GiveForward Works from GiveForward on Vimeo.

3. Fundly

Fundly is another online fundraising tool that you can use to gather funds for a cause related crowdfunding campaign. I think they have a nice user interface and design. One interesting fact that distinguishes them from other platforms is that they give discounted rates to high-performing crowdfunding campaigns. For example, if you raise over $50k, their platform rate drops to 4.4% instead of 4.9%.

Pricing (under $50k raised): Fundly platform fee 4.9% + credit card processing fee 3.0%.

Fundly – Your Best Fundraising Friend from Fundly on Vimeo.

4. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a global crowdfunding platform that has multiple verticals including technology, gaming, and filming. It can also be used to fundraise for medical expenses or personal causes.

The platform charges a 4% if you reach your goal and a 9% if you don’t (if you elect to use flexible funding). If you do an all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign, you won’t receive any of the funds raise if you fail to hit your fundraising goal. In addition, there is a 3-5% for credit card or PayPal processing (varies depending on your financial institution) and a $25 wire fee: charged once when non-US campaigns have raised funds in USD via Direct Credit Card. The funds are wired in one lump sum to a non-US bank account after the campaign has ended.

5. FundRazr

Similar to Indiegogo, FundRazr is a crowdfunding platform that has multiple categories ranging from creative projects to healthcare and medical bills. Fundraisers “always keep the money they raise,” meaning that there is no “all-or-nothing” option. There also doesn’t have to be a set fundraising duration.

I think FundRazr’s project page design for the comments section is better than GoFundMe’s because it’s easier to read the text.

Pricing: Recipients pay 5% FundRazr fee plus a payment provider fee of 2.9% + 30¢* per transaction.


I’d like to hear what you’re raising money for and which platform you decide to go with! If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out my tips on crowdfunding your education or on raising money for a cause, or for a nonprofit.

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  • Canan Sarah

    Crowdrise!!! 1% pricing (I kept $99 if every $100 raised). No deadlines or goal requirements.

  • Sabrina N

    RaiseHope.org is another great option for charities & non-profits. Automated charitable tax receipting (for charities) + campaign coaching + a Perk Marketplace.

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Guest

    I just wish there were more specific sites rather than a all in one site. Like people that have realistic goals and are not looking a handout. Ive only ever donated to a few and the few I have I know my help made a difference.

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Rachel Anderson

    I just signed up for Go Fund me, but the site makes it seem like unless we tell all of our friends/family on social media that we need their help, we won’t get any. I’m using the site to raise money for my fiance who just had an amputation last week because of diabetes (Bills are piling up and we have been denied several times for Gov help) but I think he will feel too ashamed to tell everyone that we do need help… I’m wondering if anyone knows a site where people can draw just as much attention from strangers?? http://www.gofundme.com/uf85wzw

    • CrowdCrux

      That’s completely true. Most people first get donations from their friends/family. I think this recorded webinar we did on personal and charity fundraising is very helpful: http://www.crowdcrux.com/personal-and-charity-fundraising-101/

    • Egghead Einstein

      I would HIGHLY, and I cannot stress that enough, recommend you focus on reality and not the emotions you’ve been reared to avoid. Shame and even guilt rarely have a place in anyone’s life except the Queen of England’s, and even then it remains rather liquid. In your husband’s position, and your situation, there is nothing to be ashamed of except having too much pride, as if you are somehow above us all and you, perfect as you are, were born immune to tragedy, or even mistakes. Then again, your husband would be best off finding sites and forums for people who have undergone amputation and ask them to be your starting point. Then you can tell me to take my presumptive lecture about guilt and shame and shove it up my ass. 🙂

  • AG

    Negative gofundme story here: read their TOU carefully and ridiculously literally. It seems like a bunch of stuff that’s a no-brainer, right? No illegal drugs, hate speech, treason, not a big deal if you’re not a criminal, right? WRONG. My dog was terminally ill, and the vet bills to that point had emptied my bank account. I had to make the awful decision to have him put to sleep, and I wanted to do this at home, where he’d be most comfortable. House calls are expensive, though. So, I started a campaign to cover the home euthanasia cost, which many of my kind friends quickly donated to. Suddenly, the campaign was suspended. I checked my email to find that gofundme flagged it for TOU violations. I had no idea what could possibly be offensive about facilitating a poor, sick dog leaving this earth as humanely and kindly as possible. Three days and probably at least a dozen emails from myself and many of my friends, gofundme informed me that even after review, my efforts violated their TOU clause of “ending the life of an animal”. And I’m having to deal with this crap at the same time as I’m watching the clock tick away the last of my baby’s life. SCREW YOU, GOFUNDME. For your tedious literal interpretations and your blatant lies about a “5 minute guarantee” for service rep response.

    • CrowdCrux

      Sorry to hear :(. I’ll try to get GoFundMe to respond to your comment here.

  • Shelley Hager

    I am needing to raise money to help me with a down-payment for a house. I was hoping for some advice about maybe which site to go with and how to set it up. Not sure which site would be the easiest and helpful for my situation.
    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

    • Josh

      So you want free money to help buy a house when many people need help with their children’s medical bills? Try a site like lendingclub.Com where you borrow money from people online at a low interest rate and pay them back rather than asking for handouts.

      • Shelley Hager

        Josh, FYI, that is not what I was meaning in my question. I am disabled, I can barely walk, getting ready for another back surgery. I am in need of finding and getting help to be able to even rent a place that would happen to have easy access for me to get in and out of the house. I qualify for a scooter to help me, but where I live it does not have access and my landlords will not let me build a ramp or widen the doorway. I do not qualify for help from any financial institution because I am disabled.

        • calvin brown

          I came across your post and it really caught my attention to help donate to your cause get back to me through my email calvinbrown035@gmail.com so we can discuss further about how and what I can help you with

    • Jack Miller

      Obamacsre not enough? Smh. Do what the rest of us do. Work hard and harder.

      • lheurebleue

        Could you possibly be a bigger jerk?

  • Lynda Alicia Diaz

    Please take the time to read my GoFundMe http://www.gofundme.com/

  • Susan Lyn Julian


    I am posting the link to my son’s go fund me page. It is for our small family- myself, him and his daughter…we are the only family we have left living. Pretty much everyone passed away from a different kind of cancer. I myself have the BRCA1 gene/Advanced Inflammatory Breast cancer stage 3b and have had a Radical Modified Mastectomy w/Axillary Lymph Node Dissection, full Hysterectomy, chemo twice- 6 months before and 6 months after Mastectomy, 7 1/2 weeks radiation and a vast multitude of other procedures over the past 12 years. I was a clinical trial patient so that I could help other people by what they learned from me and my cancer. I inherited the BRCA1 gene with a very specific bad marker from the maternal side of my family. My mother and her two sisters died from Ovarian cancer. My mother and her two sisters died from Ovarian cancer at the ages of 47, 49 and 51. I am 60 now and was 27 when my mother died in my arms in the hospital.

    I have permanent Lymphedema in my right/dominant arm and trunk. My immune system is now compromised and I’ve had multiple infections and high fevers. I am one of the ones who should have died but yet I am holding on.

    I took care of my father who we also lived with in our family home/house of 51 years that burned down in 2011 while I was still receiving physical therapy and other testing and procedures. He himself was dying from squamous cell carcinoma which had started on his hand and then spread to his armpit, lung and under his shoulder. It was inoperable. He had waited too long to take care of himself because he had been taking me to my cancer treatments/operations/procedures and was worried about me while also still working.

    There have been so many domino effect terrible things that have happened to my family that it’s completely horrific. To tell them all would require at least five long novels.

    My son cannot catch a break it seems and I feel so terrible for him to have to go through all of this. He’s a very good person and has always been there to help others to the best of his ability. I love both him and my grand daughter very much. So, if you could help us in some way it would be wonderful for us. If not…could you please share the link and my story here by just passing it along. Thank you so very much, Susan Julian


    • CrowdCrux

      Do you have any questions about gofundme alternatives I can help answer?

  • Yesenia Rangel

    gofundme.com/Esmeraldagomez help me and my 11 month old son we are homeless

  • Yesenia Rangel

    gofundme.com/Esmeraldagomez plz help my and my baby were HOMELESS

  • Sandra Jenkins

    I need a fundraising site that doesn’t charge me a platform fee and charges that 2.9% to my donors……I’m collecting money for our class reunion so, I’d rather the donors pay the fee that the reunion account.

  • Krystal Fortune
  • Lavenir Campus

    Lavenir Campus an e-learning platform and also online tutoring facility, but we mostly use the platform to educate the poor children along with your children for free, at this point we are unable to pay, maintain the system and pay to teachers. Kindly help so we can provide the same quality education for poor children and stop child labor. Thanks


  • Hi, do you have any opinions on indiegogo life vs. youcaring? They seem to have the same fees… I’m also wondering if potential donors’ opinions on whether the site is legit is more important than the fee structure… will more people donate to a gofundme site because it is the most well known in this category? Thanks

  • Janet Martin

    I have found that a lot of the fund me accounts depend on how well you are known in the community and how popular you are, for instance..I had a friend that was in a horrible wreck she was hurt badly and it killed her daughter, it truly broke my heart..So what I am about to say is not to put them down..But a friend opened up a fund-me account asking for $100.000.00 the family is very well known the daughter was into a lot of sports and very popular in school, both parents had great jobs and insurance..I used to work with her Mother and we all had life insurance on our whole family including our children, so her funeral would have been paid for, again..I had the best insurance I have ever had in my life when I worked there, you could also opt out and get a spending account if your spouse had better insurance so either way she had good insurance, maybe some co-pays and deductibles but nowhere near $100,000. in medical bills, the money is not going to bring her daughter back…But on the other had one of my best friends lost her 4 month old baby, she had not been working for a couple of years because she also had a 15 month old so she had had 2 back to back pregnancies bot very hard pregnancies she carried pre-eclamcia with both pregnancies the first baby had lots of health problems and is lucky to be alive today, but the second was very healthy but because of the health problems that the first one had she was very protective of her and very seldom even laid her down…But she had just moved into a new home and the baby fell asleep in her arms so she laid her in her sleep and play for the very first time and a little later she realized she had not woken up for a bottle so she went to check on her and she was not breathing she tried CPR but it was too late, little Kaitlynn died of SIDS we created a fund-me account (she caught her fiancée cheating among other things so now she is a single mother) Kaitlynn was 4 months old she never got the chance to be popular or play sports, her Mother was a stay at home Mom for over 2 years so most of her friends were Facebook friends..Her fiancée collected the money that was given at the funeral and blew it all on drugs (another reason she is a single Mother) she didn’t even know that money was given at the funeral until I mentioned it to her as usual the Mother is so distraught that the cards are handed to others and in this case they were handed to people that could not be trusted and they kept them or gave them to him knowing he had a drug problem!But long story short Mom and the other baby is living with her Dad and Baby Kaitlynn still does not have a headstone and the burial plot and the cost for digging the grave and covering it is still not paid for and Mom does not get any help from dead beat dad, so she is broke! So if you don’t mind I will post her link here and hope that it gets spread to some good people that don’t care that Kaitlynn was not a popular teenager 🙁


  • K W

    Is there such a site as a group of friends wanting to pitch in toward their next vacation? One where you only open up to your specific circle of people… sort of a group savings account but one without fees? Ever try to plan a vacation for a large family and have to cancel because someone couldn’t commit a year in advance or come up with the money? This would be a great way to allow everyone to participate and pitch in over time.

    • LL

      Try Tilt. It is designed for groups such as friends and family.

  • Serina

    Please take a look at this GoFundMe page! In need of serious help to escape verbally abusive father.

    • Jack Miller

      Grow up and stop blaming others.

      • Aniket Sawant

        Least You can do is to give suggestion in a positive manner. I agree out of 10 only 2 or 3 may be genuine. but the problem is you can’t know which one. at-least be pleasant

    • Aniket Sawant

      No financial resources. But I pray to god that he/she gives you strength to fight this problem

  • wesharecrowdfunding has NO fees! Don’t stop you at your goal and it’s a leveraged platform that helps you if you don’t have a “touching message” or “a market campaign”. Plus you can have any project (credit card debt, college tuition, etc).

    Visit my webpage at http://wesharecrowdfunding.com/FamilyFirst4Ever

    . I will be glad to show you how to raise the money you need and it’s super simple! People helping people!!!!!dc9ball@hotmail.com. I will be glad to show you how to raise the money you need and it’s super simple! People helping people!!!!!

  • thycagirl

    None of these sites work unless you have friends. I have cancer and none of my friends and family have stepped up. Ive had 2 surgeries and a radiation treatment already and now another radiation in the next few weeks. It sucks doing it all alone. gofundme.com/7s24esww

  • Jack Miller

    Nice to see tha is just a plug as you work for them looking at your other posts. Not a valid testimony.

    • CrowdCrux

      Not sure what you’re referring to? CrowdCrux is an independent blog.

  • Alana


    y boyfriend has no family or friends that will help so he is not getting anywhere with the gofundme could people please help he is sick and cant work and is homeless and needs to get a vehicle to get to doctors appointments and to see his autistic daughter.

  • Lisa Glass

    Really need the help. At least read it, won’t hurt to read and share it.

  • RaeWen

    Hello, I have a friend who has stage 3 breast cancer and is saving/needing money to fund a trip to southern CA to a special alternative medicine clinic. I want to raise some money to help her but I don’t want her to SEE it. Any suggestions?

  • Stephenie

    We are a military family that will be joining the civilian life in January. Before joining the army my husband had a degree in Computers. The army placed him in an armor unit and so his degree went untouched for that time. Now that he is searching for jobs he is finding that he needs certifications that are starting to add up and thats IF he gets the job. There are grants out there for Veterans that are disabled but nothing that is for a soldier that is just trying to start over. You have all been very honesty, is giveforward something that we should consider? I have searched (to my best ability) for other avenues but at this point we are getting stressed out. Would you consider our situation one of those just looking for a handout?

  • Ariel Leigh
  • Mikel M Louder Photography

    I’m a professional photographer looking to help aspiring models (those who are young teens) by assisting in their expenses in traveling to my area for photoshoots. I’ve researched most of these and find many have the same roadblocks. Just like the posts below, I’m not fond of the fees nor that those trying to raise the money need to be socially popular. I thought of setting up the account through myself, but gofundme didn’t like that idea. I’ll presume because they would collect more if the aspiring models set up individually, rather than setting up a single account and having everything go through my business. Suggestions? I do understand my use is likely unique and uncharted territory. Thinking outside the box is something my father (not a photographer) was known for and made him successful. 🙂 Mikel M. Louder, MML Photo, http://www.mmlphoto.com

  • C Lucas
  • C Lucas

    Y’all help me share this this please

  • Ryo Ajah

    Hi, i am Alexander Riyanto from Indonesia, but living in Mexico, i live here for social campaigns teach dance in social community and some times helping homeless in the streets doing a best life in future as shoe polish workers, scavengers recycling.
    I have any idea to make bank recycling bin for make new change.
    And i want do some Teach / Workshop Dance in some Camps in US, because with art (dance) that easy to make social community.
    I don´t know how possible to get fundraising for do all of this, if some one have any idea, please tell me, i will really appreciate. my number cell is +525528084114.
    i live so far from my land just i believed, I can do something useful for others. thanks

  • Jide

    If anyone is willing to help …. https://www.gofundme.com/vcb9vzbb

  • Marcel

    On Fundly I found a guy asking for 1 million dollars because he has Lyme disease. Give me a break. Looking through dozens of causes on different sites, I have to ask how many of them are legit? How can you tell when they are not? There’s no way to tell. I have no doubt that the ones asking for money to become a millionaire only for the sake of becoming one are legit (I found more than one those), but the others are inherently questionable. Moreover, faking a photo of someone with a disease is not impossible.

  • Justme

    Please go to my gofundme page any help will be greatly appreciated. gofundme.com/gduydcj8

  • Charmaine Sims

    Red Basket!!! Non profit, neither donors nor recipients have any fees deducted, 100% goes to cause!!! (Administrative costs underwritten by Woodmen for Life.) BTW, I appreciate your 10 alternatives, but there isn’t much difference as far as pricing structure as Gofundme. Red Basket, and the previously mentioned Crowdrise get my vote! https://redbasket.org/ask

  • dh33r4j

    Please screen the comment section and delete all comments asking for donation.

  • Sarah

    http://gofundme.com/x8yvxs7s Please share this link to help these poor boys recover!

  • Sarah

    http://gofundme.com/x8yvxs7s Please help these poor boy recover from losing their brother. Share the link!

  • Corne Basson

    Hi. We are starting up a Children’s theatre company with no funding and trying to keep costs as low as possible as we don’t have much money to invest in the project, so I am looking for a platform to help us raise funds through donations to be able to stage our little play. Any idea which one to use?

  • Courtney
  • Kelli Henderson

    I have a genuine question that hopefully someone may be able to answer or at least direct me to a place and/or person that can answer it.
    Sadly, I am in a situation of trying to get my grandchildren out of foster care. I am the maternal grandmother, and for some unknown reason, my grandchildren were placed in foster care earlier this year. I just found out about a month ago.
    Anyway, I am now in desperate need of financial help to get them out and placed in my care, permenately. I’m in need of everything to care for children as well. The list and the story goes on and on and on.
    I’ve never used anything like this nor have I ever had to ask for help from anyone. How do I go about asking for the help? How much detail is needed? What site is the best? Am I allowed to use more than one site? Do I need to list down the things for which I need, even if I haven’t a clear cost(s)? Do I need to set up a personal bank account to use one of these sites? How do you make your plea for help publicly known and not just on fb page via friends & family?
    I do apologize for any inconveniences my question may cause. I am not technologically savvy nor do I know a lot of people where I currently live in order to inquire help. Swallowing my pride and asking for a hand out goes against everything I believe, however, in leui of a particular conversation last week, I have no choice in the matter.
    Thank you for all the help.

  • Fast

    https://www.gofundme.com/2j8rw8z8 can you please help get us back on our feet this hit us hard my dad got in a motorcycle accident

  • Carly M

    I am not sure how to start this and i am not very good with words so please forgive me if i put this across wrong.
    My Husband was diagnosed with Bi polar disorder in 2006 while he was in the military and was put out because of this. Ever since then our family has been fighting to survive. We have twice lost everything and had to move in with his parents and life never seems to get better for us. We do not have many friends because my husbands Sister chose to tell everyone that my husband was a ‘crazy bipolar dude’ and things got worse when she told everyone that he was diagnosed as having schizophrenic tendencies. My husbands mother had told everyone to try and make people understand that my husband was ill, but his sister took it and warped it. People don’t want to know us because they don’t understand his illness, they expect him to run around and try to kill every one ( which is not the case). When he does finally make a friend, they either take advantage of the fact that he trys so hard because someone has said that they want to be his friend or he finally tells them about his illness and they then avoid him. People also see my husband as lazy because they are not able to see how ill he is. Even my family can’t see that he is ill because they live in the UK. People see me as lazy because i gave up my career to look after my husband, they don’t understand how hard this was for me and it makes me so sad. I fight everyday to keep our family as functunal as possible for our two boys and most of the time i think i do ok with that.
    Last week we lost our car, I almost died last year because a cyst on my overy twisted and the fluid produced from it was crushing all my other organs and we obviously got large medical bills. Yes we fell behind on the car but we had made an arrangement with GM financial to make a payment on August 1st which we we did. Unfortunately the REPO company ignored this and we woke up the next day to find our car gone. GM even told us that this shouldn’t have happened, but because the car had already been repo’d there was nothing we could do and we would have to pay $1800 to get it back along with more fees if it was after 5 days Which it now is.
    So we set up a go fund me account and tried to raise the money that way and people pretty much ignored it, people actually laughed about it because the crazy guy had lost his car. What they don’t understand is this is the only thing we had to get my husband to his mental health appointments at the VA which is 26 miles form here (and no the VA do not provide transportation in our area), they don’t understand that this is how we get grocerys as the nearest store is 2 miles away and i have to walk the side of the road because there are no side walks. I have no way to get my kids home from school and the fact that we can’t take then and pick them up (this is a major issue for my husband).
    They haven’t seem my husband sobbing because he feels like he has failed his family, when i know that he has done everything he is capable of doing. And they don’t see me trying so hard to be the strong one, staying calm even though i am screaming inside. They didn’t see how amazing my children were when we had to tell them we no longer have a car.

    • Aniket Sawant

      Mental Health Issues are largely ignored due to lack of awareness. Honestly I wish I had the financial resources to help you. For Now, I pray that God provides you all the strength as well as finance from people to overcome this problem

      • Michael Meredith


  • ahmed

    https://www.youcaring.com/hamid-vitalis-634910 Can anybody help I would greatly apprecaite it.

  • Teem Kameli

    I’d like to advise you helpangel.org … they have many advantages including free participating, quick start, upsale, u can even get passive income.

  • Den

    Hi. I also wanna recomend helpangel.org to everyone who interested in crowdfunding. It’s really great platform with wide range of possibilities. Many of my friends have successfully funded their projects. I just joined and already got a bonus for registration, so i can spent it for charity. Really interesting and helpful platform.

  • Please consider FreeFunder as well! We have zero fees, plus we’re the ONLY crowdfunding platform that will actually donate to your campaign based on sharing. If you get 100 shares on Facebook, we’ll donate $20. If you get 500 shares on Facebook we’ll donate another $50! That’s on top of the fact that it’s already free.

    We’re new, but working hard to be the best option for personal crowdfunding! Check out this recent campaign that raised over $10,000 in the first five days: https://www.freefunder.com/campaign/dldaman

    • Maria Dripps-Paulson

      Does FreeFunder have an app?

    • chancet

      Conservative alternatives please? Don’t need fascists unethically pulling funding like Patreon and others. Even though my channel is not a controversial one that will be targeted, I don’t support Patreon’s silencing of valid information provided by others.

      • Michael Meredith

        I know what you mean.

    • Angie B.

      I like the idea of your site, I checked it out but I do not like that you use Stripe. We have have had multiple issues with our Amex cards getting fraudulent charges from Stripe and have blocked any charges from them do to the number of times we’ve had to deal with the issue

  • Victor Muyot

    GiveForward is the best for my son’s need being a special child including his therapy. I also need funds for my other 3 children’s education.

  • Victor Muyot

    Can i set up more than one to raise funds?

  • mahyie

    I’ve seen funding just because someone is asking for a car that broke down. its just sad. It gets more funding than those who is in need of medical services.

    I would do anything for my mom. i need $2000 for her sustainance. i work my ass off and i am the only one she has in her life. I’m her only daughter, its me and her gainst the world. Friends have turned away already from me. I’ve set up campaigns already but i dont think my story is attractive enough.

    This make me sadder but i wont give up. not now. not on her.

  • Vanna Koehler

    I am trying to raise money to help get my daughter & myself some emergency funding to cover medical insurance (and if we raise enough, a deposit/rent payment on a place for us to call home). Being a single mother is tough when you are trying so hard for your child and life keeps throwing financial disasters your way.
    So I went with gofundme just started my campaign so we will see how it goes.

    • Gregory Ward

      Please check out https://www.qikso.com as well. They are a new crowdfunding website dedicated to helping others. They help market your fundraising campaign as well. God Bless

  • Carl Austin

    Hello there. This is all new to me,I have never had to ask for help like this before.I am currently on disability due to a back injury. I never really liked the idea of not working and paying my own way as well as helping others along my journey. This past summer I decided I would try and go back to work. I went to school and obtained a C.D.L and set out to make a living and to do the things I had a plan for. 2 months after obtaining a job I had to come to reality that I could not work with the way my back is. I tried office job, retail, etc, When it rains it pours at times. My plan was to be able to work so I could have alot of dental work done, ( which my teeth were messed up when I had my accident).along with being able to buy new tires for my vehicle.On December 22 2016 , my pickup broke down and its not woth fixing. Being on disability which I am thankful that I have that to available so I can have a roof over my head , food in my stomach, and a way to pay my bills,I am not able to get my teeth fixed or have enough money for a down payment on a used vehicle. I have not been able to smile in a long time due to the ugly teeth I have. I have heard that smiling can be a healthy thing. With all this said, I did set up a GoFundme account. I dont know how to ask for money so that may very well be a down fall in my campaign. I am asking for help in the amount of $3500.00 I am thinking I can get my teeth fixed and a down payment on a vehicle with this amount.I do know that if I am successful with this campaign and If I have any monies left over,my plan is to pay it foreward to some one else. Well this is my story. I have seen a lot of people say that their storty sounds odd or wierd and etc,however I believe that if you are true and it comes from the heart your story will legit. Thank you for reading this.My name is listed here also I am gonna leave my email just in case some one needs more info in regards to me asking for help. Again Thank You bucktruck49@yahoo.com

  • Chandra Paul

    Just came across FundRaiser, https://goo.gl/pKpxO3 . This platform does not charge any success fee or commission on your funds raised, lets you use your own payment processor and collect all donations directly into your bank account. Even 1% of $10K is $1000!!

  • Jim Blanas

    What I’m looking for is a site that will let me keep the money there until the goal’s reached. I want to fund a trip to Australia, however, I know myself, and I know life things will come up and tempt me to use the money from the fund if i HAVE to withdraw it every so often.

  • Valy Ortega

    Hello, my husband and I tried to make a fundraiser in GoFundMe but we found that it does not work for our country Mexico, I confront with this blog and decided to make a campaign through INDIEGOGO / GENEROSITY and we were able to collect only two donations, because By means of social networks of these foundations we saw too many fraudulent comments and that they had never received their donations many people, we closed the campaign to prevent more donors could lose their money and we do not receive anything, very unfortunate this is true, what We managed to collect, we never boned our bank account and it is very difficult to get in touch with the GENEROSITY team, supposedly they answer our e-mails without giving us an accurate answer, we have asked for many times a telephone where we can communicate with them for Clarify doubts about whether our bank data are correct and we have never managed to give us serious and truthful information, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND INDIEGOGO / GENEROSITY, they are a fraud, they lie and steal … we hope that through their blog we can Help since we know of them by this means, if you have some phone reference thank you, here I do not think they answer, it would be a miracle … it is sad that funcdaciones so use the pain of third persons to benefit from easy money To your pockets, we will sue through the US consulate in our city

  • Arthro

    Instead of using Go Fund me to finance funerals, how about buying life insurance? Anybody think that maybe we should have some personal responsibility as adults?

    • Tahney Marie

      Some people die from drunk drivers in accidents. Life insurance is a great idea but some people can’t afford it.

      • Arthro

        Yes, I’ve heard that a million times. The truth is that they just don’t see that protecting their family from financial devastation as a priority. It usually has nothing to do wth being able to afford it. They are okay with just letting their family do a Gofundme campaign where they will get about $2500 – not even enough to bury them. I hope people reading this will do a life insurance analysis (online) and buy the coverage they need to help their family. I’ve seen the devastation first hand. It is not only horrible to lose your parent, but to lose your house and your dreams to go to college is also devastating.

        • calvin brown

          I came across your post and it really caught my attention to help donate
          to your cause get back to me through my email calvinbrown035@gmail.com
          so we can discuss further about how and what I can help you with

          • Arthro

            Not sure what you are talking about. I don’t need any help. My family is incredibly well protected in the event of my death or disability. I have taken the steps I needed to protect my family. You won’t see a GoFundMe campaign from my wife or kids.

            Maybe you meant to direct your comments to someone else…?

          • Ahanley9017

            @ Arthro: Then why the heck are you on here?? To mock and make a ASS out of yourself?? To put people down and try to make them feel like crap for needing help you douchebag! I wish to God I could donate money to somebody to KICK YOUR ASS!! You are a sick individual..How about take all your good “healthcare” or insurance or what the heck ever you have and get some help or therapy because there’s obviously something so wrong with you! You apparently are a psychopath with no emotions or heart..you sicko!
            P.s. I Don’t give two poops how many errors I have in this rant too so you so go ahead and try to mock me for it IDGAF!! Your the devil!

          • Arthro

            Ahanley9017, you really got triggered on this one, didn’t you. Seems like you are having a bit of a meltdown. Try deep breathing.

            There is way too much lack of personal responsibility in this country. If you have a family, you have an ethical obligation to protect them. Leaving their fate to a GoFund Me campaign will be inadequate. I am speaking from personal experience.

            Do away with the empty threats. Makes you look like the psychopath. Funny that you think I need help when your rant is clear evidence that you are the one that needs help.

  • Andy Lim

    I have a friend that got shot and died… both brothers.. really really awful event. I started a gof***me.. and then I realized that they charge 8%.. i was so mad.. because they are never upfront about it.. I was not aware of the charges.. http://addmi.com its an app that you can do fundraising online and realtime with nearby people!

  • Eir Angeldottir

    Gofundme says that you need to be an american citizen and have bank account there in order to enter a fund raise… is there any website for people who are not american citizens? I mean people around the world who needs to fund raise?

    • Denise Woodall

      BS! I didn’t know that. thanks for posting, will definitely want to move to another platform then.

    • Dan Baine

      YouCaring can be done from any country as long as PayPal allows you to withdraw funds in that country.

  • chancet

    Conservative alternatives please? Don’t need fascists unethically pulling funding like Patreon and others. Even though my channel is not a controversial one that will be targeted, I don’t support their silencing of valid information provided by others.

  • Icca Dantes

    We need help as well for my niece. She was born lst week December 8, 2017. She is one of 2 girls. but she was born with a rare genetic disorder and needs surgery.. https://www.gofundme.com/babymandyrecovery