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7 Cool Projects That Are Currently InDemand on Indiegogo

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Indiegogo InDemand is a platform where creators who have just run successful crowdfunding campaigns can go to start pre-sales for their product.

This opportunity is great because it gives creators support when transitioning from crowdfunding to e-commerce. Crowdfunding enthusiasts also get a second chance to back projects that they might have missed out on at first.

Everyone wins.

The great thing is that to get on InDemand, you don’t even need to have run a campaign on Indiegogo. Many creators who launch on InDemand were successful on other crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter before switching over to continue taking orders while they work on fulfillment for their first campaign.

Here are 7 cool projects that recently came to Indiegogo InDemand:

1. The Empire – Aerospace Grade Titanium Sunglasses

Creators: Patrick Eckstein

Total Amount Funded: $494,010+

Number of Backers: 2,708+

William Painter’s The Empire are a pair of incredible and durable sunglasses made from aerospace grade titanium and polarized lenses. Always find yourself buying new sunglasses? It’s your lucky day, since The Empire sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee.

These stylish sunglasses for adventurers are available on InDemand starting at $155 for one pair.

2. WarmEmbrace

Creators: Funded Ventures

Total Amount Funded: $80,282+

Number of Backers: 385+

Warm Embrace is a weighted blanket that hugs you, making you feel safe and secure while improving your quality of sleep.

This blanket uses the concept of grounding to help us fight stress and may reduce the symptoms of many physical and mental health problems, ranging from depression and anxiety to menopause.

Backers can pre-order their own WarmEmbrace on Indiegogo InDemand for $180.

3. Helionox: Deluxe Edition

Creators: Taran Kratz

Total Amount Funded: $82,187+

Number of Backers: 1,356+

Helionox is a movement-based deck building strategy game for 1 to 4 players, with competitive, cooperative, and solo game modes.

The game takes approximately 20 minutes per player to finish and is set in the distant future where players fight for influence by doing things like setting up embassies on different worlds or obtaining powerful technology and operatives.

This popular fast-paced game with a new expansion is available to pre-order for $59.

4. Back Rac: Back Pain Relief-Acupressure Massage

Creators: Travis Buhl

Total Amount Funded: $156,913+

Number of Backers: 1,419+

The Back Rac is a hands-free device that allows you to easily treat back pain using soft tissue massage and joint mobilization. Similar products can be painful and uncomfortable to use, so the Back Rac takes care of this problem by spreading the pressure over a larger treatment area.

If you suffer from back problems due to injury, your desk job, poor posture, etc., you can pre-order your own Back Rac on Indiegogo InDemand for $99.

5. Ettitude – Fresh Bedding Reimagined with Coffee

Creators: Phoebe Yu

Total Amount Funded: $27,242+

Number of Backers: 140+

As a coffee lover, I’ve come across a lot of cool caffeine-related products in my lifetime, including coffee-cake, coffee gummies, and a fair share of cute and creative coffee mugs. One thing I haven’t seen is a coffee-related product that helps you sleep (except maybe decaf, haha).

Ettitude changed that with their bamboo coffee bedding that absorbs odors and dries faster than any bedding in the world. This bedding is not only easier to clean and take care of, it keeps your bed feeling dry, fresh, and clean longer.

Backers can pre-order a Basic Sheet Set for $120 along with a range of other options including coffee-grind infused pillow cases and duvet covers.

6. Bean: The Ultimate Consumer SLA 3D Printer

Creators: Kudo3D Inc

Total Amount Funded: $716,708+

Number of Backers: 1591+

The Bean is an affordable, high-resolution SLA 3D printer that uses reliable resin. It is compact and stylish, with a maximum build area of 2.7 in x 4.7 in (12.1 cm x 6.8 cm) and a build height of 5.9 in (15 cm).

Backers can pre-order their own Bean 3D printer by Kudo3D for as little as $449.

7. STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning

Creators: Pamela Metivier

Total Amount Funded: $30,519+

Number of Backers: 521+

STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning is an ambitious book that follows 5 female characters that use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to do great things. The book’s goal is to empower girls to pursue the subjects that interest them regardless of stigma and gender roles.

STEAMTeam 5 makes it cool for boys and girls to use their knowledge and curiosity and go on amazing adventures.

You can preorder your own hardcover copy of the book on InDemand for $29.


Crowdfunding is a lengthy process and the job is not finished when the campaign is over and your goal is reached. Creators have a lot more work to do behind the scenes to finish manufacturing their product and ship rewards out to backers.

Some established companies already have e-commerce sites set up when they launch their crowdfunding campaigns, which means they might be less likely to turn to Indiegogo InDemand. For newer companies, creators, and artists, however, InDemand can be a useful way to take pre-orders while they sort out fulfillment for their first backers without having to turn away additional sales and interest.

If you missed out on any of these campaigns or just learned about them for the first time and something caught your interest, you can head out to Indiegogo InDemand now to show your support and get rewards at a small discount off the retail price.

Tell us what project is your favorite in the comments below!

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