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List of Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing Services

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

When I first started blogging about crowdfunding, it was the wild west!

I’m talking about 2012, when websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo were just starting to see breakout success.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen tons of marketing companies open shop, go belly up, and even grow into larger agencies.

Personally, I’ve also grown a lot as well. While CrowdCrux started as just a blog, now it’s expanded into a bedrock of educational resources for crowdfunders.

This includes:

  • The Crowdfunding Demystified Podcast
  • The Crowdfunding Demystified YouTube Channel
  • Kickstarter Launch Formula on Amazon
  • KickstarterForum.org
  • Online courses
  • And much more!

It breaks my heart to watch new entrepreneurs waste money on crowdfunding campaign marketing services with little real results.

You already have a limited budget as it is. You can’t afford to throw money at the wall and “see what sticks.”

That’s the main reason that I wanted to put this list together for YOU.

I want you to have a list of all of the crowdfunding campaign marketing services in one place so that you can easily pick one and see results.

I hope it helps, and if it does shoot me an email and let me know!

1. The Gadget Flow

The Gadget Flow is a marketplace where repeat buyer and lovers of gadgets go to discover cool new projects. They reach more than 10 million platform visitors per month and have more than 165k email subscribers.

Using one of their promotional packages, you can instantly get in front of their audience and gain exposure for your crowdfunding campaign.

I might be biased here, because these guys sponsor my podcast. I’ve also hung out with Evan, the founder, multiple times in my hood in Brooklyn, NY. But, that’s because I connect with their approach to business.

Not only does this company get tangible results, but they also are continually re-investing in the crowdfunding community.

2. Jellop

Jellop is an ad tech company that will run your Facebook ads. If you don’t already know, Facebook ads are a very powerful way to scale up a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

I’ve had several entrepreneurs on my podcast that have used these guys and seen success. Of course, FB ads are not a silver bullet. You also need to have a great product that people want!

They only work with a select few types of campaigns, so you’ll have to apply.

3. CrowdfundingPR.org

CrowdfundingPR.org is a press release writing and distribution website that you can use to get the word out to the media about your campaign, without breaking the bank.

Along with benefits like press release writing and distribution, the site also offers social media promo, placement on the front page, and more.

This is a partner website to ours that gives entrepreneurs an affordable option for getting attention to their crowdfunding campaign. There are both free and enhanced press release options available.

4. Enventys Partners

Enventys Partners is a full-service crowdfunding agency that will help you with product development, marketing, and crowdfunding. They’ve gotten results for many campaigns.

They recently merged with Command Partners, a long-standing crowdfunding agency in the industry. I’ve had Roy, the founder of Command Partners on my podcast.

As with all agencies, these guys are targeting startups that have the budget to afford them. Make sure that you’ve built up a budget for marketing and PR.

5. Funded.Today

Funded Today is one of the larger advertising and promotion agencies in the industry. While they offer a few different ways to help campaigns, their main thing is driving traffic through Facebook ads.

They’ve worked well for campaigns in the past. However, their services come at a hefty price, with a high “testing” fee and also a large percentage of the amount that you raise from your campaign.

I don’t like what a lot of people in the industry have said about their business practices. I also have students who have shared their experience with Funded Today and warned others to stay clear.

6. Mad Hatter

I’ve decided to include Mad Hatter in this list because I think they deserve a bit more attention in the industry. They’ve helped campaigns successfully raise money and have been doing it for a while.

Eli Regalado, the founder of this agency, has come on my podcast and shared guest blog posts on the topic of marketing, driving traffic, and raising money with crowdfunding.

Over the years, he’s also produced educational material for entrepreneurs.

7. Krowdster

Krowdster is a lower-cost option for marketing and promotion. When you sign up, you get access to things like a backer directory, press release options, pre-launch pages, and more.

They also have other tools, like a Twitter marketing tool that will help you manage your Twitter and get more followers on the platform.

8. Agency 2.0

While I wouldn’t say they are #1, Agency 2.0 is a larger agency in the industry that you can use to market your crowdfunding campaign.

I’ve had these guys on my podcast also. They have a bunch of services that you can use to get the word out about your project.

As with other agencies, you’re most certainly going to need a hefty budget if you want to work with them.

9. Vann Alexandra

Vann Alexandra is a marketing agency that has worked on 60 crowdfunding campaigns, including some of the more popular projects in the industry.

10. BackerClub

BackerClub has been mentioned by a handful of my podcast guests as one tool to look into. They’ve reported mixed success, but that it’s something to check out.

You can also find a thread on my forum talking about these guys.

11. Arora Project

Arora project is another full service crowdfunding agency for campaigns. I don’t have any experience with them personally, but they’ve worked on several projects in the industry.

12. BackerCamp

BackerCamp is a service that you can use to market your crowdfunding campaign or online business.

13. BackersHub

Backers Hub is another service that creators have used in the past to get the word out about their campaign.

14. GreenInbox

You can use GreenInbox to send out messages to your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn friends. They also have some outbound marketing options.

Did I Leave You Out?

These are some of the crowdfunding campaign marketing services that I am aware of. If I left you out from this list, you can shoot me an email for possible inclusion. Tell me a little bit about your company and who you are.

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