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How to Launch a Successful Kickstarter Project

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Are you gearing up for the launch of a brand new Kickstarter project?

No doubt, you want it to be a success!

Not only do you want to hit your fundraising goal, but you also want to SURPASS it wildly.

I feel ya.

A major reason I’m so freakin’ passionate about crowdfunding is that a massive campaign can literally change the trajectory of your career (and your life).

It’s one of those rare experiences where a window of opportunity opens up in front of you.

You can actually break into an entirely new industry or quickly gain exposure online.

At the same time, the only way you’ll be able to capitalize on crowdfunding is if you go into the launch with the right strategy.

Otherwise, you risk:

  • Confronting public embarrassment
  • Wasting marketing money
  • Dealing with angry backers, etc…

That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive video that walks you step-by-step through how to launch an effective Kickstarter campaign that actually raises funds.

I want to arm you with the right tools as you’re going into this battle.

You can watch the video below!

Let me ask you a question… what would it be worth it to you if you successfully hit your fundraising goal on Kickstarter?

What would it be worth if you raised 5x your goal?

I’ve watched time and time again as entrepreneurs launch new projects on Kickstarter. They then go on to build up six and seven-figure online stores.

Literally – their entire business exists as a result of the crowdfunding website.

It’s pretty cool.

If this campaign and this moment was the start of an entirely new business, what would that mean to you?

I don’t know about you, but if I knew that going in, I’d probably do things like:

  • Create a launch budget
  • Reach out to mentors
  • Go through education programs
  • Spend money on ads
  • And do whatever it took to be successful…

When it comes to crowdfunding, anywhere from 70 – 80% of new campaigns FAIL to raise funds.

That means that statistically, you’re likely to fail when you launch this project.

I’m not trying to make you depressed, I’m just keeping it real.

The same is true of actual businesses. According to the SBA, 50% of new businesses will fail within their first year.

I actually think it’s probably more than that in the longterm. These stats are also skewed.

After all, 80% of small businesses in the United States DO NOT have employees. They are home-based businesses.

How to avoid becoming a statistic…

The only way to avoid a failure outcome is to take this funding raise VERY seriously.

You have to make it a priority in your life. You gotta be willing to commit to this process and invest the next 3 – 6 months in putting together an epic campaign.

Treat it like this is your one shot to make it big.

You’re about to get access to all of the consumers on Kickstarter that are into cool new products. What’s more, they’re willing to support the entrepreneurs behind them.

For me, I’ll only get serious about a project once I set deadlines on my calendar.

I’ll say… “Next weekend, I’m going to do X, Y, and Z. The following Wednesday, I’m going to set aside an hour to learn about such and such.”

For most professionals, your calendar reflects your life. You need to start cornering off time on your calendar for this upcoming Kickstarter launch.

The worst thing that you can do…

Don’t make the mistake of being lazy in your preparation.

You’ll regret it later. Guaranteed. 

If you fail to adequately prepare for this upcoming Kickstarter, then a few things can happen like:

  • You waste money on advertising that doesn’t work
  • You use scammy or fraudulent service providers
  • You end up losing money in the fulfillment phase
  • You don’t fully capitalize on a fundraising success story

It’s easy to see the obvious mistakes that you can make, but it’s harder to see the mistakes of omission.

By that I meant the opportunities that you pass up, because you weren’t prepared, or the things that you miss out on.

I’ve had many successes on my podcast that say to me that they wish they had done X, Y, or Z. That could include things like get media attention or release stretch goals.

I don’t want this to be YOU!

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