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Why This Kickstarter Broke the Million Dollar Mark (And How YOU Can Too…)

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Do you want to raise seven figures on Kickstarter?

This crowdfunding campaign had a modest $25,000 fundraising goal, but they ended up raising $1,083,344.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s cool… but it kinda sounds like a fluke.

I mean, you can’t replicate that level of success, right?


They applied the SAME strategies that they used to break the million dollar mark and were successful AGAIN with their second campaign.

This second project had a $40,000 fundraising goal and ultimately raised $623,602!

Now, that’s epic!

Today, I had the privilege of talking with team behind the Misen Kickstarter campaign(s). They’re on a mission to redefine cooking essentials.

As you listen in on our conversation, you’ll quickly get a clear understanding how these guys were able to rack up so much funding on Kickstarter.

You’ll discover exactly what they did to get the word out, attract backers, and soar past their fundraising goal.

By the end of this podcast episode, you’re going to feel way more confident going into the launch of YOUR crowdfunding campaign.

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