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What’s the best way to advertise and promote your GoFundMe page?

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

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I’ve been getting emailed a lot about this question and it frequently popped up during the charity and personal fundraising webinar that we conducted a few weeks back. How do you go about promoting your GoFundMe page and are there any best practices for advertising it to strangers?

That’s a great question! Before we get into a few ways that you increase the views of your GoFundMe campaign, I first want to list out a few facts.

  • Sharing your campaign on Facebook increases donations by 350%. (source).
  • “Most of your donations will come directly from people who know you or have some kind of personal connection to your campaign” (source).
  • “Keep in mind that donors don’t really browse GoFundMe. They’ll visit your campaign when it’s shared through email, Facebook, Twitter, the local media and any other online community you can share it with.” (source).
  • “Almost all GoFundMe campaigns that’ve gone viral and gained media attention were first successful in their local communities” (source)
  • “Rarely do we see strangers donating to other strangers on GoFundMe and this only happens when a campaign has already been successful in its own communities.” (source)
  • You will only be listed in the GoFundMe search engine once you’ve raised at least $500 in online donations, are FB verified, and have an appropriate photo or video.

You can find more statistics and facts in this article that we published.

If you took the time to read some of the above quotes from the GoFundMe help center, it’s pretty clear that there are not strangers roaming the internet just looking to give money to your campaign. Almost all campaigns that were successful in a viral sense were first successful in their own local community.

gofundme barTherefore, any advertising or promotion that you target at strangers is likely to fail, particularly if you have not received any donations to your campaign thus far from your social network. Unfortunately, if you are unwilling to post your campaign on Facebook and ask for help from your friends, family, and local community, then personal or charity crowdfunding probably isn’t a good avenue to secure funds.

That being said, there are a few ways to improve the chance of raising money from your local community and snowballing that into media attention or attention from a larger community.

1. Prime Your Network

Not everyone in your social network is going to know what GoFundMe is or how to donate to an online fundraising campaign. Rather than just posting on Facebook through an update and hoping that people will check out your campaign, reach out to them before you launch.

This is a great opportunity to re-connect with old friends, catch up, and let them know about the fundraiser that you’re going to be doing in a few weeks. I would directly message, email, or call each person. Yes, this is going to take some time!

When explaining your soon to launch GoFundMe campaign, you need to have a compelling story about why you are raising money and the benefits of contributing to the campaign.

2. Tag and Thank

This phrase is owed to DepositAGift and the webinar we did with them on personal fundraising. Use every excuse that you can think of to share your project on social media and to remind potential donors about your ongoing fundraiser.

By publicly thanking each person that contributes to your campaign and mentioning them in a Facebook update, you’ll not only make people feel good about their decision to give to the initiative, but it also gives you an opportunity to promote your campaign to your social network!

3. You must ask to receive.

Don’t expect people to share your campaign on their own. Ask them to share it or to vouch for your fundraiser so that you have a chance of attracting donations from 2nd degree friends and family.

This same logic applies to asking for donations. I know that it’s really scary to ask people in your network bluntly for a share or a donation, but the worst that’s going to happen is you’ll be turned down. The best way to make sure this type of ask doesn’t compromise your friendship with them is to make sure you’ve been nurturing the relationship before the ask and to continue to do so after.

4. Think Local

If the reason that you are raising money can appeal to a greater audience, then start thinking about the ways in which you’ve been an active participate in your local community. This kind of previous participation could pay dividends in terms of donations or help sharing the campaign now!

For example, if you are an active member of your local church, you could ask them to mention the campaign at the next Sunday gathering?

You could also reach out to your town’s local newspaper and share your story.

5. Should you consider long shots?

Based on everything that we’ve gone over so far, any time spent promoting your campaign to strangers, posting on message boards or sharing your GoFundMe story with journalists probably won’t have any impact on your campaign if you haven’t put in the work first with your own social network.

I think that after you have put in that work, and the cause or story is interesting, it would make sense to share it with journalists as a human-interest story and to share it online, particularly in communities that you’ve already been involved in. But, don’t expect it to go viral. That happens to a very small number of campaigns.

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  • Local expansion is key to any businesses early expansion projects, so I can see it being even more important when it comes to online crowdfunding. People in communities are always willing to support each other.

    • CrowdCrux

      Completely agree!

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  • Christophermaston895

    Please read our story, click share and donate today if possible. Gofundme.com/n4z9m8. Thank you

  • David Greg

    Any small help or donations will be returned someday if needed<3 gofund.me/x4c6fa24c

  • thycagirl

    Nothing works unless you have friends. I have cancer and none of my friends and family have stepped up to help. I have already had 2 surgeries and a radiation treatment and now I’m having another radiation treatment in the next few weeks. It sucks doing it all alone. Some people don’t have people to share with.. Where do they go to promote their pages?

  • MrRobert866 .

    I know what you sayin’ “thycagirl” I have that same problem. gofund.me/5r5pb5z8

  • myerssssss

    my school is going to close please help out https://www.gofundme.com/beaconacademy

  • Michael

    Oddly most of our donations have come from outside our friends circle. Which makes me sad and wonder who my friends really are. gofundme.com/HanaBear

  • Lori Argenzio
  • Crystal Guzman

    Sadly I have the same problem, only one friend on my Facebook as helped. Which I really appreciate! Some say Its just your Gallbladder, yes it is but at least I am stating the truth and not making up something more serious just for help 🙁 I try to share my page on other Facebook pages but get told by others to take that crap away and stop begging for money, blah blah but until they are in my shoes they should not judge or say anything…Hopefully sharing here will help 🙂 https://www.gofundme.com/HelpCrystalOxford

  • Tyler

    My brother was in a T-bone accident, And has broken his neck and leg, I came down to help him, But in order for me to help him, I need help with some funds, Only need a little over 2,388 if anyone has a heart please help us i really appricate it and i know my brother will too! thank you so much! https://www.gofundme.com/be7t43k4

    Please share!!

  • NeedfundsForGoodCause

    My friend’s surgery did not go well..The Doctor made mistakes and she had to go through another surgery.She couldn’t afford her medical expenses.We need your help.https://www.gofundme.com/697v8pz8

  • Brie Celeste

    Hi everyone…

    I have just started a campaign on GoFundMe, but I have no real support system. The few friends I’ve got have no idea what I have been through. I haven’t told them because it’s kind of embarrassing, so I am relying on the kindness of strangers. Please consider helping me by donating or sharing. I’m really praying for this opportunity. Thank you in advance. https://www.gofundme.com/helpwithcert

  • janet

    If you are able to donate anything at all that would be more then appreciated! Even just sharing it would hep too! https://www.gofundme.com/kg9u85e4

  • Eric Sarlabous

    I have a gofundme for a PC business i launched last year. I have been fixing computers for over 15 yrs, took a course in Networking and Security, PC repair and technology, and a Business Course for small to medium business, I was refused funding cause theres too much “Competition” in the area, which is not right, alot of people declare PC repair as a 2nd income, but theres only a few Registered competitors, and the service i give far outways what everyone gives, and im cheaper then they are too….I just want to become an established PC repair business in my little community and end up doing what i love 🙂

  • janel carter

    My boys and I are raising money to give gifts to needy children for Christmas. We appreciate all support. https://www.gofundme.com/qrc72nna

  • Shandell Crutchfield

    My home was robbed today and all of my child’s toys were taken, my moms jewelry and my apartment money please help. Gofundme.com/help4theholidays20

  • Justin Lynn

    We are trying to start a small business locally, we are both partially disabled and trying to become self sufficient through self employment.


  • I’m looking for help getting my new office location going, information can be found here. Every like and share is greaty appreciated!



  • AMayzing Phon-g

    Hi all. I am Stage IV Oral Cancer Patient with no family history of this rare occurrence. It just HAPPENED to me. 🙁 Please help as I finish up my second round of Chemotherapy and Radiation. Thank you very much. Any contribution is a blessing. Just a “Be STRONG” or “Kick that Cancer’s Butt” will be amazing or even just an amazing share would be wonderful. Thank you. 😀

  • Macy AlwaysOk McDonald

    We are working towards getting my disabled son his 1st bike. Its a special adaptive bike since he cannot walk I’d appreciate any help if even only a share! Kids with disabilities deserve to play too!


  • CT

    I am trying to raise money for my mom who has stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones and into her skull and she has lost her hair to radiation to the head. She can’t work anymore and has a very limited income and I am in no position financially to help her.


    anyone who can donate would be appreciated, the gofundme link is above.

  • she wolf

    I need help with raising money for my wedding. Any help will be appreciated https://www.gofundme.com/usb27zms

  • Sinz

    Hi All.
    My brother has created a go fund me page to raise money for himself and his two kids. He had to leave the home he built with his kids and fiance because she found someone else. He now lives with my parents and my 2 older brothers in a 3 bedroom house. It is very overcrowded; he is a single father with two beautiful little girls who he is just trying to raise money for in order to move out and get his and their lives back on track.


    Please donate to his cause; any amount donated would be greatly appreciated.

  • #MSFighter

    please help share and donate any little bit helps gofundme.com/MSFighter

  • Johns fight

    Hi all. My stepfather is in need of financial assistance. He is on his second bout with cancer and the doctors are worried it has spread through his body this time. He is awaiting a call from a specialist to be seen for tests to determine how far his cancer has spread this time. Him and my mom watch my brothers four kids after school every day so my brother can work. John is an amazing man that always gives to others. Pleas help if you can.


  • Leo Mccray

    Check out my gofundme page. Need small help with deductibles and my adopted daudgters comp photos…..isn’t she adorable? https://www.gofundme.com/89gccaqs

  • Samantha Samulevich

    I have battled mental illness for more than half my life, this fight resulting in some pretty devestating scars and other now life threatening illnesses. However my gofundme page isn’t about receiving compensation for that. I am a full time college student acquiring my degree in registered nursing. I want to reach out to others and share hope. My gofund me page is not only to help with college expenses but to help kick start a business in which I can make hope candles, made of essential oils that help reduce anxiety and depression. However, I have found it really difficult to have my gofundme page shared. Most of the people I asked denied to share for personal beliefs of online fundraising or because they “felt guilty spamming”. Others have asked me to pay them to post my page. Wether or not I recieve donations on the site, I will never give up on my dream of inspiring hope in those who can no longer see light through the darkness. We are not alone and there is hope!

  • Lex De Legibus

    The Day after Christmas my home caught fire. Please help: https://youtu.be/kuoynSAmVkU

  • Cora Leahy

    I really need help to pay for my Burn’s treatment, any donation would be amazing.

  • Eva

    I broke my foot and have been out of work, the bills are drowning me and my husband…I applied for disability already.. please help


  • SumatraKhan

    There are some crazy GoFundMe pages: http://www.gofundme.com/wtfamifunding2

  • Maridelle Acero

    Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for ‘Please help with medical care!’. Please tap to donate- http://m.gofund.me/gbhe9uus?rcid=23dacaf50e854b02a3304fa63f47dc2b

    FYI… This is not spam/scam. I have a high possibility of colon cancer. I had to leave work from being too sick in August, and cannot afford the CalCobra premiums… Along with the several procedures I need. Please click on the link for more details. Any little bit helps… As well as your prayers. Thank you, Mar

  • Carly Elizabeth

    I would like to share my page https://www.gofundme.com/justiceforandyc

    I don’t know many people, though I tried to share as much as I could about my brothers story. Im not sure my gofundme page will be very successful, but i will keep trying. http://facebook.com/justiceforandy

    My best friend and brother was shot and killed by a (supposed) long time family friend. I’ve absorbed a lot of debt from this and we still haven’t had a memorial for my brother. I would appreciate any donation or even for sharing my page in hopes to find people that are able to help. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Shakiyla Smith

    Hi! I know someone who is in desparate need of help but are too embarrassed and ashamed to ask on Facebook. She has children and could be facing being homeless and out on the streets.She was living with her husband but now he’s in trouble with the law and left the children and her to take care of themselves. If you can please help this family. Any amount will do and help push towards the goal. Please Help My Family’. Please tap to donate- http://m.gofund.me/g4hqa35w?rcid=686bbcded3424a18ba87c22c5b9148a4

  • Reina Reitman

    Help a little family avoid homeless after the lost of their husband,father and US Army Veteran. A share will be amazing!! https://www.gofundme.com/w6hqk9nc

  • Vincenzo DV

    Help me open a Bed and Breakfast in Naples, southern Italy, and i will reward you with a 2 nights stay when it will be opened. gofund.me/5h84jt38

  • Kurt

    My wife is due at the end of March, and my lay off happens around the begining of march. So both of us will be out of work. Figures, right??https://www.gofundme.com/babybryant

  • Evelyn Sanch


    This is my campaign. I am a mother is currently very sick and my last wish is to see my daughter accomplish one of our greatest dreams which is to see her win a beauty pageant, and see her graduating from college which she will be doing this June from law school. We are of low resources and is a little difficult for me to help her accomplish her dream since the pageant is really expensive.I wish to make her dream come true. I know it seems vain and empty but I want to see her be succesful and happy.That is what I want as a mother. I want to make sure that if I leave her she will have a good future to which she can stand on her own. Thank you in advance.

  • Chante


    I am a single, divorced mom in need of a reliable, but inexpensive used car. I need transportation to go back and forth to work every day.., take my daughter back & forth to school.., & run any other daily errands, including emergencies. My car broke down, & I had to get rid of it. Any donations will be greatly appreciated! -Thank You, & God Bless!!

    PLEASE GO TO MY FUNDING PAGE ON https://www.gofundme.com/u467yjje.



  • charlie

    Here is my page, just trying to get things back to normal. After having a battle of cancer, a couple trips to the hospital, and loosing a job. Any little bit helps. Thank you. https://www.gofundme.com/dhfhg2bg

  • Mariah Lockheart

    I really want to share mine cause I need help and I’m out of options. I’m 23 weeks pregant and about to be evicted. If you could share my story with anyone..please help…


  • Elisia Ashton

    Help Elisia Fill Golisano’s ToyBox



    $150 of $5,000

    Raised by 8 people in 1 month
    Donate Now

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    Created December 8, 2015

    Elisia Earle

    UPDATE #5
    1 DAY AGO

    Be the first to like this update
    There’s still time to donate and or share the link! I will make a
    Facebook page for the Bake Sale event. I will let everyone know more
    information when the event is close. ☺️

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    Hello everyone! I’m Elisia Earle and I’m a senior at
    Brockport High School. For my Senior Project I am raising money for the
    Golisano Children’s Hospital ToyBox. The money will be used to
    buy various games, toys, and supplies for the patients and their
    Golisano uses games, toys, and craft supplies to keep the
    playrooms and teen lounge stocked with items that patients and families
    will play with.
    They have an art cart that volunteers take to patients rooms that needs constant stocking of supplies throughout the year.

    They also have a gift closet that is used to help celebrate special
    moments [such as birthdays] with the pediatric patients and families.
    They stock
    the Pirate Toy shelves with gifts so that every child ages 1-12 are
    given a new toy when they are admitted to the hospital throughout the
    year. (The Pirate Toy Fund supports toys for the children at Golisano
    Children’s Hospital year round. Toys they collect from their holiday
    toy drive are shared with the facility.)
    Some of the toys are also used in their new Sibling Clubhouse where brothers and sisters can come and play.

    need the funds by April 1st, 2016. That is when I will collect all the
    money donated and take it up to Golisano Child’s Life at the Hospital.

    a baby I was in and out of the hospital a lot because of my heart
    condition. My heart condtion was so severe that I ended up having open
    heart surgery. Throughout my stay at Golisano, I always looked forward
    to the toy cart that came around to my room every once in a while. It
    made my days a little brighter. I want other kids to experience the
    brighter days that I got. So this is why I felt like now its time for me
    to give back to Golisano.

    I will be incredibly thankful for any money donated, no matter how much. Anything will help!

  • Jill

    I’ve tried every avenue… Please share my page! https://www.gofundme.com/g3jesb2k

  • Erica Snow Mikulsky

    http://www.gofundme.com/kayleejessica is picking up steam! Kicking Leukemia’s A$$ one day at a time! Prayers and Shares, please!

    • Melanique DeVeaux

      I just clicked on your link and saw you results. That is wonderful! Keep going…

  • karen combs

    http://www.gofundme.com/jacquelinerecovery is having a hard time getting off the ground.

    We are not big social media people, but we know that social media is the best way for these campaigns to get going. We have text the link to everyone stored on our telephones. We have also shared it on facebook. We asked all those that we shared it with if they could share it too with their friends on facebook. We did print up flyers and posted them around town at local businesses that know Jacqueline. If you ask these business if they would post something like this, most are willing to do so. We have been turned down by only two companies so far. We even put flyers up at our place of employment.

    This person has gone through a major surgery by herself. She has no spouse, children, family or friends around. I don’t know how she has made it this far. I would never have been able to go through something like that without my husband. We feel so bad for this girl, that we are going to do all we can in our power to get the word out about this campaign. If anyone has anymore suggestions on what we could do to help this campaign, please let us know.

    Please help Jacqueline today by donating. Every little bit helps. She is pushing through this recovery one day at a time. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Lisa Brown

    Please share my fund, I’m looking to get my career path going to get on my feet. http://www.gofundme.com/a6zaqfgk

  • Sar Shoyemi

    I really hope you can assist this family

  • Sage

    My gofundme has to do with getting a plane ticket to see my terminally ill baka in Europe while she’s still with us. https://www.gofundme.com/rdcc3ty4

  • Oscar navarro

    I just started a gofundme page for my daughter. Any help is greatly appreciated…. thank you all https://www.gofundme.com/abjvh84s

  • Pavel Popov

    Share friend and let help each other https://www.gofundme.com/9beedyss

  • Tochi Okoli

    gofundme.com/vtmep5cs I am trying to raise £5000 for a volunteer trip to help the poorest of the poor in Tanzania. I am only 15 years old so this is a long shot for me, but even the barest minimum would be greatly appreciated.

    Please help me reach my goal! Thank you xx

  • Evan Miniard

    My fiance died in my arms in her sleep from a seizure xmas night the day
    i proposed. i now suffer from significant PTSD and have mounting
    medical bills i can afford, am virtually homeless, couchsurfing, had to
    miss alot of work, about loss my job any day, and i need a blessing to
    get back on my feet. gofundme.com/marinah. please read. email me if you

  • Angie

    I just started a gofundme page for my daughter. Please check her story out. She is in need a of alert dog to help her gain her life back. Her gofundme campaign is: http://www.gofundme.com/kenzemessman

  • R Max Levingston

    Premature baby needs your help.


  • Logan

    Need a help for a career!

  • Jinxie Smouse

    I am trying to raise 1500 dollars to help my mother and stepfather with their bills until he heals from a recent emergency surgery. https://www.gofundme.com/kmm9apq4

  • Destini Foster

    Long shot, as everyone else is doing the same, but I figured it’s worth a try. https://www.gofundme.com/kjmhpmus

    My aunt has stage 4 lung cancer and doesn’t know that she’ll live the two years expected from her doctors, but is hopeful. She currently finds it difficult to stand longer than 10-20 minutes, walks with a cane (that she cutely decorated with light-up bells), and has been going through chemo for a year now.
    The money she’s raising is for her to be cremated (it’s cheaper) and hopefully to cover some of the medical bills her, her husband, and her eighteen year old daughter have so they won’t be burdened with them when she does pass on.

    Unfortunately, our family is small, and we’re all trying to scrap up what we can in order to help, but we know we can’t do it on our own.

    Even if you can’t afford to donate, my aunt Melody hopes you would pray for her and her family when you can. It’s been especially hard on her young daughter, and with my cousin not being much younger than myself, I couldn’t imagine losing my mother so young.
    Thank you for taking the time to read, and thank you to anyone who contributes or sends a prayer her way. Have a wonderful day!

  • UpvoteGod

    Hey need a new truck to surpport my family here my fund me page check it out https://www.gofundme.com/sdju3d2c

  • Krista Rosetta-Mae Clark

    Sometimes, I look at my gofundme page and think I should take it down because of why I’m asking for help. But then I think, some have had worse reasons for asking. Like I’ve always been told, there’s no hurt in asking. The only time it hurts is if you never ask and the answer could have been yes. So go for it =)
    Here’s my page: https://www.gofundme.com/e7ncmk24

  • lorna

    Thank you very much for any donations

  • jozy.15

    Please share my page :/

    Thank you and God Bless.

  • Joe

    I am trying to save my house, please help if you can and please share my gofundme page. gofundme.com/cmfgj9es

  • Cullen Kane

    Please Share this page with anyone you know! https://www.gofundme.com/t5rkuwfh

  • Shaleah Sylla
  • Nancy Hummer

    My sons have been invited to play soccer in England with their international travel team. Please help us and share. Thanks. https://www.gofund.me/pmkrmj7g

  • ji

    Please help my son go to his NYC trip. It’s hard to make ends meet nowadays; anything will help. gofundme.com/tvpbkkvs

  • Dianne Galloway

    My son Tommy Moore is having medical issues due to cirrosis and has no insurance. He has a five year old son he needs to be there for. Please share or if you can anything will be greatly appreciated. Gofundme/gwpt8a78

  • Anthony Edward Dunker


    Me and my fiancé just lost our first baby and are trying to move out and start fresh. Any little bit helps us out

  • Kristina Malfi

    i would like to share my gofund page, my dog has a serious condition and any amount will help, and so will nay shares https://www.gofundme.com/helpmaddielive

  • Cryst Rodriguez

    I would like to share my page https://www.gofundme.com/crystal_medmission

    Hi my name is Crystalann Rodriguez. I have the opportunity to participate in a two week pre-medical internship/volunteer medical mission in Iringa, Tanzania this upcoming July 17th 2016 with a non-profit company called Gap Medics and I am trying to raise money for the trip. This experience will provide me with hands-on physician shadowing experience in a local community hospital, personal mentorship, all while also being able to give assistance to medical personal who greatly need a helping hand.

    I am asking that you please spread the word for my fundraising campaign. I will be very grateful for any assistance offered, no amount is too small. Thank you for your time and support!

  • Jason Kinney

    Please help save a husband and father’s eyes!

    Read Jason’s story here:


    Thank you so much!

  • Dina Braginski

    I would like to share a page https://www.gofundme.com/b2rnph4c

  • JR

    I’ve never used crowd funding but now I hope it will help me. I’m trying to meet a medical deductible for my step dad of 27yrs. He is in CCU. Please, if possible, anything will help. If not, a genuine prayer is appreciated. http://gofundme.com/26r6htks

  • Jason Kinney

    Husband and Father in need of help saving his eyesight!

    Please take a moment to read Jason’s story and support his campaign.

    Thank you in advance for your kindness.

    “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” ― Wendy Mass


    • Jason Kinney

      Since starting this campaign, we have found out that Jason needs to see
      three additional specialists due to the progression of his conditions.
      In addition to the ocular specialist in Miami, Jason must also see: 1.)
      A Rheumatologist due to the possibility of an auto-immune disease. 2.) A
      Pain Management doctor to control the full body pain that Jason
      experiences daily, 3.) and a Neurologist due to dizziness, balance
      issues, and new onset tremors.

      All of the new specialists and
      tests that Jason now needs in addition to his eye procedure will end up
      being substantial additional out of pocket expenses which we cannot
      afford at this time, thus we’ve raised our campaign goal in an effort to
      reduce our upcoming debt related to all of the extensive visits and

      This is a very difficult time for our family right
      now, but we want you to know how thankful we are for your continued
      support and for continuing to share Jason’s story.

      We will keep you posted as Jason progresses on this journey.

      Again, please help us continue to share Jason’s story and his campaign.

  • LarryH

    I would like to share my page as well https://www.gofundme.com/qwrktp2k

    I am looking to raise money to be able to take my family on an unforgettable Disney adventure. Please goto my page and read my description. ALL donations will be used to give my family that amazing Disney adventure they’ve been wanting.

  • Jackie WARNER

    I need help getting my link out there. I hope some of you will share and I will share your also . Thank you so much https://www.gofundme.com/aarpcxm4

  • Stephanie Stancea

    Your support will be truly blessed 🙂 https://www.gofundme.com/stephaniestancea

  • Kiernan DiMeglio


    Just read the description.

  • Colby Stacy

    I would like to share my page as well. I will share the campaigns that I see here, please do the same for me. Thank you all.

  • Keith Miller

    Im trying to help a friend out while the state wants to screw him around. he has COPD and has been fighting to get help being he has no insurance so if you can help that would be great…. https://www.gofundme.com/48pz2sbg

  • Mike Myrtil

    Please share mine, I don’t have many FB friends as other people https://www.gofundme.com/flyboy

  • Cris Abad

    If you could help share mine it would be greatly appreciated


  • Mara Lessor

    My animal needs sugary to be healthy and happy again!

  • Fund our Farm

    My GFM is trivial in comparison but we are trying to give our family a new start. gofund.me/zjtz2vqs

  • Coral Leona Thacker

    Rough start to the year. January I had a root canal/crown, February got 4 new tires for my car, and now last Saturday my 5 year old rescue sphynx Goose threw a blood clot and was diagnosed with heart failure. I was already living paycheck to paycheck before trying to pay off loans/credit cards from the other two issues, but I could not give up on Goose and put the cost of his care (so far $2,900) onto a 0% balance transfer card, but do not know how I will get this paid off along with the other debt I have before I accumulate more interest. Additionally if he makes it, he will be on heart meds and a blood thinner for the rest of his life.

    If you would be kind enough to share my story, give Goose well wishes, or even donate that would be amazing and super helpful. I am super grateful and in awe of the support I have received thus far from friends, friends of friends, and complete strangers (the Internet is amazing). You can see a more detailed story on GoFundMe and if you do wish to donate, I would appreciate donating via PayPal if possible as the “friend payment” does not charge any fees, whereas GoFundMe charges 7.9% + $0.30 per transaction. My PayPal email: toolgirl22@gmail.com

    Thank you for reading! Coral & Goose


  • Stella

    https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/stella-stearn I am raising money for this charity, it is very close to my heart! please check it out or share!!

  • Tj Bizzell


    Please help and share! Thank you!

  • Melanique DeVeaux


    I created this account to help send my 80 year old grandfather to Africa.

  • Christina

    Our family was recently given the horrible news that our 2 year old nephew has leukemia. It came as a shock and completely out of the blue. Everything has been happening so fast that there has been no time to think about financial help. I will be running this account to help Harrison and his parents. 100% of the funds raised here will go to Harrison and his parents for all medical bills. Any amount helps and is appreciated! We just all want our little boy to be happy and healthy again! no donation is too small, Please share our page if you can. Thank you! gofundme.com/harrisonsfightfund

  • LaGrace Freeman

    Please help share my story I need help asap to find new shelter for my 2 boys and I. Thanks in advance https://www.gofundme.com/my2boyz-myheart

  • Ana Silvestri

    Please share and donate!

  • summs12

    Buy my pup a yard! gofund.me/buyroccoayard

  • kai
  • Sophia


    i would appreciate help for this lady

    Update on Angela Santos

    just very unfortunate and very sad that not only Angela is getting worse in health and emotionally and now her husband has been rushed in to hospital and his tests have come back he has a hemorrhage in his lungs and H1n1
    we would appreciate donations even if its just 1 dollar
    if you cant do that please share this story so other may be-able to donate we would appreciate any help received

  • PM

    My friend is in need. She has a child with autism. The kids dad left and she had to quit her job to care for her child and take him to therapy. She has no family support and is getting evicted from her place. She used to work for Standford hospital and had a good job but had to quit to help her son. If anyone can help or share this it would be appreciate it. She’s an awesome mother and she just needs a bit of help to get back on her feet https://www.gofundme.com/q2tkmb98

  • David Rowland
  • Larry Faircloth

    Please help me pay for my tuition for my schooling at pennfoster. Even if it’s a few dollars it Will help me get closer to paying off my school to get me into a college to were I’ll be able to do something with my life instead of flipping burgers are landing a labor job

  • Jenie Mott


    Rally was born premature and currently being treated at Seattle Childrens Hospital. He’s got a very long road ahead of him. He’s had complications with NEC, Blood infections and severe AOP. He’s already been transported to 3 different hospitals due to medical complications. Mom and Dad could really use some help as they have exhausted all their funds traveling over 120 miles daily in order to be with baby in the hospital and at home with the twins. The extra and unexpected additional medical, food and gas costs have this family looking to the community for emergency assistance! Even if you can’t contribute, please share Rally’s campaign so it can get exposure. Thanks in advance!


  • Jan Murp

    https://www.gofundme.com/rrwgj5nw My Husband has been a coal miner for over ten years and now the mine has been idle for 2 months, I have tried get help keeping our utility , but there are so many coal miner out of work needing help, My husband is looking for another job , I am not able to work becuse of me having Lupus and other medical reason

    , We might have to sell out home we are getting behide, we don’t have fancy cars , our home was built 1952 , we never lived over means , My Husband all so help his parents, we need this to save our home, anything would help, It would mean everything to use to save my home our Granddaughter lives with us Please and thank you

  • Valerie Reese


    I’m beginning my last year in nursing school. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a student loan to cover my last year. I am only 25yrs and live on my own. In fear of being withdrawn from school, I am asking for help. I have until the end of April to pay my tuition in full before I am automatically withdrawn from the school. I am so close to my dream in becoming a nurse….help me take my last few steps towards graduation!.

    Please share with your family and friends. Any donation big or small
    that you are able to give would mean the world to me! Thank you all in advance.

    • VaTrese Myrick

      We are in the same situation I wish you luck

  • Charmain

    Hello I would like to share my cousins page any help would do she is fighting cancer and has 3 kids and she is the main source of income but unable to work due to her treatments are very aggressive if you can help here is the link http://www.gofundme.com/8bwuxu7f

  • carolyn qandil
  • Kaitlin

    Please check out my GoFundMe page! Thank you!

  • Corey Larkin

    Hi, there’s many other people that could use the money other than myself, but I would he deeply grateful if any money was donated. gofundme.com/27wz8x9p

  • Angie Engle
  • Dawama

    Check out my gofundme https://www.gofundme.com/7qxmc9h4

  • Jenetta Montgomery

    trying to get my daughter the medical care she desperately needs- gofundme.com/q2uu97us please help me spread the word- from my family to yous thank you

  • So, my name is Morgan and this is the first time I’ve ever asked anyone outside of family for help, but I’m desperate and family/friends have helped with what they could. Mostly just keeping me fed, which I’m so thankful for. Anyways, you may not be able to help with a donation, but I would very much appreciate shares. Also, I’m not looking for “hand outs,” but rather “hand ups.” Thank you in advance!


  • http://gofundme.com/help-us-pls – please see through and read our story.. thank you for anyone who will take time for this.

  • Amy E Yell

    If any of you could look at my campaign I would be so grateful, I was recently diagnosed with Burkett cell lymphoma, lost my job because of being unable to work after chemo and surgery and subsequently lost my insurance. I have a beautiful 6 year-old son that I am trying to take care of through all this but money is tight. My goal is 20k for medical expenses and keeping my son fed and clothed seeing as how we are going through a change of season currently. Any and all donations are welcomed (and I have award levels!) Thank you for your time and in advance for your shares!

  • VaTrese Myrick

    Gofundme.com/pgycxstc trying to go back to school. I actually tried posting on my page but instead others take the idea and try to use it for other cause which is sad and make it hard for those who actually need it. I attended vsu for psychology and went for 3 years I was unable to finish because of financial issues. I’m 23 now and I’m ready to start school again and I’m expecting my first born which has me going towards the nursing field. I’m not asking for the full amount I just want enough to get me back into some classes and I’ll work my hardest to get the rest. I was laid off from my job last year so I’m doing whatever I can I can’t just sit and nope around I have someone else to live for now. And I’m excite meet my little motivation. Good luck to everyone on here !

  • fantastic7

    Please read my wifes story. She is 31 years old and diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, I’m a former Marine and we have three beautiful children two of our children have special needs. We are struggling and need support from the community. My wife would like to do a targeted low dose chemo (ipt) insurance won’t cover this even though it’s effective. Her regular oncologist recommended such an aggressive plan she is likely to get secondary cancer from the treatment. Please help my wife by donating $1 or what you can. Thanks, Richard

    Sorry we don’t know why are link is so long.


  • S Milbourne


    This is the story of Keith and Shaune. On Thanksgiving
    morning Keith was driving to work and struck a deer. In an effort to
    miss the deer, the car rolled and eventually struck a tree. Fortunately
    an off-duty firefighter was the first on the scene and was able to get
    an ambulance very quickly. The Paoli trauma center immediately
    life-flighted him to Jefferson Memorial in Philly. He spent several
    weeks in ICU with a grim out-look. His neck was broken in three places.
    Essentially, he is paralyzed from the chest down, but thankfully able to
    breath on his own. He was moved to Magee Rehab in Philly because they
    are the best for spinal cord injuries of this type. He has made slow
    progress and dreams to walk again someday. He is on a long road to
    recovery and for each step forward there seem to be three steps back.
    Keith has always been the sole supporter of his family. In addition to
    the physical impact, there are definitely financial implications.
    Keith’s wife Shaune was at his side every minute making daily trips into
    the city. Family and friends relieving her only when she could be
    convinced to take a short break. On the evening of Feb. 9th, on one
    such occasion, Shaune was in a “freak” accident where her car rolled
    backward in the family driveway, knocking her to the ground causing a
    broken nose, cuts and bruises and a severe head-injury and brain bleed.
    She spent seveal days in an induced coma but is now awake and getting
    stronger by the day. She too is still in the hospital/rehab. The
    financial needs are growing daily as now both Keith and Shaune are
    hospitalized with uncertain futures. The family has moved to a more
    wheelchair friendly home and have lost two vehicles. I can’t even begin
    to think about the medical costs. Their three adult children are doing
    what they can to hold the family together, but soon the bills will need
    to be paid.
    We would like to help them out in any way possible.
    Please consider helping them as they both travel the long road to
    wellness. In spite of this “modern-day” Job story, they are
    surprisingly upbeat and thank God for their lives and for one another.
    They are grateful for any help you can give. Please keep them all in
    your prayers. Thanks!

  • Alissa Cook

    Please check out my link. Thanks! https://www.gofundme.com/2uz9quh8

  • Joel Sansregret

    If you would like to have a look at my campaign it would be very much appreciated, both my girlfriend’s vehicle and mine are due to be changed, both are old and we really don’t have the funds and we need your help. thanks. https://www.gofundme.com/need_vehicles

  • Michael Irey

    I am an Iraqi war veterans, currently still serving in the Army Reserves. My wife and I have five children and are desperate to find a larger house that will give our family room to grow without being on top of each other. We both work very hard, with little time for each other. I recently set up a gofundme page with hopes we could raise enough money for a down-payment on a new home. I have difficulty reaching out for help, and to be honest are to embarrassed to post on Facebook for my family, friends or co-workers to see. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s just a share of my page woth your friends. Please visit and share my page.

    Thank you

  • Savic Marko

    spread awareness of Jesus christ https://www.gofundme.com/jesusisgod

  • Amanda Baxter

    I would like to share my campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/bracesforamanda

    I know there are much more needy campaigns out there, but any help would be appreciated in helping me get my perfect smile!

  • Erika Prescod

    Please help me share my page https://www.gofundme.com/8hfw1k
    thank you

  • Rosalyn Logan

    I would like to share my GoFundMe page. I am in NEED. Please, if you can spare anything, I would be forever grateful to you. I am on the verge of homelessness after losing everything. I’m own my own and am practically begging for assistance.
    Thank you so much, whatever you can give. Even if it’s a dollar it makes a difference here. Blessings to you all out there.

  • Albert Gonzalez

    Please check out my story! I really need help as much as my family can get, if you read my story, you will know exactly why we need the help https://www.gofundme.com/r54egw

  • Justin Howell
  • cuddlebug

    I would like to share my sister in laws memorial fund. Please if you can visit and read her page. Thank you. https://www.gofundme.com/lstonememorialfund

  • Grant Blankenbeckler

    My friend and I want to hike through the Appalachian Trail before we go to college. Please help us at https://www.gofundme.com/2xtu7fqc

  • Savannah Teel


    Yay! Help out the youngins

  • Wendy

    Share if you don’t mind and check out my campaign for our adorable cat and giving him a long, happy life. Any shares or donations are greatly appreciated!


  • Eduardo Campuzano

    I can really use some help. I’ve been trying to save some money for a new car for work but there’s always bills getting in the way. My old car is slowly starting to die out on me. I would really appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you. https://www.gofundme.com/2frgg598 please help

  • Sal Garcia

    Please help my son go to college we need all the help we can get.

  • Michael Andrae Henderson

    I’d like to share my gofundme page https://www.gofundme.com/shirzanfilm , it’s for a film project that I’ve been working on to help promote independent film in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex area for the last three years. This is part of a initiative by local artist to revive the industry in North Texas, as well as educate, challenge and inspire our youth through educating them through a filmmaking and creative arts mentoring program. The film itself is also representing an opportunity to donate to two North Texas Area shelters for Abused Women, helping with much needed resources, housing, clothing, education, counseling and employment. Please share this information as much a you can.

  • Dion William Ripley


    grandmother has 1 month or less to live and i am fighting to help her and my mother to raise proper funds for funeral costs and to help my mother to pay for the funeral and whatever left to be use towards new place to live cause when grandma dies we lose her, ssi and my job as a pca for my grandma so the family force to move to smaller and cheaper place not by choice and between my cousin she 14 special needs i have spinal problems cant work on cash assistance and that just 2 in the family lives with grandma


  • hannah hall

    My father died yesterday morning and I need help burying him. This is an incredibly difficult time for our family as we’ve lost both of his brothers in the past 8 months. Any donations or shares are deeply appreciated.

  • Christine Fugitt

    I’ve tried everything. The next thing is paid traffic/advertising. My sons account has been up like 5 days. https://www.gofundme.com/jacjacneedssupport

  • LaVonne Mattson

    urgent medical needs… please share… https://www.gofundme.com/22wkp5w Thank you!! <3

  • Jennifer Faircloth

    MR. KRINKLES NEEDS HEART SURGERY. He isn’t just a dog, he is my best friend, and my child. I don’t have any kids, and he is my baby please help

  • TKDDusty

    I will bite on the long shot by posting our go fund me link. Anyone who themselves has had, or has had a family member diagnosed with cancer knows the struggles. The child playing caregiver (in this case I am since I’m the only child), the med bills racking up with insurances only covering a portion of the costs…the pain of watching a loved one go through hell and knowing other than the medications and being there for them, there’s not much else that can be done. Right now we’re in this position and then some. My dad was a WWII veteran who died when I was 13 years old. It’s been my mom and I in the 23 years since then (and my fiance in recent years). Other family has been few and far between, with several others in our family also dying of cancer in the last few years. We’re at the desperate point here as my work hours were completely slashed in the last month. Luckily I was able to get my college loans deferred for now, which is a Godsend, but figuring a budget for the future, we’ll be lucky to eat at this rate. We’re at several thousand in bills from the past 6 months since her problems began followed by the horrible terminal cancer diagnosis. Please share and/or donate if you can. We aren’t ones to normally ask for cash or help, but this is one time that I have to cave in and put up the “HELP” sign. Even a dollar or two at this point helps. Thank you for reading and caring. God Bless.

    Our fund link is: https://www.gofundme.com/rsgz8kf6

  • Kristina Marie

    I would like to post my link as well. My dog is battling degenerative disc disease and without the appropriate surgery he will fall into paralysis and I will have to put my love down :/

  • Bella

    So I do not want to promote my campaign or anything. I am desperate for advice. So I have this campaign on fundrazr called “help amy”. I am going to post the story below. My question is how do I prove that it is a legitimate story, cause. There are so many scammers out there. I know I would be reluctant help anyone out online. But guys, this is important to me. I have raised $9000 so far for her by selling hotdogs on the street, I have sold some of my personal belongings and I launched this campaign. I feel responsible to help her, she has done so much for me and my family. Please give me some advice on how to make this successful.

    Here’s the story
    I am a proud Mommy of three gorgeous girls. Blessed right? More than you can imagine. God’s blessings did not stop there. He blessed me with the kindest best friend anyone could ask for. Why I’m so lucky I don’t know, I feel almost guilty for being this happy. She has the purist heart I’ve ever seen in anyone. Her true love in life have always been children. She does not know this, but I can’t help her alone, I need help. Alright, here goes nothing……. ( please note I am not using her real name… I am already bearing her soul without her knowing…It’s the least I can do) I have been friends with Amy for 15 years. We met when we were 21 years old. From the beginning we had this unique connection, like we were long lost sisters. When I was 25 I went through a dark time in my life, I lost my parents and my husband (what a wonderful man he was) all within 6 months. A week after my husband’s death I found out I was 7weeks pregnant. I wanted to die at that moment, how can someone be so happy and so sad at the same time?? It broke me. But I had Amy. I struggled making ends meet. When I could not afford the mortgage anymore and when I could afford the expenses that goes with having a baby, Amy took me in. She bought a three bedroom house just so that we could have a place to stay. She supported us through everything. 4 years later, we both got married. I had my 2 other daughters and I was so happily married, I still am. Bit Amy wasn’t that lucky. She suffered 4 miscarriages. She went through he’ll and back and it broke her knowing that she would never be able to have children. As if that wasn’t bad enough… Tom (her husband) left her, because, and I quote, ” she could not give to him what a woman is supposed to be able to give a man”. He told her he wants the family name to live on, and he could not handle her having a medical problem. He left her. Just like that. And then I found this out… she took out a huge loan at the bank, to buy the 3 bedroom house for us to live in, she couldn’t pay the loan anymore, after her husband left she lost everything. I have been taking care of her for the past couple of years. But it breaks my heart to see her putting on a mask and pretending to be happy, for my children’s sake. I find myself asking God all the time, how can someone so good and kind have such heartache and so much sadness in her life, I don’t understand why she has to suffer like this. I cannot take it anymore, I cannot stand to see her like this. All she wants is a family of her own. She doesn’t care about money or any material things. So I am putting my heart out to you, and I am going to ask you to help me help her. I want to pay off her loan and get her a decent place to live, where she can be happy, where she will be able to raise her baby (we are currently helping her adopt a child from Ethiopia) you should see the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about it. It brings me to tears everytime. Even if it’s $1, it will make a difference. Please. If I could I would take on everything by myself. But I need help, your help and together with God’s grace I will be able to see the joy in my best friends life again. It is my one and only wish, to see her dream of becoming a Mommy come true.

    • Bella

      Sorry for the huge post!☺

  • jeni

    I have today set my gofundme page for my sweet son. He is 6 years old. If anyone would like to fund him or share his page I would be so grateful! https://www.gofundme.com/23h6psk

  • Herbert Williams

    I am working with some veterans of various services and we are starting a school. The school will be for veterans that want to learn IT skills. We will be ensure that the student have real life work experience, We will also be giving scholarships to selected veterans that do not have any military funds to use. Please send to you Facebook friends thanks.

  • aalashae


    I just had my son about 2 months ago I never knew I could love someone so much as much as I love him. His name is Sa’Bree 🙂 Sa’bree is the strongest baby I would ever know for him to be so little he’s the strongest fighter. Sa’Bree was born with a heart defect & has to go through mutilple surgeries . Im trying to raise about 6000 to help me pay the cost of things he might need . I am a first time mother & I learned everything I know from my mother before she passed. I try to do my best although being only 22 Im in school and work 5 days out of a week. Anything will be accepted Thank you for your time

  • Andee Guerra
  • Chicagoland

    Trying to flee the violence in Chicago for the safety and well being of his children, Tim moved to California 30 days ago, and was jumped and shot to death in broad daylight in a park in California. The nicest guy I knew, never sold drugs, or was a gang member. He use to play basketeball for Westinghouse High School in Chicago IL. We need help to get him back home for funeral and burial. He leaves behind a wife, children, family and friends, please help if you can!!!

  • Gary S

    Please help me fight for custody of my son. He is beyond special. Click the Link to see him gofund.me/HelpLittleHenry

  • Jolisa Collins

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to be honest here I am in need of a little bit of assistance to ge me through the month. I am a Navy Veteran who is going through a rough divorce. My husband abandoned me and I am stuck paying the bills by myself. MY car note is due Friday and I really can’t afford to lose my vehicle. I have a job , but my income alone is not enough. I did just get a new job offer that will be able to supplement my current income however I can’t count on that pay for close to a month. I just want to make my car note and rent this coming month and have money for food and gas. I am a very giving and caring woman and I have faith that the same energy will come back around to me. Thank you all for at least reading my story! The link below is my donation page thank you for your support!


  • Posh Feet Boutique

    Please help and share Help this mom get to sons Navy PIR Graduation


  • Zepexn

    I would like to share my page: https://m.gofund.me/25bcay4

    Information on the page ^^ Please help fund <3 Thank you for even noticing me! ^^

  • Taylor Moore

    Please help me share this page!! https://www.gofundme.com/shaes-hope

  • Bunny Snyder

    Help save my kitty by helping me pay his vet bills. https://www.gofundme.com/258jwrp4

  • Amanda Uren

    I’m currently going into my 5th back surgery this week and times are hard. I’m married and have 2 young boys. My husband has to take days off work all the time for either doctors appts or to stay home and help with our children. In the midst of things and medical bills we are not making ends meet. This is our story….https://www.gofundme.com/24jp3d35 please share. Thank you and god bless

  • KT

    Please share and donate. I am going back to college to complete my degree. https://www.gofundme.com/degreecompletion

  • Matthew Davis

    My cat needs help!! He needs surgery and we can’t afford the vet/surgery bills for him, and my family is in desperate need, please if anyone who sees this would be so kind to share our gofundme page, or could spare a little to donate to the fund, we would be so very grateful. Our cat Boots means the world to us, my family and I, and we don’t want to lose him. Please Share https://www.gofundme.com/25gg9x44 Thank You. 🙂

  • Keely Shaye Barone

    I would love if you could read, share and donate. Thank you!!

  • Stuart Jeffery


    Help a domestic abuse survivor, single mother, and friend fix her smile. Years of being unable to afford proper dental care has left her suffering with severe tooth rot, please donate what you can to give this woman a new lease on life.

  • Janelle Koehler


    I am looking to raise money (or) have a vehicle donated for my faimly as we only have a single car right now that will be going to GA in just a few weeks. My wifes parents have many health issues and have relocated from PA to GA recently to be with family as a result of these issues. We have decided to relocate as well to be near them. My wife will be leaving to start her new job in GA in under 2 weeks and will need our car to do so. I will be staying here in PA for the next 2 months or as long as it takes until we find and save up for our own place in GA as my wife will be staying with her family and working. We have a 6 year old daughter that will remain here in PA with me for as long as this takes. Having a second vehicle is almost a must at this point for us as i will be solely responsible for the care of our daughter and responsibilities in day to day life.

    We are looking and appreciate ANYTHING that runs and drives and is perferably inspected already (safe). Any and all donated money will go directly towards a cheap used vehicle that we can find! Thank You.

  • Evelyn Vargas

    hello i’m asking for help for school supplies for children in dominican republic here my page https://goo.gl/3O3tRC

  • Posh Feet Boutique

    Please donate/share thank you. Moms US Navy Gofundme http://www.gofundme.com/NavyPIR

  • MsBoredom

    My campaign is “just because….” maybe it’s a boredom social project, but for $1 you can write just about anything for my amusement 🙂 ps this is my silly girl https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4bceeaf5d1ff70583261361ce06a1fd4299ab47f580a1ae359e825a39e055150.jpg

  • Jam for Jarvis

    My brother passed away this past Saturday from Cancer and we are in need of donations to cover the Memorial expenses. Please support our family and share https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/jam-for-jarvis/112283

  • Dell

    I would like to share my page.

  • sara

    Hello, i would like to share my son’s page https://www.gofundme.com/26svadvb. If you can share it as well it would be greatly appreciated. We only have 2 months to raise the money or he won’t have enough money to travel abroad for college. Thank you in advance.

  • Ryan Eric Brandvold

    Hey just wondering if you like to donate to my NCHL hockey team trying to get donations for our team fees as well for home away jersey and socks we arnt getting any local support at all we are getting worried we have to disband our team for next season.We are looking for all the help we can get right now

    you can reach me at
    cell (587) 343-6454
    email brandvold85@hotmail.com

    team captain
    Ryan brandvold

    team https://www.gofundme.com/nchlrhinos

  • Melissa
  • amy


    Please help me and sharing this go fund me account for a dear friend of mine.I couldn’t think of anything else to do to help her in her difficult financial situation it is unfortunate that she is going through what she is going through, but it is life and we’ve all been there. she has recently just has recently just won a 2 1/2 year battle fighting for her 2 young children and it was a hard long battle but she has done it. The reason I have made this profile for her is to help her due to the fact that she does not want the department to think that she isn’t able to financially care for her children because she has always held a job but unfortunately has recently been laid off and the company she worked for was a privately owned company so she does not qualify for unemployment nor can she get assistance from the county. So I’m asking if anybody could please so kindly find it in their heart to help even if it’s just a simple as we sharing this link thank you all and God bless

  • Tj Ross

    Please, if anything I’d like for you guys to share my story. Thank you for your time: gofund.me/27vrrfw

  • David Siegel

    gofundme.com/282upck Please help me and my daughter.

  • Shawtrell Jenkins

    Gofundme.com/wewannabuy , my husband and I are trying to buy our house outright, it’s a long shot but thanks for any help!

  • Ren Miller

    I’ve been having a difficult time getting people to donate to my fundraiser and I’m not sure why. I thought starting early would have helped, most people were more than happy to share the link, but the only ones who have donated have been family members.

    My cousin and I are spending Christmas and hoping to putting together a gift giving program for a little village in the Philippines. We figured a $5 donation from each person would be more than enough as we plan to double each $5 we get it. We could stretch each $5 donation and be able to buy a child a present and a well deserved meal. We are aiming to provide clothing and toys and a meal for each and every person over there, well over 50.


  • Carrie Mckay

    https://www.gofundme.com/Carries-hope simply being to find medical treatment so that I can survive enough to bring little girl up. I do not have many folk on Facebook and not really ideal to share but that’s a separate story

  • Lakeicha

    I’m trying yo raise money for my grandmother’s home care. She had a stroke last year that paralyzed her whole left side. She won’t be able to leave her nursing home until we get enough money to hire a round trip clock nurse. Please donate to my cause. My grandmother is a beautiful lady that didn’t deserve for this to happen to her all I want is for her to enjoy the rest of her life on this earth and be happy. Thank you got your support.

  • skittles

    hello im Troy i trying to raise funds to help me getting over my depression and recover i would like to raise money so i can retrain, and refocus my life and get everything back on track please if you could spare a little money to do this i would be forever greatfull http://www.gofundme.com/25v6f6s

  • Katie_S

    Please help my dog!! She is my baby and the love of my life! Thank you! https://www.gofundme.com/Gwenny

  • Maria Rozo

    Please help me help my best friend with MS!

  • Rui Fernandes

    I would like to promote our page. We are a nonprofit org that raises funds to purchase instruments for the local school music departments. https://www.gofundme.com/29vyrhez
    Encouraging kids to pursue their passion for music!!

  • Sage Blaha

    Trying to raise money to start college education. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sharing or donating. Thank you in advance.


  • john

    I am just starting my campaign. Please find it in your heart to help our cause! https://www.gofundme.com/2a67bvqt 🙂

  • Corzza McCamish


    Just your typical teenager wanting to travel the world but don’t have money to do so any and every donation will be greatly appreciated

  • Brett Tolway

    Please share my go fund me. We are trying to afford a prosthetic after being denied by our insuance. If you share my story I will return the favor and share yours! Thank you so much!! gofund.me/KeepFightingHoll

  • Leroy Carter
  • Isabella Casey

    Trying hard to promote a friends GOFUNDME page. She is so alone and has never had to ask for money before. Her life is just about over because she has nothing and no one.. If anyone at all could share this, maybe we could show my friend that there are people out there that care……she is absolutely hopeless, adamant God hates her and has such a broken spirit……https://www.gofundme.com/2b65ts8c?utm_medium=wdgt Thank you…..

  • Chris

    PLEASE HELP!!!! Hi I’m here asking for help for my friends and get them some donations because I don’t have the means to help them money wise. If you can donate even the smallest amount will help or even share their link would help spread their story and would take a lot of weight off my shoulders, thank you and god bless. https://gofundme.com/2an3xphwi

  • Genji Nguyen
  • jjosep00

    Help Rebuild Females Lives

  • Arianna Thomas

    Hello everyone! My name is Trevor, and I would like to introduce myself, before explaining the reason for this fundraiser. I’m currently 19 years old, and I am from Michigan. I currently hold two jobs, one being service to my country. If you’re thinking that since I have two jobs I should be able to afford anything, allow me to explain. Both my grandmother and father passed away unexpectedly. My grandmother from a very aggressive form of cancer. (She was gone within a year of being diagnosed.) Then, my father passed away at the surprisingly young age of 57, from dementia and related complications. My mother was left nearly penniless after paying for the funeral and cremation costs of both my family members. I give her everything left over after my bills. I am the “man of the house” after all.
    I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. As a child, I couldn’t wait to get home from school, so I could play my video games. Now as an adult, I have a dream. An obsession, if you will. That is the reason for this fundraiser.


    Now then on to the dream I mentioned above. I have dreamed of becoming a YouTuber for a few years now. Yes, it seems simple, but there are a lot of things that are needed behind the scenes, to be an icon of social media. You need things like computers which has the power to both play games and record , cameras that record on a high enough quality that is usable and special software for editing your film. (We aren’t at all perfect and I can see a lot of “um’s” and “er’s” in my future.) This is the equipment that I am finding difficult to afford, considering we are not only emotionally, but financially, trying to recover from the loss of my beloved grandmother and father. I will miss them both dearly forever and I want to make them proud by fulfilling this dream. The laptop I currently have, cannot handle any of the programs I need to achieve my goal. It can barely even play minecraft on low let alone play games and record anything. This is why I am asking for your help, reader. Any and all funds, up to the goal amount, will go to helping me purchase some equipment to get started. Anything that is donated above the posted goal will be given to a charity I have in mind. Every donor will have their name featured in a video on my channel, as a thank you for your assistance, that will remain as the channels main video. Also, those with their own YouTube channel will have a link to it featured on my channel beside their name. I appreciate your consideration, and am glad that you have taken the time to read my plea. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated, even if it is $1. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll see you all on my channel!!
    Help spread the word!


    Now this is not my campain but it is for a very close friend of mine. I’m trying my hardest to spread the word and get as much advertising for him as possible!

  • Katey Martínez

    I am at the end stage of Cystic Fibrosis, and my only hope is a new set of lungs. Please share my story; I need a miracle. <3 https://www.gofundme.com/agirlneedslungs

  • Breanna Nauman

    Help me I don’t know a lot of people https://funds.gofundme.com/mobile/dashboard?url=2csb2vc4

  • Nicholas Moore

    So, uh I don’t have as sad a story as a lot of other people, I’m just really poor, and I would like it if people could help share my gofundme for my overwatch fund, I really want to get it for a friend and myself, and it’s otherwise impossible 🙁


  • Megan Borowiec

    My go fund me is not something that is safe to share in my own community, and I’ve tried every available resource.

  • Knuckle Head Woodard
  • Nyx

    need a little help to not be homeless!

  • Lana Williams
  • GeeGee

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if there’s anyone with compassion out there, please help my friend with any little that you can. God will surely bless you back with more. Just recently her fiancé of 3 yrs passed away suddenly and he’s all she had. Now she’s faced with a brand new problem. She is so devastated and depressed. It breaks my heart because she’s such a humble quiet girl and doesn’t deserve all that’s happening to her. She is originally from Africa and barely has any friends or family here. She desperately needs to raise these funds ASAP. Please I know there are caring people in this world. Her matter calls for urgency. Here is the link to her campaign http://www.gofundme.com/2dttxdx4

  • jennifer nichol

    Hi. My name is Jenny. I set up a page yesterday on GoFundMe. I am a mom of two sons on the autism spectrum. Between their necessary medical care and me being in and out of the hospital I fell behind on my house payments and am raising money to save it. Donations of any amount would be appreciated. Please share this and please help. Thank you! https://gofundme.com/2ed78cve

  • Suzenie Petigny

    Help your sisters and brothers

  • Chip Whitley

    I would like to share a domestic rabbit rescue https://www.gofundme.com/mvc.php?route=search&term=Nhc%20rabbit%20rescue%20
    They spay and neuter the rabbits they take in which makes them a better house pet. The reason they do is they believe once a domestic rabbit becomes a pet it should stay a pet. Not to be used for food, feed snakes, mistreated or to be over bred. If this is not were to post i am sorry but please help this wonderful cause. And like them on facebook. Thanks

  • Jetsi ShApiump Vasallo


  • disqus_oBw0ESh5Jh

    I would like to share my gofundme page https://gofundme.com/2f54fgec
    I’m a new mom and have been having a couple of really bad years. I’m in a family shelter now and is kind of hard to complete all the tasks they want you to. Go to offices throughout all new York when I don’t have an income so I’m barely making it work. And also the task of finding a job of at least 35 hours that makes me the income they want me to achieve your be able to receive the help and get out of the system. My goal is to put my paperwork in order so that way finding a job that pays a little more than the minimum is possible for me. Pay taxes and try to get out of the system as fast as I can. All I want is a better life for my family and not be struggling from penny to penny. I would really appreciate any help. From the bottom of my heart. Thanks.

  • Joanna King

    Any donations is a blessing.Please go check out

  • Sal Garcia

    Any donation would be great!! In the future I’ll help others as long as I’m being helped.


  • Cindy Hogan Miller

    Please read my story. Not asking for much and in need of friends, resources and funds. http://www.gofundme.com/2fuuxzg

  • Charles Janosky

    My 2 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Leukemia and we have been hospitalized for several weeks. This is a huge birden financially as we have had to stop working to make sure our princess receives the correct treatment and support. Please help us with pur campaign amd you will be blessed.

  • Sameena Anjum

    I would like to share my page on to this platform. I have just posted my entire journey on gofundme.com and am currently fundraising for my education fund. I had a brother with a rare neurological disorder and he had received physiotherapy to help him with his progression of his disorder. It really increased his lifespan surviving from 6 months to 2 years. It made a wonder of a difference in my life and my parents. After being inspired by their work of magic I wanted to peruse a career in physiotherapy from a well-recognized university QMU in UK. Here is a link https://gofundme.com/hgvhf4mk

  • AdidasJesus

    I always had a passion for fashion & Art as a teenager. As I got older I would go on to pursue a trade in Graphic Design/ Visual Communications. As time passed I decided to fuse the two and revisit the fashion aspect. The line is called “Guudlukin” (Guud meaning positive & Lukin meaning vision) which would include hats, hoodies, tshirts etc. I’ve dedicated a whole year + working on designs and came up with lots of really good ones and now I’m at the point of reaching out for assistance to fund my journey. Through the clothing brand, my future plans are to give back to the kids by teaching Graphic design to those who are interested also giving back to the less fortunate with food & clothing etc. Thanks for taking the time out to read my story…hopefully you can help me make a change in my community! Thanks! Gofundme.com/guudlukin

  • Christy Billings


  • Shaela

    Trying to see grandma before she passes away. Anything helps. I have no Facebook so it’s been hard to get my campaign out there. Thanks to all.
    Link: gofundme.com/2gf5rgkk

  • Maggie Lee

    https://www.gofundme.com/2gvptzw for my hospitalized son and his wife.

  • Roland Harms


    Even if all you do is click the heart and like it, I will smile.

  • KB

    Anyone to help my friend in need I’m hoping this go fund me i set up for her will help with her costs. She’s such a special person. gofund.me/2h3gtvw

  • Sebastian Moody

    to whom it may concern! I’m trying to raise money to get my first vehicle so I can keep my job and not have to bum rides all of the time and also raising money to put a new roof on my mothers house! check out my link and thank you for reading! gofund.me/Moody95

  • Jake Nooles

    https://www.gofundme.com/2t33d2ms please support this close friend of mine

  • Goey Suang Hang

    I need to share my campaign


    I’m 13 now my parents were allowed me to raise money with gofundme.
    I want to be a producer but i don’t have so much money to buy some gears like midi,studio monitor etc.

    If you want to see the full story click the link below

  • Sabrina Cooper

    hi everyone im trying to raise some money for my two daughters school supplys i dont have a fb or youtube so im trying to get my link out anyway I can thank you in advance if you took the time to read and share 🙂

  • Gifty Mansaray

    Hi I just hit intimate a terrible car accident. This is my first time and I really need help to pay the damages. Please donate to my Gofundme

  • Missy Hammond

    I want to share my story as well. The 20 year old girl who wont give up. All donations go to my MOTHER for medical funds.

  • Robyn Longstreet

    If anyone can help me, I desperately need help! https://www.gofundme.com/mvc.php?route=search&term=Robyn%20Longstreet%20

  • Yanelis Aponte
  • Brittney Short


    Hey I’m Britt, I’m 26 and had I had a great life before it got turned upside down from a severe brain infection. Please READ and SHARE my campaign in hopes a doctor will see it that recognizes whats going on and can help me get better. My insurance cut me off saying my symptoms are “too bizarre” going against my doctors recommendations. So now I literally don’t know where my next pay check is coming from and I’m not medically cleared to work. (Its a long story I wont explain it here its all in the campaign – thank you for your time. ) Even if you can’t donate please at least share it in hopes to find a cure. Look you guys I don’t know what else to do I feel ashamed to have even made this campaign but the lawyers said it can take up to 8 months to a year assuming you even win against insurance.

  • Felicia Tillman

    Me and my best friend and her 2 children were in a bad car accident. Felicias hip got crushed during the accident and had to have a major surgery. She has 2 plates and 8 screws in her hip. The surgeon said she can not walk for 6 months. I have been out of work over a month now and we have 0 income at this time. Felicias car was totaled in the accident and we are in desperate need of a van to accommodate her and get her to her Dr’s appointments. All donations and shares are so greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.
    Jennifer Curtis


  • alyisa

    My mother hasn’t seen her father in a really long time. She really misses him and i want to be able to send her down to el paso for christmas so they can reconnect. Please donate if you can or atleast share it. Thank you!

  • Leslie Brown

    Please if possible help spread this campaign for this family. They been through a lot and their story is heartbreaking just please pass this link to anyone you know and help them. Anything is better than nothing.

  • Antoine Scott

    Hi. My name is Antoine. I am a homeless father of a 6 month old son. Me, My son, Antoine Jr and my fiance are a homeless family. Me and my family have been homeless since June 16, 2016. My family of three sleep from house to house. Some nights we sleep in a friend’s car. Some nights we sleep at a local park. My fiance is currently five months pregnant with our second son, which he is due in December, 2016. Our homeless situation is taking a toll on our family of three and especially my fiance now that she’s halfway through her pregnancy. I came up with the amount of $6,500 to help get my family on our feet and we would truly appreciate all help. I factored in 3 months of diapers ($78), 3 months of wipes ($33), 3 months of baby formula ($510), a dependable vehicle to get my fiance and my son to their doctors appointments ($2,500), 3 months of food ($1,000), 3 months of hotel costs ($2,250), and 3 months of toiletries ($50). Three months of a head start for my family of three will give us a new start at life and with help from donations would give me and my family time to find employment. Thank you very much for reading, and thank you for your help! God bless!

    GoFundMe page link:


    Facebook page link:


  • Crystal D Muller


    This is to help save a poor and abused puppy. I want to raise the funds needed to help nurse her back to health after she was rescued. Please either share or donate to help Lia.

  • April Jones

    I’m posting my link in hopes people would help. my father promised he’d help but he passed away from a sudden heartattack a couple years ago. I am disabled and can’t work. I’ve never done anything like this before and I feel bad for it. I’ve always done my best to get the things I have. unfortunately my best isn’t good enough at this point. please consider helping us

  • Jacob William Charest


    If anyone could help my cause, I’d be eternally grateful!

  • Ryan Burke

    Help save my life!

    I’m Ryan and unfortunately I’ve fallen on very hard times.

    I was kicked out of my family home 5 years ago when I was just turning 16 and have since spent time bouncing from low level sales job to low level sales job managing to get myself off the streets and peoples sofas and build my own little life with a modest apartment.

    This year I’ve strived to push my life forward, I’ve secured a dream job as an account manager for a reputable IT company making better money and made arrangements to go to university next year, all was finally lining up for me until the 18th came around.

    I left my basic sales role to join my new company come the start of next month, I was promised I would receive a full final wage on the 18th and to my dismay found my bank account empty, they’d lied to me and now I’m on the edge of losing everything.

    If people would be able to donate and help me amass just over a grand I would be able to pay my bills and rent and avoid ending up on the streets once again and stop myself from losing everything I’ve tried to build for myself.

    I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide, I’m so scared and have exhausted all options, at this point I’m relying on human kindness.
    Help spread the word!

  • Melody Chanteuse

    Save on Medicine!! Save over $150 a month on Plavix
    NO membership required. I am not affiliated with this website I just wasted nearly $200 this month on medicine and wanted to share! https://www.generosity.com/medical-fundraising/social-experiment-cheaper-meds-for-everyone/x/12935804 please share on facebook and twitter thanks!

  • Stacey choudhary

    Hi guys, I’m Stacey and I want to share my new campaign with everyone… Donation would be highly appreciated but if not, then I ask everyone to please have a read and share for me 🙂 thanks again…


    • FrancesPoo

      Trying to steal money for you and “your “partner?

      • Stacey choudhary

        Yeah I’m trying to steal money for me and my partner… Are you offering ? If not, zip it and move on. Understand? Bye felicia

        • FrancesPoo

          Im just asking. Why are you getting so defensive? Tell all your FB friends I am curious. Sucking on the tit is common in America now a days and you seem like a nipple sucker.

          • Stacey choudhary

            Is it? Well I’m not American Mate lol… I’m not getting defensive… I just have better things to do with my time, like look after my kids.. I don’t need to deal with someone else’s child here lol..

          • FrancesPoo

            So you arent gay? Enjoy the kids. They grow up fast. Just dont suck on the nipple. Leave it for the kids.

  • Ryan

    My name is Ryan and I have a 12 year old dog named bobo. I was devistated about a month and half ago when I found out bobo has lymphoma cancer. When I took him to the vet, he was so I’ll from the cancer that the vet was recommending that I should have him put down that week inless I was going to start him on chemo right away. So I got him started on the chemo. I had a troubled past and finally got my life going down the right path and I don’t think I could handle losing bobo at this point in my life. Bobos chemo is 16 weeks long and he is on his fourth week now. I have run out of money and I am moving back to my mom’s house on the 1st because I have spent every penny I had to pay for the cancer tests, and 4 weeks of the chemo and now can’t afford to pay m rent. The next 12 weeks of his chemo comes to just over 7 thousand. Please help and share my page with your family and friends. Any amount helps. The link to my page is
    Thank you

  • Anderson family

    I am a Mom of 3 lil kids 2, 4 & 6 and we received a 3 day rent notice to pay or vacate and an electricity & water disconnection notice…I’m so scared for my kids to lose their home. If you can help us in any way by donating or sharing, I greatly appreciate any help. https://www.gofundme.com/momof3lilkidsneeds

  • Josh Rogers

    Plz read any help would be very thankful for.. thanks again.. https://www.gofundme.com/2yprkae8

  • Adriane Perry-DiLullo


    Sammy is 27 and needs a liver transplant at its working at 29% pls pls help her survive hugs xoxo

  • Dana


    I am sharing a GoFundMe page for a friend of mine who lost his mother suddenly due to a heart problem. They are having difficulties coming up with the funeral costs. I can’t fathom losing my mom, and on top of that have to deal with financial stress during such a devastating tragedy. She deserves a proper burial. If anyone sees this it would be such a blessing if you could donate and give this family a bit of peace while they grieve. Anything will help. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Cherry Mae Fredriksen

    I want to share my campaign too!
    this is my friend’s daughter and they really need financial help for her daughter. Please click the link below:


  • leah berman

    My name is Leah Berman, I live in Boca Raton, Florida and I need your help. My life is very different than the average persons. Both of my parents are incredibly ill and disabled. My mother has a very rare neurological disorder known as RSD/CRPS, this causes her to be in tremendous pain all the time which ultimately leads her to having to stay in bed. My father only recently got sick. About 6 years ago he was in a very bad motorcycle accident and almost didn’t make it. He is now in end stage renal failure and awaiting a transplant for a new kidney and pancreas. Since my parents are so sick they cannot work. I have three sisters, two older and one younger. My older sister Annie attends college classes and works full time to try and help provide for us. My younger sister, Noa, is still in high school and she’s doing great! But because everyone is so busy it ultimately falls on me to be the care taker of the house, I am usually the one who cooks and cleans. Recently I have been given a huge opportunity. I have been accepted into a seminary in Israel. It has always been a dream of mine to attend Machon Maayan like my sister before me, and it can finally become a reality. I have been awarded a couple of scholarships, and I am extremely grateful, but unfortunately it isn’t enough to pay for the full cost. School starts the 12th of September. I am really just asking for help to make my dream become a reality, anything helps. Thank you so much!


  • BenFsch22

    Please help a friend of mine

  • rosie lopez


    Pls support my gofundme campaign I’m in a bit of a pickle

  • Theron Plain

    Just sharing my campaign I hope to recieve some help I am as serious about my idea as it gets https://www.gofundme.com/2n9ebp8

  • Krysty Bell
  • Krysty Bell


    Thank you so much to anyone who donates, any amount counts!

  • Hamza
  • Alan

    Well everyone else is doing it, I am trying to raise money for a business, a restoration company through Gofundme, I would go traditional routes to secure funds but with my low credit score and no rich family members it is not possible. Please help. https://www.gofundme.com/2npma49f

  • Michelle s

    Please help my cat
    I’ve had him since the day he was born please.
    Animal lovers I call out to u

  • Larry Holloway Jr

    I am going to definitely support folks on here — i find that this is one of the best ways to meet and network with folks and anything is better than nothing. People deserve a chance to be heard, voice their opinions and help one another to build. As an honor — i’d like to share my campaign as well — any support would be welcomed! 🙂
    : https://www.gofundme.com/LarryHollowayJr

    My fiancee had a massive stroke last year — and since then it’s been pretty hard for her, but she’s come a long way and is doing much better EVERYDAY! She has since then created her own :”stroke suvivors ” webpage on fb and is getting ppl from all walks of life who have experienced the same thing. She has a dream to build a stroke survivor Center here — locally – in Lynchburg, VA and start her own research and treament center for people all over like herself. I’m trying to raise the money to get it started for her..so thats’ why i’m doing this fundraiser which gofund will go more into detail and it will also provide the fb page for her stroke survivors to give more information on her and show what she’s been able to do so far. It’s been hard because insurance only pays for a year all the therapy and after that they don’t cover ANYTHING! She’s been to cardiologist, neurologist, hematologist, etc — poor thang has had a couple of seizures..since then so it’s been rough. She has aphasia which is speech impediment from the stroke. So pathologist for language and all have been with her. She’s doing way better now and i want this dream for her to be a grand accomplishment and it will also help to plan a trip for her and the patients around the world if we can get enough money raised. Please check out the site and if you have any questions further — i can be reached at lholl37630@aol.com — my name is Larry Holloway Jr. Blessings to all — Peace and Namaste 🙂

  • Amy Brewster Beckman

    Hello there! We are the Beckman! Steven and I (Amy) have been together since we were 16 years old and have been married for a wonderful 5 years. Steven is operations manager for a local retail store and I am an Assistant Teacher at our local middle school. We have both always been very family oriented, so we finally were able to plan out having children of our own. While we were planning it out, we didn’t think about the hiccups that were to come. We started to try and found out we will have to go through testing due to fertility issues (I will be having a hysterosalpingogram done and that is just the first of many tests) and we have been able to discover a few treatments, but now the costs of the tests we need are coming quickly. We just need help. All we want is to have a family of our own to share the love and be able to teach and watch grow up. There is no one else on this earth that I would love to see happier than my husband, and I would give anything I can to be able to give him what he truly wants, to be called Dad. Please, we need help, any help would be greatly appreciated so we can finally have our own little bundle of joy. Thank you all so much. gofundme.com/abeckman or help future baby Beckman.

  • Dario Idrovo

    If anybody would like to share my campaign and donate to my school fund, that would be greatly appreciated! Love you all!

  • Lara

    I’m homeless. Any help would be appreciated. http://www.gofund.me/2nxuzq4

  • Kristina Wainwright

    Please help save a child’s sight! Share this everywhere you can if you can’t donate yourself.

  • Aurea Isabel Jimenez


    A family in need. We are completely out of luck, and faith is wearing thin.

  • Leanne Myerscough

    I would like to share my campaign! Please have a read!


  • James Sampsons

    Heres my campaign to pay for the costs o going to do support work in south america 🙂 https://www.gofundme.com/2pdfjjg

  • Nathaniel Matthew Montoya

    Really need help with college tuition, just need 25 cents. Please help if possible.

  • Jasmine Vasquez

    Please donate to help end Alzheimer’s: https://www.gofundme.com/EndAlzNow

  • Kyle Lawson
  • 203132
  • Cory

    I would like to post a gofundme page of a friends in hope it will get noticed. https://www.gofundme.com/2mbdxb9y

  • Alvin Webb

    I’m raising money for Bloc.io : Web development.. Click to Donate: https://gofund.me/2ps4fws?pc=tw_cr_n via @gofundme

  • Brendon
  • John Says

    Please help me spread the word. I’m in a distressful situation. Thank you


  • Joshua Phoenix

    Hello I am battling Cancer and I’m just trying too seek the help in anyway from the kindness of others if you can take the time and read my story and share with your local Church, family and friends I would appreciate the support in anyway. My link is down below too my go fund me page, I will have too agree with a lot of other writers in this page. It’s sad too see people raise money for food and when the life of myself and others that are in need of help makes no sense what’s so ever, if you would take the time and follow my link I would appreciate it. Thank you god bless us all. *joshuaphoenix http://www.gofundme.com/2pjszpw

  • Amanda Ellis

    I have had no success. Please help my son. I just want to get him through surgery, thank you, I’m sure how else to ask. gofundme.com/2pt22nw

  • Chuck Prescott

    http://www.gofundme.com/helppager my dog needs surgery to repair her ACL the surgery is going to cost $2,000 any help is very much appreciated thank you

  • jeff creel

    I would like to share my campaign I’m a step dad trying to raise two kids and need help to get insurance to get a procedure done on my back any help would be deeply appreciated https://www.gofundme.com/dadsdown

  • Jess Sn

    Please help! I don’t know what else I can do I need help with my mothers medical bills and further treatment of you can’t donate please share if you have time and take a minute to read my campaign need help with my mothers medical bills if you can’t donate please share if you have time and take a minute to read my campaign thank you http://www.gofundme.com/2rhcvq4

  • James Calvey

    Hi my names James Calvey and I’m helping raise money for my dad that just passed away Sep24/16 he was 67 years old, a father of nine a wonderful husband for 32 years and Vietnam veteran. Anything would help raise money for his funeral. And if you want you can also share this around social media. Thanks very much. https://www.gofundme.com/jackcalveyfund

  • Katherine

    my cat Tigger became suddenly sick and he has been at the Vet several days now. I do not want to have to put him to sleep because I just cant afford his care anymore. It is difficult to ask for help, but for Tigger I just cant imagine my life without him. He is holding his own, but requires more treatment and money is running out. I started a gofundme page on the advice of a friend and already, complete strangers have already donated! I would like to post my link here and ask that people donate, even a small amount, it all adds up. Please share this link on your facebook page and twitter account. Thank you so much, here is the link gofund.me/Tiggerneeds-help

  • Andrew Vizcarra

    I would like some help to get my girlfriend to Vegas. Anything would be appreciated http://www.gofundme.com/2rtypes

  • Wally Paredes

    Check out our call for help. Our company manufactures awareness stickers for children & pets left in vehicles. We have a video. We want to distribute them FREE OF CHARGE. To do it we need $1.00 donations. Can you get us some help? “gofundme.com/kids-left-to-die” Please look at it.

  • Wally Paredes

    We have a website that tells about our campaign to save kids & pets. Take a moment “nolifeleftbehind.com” Our go fund me page is our effort to no longer charge the nominal fee for the stickers. We now PROVIDE THEM FREE. But we request $1.00 donations on “gofundme.com/stop-killing-kids”. We will manufacture and distribute the stickers FREE OF CHARGE. But we do need a little help. Please donate $1.00.

  • Lindsay

    I’m reaching out in hopes someone will open their hearts and and help me bring my precious baby boy home. Please share my page.

  • Dalia Phu

    Please help! Share! https://www.gofundme.com/2rtr7yxu
    It’s so we can get to the therapy! https://www.gofundme.com/2rtr7yxu

  • Blake J Butler

    I would like to share my campaign: http://www.equalitytexarkana.org

    Texarkana Arkansas does not offer protections for LGBT people and we are trying to open an outreach center for LGBT youth to offer them counseling as well as a roof to have over their heads if their parents disown them and are forced to live on the streets.

    Share, donate,email, spread the word please.

  • Gary Casas

    Please we need help , my wife has cancer (https://www.gofundme.com/2rymeys)

    Click here to support Lias’s fight against cancer by Gary Casas
    wife’s symptoms began about 5 months ago when she began experiencing
    shoulder and back pain. In a short period of time, the pain started to
    hinder simple

  • Sierra Whitman

    https://www.gofundme.com/2sqnyr8 The smallest amounts will help us get our dear friend come home for Christmas!

  • Krysta Weston

    Please help my friend,who is much need of finanical support Your continued assistance in donations will ensure a smoother transition providing necessary funds for Nikki to pay household bills, the cost of raising a daughter and out of pocket expenses
    https://www.gofundme.com/2rv72pg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc25b2250f2f1864a391aadeccb475488543238a03d9cd0ac6caf3026554403d.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/19a6aab0b3587016e447ce9a857d7e1175a3230ea66dbaa07d971e15697b8f08.jpg

  • Ellie Sanchez-Colon

    Please help my son.
    He was born with special needs and I have not yet discussed this with friends or family so I’m not comfortable posting on social media just yet…..

  • Laura R Gullett

    Wish I could help everyone else here but unfortunately I can’t help myself right now and it’s getting very cold. I don’t have running water, electricity, or heat and will be kicked out by a lien holder who took my house on October 19th.

    Many updates are on my page, but I don’t have anyone to turn to or anywhere to go. I have a job waiting for me if someone will help me have a place to live where all the basic humane amenities exist all at the same time. It’s so embarrasing to fail which is why I just kept trying to believe it would not happen if only I kept trying to succeed, but depression is just there too much. I always wish I could protect so many people out there from feeling what I do sometimes. I lost my mother when I was 7 and wish I had her so many times too.

    So finally I’m just posting my flaws out in the open and owning them. Hopefully you will have wonderful holidays. I never have any but I wish others would have the best holiday ever. I stay away from crowds because it hurts too much though for myself. https://www.gofundme.com/asthmaproblem

  • victoria

    I would like to share my page to raise money for my dog who no longer has feeling in her back 2 legs. The world is such an unfair place to live in. This is the most fun and playful dog I have ever met in my life. I’ve never been around a dog who continuously will bring a toy to you for you to throw for her. She enjoys nothing more in life than playing and running around. She has such a caring and loving soul and deserves to get her life back. I ask from the bottom of my heart that you donate any amount of money to help provide this innocent and still incredibly young dog the quality of life she truly deserves given back to her. Please help us help Lola and get her out of this pain and back to being the happiest dog in the world. Again, any amount of money will help. Thank you https://www.gofundme.com/medical-bills-for-my-dog-2u685h8

  • Arthur Erickson


    This is Nirvana, the Queen of our household. One of the most affectionate bearded dragons you will ever meet(not to mention the most spoiled). My three year old son, Aizen(who is allergic to dogs, cats and any other fuzzy creature)took a liking to her instantly. Finally! A pet that didn’t make him break out into hives! Needless to say, she is a big part of our family. And a good portion of our hearts.

    She spends her days free roaming the house like a puppy when let out of her tank, cozying up in bed for cuddles as she is obsessed with blankets or fabrics of any kind, and grumpily watching cars go by at our bedroom window. On a normal day her beard is a vibrant cheeto orange alongside phenomenal bright lavender patches on her back. This is a sign of a very happy lizard.

    You can imagine then, our concern when we started noticing some yellowing on her belly scales. As well as rapidly appearing patches of what we believe to be scale rot. We immedietly began treatment, and started taking advice from veterinary technicians and zoology students – but Nirvana’s condition is unfortunately not improving. In fact, it’s very quickly depleting. She looks worse everyday.

    This is heartbreaking as they are meant to live 10-15 years in captivity. She is only turning one.

    Her first birthday will be October 16th 2016. You see, last year after doing research for months and having the proper equipment, terrarium and set up I got Nirvana as an early birthday present. My birthday is on the 26th of October. She was a 10 day early gift, and the only thing I wanted. My first pet and something I could love for so many years to come!

    — And now.. the greatest fear at the moment is that she may have yellow fungus. A disease that requires long-term treatment, and that she will have for the rest of her life. This means my dragon is in pain. She cannot fight this on her own without the proper medications from the vet. After calling many veterinary clinics here we totalled up the amount and it’s going to be incredibly costly. A months worth of her medication could potentially come out to $206. She will not survive without some treatment. Regardless of all of this, even if she survives she will never be able to have a mate or reproduce as she will forever carry the disease. Her health can be stabalized, and pain can be vanquished entirely and that is our ultimate goal.

    MY only hope to save my dearly loved and cherish dragon is to raise enough money to take her to the vet as soon as humanly possible. As you can imagine, lizards aren’t the easiest to find a vet for and therefore are very pricey. So we are reaching out and asking for any help we can get.

    (On top of this, I am currently dealing with the local Pet Smart as we are nearly positive that this is due to their negligence on sanitation.)

    If you can donate, please do, and if not, please help us by sharing this fundraiser. :C

  • Mike Aguailar
  • Wolf
  • Anthony Harper

    Hi all! Please help me realize my dream, to help many others realize theirs! My link is: https://www.gofundme.com/starting-a-business-helping-poor-2vbjmtbp

  • Loreen Lacsina

    Please help me raise money for my family in the Philippines. They are struggling with the loss of 3 family members, who were all shot to death. They need money to provide food and school fees for their kids, shelter, and medical expenses. Thank you! https://www.gofundme.com/raising-for-family-in-philippines-2vnjjfv8

  • Robert Nelson
  • Nicole

    Autumn the puphttps://www.gofundme.com/help-me-move-autumn-2vwzfs4 Anything helps!!

  • Nicole
  • QueenCersei

    To whom it may concern. I am trying to get away from my abusive father. Any bit helps. Thank you. gofundme.com/hlpfromfatherabuse

  • Justin Wilson

    My name is Justin , for the last ten years I’ve been trying to
    leave a relationship that has been phycical, mental and emotionally
    abusive. This relationship has all ready taking to the point of suicidal
    thouhts, which I ended up in the hospital for two week , And put on
    antidepressants. Which has just made complent to what ever my partner
    does or say.
    All I want, is to live with my son and help raise my grandson.
    thank you to all those who help make my dream come ture.


  • Salamander Ham
  • Erina N.

    My kitty needs your help 🙁 https://t.co/mJX8ZHbHdv

  • Jeremiah Hufft

    My name is Jeremiah, I’m 18 and I plan on going overseas to teach English to kids as a foreign language. I need start up money to make this goal a reality. Any donations would be appreciated greatly. Thank you.

  • Jessica Flintjer

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/58a75519093de3310ae5c4f1b76e6c9edc5e7bba6ec6db8aff9c56a78b52af4a.jpg Even if you can not donate please consider sharing. I want my Daughter Saige to be able to stay in College, She worked really hard for this and we are $750 shy of her tuition bill even with the grants, loans and money I could come up with. Anything helps, Thank You so Much! https://www.gofundme.com/saige-flintjers-college-tuition

  • Johnson Ninan

    I would like to share my campaign:

  • Lori Klein
  • kandy ekhator

    Please we need your help, my family have been struggling financially for the past 3 months, here is my campaign link and I will really appreciate any help you can offer.

  • Hailey Tolson

    Hello all! I am an Autistic Woman who is doing the long process of Disability with Lawyers. I am homeless, and have to take meds for severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I need help in the most immediate way. I know it is a long shot but, I was hoping to find a kind soul to help me out. I am scheduled for an emotional animal as soon as I can secure a place to live. Please help spread the word, and help me do at home work until I get disability, and an ESA.https://www.gofundme.com/help-michelle-be-in-business

  • Penny Chan

    GoFundMe – A Different Approach
    Donors also gets rewarded.

  • Ateya Soulè

    Will someone have a look at my family go fund me,please! http://www.gofundme.com/need-help-paying-for-education
    My husband and I desire a change of career not only for us, but for our sons (3). In this day and age success is a must and we’re raising stand up, respectable men. The only way to do this is reverse they way we have been doing it thus far. Paycheck to paycheck is not the way for advancement because we want more for their future, and the future of their sons (or daughters). October 10th 2016 my husband and I payed the down payment for our future beginnings. Our plan is in motion, and we’re excited to set a different path. November 7th, 2016 someone hit my husband on the way to pick up our children and tore up our only vehicle. They had no insurance. Now all of the money for the weekly class payments we have began to save have to go to our vehicle getting fixed if it can be fixed (the A frame is broken). This has turned our plans for the worst and we can’t let it discourage us because we need this. This class starts January 2nd 2017 and is for HVAC-R. It’s a 10 week course because we’re opting for the night class so that we can continue to work. Our options are to either pay every week or pay it off. With the new events with our car occurring, I now have doubts that we’ll be able to afford it. I can send any info needed for verification, we just want to go to a school that can help us with a successful trade and we will enjoy the work! Please help, we sincerely appreciate you!

  • Kristin Douglas

    I know it’s a long shot, but praying for help. http://www.gofundme.com/single-working-mom-help

  • Danielle

    I would like to share the page for the food pantry that I volunteer at. They are raising money to purchaseunderwear, socks, gloves, toiletries, cleaning supplies, basic house hold products like toilet paper, paper towel and hand soap for the less fortunate.
    Please donate if you can, there are many people in need in our area


  • Alexis Davenport

    I am a deployed soldier and my ex husband stole $9000 from me. Please donate and share my campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/8x-help-alexis-reclaim-her-earnings

  • A Harris

    Please help us rebuild
    – ‘Harris Home Purchase ‘ https://dm2.gofund.me/harris-home-purchase

  • Cleopatra

    https://www.gofundme.com/cleopatrao please take a lok at my page

  • Maher Ahmed

    I would like to share my campaign as well:


    I am a 22 year old videographer that would like to make his dream come true as a reality television producer. I created a show called Breaking Point which will consist of 7 people that have been through hell and back in their lives and at point were at their breaking point. These 7 strangers will live together in a house and learn to open up and share their story with the world in order to strengthen themselves as well as inspire the viewers.

    Although I know what I am doing with this project, starting a reality show is costly and takes a lot of work. My team and I would need the proper funds in order to rent out needed equipment along with a house for the cast mates to live in.

    All donations are very much appreciated and I promise you all that you wont be disappointed in the outcome of the show.

  • Seargeant Ray Jennings is an innocent man that has served 11 years of his life in prison. If you believe that a veteran who served our country deserves better, please help by visiting: https://www.gofundme.com/RayJennings
    Ray Jennings is an innocent man looking to rebuild his life. All money raised goes directly to Sergeant Jennings #justiceforall #ripmichelle


    I would like to share my campaign also gofundme.com/help-pay-rent-and-get-new-tire

  • Bill
  • Montaux Lathan

    If anybody is feeling generous every dollar helps https://www.gofundme.com/from-texas-to-california

  • Michael Watson

    My transmission went out in my truck. I live 45 minutes from work and 2 hours from my kids. This vehicle is my primary source of transportation. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you God bless and have a Merry Christmas. here is the link to my gofund me page. gofundme.com/vehicle-repairs-to-go-to-work

  • Esgoce

    I don’t know where to start promoting my campaign. So maybe this is a good place.

  • Tiffanie


    Please help my little dachshund get better…he has a liver problem and it has already cost me over $600 so far…the next set of testing is going to cost me about $450 and I am about $300 short of that due to being sick myself and out of work for the past 3 weeks

  • Meaghann Shaw
  • Nancy S

    I would like to share my campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/fashion-for-freedom

    My fundraiser is about me using my design skills to make garments to sell, and with the money made, it’ll go to the people in South Sudan who are in refugee camps, trying to escape the ethnic cleansing and genocide that’s been happening since 2003. Any help will go a long way. Thank you xx

  • David Vinnie Vacknitz

    I would like share our campaign and ask.for.all your help.

  • smfresh82

    trying to turn lemons into lemonade here

  • Ilyana M

    Hi everyone, please click here to support my GoFundMe campaign, Help Support Emperatriz”Mama”Dejesus:

  • gabiegales lovely
  • Natalie Smith

    please check out my page! My baby was diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday. every share and dollars helps https://www.gofundme.com/luna-tuna-needs-you

  • Leslie Blank

    I am trying to raise funds for a nonprofit group. 100% percent of the proceeds goes towards the animals. This group does not get government funding and are in desperate need of a little Christmas spirit and any help us appreciated and will help. There are two separate accounts set up. One specifically for the Rescue Group and the other is for a specific animal that needs help. Please look at both and consider helping out this Christmas season. Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas.



  • Liz

    Any help would be awesome.

    I’m raising money for When thoughts become things. Click to Donate: http://tw.gofund.me/help-to-move-to-safety&pc=tw_co_share_m&rcid=9806b2a589564043b8ec0924f37b4fd8 via @gofundme

  • Juan Moncayo


    I normally wouldn’t do this but right now the truth is that I need some help. I have been accepted at Eastern Michigan University and awarded a scholarship that covers a big part of the tuition. However I still have to pay some part of it, which I don’t mind.

    I was relying on a loan process and for some reasons it didn’t work yet. I still have to apply again but the problem is that the timing is very tight.

    So I have made a go fund me page where you can get some more info about it. Anything would be of an incredible help and I will be forever thankful to you. It really means a lot to me.

    I apprecaite any of you simply sharing this, or even donating $5.

    Please don’t hesitate if you want to get in contact with me for any reason thanks again in advance.


  • Travis Green

    I would like to share my campaign https://www.gofundme.com/Dashala
    Please anything help thank you all

  • Emily Reimer

    Hello there! My name is Emily and I’d be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes and take a look at my gofundme and spread it around or even donate. My story is way too long to put on here but it can all be found here: https://www.gofundme.com/hope4emily

    Thank you for taking the time to give this a quick read and happy holidays

  • Stephanie Berger

    I know this maybe a little late for this article but we could really use some kind of a boost for our dog Sofi who has MCT cancer. Thanks you for any help you can give.

  • Yo buddy

    Any help is appreciated. House fire toom everything


  • Tray Buck
  • Hiram Barsky

    Please help with my campaign to see my daughter

  • patry


    Please help my Family it is for a good honest cause

  • Selena Sarah Ybarra

    Hi my name is Selena Ybarra,
    I created a gofundme for my mother after a bad accident she was in. She’s had very horrible health issues and is a single mom and frankly my dad has always been out of the picture. If you can please help my gofundme for her it would be gladly appreciated.


  • Jennifer

    My family and I have been going thru a very hard time and I have nothing else to lose at this point, so please take a moment if you can and click on my gofundme….. if it’s on your heart to help that would be amazing but if not I ask that you at least pray for us. Thank you.


  • Miriam
  • Christopher M Blodgett

    Please check out and share my gofundme page.


  • Di Anderson-Wegford

    https://www.gofundme.com/recovery-from-heart-attack-woes At the start of December my fiance suffered from a heart attack and we are trying to come up with money to help with bills and medical due to him being out of work. Please share.

  • Crystal Ariana Gonzales

    Well I talked with his friends and family over and over again and most refused to put in a dollar or even share the campaign.

  • Jason Lee Whitfield
  • Megan Bosanko

    I’m raising money for domestic abuse anything would help!

  • Ariel Sanchez

    Please help me continue going to college. My scholarship money has ran out and if anyone can spread the word, Help please. https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/ariel-college-debt-fund/

  • JW

    Please help me pay my lanlord to fix the damaged house cause by my husband with PTSD.
    Sincerely thank you!!

  • Kimberly

    Any help would be appreciated. I’m an unemployed college student struggling to pay vet bills for my recently diagnosed dog with diabetes. Any donations are appreciated.


  • David Gibson
  • Erin


    My dad was brutally shot twice on Nov22,2016… 2days before Thankgiving … Has been in ICU ever since. Medical bills are beginning to flood in and My family and I are barely able to dent them. I work a full time job and need any help possible. I make sure I come see him everyday… Have not missed a day yet. Will never miss a day! Support is key to me and I will never give up this hard fight. The severe injuries he has are calling for constant medical support. I ask for any help you can give. I am not a begger but I need help. Prayers work too . Please take time out to realize how short life can be. Thank you.

  • Ms229
  • Corbin Parise

    Hello I am trying to do anything I possibly can to insure that I get my daughter from a very
    abusive household I am a single father and have a daughter that is 2 years old and I am in the middle of a very ugly custody battle and am in desperate need of an attorney the mother keeps leaving state with out any court consent and regard for our daughters well being I feel like I already have a good chance at increasing my parental rights and visitation time just with the way she disregards the judges decisions but I also feel that I need a lawyer really really bad I am not so great with all the legal paperwork all though I have definitely gotten much much better I just need a leg up and if you can share my story I would be forever great fun thank you everyone. Sincerely Corbin Parise.

  • Lateisha Austin

    Hello to anyone finding themselves to read this post! My name is Lateisha Austin and I am trying to raise money for college. I plan on going to college at Coastal Carolina University to major in Information Technology and minor in Business Administration. I plan on becoming a Information Technology Specialist. Anything helps at this point! As an old Tanzanian proverb says, “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

    And if you cannot donate, please share! 

    Thank you. And many blessings to you all

  • Pamela Culp
  • Jasonus Tillery
  • Sabrina Elizabeth

    I would like to share my friends campaign in hopes to save her dog Tora from a tumor.

  • Ida Family-Page Kerr
  • limited edition♌️

    Help donate/ share my campaign https://dm2.gofund.me/struggling-to-make-it-happen ❤❤

  • Mak Baader

    Hey everyone, my family is about to lose our house. We noved in and then the person we moved in with agreed to pay until the end of the year and he uo and left us and didn’t pay. Just found out we are 2 months behind and will be losing our house. It would be greatly appreciated if we had help.


  • Thomas reed

    I would like to share my campaign on behalf of my recovering sisters suicide attempt.

  • Tori True

    I’m supporting this fundraiser: https://www.youcaring.com/robertbridgettrue-739909?fb_action_ids=10208057105967430

    If 500 people all donated only $5.00 we would be half way to our goal of $5,000. My name is Tori and I started this fundraiser for my Mother and Father. My mom has been battling cancer for three years and has since been told it is incurable. With my mother being sick she is unable to work while medical expenses keep piling. My father has been the only source of money for the family. That will soon stop at the end of the month for several months due to my father having a kidney transplant. God bless his living donor. It has been a rough time for my family and I. My parents are my whole heart. Both of them being sick is such a struggle. I want to avoid them having the fear of staying afloat. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for your support.

  • IR MadCow

    Here is my shot in the dark, I hope I get some consideration.

  • Michelle Grady

    I would like to share my campaign a wedding and honeymoon https://www.gofundme.com/honeymoon-for-michael-and-michelle

  • hope welch
  • New Doritos and Dragons Team

    This campaign is for one of our members in need of some money for college.


    We hope that you can help in some way. And if you could share the campaign with others, it would be much appreciated. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

  • Yasmine Xo

    Please make donation to my friend’s domestic abuse recovery fund: https://www.gofundme.com/mimtas-recovery-startup

  • Aly

    Could you help me make my dreams come true? Please donate to my fund account. Any support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! https://www.gofundme.com/tutibella

  • Paper Rhino

    Please help our family from losing our home! We truly value any and all help.. http://www.gofundme.com/22q3ec3k

  • Barbara Medeiros
  • Mary Wisniewski
  • Spicy 悲しいボイ

    Please help support me, I’m not asking for much


  • Christopher Thompson

    Started a social experiment

  • Douglas Duryea

    Please help give back to a military member who has given so much for the past 11 years. https://www.gofundme.com/xpw5q9ts-a-touch-of-love

  • Kiera

    My name is Kiera, and I am 11 years old. i am running this campaign for my mom who is sick. Please keep sharing. Thank you.

  • Mickey Donald

    Please help my friend. Please and thank you ! http://www.gofundme.com/x6uxhq7g-please-help-me-get-my-surgery

  • Emily Sylvanowicz


    I am trying to raise money in order to volunteer abroad. Not many people know that there are still homeless families living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina was so destructive that even twelve years later, families are still struggling.
    I plan on traveling to New Orleans with my best friend this summer to help reconstruction efforts. Additionally, we hope to travel to South East Asia with GIVE to construct schools for children as well has assist in animal conservation.

    I know most people probably will not read this, and if you do, it’s highly unlikely you’ll donate.But if you do, just know that not only am I thankful, the families suffering in Louisiana are thankful. The children who aren’t getting an education are thankful. The animals being mistreated are thankful.

    Thank you,
    Emily (and Vicki)

  • Tasha


    Sharing my campaign for my stepdad who suffered a severe stroke. Age 50. Unsure of the outcome at this point

  • fdsafdas


    I would like to share my campaign. Just look it over and see how it is. If you want to help me that will be great. If not that is totally fine as well.

  • Bri Wilson
  • Tom Henderson

    As a disabled vet, I’m not to proud to ask for help! Ive never asked before, but with the lack of any family to turn to, and wife and I being so close for 40 years, the day has come. https://www.gofundme.com/save-a-disabled-vets-home-for-wife

  • Rose Edward

    My Navy Vet Dad turns 80 tomorrow. He is in the hospital currently fighting meningitis. While there, the doctors found his cancer is back. He does not have adequate insurance, has no retirement and no social security. Please donate and share https://www.gofundme.com/v3u4cj2g

  • Denis Wotton

    With a relatively small friend’s list, I am having a tough time getting this spread.

  • Aleace Moom

    hey guys!
    my name is Aleace . I’m trying to raise money for my trip to go support sea turtle life in Costa Rica in April I have started a go fund me page (link below) all funds would be towards my trip or donated to the cause.

    Aleace Moom


  • Christina Turner

    Please support this an share this with your friends an family

  • Adam Patton
  • Katelyn
  • Graeme Skye

    I am

  • sam

    please help spread this campaign weve had no luck with donations so far so im posting this campaign to as many sites as I can even if you cant donate just spreading this to friends and family will be appreciated https://www.gofundme.com/help-a-sick-mother-and-her-family

  • Lilah Nally
  • Presley Owen

    Please help me raise money for a service dog for my PTSD:


  • Carissa Medina

    I would like to share my campain; https://www.gofundme.com/3e1sbkw

    Just trying to have a fun time. If you Help Thank you.

  • Noble Publicity

    This blog is really good. Thanks for sharing fabulous information. Well Done. Click here: http://www.noblepublicity.com/atlbtl-events/

  • Philippe Desvaux

    This who for a young lad who would otherwise never know what it feels like to stand up or feel like a normal person. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You https://www.gofundme.com/help-raise-40k-for-a-stand-up-wheelchair

  • Father Rosado

    Help me help the poor in Peru! Gofundme.com/fatherrosado

  • Timothy Ford

    I would like to also share my campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/boston-qualified

    I’m running the Boston marathon in april this year. Two weeks ago I lost my job due to a los of contract. I am in need of some funding to be able to buy a round trip plane ticket to get to and from Boston. Please go to my go fund me page and read my story there. Please open your hearts and make a donation. every little bit helps. Thank you so much.

  • Jill Moratto

    Please help me with my stage 4 cancer battle:

  • Vanessa Naert

    I would appreciate your time to check out my campaign. Thank you!

  • Castillo Brothers

    I am running for Mayor of my small town and everything I raise will go 100% back to the community.


  • Dave Laneve

    I started a GoFundMe to help with expenses and publishing costs while writing a book. I am laid off from my regular job, so writing full time at the moment. Need assistance for living costs, food, plus expnses for publishing, editiing, proofreading, copyrighting, printing, etc. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Maria

    Since everyone is sharing their gofundme and since I’m not getting much help from friends and family (other than the few that I’m grateful for that donated) I would love it if anyone could help make this journey happen for my boy. http://www.gofundme.com/andrews-volunteer-trip-to-nicaragua
    Thank you❤

  • Rood Pierre

    I would like to share my campaign! Anything us appreciated 🤗 https://www.gofundme.com/vcct2-emergency-eye-surgery

  • Mark Chaney

    Hey Everyone!


    My name is Mark. I am a former foster youth and have a disability known as Cerebral Palsy(CP). I am a recent graduate of a masters of social work program and am currently looking for work in the social work field. I have recently had trouble finding work and have fallen on some hard times and have started a fundraiser to help during this transitional time and maybe make some new connections as well that could lead to employment.

    Please consider taking a look at the link which has more information on me and my goals, maybe share it or donate if you can. Every donation or share on social media helps so much. I have been so blessed lately by all those who have reached out to me even just to say hello or offer encouragement. I hope one day I can pay this kindness forward in my work with others who are struggling.


    <3 Thanks everyone and I hope I did not offend anyone by sharing my story.

  • jodapoet

    Here is my page https://www.gofundme.com/bakqh-help-with-rent-and-bills Although I’ve donated to campaigns in the past, this is the first time I have started a campaign to help with rent and bills since I am disabled now and it is difficult finding a job. I have shared it on Twitter but have not shared it to Facebook because I am just a little scared about asking for money in this manner. Thank you

  • Kim Diamond

    Please help this family at: https://www.gofundme.com/medicallyfrailmom

  • Helen Katz

    my mother is having a tumor removed from her spinal cord. She has a huge risk of paralysis from the neck done if surgery doesn’t go well. please donate and share our gofundme page. All donations go to my mothers medical bills .thank you!

  • De’Antae McGhee


    Please help us raise money in order to get our organization out there and to increase the size of the fraternity. Anything will help

  • Brenda Burgess Chabot

    Please help KC with surgery. I would like to share my GoFundMe link:

  • Jessica


    Hi there. I would love to share my campaign- a fundraiser to take my autistic son on a trip of a lifetime on a Autism on the Seas Cruise. My son is one tough cookie, but the judgement is never ending. I want him to experience just a few days of acceptance and love, on a journey of memories! Please help me make this happen!

  • Tag Hunter

    My friend was viciously attacked, please help:

  • Kimberly Moore

    Please help us get our dream house!


  • Jude M Reyes

    I would also like to share my campaigh I’m desperate help me marry the love of my life https://www.gofundme.com/8pmmpr-help-me-marry-the-love-of-my-life

  • Laura Palmer
  • Monica Taylor-Teamor

    I hope you don’t mind giving a few dollars to help with my husbands medical bill.


  • Race Davis

    I may not survive without one


  • Matt Brooks

    Help our friend chulls! help a fellow gamer! https://www.gofundme.com/surprise-computer-for-chulls

  • Alyssa Gant

    Someone please help,my grand parents are 88 and 84 years old and their house is in terrible shape,it is literally falling apart around them.There are holes in the ceiling,floors and walls.My grandmother just wants to sleep all the time so she doesn’t have to see it or think about it.They are wonderful people and it hurts to see them living this way.Please share this link https://www.gofundme.com/274zrys.Thank you

  • Georgie Robjant

    https://www.gofundme.com/b37jbn-camp-america If everyone could take the time to take a look at our go fund me page it would be so appricative!! Thank you so much any donations at all big or small would help!

  • Amanda Abbott


    I would like to share my story. Please share and donate if possible. I know it is a long shot. Thank you for taking the time to read and share my story.

  • Nancy Parada
  • Adriana

    https://www.gofundme.com/genowefa-swatowski-cancer-fund – This is a very close friend of mine who was diagnosed with stage 4 long cancer that has spread to lymph nodes and brain. Her insurance has been cancelled and we are desperate to save her life. Anything will help

  • Emma Stracey

    Please share and help me and my husband have our dream

  • Staci

    I’m trying to make the best wedding cake for my father please help

  • Robert Campbell

    http://www.gofundme.com/help-im-sleeping-in-a-truck To whom it may concern, I’m starting a new family, my daughter will be here in less than 2 months and I’m stuck sleeping in a truck, my fiancé is with her family, we’re trying to get into an apartment so that our baby girl can come home to a loving home.

  • rose parker

    Hi there My friend is suffering badly with ptsd she has 3 children and they need as much help as they can get , if you guys can share her page i would greatly appreciate it https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/helpfottheadamsfamily, also where else can i share the page? any help please advise -i really dont know where to start. thanks.

  • Cheyenne Potts

    I would appreciate any help sharing this go fund me for my amazing husband.

  • Crystal Allen

    https://www.gofundme.com/dentalsurgeryn I please help by sharing this. I’ve gotten to the point I don’t enjoy life and can’t eat. I feel self-conscious​even when I smile at my three yo son. I have a lower quality of life and need dental surgery. I’m a single mom with a part time job at minimum wage. Even 1$ counts so please think of helping if you can thank you so much for reading this.

  • Clint Garoutte

    Hi there. This is the first time I’ve ever touched GoFundMe. Today my fiancée and her family found out the terrible news about her father. He passed away last night after he was struck by a car. It was an accident and thankfully the man in the car was brave enough to call for help instead of leaving him.

    This passing has struck everyone pretty hard and there were many emotions through the day. The reason we ask is because this is the worst time for an event such as this to happen. My fiancée and I have our wedding planned and paid for a month from now, and our entire family has chipped in to help, so with this event we are all left entirely shocked and blindsided.

    I would like to thank anyone for even reading this, as it means a lot to my fiancée and her family. Any amount, even just a dollar, would be extremely helpful as we are all tight from helping with the wedding and please, perhaps if you could pass this around. It would mean the world to us.


  • Felicia S C Gooden


    I need one-time help with paying my share of the rent. I help and care for my mother, who is a senior citizen, and the hatred and disdain coming from her due to my being short this month (despite the news of getting new contract work that will take care of my share going forward) is destroying my spirit.

    I only need 600, which is too low for conventional loans. We are not facing eviction, which cancels out traditional services. This is a request for preventing the worst from happening, and I have just one week left to make something happen.

    Can anyone help, please?


  • Gene Geter

    #Casting very soon. Please #support a New York short film. gofund.me/dosdonts

  • Kaleb

    Anything helps. All money goes to my local homeless community to provide food,clothes,shelter and etc…

  • Kelli Maxie

    Any help for me and my daughter


  • Jennifer Welch
  • Katerina Kokhtenko
  • Doug Dority

    Hi Sal, I love your blog and I can tell you really know your stuff about crowdfunding!

    My name is Doug Dority (aka D-Day) and I’m the owner of SurvivalChops.com, a highly-engaged and fast growing prepper/survival blog. We are only a couple of month old and have reached the point where we need funds to grow… mostly for volume purchasing ability, hiring staff and website development. We are thinking about crowdfunding around $20,000 for this purpose.

    Could you please direct me to a blog post, video, etc. that would explain in detail the best way to go about this? I would like info on the best crowdfunding platform to use, best way to build the campaign, best way to ask for donations, best way to tell our story, and anything else that could help us get the capital we need through crowd funding to reach the next level.

    Thanks very much for your help. Take care and God bless.


  • RG Hayden
  • Monica Elizabeth

    I would like to share my campaign. My dad is in a lot of pain and I would love to help him out as much as possible!


  • ky

    hello we need your help. if you can’t help personally please share: https://www.gofundme.com/kqbxe-help-us-not-be-homeless

  • Starley Shelton

    Please share my son’s campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/CollinWrestlingGoals

    Any help is appreciated as he works toward his goal. Thanks in advance

  • Emma

    Please help by donating, I appreciate anything you can give! God bless you! http://www.gofundme.com/3lbtxl4

  • Ahmed Vitalis

    hello everyone I would like to share my page https://www.youcaring.com/hamid-vitalis-634910 via @youcaring

  • Charlie Browne

    Here’s another hopeful. Mine is to keep my family together. There’s more details and evidence’s in the link. We need $6850 by April 10th… Australia’s visas are some of the most expesnive. https://www.gofundme.com/r7a4e4-keeping-our-family-together

  • cottncndydreams

    On February 12, 2017 the family of Robert Schneider (Randell) tragically changed forever when at only 40 years old his life was aggresively and reasonlessly taken from him and left behind to try and pick up the pieces is the love of his life Tracy & their 5 children. As if fighting everyday to keep her cancer in remission and take care of her family everyday isn’t hard enough imagine doing it while also trying to grieve and understand the loss of your soulmate. I am starting this campaign for my cousin & her family who could use a little bit of help during the tough struggles they are facing and help relieve some of the worries of just trying to make it through right now. This family is trying to cope with losing a husband that was with you every step of the way through chemo and a dad that wasn’t even theirs but loved,raised and took care of them when he didn’t have to and just trying to live the daily struggle. so lets show some support and help them out, It’s expensive to raise a child an she has her 5 plus is also taking care of 2 other children as well, they have recently moved to Kemp from Wylie so I can help them more. Any donation big or small is very much needed & appreciated. Thank you and God Bless You!
    Help spread the word!


  • Gerry Gensoli

    Can you PLEASE help out my friend and his daughter ??
    PLEASE HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN AND SHARE ON YOUR FACEBOOK WALL. THANK YOU !! https://www.gofundme.com/help-my-friends-daughter?pc=fb_dn_cpgnsharebartop_r&rcid=6356d3c27924407fb56be7297b94fc8d

  • I hope that anyone can help me… thank you. https://www.gofundme.com/lost-wages-due-to-medical-issues

  • Trenton Rannow
  • Jennifer Nazario Johnson

    id also like to share my gofundme page. its for an e-listed little named BELLA. 😀 i hope to get her living the life comfortably. help me help her to afford the much needed spinal/hip surgery. https://www.gofundme.com/bellas-spinalhip-surgery

  • Leisy Carbajales

    Please help my mom, she has multiple sclerosis, she is at the point, she can’t do anything, not even eat by herself, there is this treatment with stem cells, that she can benefit from, has been tested already in Canada, and a lot of people are starting to walk, and have a normal life, please, every little bit helps, thank you!!!

  • gofundme.com/lift-off-of-business-eyerii
    Please help us jumpoff this business

  • Isabella Randazzo

    https://www.gofundme.com/kpeuq-isabellas-college-tuition i know my campaign sounds needy but college is important to me, please help and share!

  • Farcas Robert
  • Melody Ross

    My friend lost everything due to a fire and I would love to see if I can get help to get her back on her feet.https://www.facebook.com/shares/view?id=1737206546294963&overlay=1

  • Chad Gilmore Jr.
  • Phoi Pham

    Anything would help, thank you and please share https://www.gofundme.com/phoipham

  • Jack Boswell

    gofundme.com/54aqx-building-the-dream please help me

  • Laura Dealba

    Please help my father fighting for his life god bless http://www.gofundme.com/help-for-my-sick-elderly-father

  • doyoumineop !

    Please look send sam ennis to stem leadership

  • Mike Taylor

    Please help us gofundme.com/my-grandpa-had-2-fatal-surgeries

  • Kim Tester
  • Tony Salt
  • SteveNdu1
  • SteveNdu1
  • mt
  • Quebber

    Still valid advice, here is my campaign.

  • Charnese

    I would like to share our campaign: https://gofundme.com/Shaylas-education-fund

  • Melva Candanoza


    My daugjters birthday! Help me raise money to make her dream come true.

  • Lauren Beard

    Hey everyone!
    This was such an incredibly helpful article- and not only did i want to say thank you but maybe try posting our link!

    We are only trying to raise $500 and are very hopeful. It is life chaning for us! Please donate what you can.


    Thank you!?

  • Ashley Hughes

    I am reaching out to the community for help with my dads medical costs…If you could please take the time to read and share our story on facebook, twitter or instagram it would mean so much to us! Thank you so much!

  • Ashraf Jabal

    please help me share my campaign : https://www.gofundme.com/Hmgadl

  • Scribble World
  • mookiebaby2010

    https://www.gofundme.com/9kpz6-please-help-me-go-back-to-school please help me go back to school trying to finish my associate of arts degree

  • mookiebaby2010

    https://www.gofundme.com/9kpz6-please-help-me-go-back-to-school please help me go back to school im trying to finish my associate of arts degree #gofundme #donationsneeded #gofundmeplease #pleaseshare #repost #gofundme

  • mookiebaby2010
  • Taylor Sisson
  • Eric Yang

    I am sharing a gofundme to promote a non-profit organization to help lower income families afford their prescription medicine expenses. Thank you guys for the help!


  • Brian

    https://www.gofundme.com/tqygdpfg Please help my daughter.

  • Al Crepps

    On March 8th, 2017, our family received devastating news that Terri Crepps, my wife of 33 years, had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, mestatic to the liver. Terri is a mother of 3 and has 6 grandchildren. She is a USAF veteran, and has been a special education teacher of preschool kids for the past 19 years. All that know her
    see the dedication to her family, friends, and community.

    As she prepares for this long fight ahead, we want her to know that she is not alone in the battle. Please join in helping her fight this terrible disease. A GoFundMe account has been established for her to help with medical, travel, and other financial expenses.
    Please join in helping donate to these expenses so she can concentrate on beating this. Her link is gofundme.com/3hu49zk

    Thank You.

  • Vikalynn


    please help me go to school again 🙁 i need the money to help because work became from full time to part time…please help me finish my schooling

  • Wendy Sue

    Please help me … my nephew what tragically hit by a suv and killed…. anything will help…

  • Victoria Fuentes

    Please spread the word for my friend. https://www.gofundme.com/monicas-medical-relief Thank you so much!

  • Chrissy

    Please share! A Disabled Veteran Needs Help https://www.gofundme.com/HelpADisabledVetKeepHome

  • Christi Olivia
  • Adiwijaya123

    Hello everyone,‪please check and share if you dont mind https://gogetfunding.com/help-budy-pay-his-medical-expense‬

  • Randy Howell

    Maybe people can share my Go Fund Me? https://www.gofundme.com/Randys2017deckinaday

  • My grandfather is a disabled Army vet on the verge of losing his home, please help me spread the word! https://www.gofundme.com/HelpADisabledVetKeepHome

  • HollyBeth Morris

    Help us help the homeless

  • Suzi


    Just one pound/dollar would help

  • Martha Turley

    Please help me raise money for my daughters gymnastics competition

  • Jordan Memel

    Help bring this dream to life! Thank you!

  • Flatass Canuck
  • Billy “Facing my fears” Collin
  • Mick Weldon

    I am Mick Weldon, I have stage 4 terminal Cancer. I have been given the opportunity to try immunotherapy to help me spend some more desperately wanted time with my beautiful wife and two amazing children. These drugs are not available through the NHS, and need funding externally. Please could you read my story, and possibly share with anyone who is willing to listen. It is possible you could make a massive difference to not only my life, but the lives of my children. With your help we can kick Cancers ass! Thank you for reading.


  • Susan Chalupka-Richardson
  • Upstart Loan



    What are your Financial needs?
    We give out loans from a minimum of $2,000.00 to a maximum of $100,000,000.00 with comfortable duration that ranges from 1 to 30 years at a very reduced interest rate of 3%.

    Do you need a business loan?
    Do you need a personal loan?
    Do you want to buy a car?
    Do you want to refinance?
    Do you need a mortgage loan?

    Do you need a huge capital to start off your business proposal or expansion? Have you lost hope and you think there is no way out, and your financial burdens still persists?
    Please do not hesitate to contact us for possible business co-operation.

    Contact us via email: upstartloan@yahoo.com

  • Faith Dennis
  • Ryanc
  • Em M.

    I would like to share my campaign.. Its not for me, but the person I’m making it for is getting ready to go thru eye surgery. Double layer cataract surgery with lense replacement..its high risk because of a retinal disease called staphyloma.. Between meds, co pays, travel expenses, stay over for follow up appointments, we are overwhelmed..and are asking for help..I dont know many people so if i can share here, its the best I can do..Thank you

  • Steve Rondeau
  • James

    I need a new gaming monitor help me out peeps! https://www.gofundme.com/xkyzsv-help-me-join-pc-master-race

  • Iyanna Leon

    https://www.gofundme.com/3dbapk0 my puppy is only 10 months old and he seems to keep on getting things just thrown at him. The first vet we had to take him to told us that he has a neurological problem, which in his case means that his legs and his brain dont work together. This problem causes for him to be very clumsy, even doing something as simple as sitting down is a challenge for him because alot of the time he will lose his balance and fall or going up the stairs, thats like the scariest thing for me because sometimes he will fall on a step and hit his head or his body against the wall and its so sad seeing that because im scared he will end up making his neurological problem worse.

    Jax is on the Verge of dying because of a disease that he has which is called E.P.I. for those of you who dont know its a condition where the body doesnt know how to break down the food that its digesting properly, causing the dog to starve and thats what is happening to my poor little guy, hes basically skin and bones at this point.

    No matter how much we feed him, it just goes straight through him, so hes always really hungry because of that. and to top it off he has a heart disease which to be able to fix that will cost thousands of dollars that me and my family dont have. But even through everything that hes got going on he’s still always so happy and playful just like any other puppy his age so i know he isnt ready to give up just yet.

    I know that people are having hard times right now, believe me i understand but if you could just share on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc it would really mean alot to me and my family as well as if you are able to donate, even if thats only a dollar i would like to thank you in advance

    Thank you for taking the time to read this

  • Rev Marcus

    Hi friends….Here is another opportunity for you to adopt a child

    Hello i am Revrend Marcus and we urgently need new adopters to provide a loving family. People from all walks of life can adopt children, but in particular we are looking for adoptive parents who will be able to meet a child’s needs. Like all families, adoptive families come in all shapes and sizes. Our church have an orphanage home center,where you can adopt children from 0-11 years of age. We have set of twins and boys and girls. Christ Chosen Church Of God Mission was founded 1981 while the orphanage baby center was founder 2005. God will bless you if you come to our church today to adopt a baby from us. So if you’re thinking about starting the adoption process then please get in contact with us at:

  • Ronica Morris

    I just graduated Junior College with my A.A. Transfer and I an struggling to continue my education. Honestly I can hardly afford it, right now I’m house bouncing, my phone is off, and I haven’t really been eating, but I just want to go to school. Here’s my full story: https://www.gofundme.com/3u7t58w and if you can’t donate there I have a square cash account: cash.me/$RonicaRM please share.

  • s lidii

    I would like to share my brother’s. He was in a very bad accident this past weekend and will need many surgeries to recover. Thank you all

  • Roy

    Hello this is an emergent campaign to rebuild the roof of my home before next winter. a video is shared and all the info of the campaign is present in the link. 2 donations were made and i received 1350$ locally. Pictures and updates on where the money went and the work done. Please share this campaign my local support is very limited since most of the people i know are not even middle class. Thank you

  • James
  • Samuel Schmidt

    Please help me to build my medical cancer laboratory https://www.gofundme.com/BuildingSamsLab

  • David Nichols

    Foster family needs a vanhttps://www.gofundme.com/foster-family-needs-van?pc=sms_db_co2876_v1&rcid=887570de33664adf9cc28fd29c47412c

  • David Nichols
  • Lauren Taylor

    https://www.gofundme.com/HelpLaurennotgetevicted Please help if you can. Were in a really really hard place.


    This is for our daughter Michae’la (hardworking-single-mom) & 2 month-old-Grandson. This was VERY hard for her to ask for help. She’s an independent hardworker.. She walked/biked even in Michigan winter up to 7months pregnant & worked up until due date & ready to go back to work but can’t without a car & now baby can’t get to his physical therapy appts. 🙁 This-is-the-SAME-young-lady-who-a-year-or-two-ago..-traveled-to-over-30-states-in-5-6mos-all-alone-purposely-living-in-her-jeep-so-she-could-do-random-acts-of-kindness-for-many-strangers-and-animals-and-did-volunteer-work-too.We’ve-even-seen-her-help-and-rescue-bugs! Please-at-LEAST-read-her-gofundme-page-and-SHARE-with-others,-on-ALL-of-your-social-networks-,-we’d-be-SO-grateful!!!-IF-you-can-donate-even-$1-we-are-extremely-grateful-for-that-too-and-hope-you-and-yours-will-be-blessed-many-times-over!

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3de2152b32dee006a4b68aecfa530bb8a3268db4cd38fb14732dac5207ab850.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/178431937048fa9e0590aff56a28922fcd25fe47e31d8cbc1ddc3a7417051fac.jpg

  • Blake Coffman

    Please help with my moms brain tumor!

  • Marangely Negron

    I would like to share my campaign as well. Please, any amount helps https://www.gofundme.com/helpmaragobacktoschoohl

  • John Thomas
  • John Thomas
  • Ashley Cephas

    Assistance completing nursing school. Thank you for the time and consideration. https://www.gofundme.com/nurseRN

  • Ridwan Badru
  • manny torres

    Help me make these little girl have the best time of there life basically meeting there dad for the first time


  • Desaria Ashworth

    Please read my story, i am just trying to make a better future for myself and those around me. https://www.gofundme.com/hvac-certification-for-my-future

  • Scott Stathis

    Please help me and my son.


  • Cyrus Russell

    Please help my beautiful little sisters children. She was murdered in front of her children in a brutal act of domestic violence and we need to bring this problem to an end. April russell was murdered in front of her children in San Antonio Texas and we need two things, to bring an end to domestic violence by awareness and also to help raising her 3 children ages 15, 8, and 1. They are smart strong children but to go through something like this they need help. Please read the story and if it touches your heart please help. https://www.gofundme.com/rip-april-russell-benevolence-fund

  • Diane Baijoo

    Please share my dad’s website or pass it along. My dad has ALS and we are desperately trying to raise enough money for him to get a new FDA approved medication that comes out this August 2017.


  • Angela Wheeler

    Please help me bury my wonderful father.


  • Gilberto Sanchez
  • Katrina Reed

    Please help for a small cause. Thanks! gofundme.com/rzzeb8yc

  • Marisol Morera


  • Katrina Reed

    Please help for a small cause.

  • MrsN
  • Crystal Carter

    I’m sorry for sharing this and if I’m not allowed to share to this page please take it down but I’m just hoping maybe someone who hasn’t seen it might see it. Any shares or donations of this Go Fund Me page for my father who just passed a week and a half ago would be greatly appreciated. I want to be able to give him a proper going home memorial and he didn’t have any life insurance at the time of his passing the only way I’ve came up with money to take care of everything is through selling items of his and this go fund me page. Again any help is appreciated. ♡ gf.me/u/wwpt2

  • I was wondering why I could get no donors to my gofund so decided to ask the Internet ”why” your blog came up and I read your post THANK YOU! you are 100% correct social media and in particular FRIENDS on fb of which I have nearly 3500 and growing, I started contacting each one with a copy and paste message and surprise the response has already started, sharing and donations now coming in. Thank you once again and anyone else seeing this, follow what is said, it works. The least anyone can say is ”no” and it is not personal and you have nothing to lose.

  • Pete Siegel

    I would like to share my gofundme campaign. https://www.gofundme.com/Pete-s-tax-settlement-fund. A veteran who has cancer and spinal disease. Got behind on my property taxes. I in trouble of losing my home. Any donation would be appreciated. Please go to my campaign and read my story. Thank you and God Bless!

  • Neiko Black


    Please help my friend and his family

  • Chelle Haynes

    I’d like to share my Mom’s campaign to help her with her vehicle costs. She is a retired nurse and wants to go back to work as a Nurse helping people. This is to help her pay for her sales tax and vehicle fees so she can go back to work and do what she loves and make a difference in people’s lives. https://www.gofundme.com/8bqxqx-help-with-my-moms-vehicle-expense

  • yannie

    I am starting this campaign hoping someone can help us. My dad is diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease stage 5 secondary to Diabetic Nephropathy, Hypertensive Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease, Coronary Artery Disease Suspect and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. He needs to go through hemodialysis 3 times a week. On top of that there medications that he needs to take, laboratory tests and medical check ups that needs to be done. My dad wants to live longer and is fighting to live. Hoping you can help us extend his life.


    or please help me share this campaign

  • Jimson

    Please don’t crowdfund for something like getting a book published or going on vacation. That’s just kind of rude. Also, if you don’t get much money from your Go Fund Me site, perhaps you haven’t treated people very well in the past. Just something to think about.

  • TJ Williams-Hauger

    My husband and I are social justice advocates as I just graduated seminary and we are the first gay couple to marry at the Riverside Church in NYC. We were invited by President Obama to be one of the gay couples to welcome Pope Francis at the White House We Need the help of our neighbors. We are fighting for the right to serve. Therefore, We are asking every LGBT person and every ally to help us fight as I am looking for a call to serve the public at the highest level. As an openly gay interracial couple, we are committed to advocacy. We have raised about 11,000 but I started this about six years ago. that is why we need your help, for queer activist we just don’t have enough of help. to do out work so we need to reach our goal to do the work effectively to serve people our justice are immigration, healthcare, LGBT rights and global sustainability …..www.gofundme.com/18t700

  • Donald

    Hi im a local truck driver. My family and i are in a bad state rite now as my nephew passed away he was only 9yrs old my brother did not have any insurance on him and now we are in need for funneral expences. If any can please share get the word across. i have started a go fund me the full story is on there thank you… http://www.gofundme.com/44qux-gone-too-soon

  • Traci Farabee

    I am hoping you might help us raise money for our family. My boys lost their mom at the age of 5 & 6 and this year have found out that they will loose their dad to a disease called bvFTD. We were told to get our affairs in order and now are trying to raise money to “bucket list” what time we have left. My heart-babies (stepsons) are so amazing and deserve to enjoy the time they have left with their dad. I am hoping you might do a special interest story that will help raise awareness for FTD and drive our funding to help my husband live out his final dreams while he is still able to do so. Here is the link to our GoFundMe. https://www.gofundme.com/helpusmakememories that will give you more details and updates we have up to now.

    I am sure you get a lot of requests for help but we are trying to raise awareness of FTD while we raise money to be able to make memories for our boys. I thank you for any help you can give.

  • Emily anne

    Starving artist here. any help would make my life entirely new and amazing!
    I only need a little bit, but it’s huge to me. love you all!

  • Jeff
  • Mike Murphy

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  • Ann

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  • David LeBlanc
  • Mohamed
  • Juanisha Bailey

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  • Ramirez Rebecca

    I wanted to share my campaign. I hope that’s okay. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you

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  • Jessica Roque
  • Jessica

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  • Chelsea

    24 years old and looking for help. My father passed away suddenly
    leaving 3 kids behind. The youngest planned to attend college in the fall but between the unexpected funeral bills and loss
    of an income, we could really use the help. This would mean a lot to my brother and our whole family. If nothing more, please say
    prayers. Thank you & God Bless

  • Jenny Empasis

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  • Jared N Michelle

    HELP THIS MARINE.. …Please help, my husband has lost all motion without becoming dizzy and fainting ,the doctors are bringing in specialists to help determine this cause an so far no answers . he has never been sick and has always worked very hard to be an out standing Marine for his country , husband an father to his kids an has helped anyone he could. Please help us … Thank you ao much!! https://lm.facebook.com/l.p

  • Jared N Michelle
  • Nik Wynter

    Please check out my campaign and please share:

  • Stevie Serenity

    Please help me out with medical expenses. I need brain scans. Even a share helps! Full details on my gofundme page. Thank you.

  • Alexis Diaz
  • This is my campaing.
    Lost my job and now my family is paying the consecuences of not been able to get a new one. Almost evicted, all bills overdue and with suspention notices, cars almost innoperative, no savings now, all depleted and want to end this situacion by any means, even if it involves finishing myself. I am very desperate.




  • Menda Lechiara
  • Alyssa Ryan

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  • Chris

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  • Sapharra Irino

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  • Csonka Tucker

    Just a little help please. My wife is a School teacher who did not work for 2 months due to last minute School relocation. My hourly pay has been cut so were just asking for a little help.https://www.gofundme.com/mc399-3500

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  • James Martinez

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  • Please help this family raise enough money to provide shelter and food for their 3-year-old little boy until the parents are contacted by employment. Give this family a chance to live happily together.

    https://www.gofundme.com/helpuskeepafloat https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af0da5ccba640563a08ac20f651d6b25bb6013a00723c7e70c3d4ddbd544cbea.jpg

  • yoliz

    If anyone wants to help this family as they face this tragic that has happened in Mexico Please help share,donate and pray for this family and everyone in Mexico who has been impacted.

  • Noel Calvert


    How are you? I am a United States citizen living in Colombia due to falling for a local. My wife & I have created a https://www.gofundme.com/GueCalColombianTropicals
    campaign to support our establishment of a Botanical Garden here in
    Colombia. We have an interesting support strategy in place, but it is
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    Noel Calvert & Jessy Guevara
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  • Jeremy Browning

    Please consider helping our family. My husband, Jeremy, has had some serious medical problems over the past year & we are in close to losing our Home. We have 2 young daughters at home too. Please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-our-family-if-you-can?pc=sms_db_co2876_v1&rcid=357f7b10550c48499cb6e75a1203a467

  • Deb Schierbeek

    Please help us get my husband a portable oxygen concentrater. You can read more here. https://www.gofundme.com/portable-oxygen-concentrater-needed

  • Gabby

    http://gf.me/u/c5agd3 Can you help?

  • Maree Noyes

    Please take 5 mins to read! I really appreciate it, Thank you! https://www.gofundme.com/CanYouHelpMN

  • lexi
  • 11 year old boy in Heart failure, please share this everywhere if Your a believer…Jesus would heal him but we can pray and share and believe. The 11 year old boy is my son. https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-jacobs-family

  • ching ling 🎎

    please share and donate https://www.gofundme.com/46pj6bk

  • Lyfe973
  • Caressa B

    I will be traveling to Guatemala with a group in December to volunteer for two weeks helping the people of San Pedro la Laguna with dental care. No donation is too small, if you can’t help please share it. Thank you so much! https://www.gofundme.com/my-volunteer-trip-for-guatemala

  • Meagan Celley


    Help support a nursing medical mission trip to Ecuador!

  • Annie

    Please help my friend and I

  • Kyle Cudi

    Please help save baby Aidan, he is currently fighting brain and lung cancer.

  • Adam Chase
  • Adam Chase
  • jaleesa

    Hi my name is Jaleesa I am a mom of a autistic son name Isaiah I had the idea of opening up a childcare facility geared towards children with disabilities. Please check out my page anything will help. https://gogetfunding.com/love-bugs/

  • Adriana Zuniga

    My mom was injured in the Earthquake that hit in Puebla Mexico on September 19, 2017 please help with her medical bills. Thank you!


  • Ariel Etters

    hey eveybody if you dont mind sharing or donating it would mean alot, You can donate to help make my wedding as perfect as I always dreamed it would be thank you so muchh in advance (: //www.gofundme.com/a-wish-for-a-perfect-wedding

  • fred96002001

    trying to help kids in need in plymouth nc usa please donate. i plan to shop for 12 kids in need names are picked by dss.


  • Addison Howarth

    Please help me and mother out with a Paypal Bill

  • Gladys W. Muturi

    I would like to share my campaign: http://www.gofundme.com/whitemamafund
    I wrote a stage adaptation play called White Mama.

    A story based on a Robert Downs novel and Bette Davis film about Estelle Malone, an elderly widow who lives in a New York Apartment becomes a foster mother to an African American juvnille B.T. Williamson for the support money to pay her bills. When Estelle gets an eviction notice from her apartment, B.T. enters a brutal boxing match to fight for the money that Estelle needs. The two of them may have nothing in common but in the end, a special kind of friendship has grown in between them.

  • LuSteve Tagliaferri
  • Nessa

    I am in need of assistance. I am a mother and a wife who is on bedrest for another month and struggling to pay the power bill. I am also a student along with my husband. He is unable to work because of me being put on bedrest and needing help with watching our son. I’ve been hesitant to make one of these because I am the kind of person to try to find a way to make money but I couldn’t. We’ve started on eBay but their outrages fees has put us out of business on there. I’ve been trying to sale my digital photography but it’s became a hassle and no one wanted to buy them. We have an extension till the 13th of this month and that’s it. If you could please donate and help out my family? Anything help!

  • Rhodes Hodge

    Struggling Teen straight out of high school anything helps

  • Taylor Shaun Luker

    I’m in desperate need for a vehicle. I’m a type 1 diabetic helping support a rather large family, and we’re without one. I need shares or donations, I’m in dire need. Please help me out.

  • Rhodes Hodge
  • Melinda S Tkachuk
  • jennifer moss

    Please visit, donate and share my GoFundMe fundraiser if you can.

  • Rachel Strater

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  • Chelsea Renee

    Please help a single mother of 3 with a special needs child receive a reliable source of transportation to get back and forth to doctors appointments


  • Robin Pennoyer Sweet

    I got laid off 3 months ago, then broke my ankle, now my mom’s Breast Cancer is back and I need to care for her. I am also a single mom of 2 who cannot afford to stay home. Income resources are close to zero. Please check out my GO FUND ME page at http://www.gofundme.com/robinpennoyersweet. Thank you and Blessings always, Robin Sweet and Family.

  • JIM

    I GOT CANCER AND I NEED HELP FOR MY 7 YR OLD SON PLEASE HELP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN GOD BLESS https://www.gofundme.com/chickennoodlejamesbrown-cancer-fnd

  • Tia

    Please help us get our sons taken care of..

  • Jennifer A Wader
  • Mellie Mel Anderson

    please help with this one https://www.gofundme.com/keeping-the-wolf-away-from-the-door – thank you

  • Catarina

    Please help bring this greatly diverse show to life.


    Our goal is to put out representation for those that can’t turn on a tv and see someone that they can relate to.


  • Jose Roberto Ugarte
  • Kyle Ciesialka

    Hey guys! I usually don’t like asking for things but I could use all the support and as many donations as possible! Thanks!


  • Francisca Pepin

    Please help my family raise money for our dog. Our vet believes he has cancer, but the only way to know for sure if by a surgery we can’t afford. Please Read, Share, and Donate. https://www.gofundme.com/krypto-pepin-surgery

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  • Cirleny Gonzalez

    Please share, a hold has been placed on my account preventing me from registering for classes next semester, any help is appreciated , thank you https://www.gofundme.com/cirlenys-undergrad-senior-year

  • infoquest media

    Please help my family,
    We now have no heat, or working furnace

  • Lynn Fowler
  • Christal W.

    Please take a few minutes and read my story at https://www.gofundme.com/christals-medical-fund I am trying to find anyone willing to help in my time of need if possible. If not, thank you for taking the time to read my story. I reallly appreciate it. Have a very Happy Holiday .

  • Sydney Brown


    Could really use some help😭

  • John Divine

    I was in a bad car crash not knowing my insurance was lapsed and canceled https://www.gofundme.com/lapsed-insurance-on-my-car

  • Peter

    Please share my fiance’s Gofundme page to help with her breast cancer expenses.

  • ItsA SisterThing

    I don’t expect anyone to help but if you can please do it would mean so much!!!

  • Brian Alcantar
  • You Can Help With Getting A New Wheelchair Vehicle


  • Marta

    Good afternoon,
    I am Marta Cichon and I am from Poland. I am 23 years old and my biggest dream is to get an education.
    I came to the US 3 years ago as an au pair. I spent 2 wonderful years with my host family in Providence Rhode Island. I was able to learn English and explore American culture. When I finished my program, my host family invited me to stay with them so I could go to school. I got into Rhode Island College (psychology major), in the last semester I earned GPA 3.75. I worked very hard to get where I am and I would do anything to continue my education. Unfortunately, tuition for international students is very high, and the law does not allow us to work out of campus or apply for a scholarship or financial aid. I was lucky enough to meet my friend, who set up a Go Fund Me account, to help me pay for tuition.
    I believe that getting a degree will help me get a job, and consequently, support my family that is in Poland. My mom raised my sister and me all by herself, scarifying a lot, and working 3 jobs.
    Please, help me make my dreams come true. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!


  • Jesse Robbins


    I am having a medical emergency. Please share if you can, I don’t know a lot of people to share with and my family/friends circle is quite small. I don’t know what else to do.

  • Gabe29Education


    Chicago resident wanting to go back to school!!
    Small goal just to cover this semester. Please.
    I’ve been out of school so long, once i raise my GPA high enough i’ll qualify for financial assistance. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Kenzie Dicks

    Please help me raise money for my education

  • Sabina Güngör

    hello people, i started a campaign for my pets surgery and i would love if any of you would share my link or even donate a penny, everything counts and i would appreciate your help so so much.. thank you and god bless. https://www.gofundme.com/donation-for-my-rabbit-mimmi

  • Dorky DisneyMOM

    Help my family get a mini van! https://www.gofundme.com/mom-needs-a-mini-van

  • S Hielkema

    This campaign is for my friends cat and her vet bills.