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How to use Thunderclap to increase social media traffic

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

If you haven’t heard of Thunderclap, sit up in your chair and pay attention! Here are a few recent emails I’ve received from readers after I suggested that they use Thunderclap to help promote their crowdfunding campaigns:

“We did a Thunderclap before the launch [of our campaign] and we got 117 supporters, which means 45,000 people saw that we launched! And our followers in Facebook are ever increasing.” – Reader.

“I want to thank you so much for recommending Thunderclap. We have three days to go and we are at 106% of goal and our message will go out to over 1 million people.” – Anonymous reader.

In November of 2013, the UK The Labour party also used Thunderclap to broadcast their message “It’s time to deal with David Cameron’s cost of living crisis. Let’s freeze gas and electricity bills. #freezethatbill http://thndr.it/1ixNa2y.”

The Guardian reported that“In Labour’s case, at 10am on Sunday, 848 people, including party leader Ed Miliband, comedian Eddie Izzard and the actor David Morrissey automatically tweeted [the message]…

Thunderclap’s statistics show that the tweet made it on to the feed of 4.5 million people, almost exactly as many as watched the BBC News at Ten on Sunday 3 November.

A Labour spokesperson described the campaign as a “phenomenal success” and said that the party would use the tool again, although when and how often remains undecided until it has had a chance to look at the feedback in more detailed terms.”

What is Thunderclap?

We’ve talked a little bit about pre-launch promotional tools before, but I never went in-depth with what Thunderclap is and how you can use it. Basically Thunderclap acts as a microphone, amplifying your social media message via your social network.

When you start a Thunderclap campaign, you set a message to be shared (with a link) and a deadline to rally support. If your goal is 100 people and 100 people pledge their social support to your campaign, then on the deadline, that message and link will be posted on your supporter’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It’s recommended that you employ hashtags if you’d like to try to get a particular hashtag to trend on twitter. For more tips, be sure to check out the Thunderclap Guide.

Essentially, you can use Thunderclap to coordinate social media promotion amongst your fans and supporters on the day of launch or when you are beginning to lose momentum in your fundraising or crowdfunding campaign. Cool huh?

So how can you use Thunderclap to spread the word about your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other type of crowdfunding campaign?

Step 1. Create an account


After clicking “Login/Register” you must connect one of your social media accounts to the campaign in order to create a Thunderclap. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ve just attached my Facebook. You can follow me on Facebook here or CrowdCrux here.

Step 2. Start a Campaign


After clicking “Start a Thunderclap” on your home dashboard, you will be taken to the next screen below.


Click “Start your Thunderclap” and you will then be promoted to enter your organizer name, twitter, and a bio.


The website automatically used my Facebook profile image for my avatar. I entered my name, a short bio, and included my twitter link.


Above, you see the different fields that you need to fill out as you go. The most crucial fields here are the title, which has a restriction of 30 characters and the message, which has a restriction of 139 characters.


As shown above, you will then be promoted to enter the link you want shared, the deadline, and the supporter goal. If you meet your supporter goal, your message and link will be shared on the social media accounts of the individuals who pledged their social support at the date you specified. When setting the ending date for your campaign, be sure to keep in mind the best time to tweet and share Facebook posts.


Next, you will need to enter your story, or why you are doing this campaign, along with adding a thumbnail image to the project. This is the last step in creating a campaign. When you finish by clicking “create and continue,” you will be taken to the screen below with pricing options.


The main differences between the paid Thunderclap and the free Thunderclap option are:

– Expedited approval process (24 vs. 3 days)

– Flexible end date

– Ability to create campaign updates that are sent as an email digest daily.

– Customizable campaign page White-label your campaign page with a background and banner to reflect your brand’s identity.

– Embeddable video “Add a YouTube video to your campaign page.”

– Access to full list of supporters (which can be exported, including emails)

– Campaign Analytics: “Quantify your impact. We track supporter levels and clicks segmented accross Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.”

The pricing ranges from Free – $500/campaign. I chose the free option and it took me to the screen below.


Step 3: Wait to be approved & then promote!

My campaign is waiting to be approved. I’m just doing this Thunderclap for fun, but once it is approved, I’ll update this article with some promotion strategies and advice to gain social support. If you’re interested in being kept in the loop, leave a comment below!

Update: Was approved. Click the image below to support me (free, takes 3 seconds).

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.35.58 PM

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  • Shawn Kam

    We just launch our Thunderclap for our upcoming Kickstarter. I think this is a very powerful tool to gain additional reach from fans/supporters. The trick is to explain to people what it does as it is a relatively new platform. We are really excited to see our results. Here is our Thunderclap for a super cool wearable camera – http://thndr.it/1pWU9tK

  • Really interesting article! Thanks for bringing Thunderclap to our attention. We’ve already launched our campaign so we can’t use it for that initial push, but perhaps we can incorporate it somehow. Maybe as the campaign is closing – any suggestions?

    • CrowdCrux

      You’re welcome :). You could use it to plan for the loss of the momentum that usually occurs during the middle of campaigns. If you found the article to be helpful, be sure to support crowdcrux on Thunderclap 😀 https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/12663-help-more-crowdfunders-succeed

      • As a matter of fact, I just signed up and launched a Thunderclap.

        • CrowdCrux


      • Kerry Vance

        Great article. I have launched our Kickstarter Campaign last week but it is starting to loose momentum so Thunderclap could be what we need to get Jyrobike to the next level. I have been reading your articles and signed up to your newsletter for a few months now. I have found them to be extremely useful. Thank you

        • CrowdCrux

          Glad they are useful!

  • Yes great article. I’m in the same boat as TechSpaghetti, having already launched our campaign. However, gaining that sort of rapid attention from a wide audience would apply to the later stages of funding as well. Thank you for your insight into this service so that crowd funders don’t have to start completely from scratch.

    • CrowdCrux

      Glad the article is helpful and let me know if you decide to use the tool!

    • Roney Reis Merlin

      I agree. This website has so many strategic counsels. Thanks for showing this important tool. I will try to use it also.

      • CrowdCrux

        Thanks!! Also, thank you for making our thunderclap successful. I will be doing a followup article shortly on the process we used to hit the 100% mark.

  • woodenmap.com

    Just launched our kickstarter but wish we had seen this prior to launching. Thanks for sharing this seems like a great tool to utilize. Hopefully I will get a chance to use that in the future.

  • I wanted to thank you for the information you provide on your website. I read all day long getting ready for our campaign and I found some great and very helpful information on your website. I will be sure to reference your site as an invaluable tool for our customers once we launch.

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks so much! Happy to see it was useful in preparing for your campaign.

  • Hi! In the past few weeks I’ve been looking for a good explanantion about the thunder clap platform. You did it just great!
    I’m working on my campaign and definatly gonna use the things you mentioned.

    • CrowdCrux

      Cool! Let me know when you have it together.

  • Alexander Kerdisei

    This is awesome!

    I have a cuestion is there any crowdunding expert that offer his/her services for a percentage of the amount of money raised? I remember there was one company that did that, what do you think of that?
    I guess you haven’t written about it so there maybe a good idea for a new article!

    I imagine they will only accept working for a percetage i they beleive the project has potential.

    I would love to have the help of an amazing expert like you maybe if you hear my project you could decide if it has potential and maybe you could help me for a percentage?

    I haven’t started the actual campaign am on “pre”

    Great website!

  • Eliza Leahy

    Thanks for showing Thuderclap – I’m not sure if my tiny project needs such powerful performance, but I’ve bookmarked it in case I make a bigger project in the future!

    • CrowdCrux

      You’re welcome!

  • Rental Apt

    Really thank Salvador share this tech, my kickstarter campaign just started 2 days ago, first day got 12 backers, sec got nothing, not sure if Thunderclap can help? a little worry about campaign.

    • CrowdCrux

      I’d recommend getting your family/friends/professional connections to pledge ASAP. Thunderclap can be a way to engage supporters during the mid-campaign slump.

  • Mad Monster

    Pretty cool.. I think. Forgive me but I am pretty new to all this. Does the Thunderclap go to only your Facebook friends and Twitter followers or does it go out new contacts?

    • CrowdCrux

      Your Thunderclap message will go out on the social media accounts of everyone who pledged their social support.

  • I just saw this post and just want to say its a great one. I am launching a similar site to Thunderclap, Its called SocialGRIND. Please check us out on Facebook page and stay updated to know when we will be launching our website. http://www.socialgrind.net

    • CrowdCrux

      Cool. I’ll check it out.

  • Keith

    has anyone tried using PlugMob.com? It seems similar to ThunderClap, but seems easier to set up and better analytics.

  • Emma

    about how long does it take to get your thunderclap approved?

    • CrowdCrux

      It only took mine a few hours.