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Top 10 Real Estate Crowdfunding Websites

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

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Fundrise is an online investment platform that gives you the ability to invest directly in commercial real estate. It features both public offerings available to local investors and private offerings available to accredited investors. Fundrise offerings provide shares of equity ownership in specific properties. Fee: 0-3%.

“Developers have used the platform to close investments for more than a dozen projects totaling more than $10 million. Money is currently being raised for four projects, in Austin, Texas; San Francisco; Philadelphia and Brooklyn, N.Y. When those projects close, the total raised through Fundrise could top $12 million”Washington Post

Realty Mogul


“Invest with as little as $5,000.” Realty Mogul is crowdfunding for real estate, a marketplace for accredited investors to pool money online and buy shares of pre-screened real estate investments. The platform offers the opportunity to browse cash-flowing equity investments and real estate loans. Should you chose to invest, there is a fee associated with each investment. The fees depend on the type of investment (loan purchase or equity purchase) and the nature of the transaction.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.52.13 PM



RealtyShares is an online investment platform that uses crowdfunding to pool investors into private real estate investments. Accredited Investor members have access to extensive information on a variety of investment properties and can invest as little as $5000 into each such property. Some of the real estate asset classes, including: Residential, Commercial, Retail and Mixed-Use.

“There are absolutely no fees to investors for our current first position loan offerings. Rather, we charge the borrower listing and related fees to cover our costs.”

Fun fact: They accept Bitcoins!



CrowdStreet is a fundraising platform connecting accredited investors with professionally-managed real estate investments. CrowdStreet features both equity and debt investment opportunities, including multifamily, retail, office, industrial and land opportunities. In addition to traditional direct investments,

“No. There are no investor fees for joining CrowdStreet and accessing the investment opportunities.”


Because of current regulations, only accredited investors are able to view and invest in deals posted on EquityMultiple.

When you invest on the platform, you can choose from a variety of asset classes, marketplaces, and geographic locations.

Each property is vetted by the website’s team and goes through a due diligence process. According to the site, the platform accepts about 5% of total applications.

This platform allows you to choose from fixed-income, preferred equity, or equity investments. You can create a portfolio that matches your risk tolerance, capital resources, and desired return.



GroundBreaker provides technology for deal sponsors and developers. “Connect with your investor network and grow it organically. When ready, raise capital directly from your investors and close your deals online. Post-closing we give you a toolset so you can manage your investor reporting and distributions.” GroundBreaker charges sponsors a flat monthly fee for the use of its platform. Investors pay nothing.


Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.06.45 AM

Crowdbaron has developed an international platform and accepts members from different countries around the world. Today, interested members from the US can sign up to the newsletter, though currently are not able to invest in any project.

“We are happy to accept members from other countries, including the UK as well as Hong Kong. In these cases, crowdbaron presents projects to members who can demonstrate:

– They are “Professional”, “Sophisticated” investors, according to the Hong Kong SFC, or the UK’s FCA.

We charge a 4% set up fee which is paid only when a project is fully funded. In addition, there is a 1% fee per project year to cover our costs, which is paid only when the property is sold.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.26.23 PM


Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.09.08 AM

“Invest as little as $1,000.” iFunding is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows individual investors to select and make direct investments in pre-vetted institutional real estate assets.

“For our investors, we select commercial retail and single family residential projects after careful scrutiny only. Using the search tool, users can select the exact type of investment property they are looking for.”

Prodigy Network

Prodigy Network

Prodigy Network is known for raising $171 million in $20,000 increments for a mixed-use skyscraper development under way in Bogotá, Colombia. Last year, the company raised $24.5 million in equity from 48 investors—who had to put in a minimum of $250,000—to buy another downtown Manhattan building, 84 William St., that it plans to turn into a hotel.

Currently, Prodigy salesmen deal by phone, email or in person with potential investors, but they envision a day when vetted investors will be able to make commitments with the click of a mouse.

The minimum REP investment will vary depending on the project but usually ranges between $100K – $250K. If you are an investor looking to invest in real estate in the United States, you can make your investments by acquiring REPs. REPs are tailored for Non-US investors outside the United States, or Accredited Investors inside the United States. Buying a REP will give you access to large-scale commercial real estate investments that cost upwards of $40 million to buy individually.

Patch of Land

Patch of Land

“$5,000 minimum and no investor fees.” Patch of Land facilitates crowdfunding for real estate, also known as online syndication. They allow accredited investors to invest in real estate opportunities online. I’ve included a few types of their investment opportunities below.

Loan Purchase for Residential Fix and Flip: “In this investment, investors pool their money to buy a loan. The loan is tied to a residential property that is being rehabilitated and the property is intended to be sold directly after rehabilitation. The loan is secured by the property until the borrower repays the loan in full. Investors earn monthly interest on their money with a balloon payment at the end. The average hold for a loan like this is 6-9 months. These loans are also sometimes called “First Trust Deed Investments” because the investor’s interest is secured by the property in 1st position.”

Equity Purchase for Commercial Buy and Hold: In this investment, investors pool their money to purchase a piece of a specific commercial property. That property is acquired and managed by a professional investment company with a track record of success. Investors are entitled to a share of the cash-flow from rents as well as a share of the proceeds when the property is eventually sold. The average hold for an investment like this is 3-5 years. These investments are sometimes called “syndications” because the real estate company is syndicating some of the investment from other investors.

Which real estate crowdfunding platforms should be the top 3?

Leave a comment below letting me know which real estate crowdfunding platforms you think should be considered the “top 3.” If I haven’t included a platform on the list, leave a comment below letting me know which website I missed out on.

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  • Brian Jun

    It’s going to be interesting to see which one of these platforms emerges as the king. What’s also more interesting is how crowd-funding real estate “tax” will affect certain entities that already have a real estate portfolio.

    • CrowdCrux

      Yea, I completely agree. I’m eager to see what will emerge as the distinguishing factors for investors and the property owners/managers.

  • Since all of the platforms look very similar, the differentiation will come from access to a quality pipeline of product. Each one claims to have a process by which they screen deals, but ultimately the investor is relying on their ability to source and underwrite transactions on their behalf.

    Whether its on-line or off-line, a broker needs to build a relationship for pitching quality product.

    • CrowdCrux

      It will be interesting to see how platforms distinguish themselves from one-another over time. Also, whether local platforms (with a more intimate knowledge of the local real estate game) will prosper more than one overall large platform that lists opportunities around the US or world.

      • This is exactly my thoughts on the industry. Real Estate is too big of a market for a handful of platforms to dominate. I think each City could easily have 5 quality platforms as the market matures. I guess if Fundrise can get big enough then could segment. They did just raise $31 million

  • Blaine Vortman

    Thank you, CrowdCrux for the run down on Crowdfunding sites for Real Estate projects. I lead a development team that does 6 to 20-unit nice Modern residential projects in Austin, TX. We sell units (or homes) for between $300K to $600K. I like the idea of a few large investors rather than many smaller investors however, I’m open to either set-up. Given you knowledge of these sites, which one or two might you recommend?

    • Fundrise and Prodigy Network are well received. You should sign up for a few and have a look at the tools. Some have better tools for investors than the offering groups. Consider your own platform in the future

    • CrowdCrux

      ” I like the idea of a few large investors rather than many smaller investors however, I’m open to either set-up” – Well, crowdfunding is kind of based on the concept of many small investors, rather than several large investors (traditional model). The top 3 in the list are what I consider to be most popular, but I would reach out to several platforms and do some research to figure out which platform might be the best fit.

  • What is your opinion regarding
    real estate firms (developers, brokerages, investment firms) with
    established investor networks and deal flow solely relying on an
    intermediary platform. I realize the needs are unique for each company
    but based on my discussions with industry, most groups are interested in
    growing their high net worth clients and potentially accessing
    unaccredited investors at some point (depending on the region where
    regulation permits). Private equity partners will still participate in
    privy deals.

    While I agree participating on these third party platforms has
    obvious benefits, I think these real estate groups should be running
    their own platform as well i.e., get exposure/experience on the large
    third party platforms to recruit new investors. Without their own
    platform, they are creating a middleman to their investors, while
    allowing their new intermediary to build credibility on their track
    records. I’ve spoke to a number of firms with year-over-year declines in their
    investor networks already and think launching their own platform could
    reverse this trend.

    • CrowdCrux

      Yes – I think we’ll see some of these firms with established networks and deal flow set up their own self-hosted (possibly private) deals/platform as long as the regulations aren’t too burdensome to do so.

      We will also likely see some of these larger platforms working with real estate firms looking to have their own private platform or projects (like the way CrowdTilt offers Crowdtilt Open).

  • Todd L Corenson

    Another platform that was not mentioned is RealCrowd. They allow investors to invest directly in deals instead of through an intermediary LLC.

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Amelia Chantarotwong

    Tycoon https://www.tycoonre.com/ was also unmentioned

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing. Sorry I missed it.

  • Kevin

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    my daughter, thank you!

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  • Charles R. Williamson Jr.

    This is closer to what I need, but not quite.

    Here’s my situation:
    Using my VA to finance the first $50,000, because that’s the max house payment I can afford, with my family of four, on my military disability & retirement. Most houses are around $65,000. So I’d appreciate a way to crowd fund $20,000 for the difference & closing cost. If anything is left over I plan to put it on the principle & maybe knock down the per month payment. Please help?

    Sincerely & Respectfully,

    Charles R. Williamson Jr.
    EW1(SW/MTS) USN(Ret.)


    • CrowdCrux

      You could also try p2p lending?

      • Paul Merriwether

        You can buy a home on VA with $0 down!!! You only need the closing cost and the seller can do that!!! No crowd funding needed! On a $65,000 home the payment with be about $350/mth. Get with a real estate agent!

  • Hey Salvador,

    I got turned onto Real Estate Crowdfunding very recently. Pretty close model to where we’re hoping to take our business except we deal with virtual real estate (online businesses.) Right now, we’re only brokering these deals but we’re planning for an investment program for these online businesses.

    Wanted your thoughts:

    Our idea is a similar model to some of these RE Crowdfunding businesses. We could have a minimum investment that people can pool together to buy/fund a website together and we’ll build the website out for them and they get a share of the monthly earnings.

    It’s a passive investment with the same risks/benefits you’d expect from any sort of investing.

    Do you think it could work?

    • CrowdCrux

      I would test it in a small way in the marketplace and follow the results. Sounds to me a bit like quirky but for software startups. The main issue as an investor I would see is the execution part. Who would be managing the website and making decisions? I think it’s hard to have solid leadership if you have so many opinions (who also have ownership) during the startup phase.

      Buying a website might be a little more viable – kind of like a flippa crowdfunding platform.

    • Yvette Quisumbing

      Hello Vincent.
      I am looking for investors to venture into developing our 1088 square meter property in Cebu City, Philippines. We designed a mid-rise residential condominium building. Real estate in our city is currently on the rise. Our property is right beside a 4-tower condominium compound Citylight Gardens Condominiums, and right across the hill from the Marco Polo Hotel & Residential Condominiums Compound. I have lived in this city for almost 40 years. I’ve seen how it has grown and believe have a feel for a great location. This hill we’re on is a really wonderful one for the condominium high-end market. Please, feel free to inquire about things. Thank you Vincent. Yvette

  • Net Lease Invest

    There is a new online investment platform and marketplace for the Commercial Real Estate and Net Lease industry called Emition.com, that uses digital technology to make commercial real estate investing simple and more affordable. Focus on large audience of smaller accredited investors in the US and international investors in South Africa, Europe and China looking to earn US$ and hedge against inflation.

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Can one get crowdfunding for real estate in New Zealand or it is pretty much confined to the USA and/or UK?

  • Michael Ramin

    Check out Sharestates.com. They offer private and public projects.

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Shailash Sanghrajka

    There is a new UK crowdfunding platform looking at Prime London property. http://www.apieceoflondon.co.uk is probably worth a look for those wanting to invest in the London property scene which has statistically offered great returns to investors

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • jrudolph

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great and useful stuff with us, I really appreciate your post!!!

    Keep Sharing…

    lee arnold

  • Billy Nguyen

    Here is another real estate crowdfunding, peer to peer lending site that has a lot of great buzz around the web about them as well.

    They just had an article released about them in the Wall Street Journal



    • CrowdCrux

      Thx for sharing 🙂

  • brian ross

    http://www.publicworx.me is a new platform that lets people invest in public infrastructure like toll roads, bridges, schools, etc. Not exactly commercial real estate, but equity investment in infrastructure through Public-Private Partnership developments can yield high risk/return ratios, low market correlation, and social impact.

    • CrowdCrux

      Cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • winthy

    Does anyone know of crowdfunding sites that cater to international real estate development?

    • Jessica

      Actually https://www.endvest.com is a global crowdfunding platform which just recently launched. The two deals currently up are specific to the US, but there will be international projects opening up as well in which you are allowed to invest in your own currency. Also, if you are an unaccredited investor, there will be specific deals for you soon which require just a minimum of a $5000 investment.

      • Jessica — Yesterday night , I registered at endvest — After some time I found that they work for US Real estate only -May I know whether they can help us borrow for our multi- family 40 nos — 1100 sft each apartment Thanks https://www.endvest.com

        • Cullen G Sinclair Sr


          Commercial Project Funding designed specifically for BIG PROJECTS!!!! We assist in providing funds for competing for and completing projects.. The Bond Fund 144A loans at a minimum $1MM up to $500MM with a 3.5%-8.5% APR with 4.5% Down. The fund is available WORLDWIDE and it requires No Asset Verification/NO Credit Check….the project is the collateral! I believe this option would provide the capital needed too expedite getting your project started and completed.

          MUST HAVE Business plan, Executive Summary and Exit Strategy!!!!!

          Please let me know if you’d like more information on how we can privately help fuel your projects. Thank you!

          With Integrity and Respect,



      • Tony Gutierrez

        http://groundfloor.us already has deals for non-accredited investors (9 US states).

      • cruzinbum

        would endvest or any of these be best, i have already closed 16 units in cabo san lucas mexico and looking to close last 2, full deeded ownership at 400k to 1.2 million… I am looking for 650,000.00 dollars, 1 year term at less than 50% LTV, will pay up to 12% see project at http://www.elcielitocabo.com

    • Recently i have read a article about this cloud funding. Let me share the link, https://brickvest.com/en/

      greeting from https://propertyadviser.in/

  • Bryan Smith

    http://www.RealtyWealth.com the online investment platform and marketplace that offers accredited and foreign investors the opportunity to invest in commercial Single Tenant Net Leases (STNL) across the US.

    The following video provides an excellent overview and highlights their differentiation from other real estate crowdfunding portals http://www.realtywealth.com/video-page

  • cases advisors

    Really very nice information and very helpful to get in touch with top real estate sites and market.visit: https://www.casasadvisors.com/

    • CrowdCrux

      How do you guys relate to real estate crowdfunding?

  • Jhon Lemar

    I think Prodigy Network is the best real estate crowdfunding site. http://www.prodigynetwork.com

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Out of curiosity, why do you say that?

  • Invest in real estate with as little as 1k using our Crowd Funding Platform

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Serdar Dagistan

    Does anybody know of any crowdfunding site with student housing investment offerings?

    • CrowdCrux

      Hmm… I think you’d have to look through the investment opportunity listings on each site. I don’t know of a niche site that specializes in student housing investment offerings at the moment.

      • Serdar Dagistan

        Thanx for the reply. I searched and searched and searched but could not find any 🙁

  • Steven Lewis

    New things to come, keep an eye on us at http://www.ichatit.com and crowdvaultit.com No Investment Required “We Are Your Sponsors”

  • Terry Lewis

    We at Seller Finance Consultants are looking to fund seller financed DFA compliant notes into a large pool, season them, sell them for a spread and reload. Any ideas which site is best to crow source debt secured by residential owner occupied first trust deeds?

  • Great resource. If you need some updates, here we also collected the resources about real estate crowdfunding.

  • Bo Stevens

    Are there any crowdfunding companies/sites that will invest with sponsor companies that don’t necesarrily have a track record in commercial RE?

    • CrowdCrux

      Most of the platforms are heavily curated right now to make sure there is good deal flow for investors, and they tend to work with established RE firms. I would try though, but think the platforms are looking for the best quality deals and a sponsor’s track record is a factor.

  • Phil

    I think DiversyFund should definitely be on this list as well.


    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Dom Lux

    Great article. I’ve spent quite a bit of time investigating (and in some cases, investing with) around a dozen of the top real estate crowdfunding sites, and these are my favorites in order of preference:

    1: RealCrowd (hands-down winner, actually)
    2: Prodigy Network
    3: Realty Mogul

    Runners up are:
    4: Fundrise
    5: Patch of Land
    6: CrowdStreet
    7: RealtyShares
    8: EarlyShares
    9: iFunding

    Good luck investing!

  • Jim Buzzell

    I own a 57 room hotel in the Bakken Oil Basin of ND. I need to raise $2.750 million to renovate, repair and correct obsolescence. I have an estimated preform with an estimated construction take off that shows the potential for this project when completed. Any help in getting this off the ground will be rewarded with equity and/or return on investment. The LLC is standing by to be formed, my email address if interested is mmcsbuzz@cox.net;

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  • Jason Khørr

    I Have a Malaysia Property That can Earn Over $300k within 5 Years
    Walking Distance to KLCC
    You can Invest and leave it to developer they will manage the rental and give you back atleast 90k per year

    If want to know more info can Email wysh.property@gmail.com & i will email the details for you

  • Lance Nguyen

    I’m looking for crowdfunding sites or private investors to finance single residential home with 10% return for up to 36 months term. I understand that some of these platforms don’t fund single family home construction. Thanks everyone for your help.

  • Lance Nguyen

    I forgot to mention that I need aprox $500K to $800K.

    • acosta

      I do have a private investor, who might be interested in providing you with the entire amount. If you are interested, drop me a note with your email and I will have him contact you directly.

      • Christian

        Hi, same here looking for private investors to finance single residential home construction in Westchester, NY. Let me know if you can help.

  • judysbiz

    hi I am a realtor and mortgage broker, have a bed and breakfast that I need to sell, and have a buyer with equity in his house and he could use the B+B for collateral. I need to gather close to 100% of the asking price, what Crowd Funder platform could help me out. Value here is about $1.3MM

  • NS Corps

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    NS Lenders Corp

  • Tommy Tan

    Are all these sites legit for investing in real estate?

    • CrowdCrux

      Yep, as long as you are an accredited investor.

  • Luke William

    Great article. Crowdfunding helping many small businesses to reach their capital and many creative ideas are implemented with the help of crowdfunding. This information surely help those who looking to reach their capital, like me.


  • Dave Antoniono

    I am a Developer in Houston seeking equity from a crowdfunding site. My first and second midrise projects can be viewed on http://www.urbanflatsbuilders.com. Who has the best ground-up crowdfunding site?

  • Francisco

    As a real estate investor that is starting out but with experienced mentors on his team (no, not that “guru” stuff), which of these is most likely to give the new guy a shot, especially if their plan is to continue to bring many deals for years to these sites? Or do you recommend an alternative source entirely like P2P or something else? Was hoping crowdfunding would work.

    Very grateful if I can receive an answer. Thanks!

  • Carl

    which platform would be ideal for those new to investing and just have $1,000 to invest?

  • Sylvia Pletka

    I am with an Orlando, FL Property Management company and looking to offer our services for Residential Property Management to these Crowdfunding Groups…..any advice? Thank you Sylvia

  • Strong1

    I have 238 acres at Ute lake in NM I am too old to develop. Any advise for site to offer as co-op or shareholder off-grid development? Less than 1/4 mile to water. Currently CRP land ending in 2017.

  • Strong1

    I have 238 acres at Ute lake in NM. Any advise for site to offer for off-grid development? Less than 1/4 mile to water.

  • Jeff Mohlman

    What might be the best platform to use for house flipping (20 years of experience) for multiple projects going on at any time, usually 1-3 going on) and the average cost of a property we buy is 50-70% of appraised value plus we would borrow the amount to fund the renovation. 7% crowdfunding cost is a fair rate especially if they are handling the record keeping so we can do what we do. Most flips complete in 1-2 months. We also fund many of our buyers before we close on a property, so they are under contract when we begin the flip, to purchase the house at the market value upon completion.

    • Nelson Peters


      I want to let you know that I have group of financiers, that are looking for a good and secured investment deal to invest some funds, kindly send me projects details through my mail address; nelsonpeters1960@gmail.com. then we can discuss on the funding proceedings. Regards

      Nelson Peters

      • Yvette Quisumbing

        Nelson, would you be interested in investing in Cebu City, Philippines? We have a 1088 sqm property planned for a mid-rise residential condominium building to cater to the high-end market or expats market. If you’re interested, I can tell you more about our city and how lucrative it can be for real estate i nvestment. Please feel free to reach me through yvettedq@gmail.com,

  • Scott Douglas

    I have a partner who is a Doctor. He started and sold one urgent care center. He has opened another urgent care center and has operated for 1 year. He has a second center that opens this year. He has plans for multiple urgent care sites in the next 5 years.
    He already has land purchase for 2 locations. Would this kind of financing be appropriate for opening additional urgent care centers?

  • Scott Douglas

    I have a partner who is a Doctor. He started and sold one urgent care center. He has opened another urgent care center and has operated for 1 year. He has a second center that opens this year. He has plans for multiple urgent care sites in the next 5 years.

    He already has land purchase for 2 locations. Would this kind of financing be appropriate for opening additional urgent care centers?


    • Nelson Peters

      Dear ALL
      I want to let you know that I have group of financiers, that are looking for a good and secured investment deal to invest some funds, kindly send me projects details through my mail address; nelsonpeters1960@gmail.com. then we can discuss on the funding proceedings. Regards
      Nelson Peters

    • Cullen G Sinclair Sr

      Commercial Project Funding designed specifically for BIG PROJECTS!!!! We assist in providing funds for competing for and completing projects.. The Bond Fund 144A loans at a minimum $1MM up to $500MM with a 3.5%-8.5% APR with 4.5% Down. The fund is available WORLDWIDE and it requires No Asset Verification/NO Credit Check….the project is the collateral! I believe this option would provide the capital needed too expedite getting your project started and completed.

      MUST HAVE Business plan, Executive Summary and Exit Strategy!!!!!

      Please let me know if you’d like more information on how we can privately help fuel your projects. Thank you!

      With Integrity and Respect,



    • Jamesolsen

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  • Raven Terrance

    Our idea is a similar model to some of these RE Crowdfunding businesses.
    We could have a minimum investment that people can pool together to
    buy/fund a website together and we’ll build the website out for them and
    they get a share of the monthly earnings.

  • Greg Shugar

    How about Acquire Real Estate?? They’re the only platform offering high quality, institutional-like investments into major commercial real estate. They also prefund every deal and invest in every one of their own deals. How can you leave them off?

  • Elisa Grace

    My husband is a Realtor so I also keep interest in this sector. Recently I have been told by my friend about the newly launched crowdfund platform http://crowdfund.co/real-estate/. I have seen that many small investors are investing here. I asked my husband about the reputation of the platform he told me that we can make small investment. Rest will depend on how successful project will run in the future.

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