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Top 10 Equity Crowdfunding Websites For Startups

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

1. AngelList is a US website for raising equity or debt investments for startups. Only accredited investors can invest at the time of writing.

2. Early Shares is an Equity CrowdFunding Platform Crowd Funding American Small Businesses.

3. Crowdcube is an equity-based UK crowd funding platform.

4. Fundable is a crowdfunding platform that offers both rewards-based and equity-based campaigns for small businesses.

5. Seedrs is an equity crowdfunding platform for discovering and investing in seed-stage startups, based in the United Kingdom but open to investors and entrepreneurs throughout Europe.

6. CircleUp is an equity-based crowdfunding site based in San Francisco.

7. Crowdfunder is a global social network for equity and contribution crowdfunding for small businesses, startups and social enterprises.

8. WeFunder.com “We help everyone invest in startups. It’s like Kickstarter, but with equity.”

9. Equity Net was launched in 2005 and “is the original and only patented crowdfunding platform. It is used by thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, government entities, business incubators, and other members of the entrepreneurial community to plan, analyze, and capitalize privately-held businesses.”

10. RockThePost is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects high quality entrepreneurs with accredited investors interested to invest in exciting new start-up companies.

Indiegogo has not officially moved into the equity crowdfunding space at the time of writing, but it has long been speculated that they will. This is also true of RocketHub.

Do you think we left out any platforms or websites? Would you list a different order? Leave a comment below!

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  • Trever Faden

    Awesome list, and super comprehensive. Pretty amazing to see how many companies are moving into this space. The competition to see who can become the best crowdfunding platform can only help us looking to raise money.

  • VaporStarter

    Thanks for creating this much needed list of equity crowdfunding sites. The equity tidal wave is looming offshore and it’s going to be quite a ride when it hits! Soon the term “crowdrunding” will imply “equity crowdfunding” and what we think of today as “crowdfunding” will always be referred to as “reward based crowdfunding.”

    • CrowdCrux

      Yea, I agree. I’m curious to see also if equity crowdfunding will replace royalty crowdfunding, or if both will go alongside each other.

  • Great list here, we cover most of these crowdfunding platforms in out directory at http://crowdsunite.com

  • David Delamare

    Thanks for this list. I’m now passing it on to friends.—Wendy Ice


  • It is the start toward democratizing capitalism – which is an exciting needed next phase as we see the Googles, Amazons, Facebooks etc pulling out way too much oxygen at the expense of small business

    • CrowdCrux

      Very exciting! Any time barriers are broken down, I think it’s a good thing for innovators, entrepreneurs, or creative types. Just have to make sure there is a baseline of government regulation and investor/consumer education.

      • Profound Studio

        It seems that the consumer education is the hard part. Since Net Neutrality is proving to be sooo misunderstood.

  • Bill

    Salvador, great list and the links are included so I can research them also. Thanks!!

    • CrowdCrux

      You’re definitely welcome. Glad you like the list. Let me know if I missed any platforms.

  • We need to start using the word “crowd-investing” and “crowd-funding” to distinguish between the two.

    Unfortunately though I think the JOBS act in the USA (where http://www.LiveFanChat.com is based) is a total balls up and wont be as successful as it could have been so we’ll probably be passing on raising money via this route.

    • CrowdCrux

      Interesting point. I guess it depends on whose perspective you take (entrepreneur vs. supporter or investor). What is live chat about?

  • Simon Hedley

    http://www.BankToTheFuture.com is a good UK platform run by Simon Dixon

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Sammy
    • CrowdCrux

      Would advise against spamming your Indiegogo link.

  • pangux
    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • We can add SmartAngels to the list https://www.smartangels.fr/ this is one of the pioneers of French equity-crowdfunding platforms. France gave recently a very favorable legal framework to this activity.

    • Profound Studio

      I’ve been telling friends that I may need to move from the USA to Europe to practice good capitalism! Irony overdose!

  • Eleanor Head

    You can also add to the list Eureeca.com, a global crowdinvesting (or equity crowdfunding) platform where businesses can source funding from the crowd in exchange for equity in their business. Here’s a link http://euree.ca/AVREs

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • John Phillips

    I found a company that develop new products and help ideas get materialized for crowdfunding campaigns like indiegogo and kickstarter. The company is called Brecher Prototyping.

  • Charles F. Radley

    any idea which if these has the highest trading volume ?

  • Jane

    Great list. We have also listed almost all platforms around the global,

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • CrowdFund Connect
    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for letting me know! Seems like it’s more of a white label software option than an equity crowdfunding platform?

  • Joy

    Great article! For more information about equity crowdfunding platforms, we covered more on https://fundwisdom.com/article/fengjiayi/global-equity-crowdfunding-uk-us

  • Thomas

    I have three great uptown properties located in Dallas, Texas and I want to buy the properties all cash, reposition the properties, then put long term debt on the properties or sell the properties to developers going vertical. Property prices are from $1.6 Mil to $6Mil, and are in the best areas of North of Downtown Dallas, but I do not want to use conventional lenders and have that monthly or quarterly debt service beating me to death while I reposition the properties. Is there a crowd funding structure that would allow me to raise all the funds needed to buy the properties all cash? Each property would be in its own single asset entity/partnership. Holding period would be from twelve months to four years, with the exit to be selling the property or financing out of the property and enjoying the cash flow.
    I just do not know the available options available through crowd funding.
    I would appreciate your advise or insight on my funding needs with crowd funding.

    • Vicent Petrescu

      Hi Thomas, did you look at http://www.truCrowd.com? They do equity crowdfunding for Texas startups from Texas residents. Non-accredited. Thanks! V.

  • Jana Novotná
  • Павел Гронский

    Hello. Thank you for correctly selected list of sites. At this level of technologies, startup is the best option for indie developer.

  • Kade Kendrick

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  • Jan Flouris Bovlender

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  • Alexandria Embleton

    One important one you are missing is StartEngine! http://www.startengine.com

  • Bryan Chung

    Hi, pls include http://www.crowdplus.asia – launched on 13 Nov 2015, this is ASEAN’s first full-fledged equity crowd funding platform

  • CrowdPlus Asia

    Thanks for your list. http://www.crowdplus.asia launched late last year as ASEAN’s first equity crowdfunding platform. Let’s get Asia on the map. 🙂

  • Marc Karam

    I would add Eureeca.com, the first global equity crowdfunding site. it covers Europe, Asia and the MENA region

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  • Matt Lebo

    Not to toot our own horns, but I think https://www.flashfunders.com/ is an up and comer for this list.

  • Teem Kameli

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  • Stefani

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