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This SIMPLE Strategy Raised $396,747 on Kickstarter With NO Planning

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

This team is defying the odds!

Straight out of college, they raised $82,207 with their first Kickstarter campaign, despite having ZERO social media followers.

Then, they went on to raise $314,54 with their second Kickstarter campaign, even though they only had a 2 week pre-launch period.

Believe it or not, but they hit their goal in the first 2.5 hours!

On this podcast episode, I talked with one of the team members behind the Maslow CNC and Makesmith CNC project, Tom Beckett. Tom and his cofounders Bar Smith and Hannah Teagle are responsible for these crowdfunding success stories.

In our interview, he shares everything that he did to raise six figures, from start to finish. If you want to know what’s working right now on Kickstarter, you gotta listen to this episode!

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  • Where is the transcript for this podcast? I’m getting frustrated! Why should Deaf people like me miss out on learning new things like how to better my next kickstarter from other peoples kickstarters like the one above? I would appreciate a transcript written and no don’t make us pay for it! No Deaf person should ever have to pay for transcription, just unfair.

    • CrowdCrux

      Hi Chelle! I’ve replied to a few other of your comments with my reasoning. I have nothing against you, or deaf people in general. To sum it up, we don’t have the resources to provide a transcript with every podcast. There is an automatically created transcript on the YouTube videos, which you could take a look at.

      It takes hours and hours of work to put together podcasts, youtube videos, and blog posts for crowdfunders. These are all FREE.

      I offered to get the podcasts transcribed for you if you pay the transcription fee. You can always ask questions on KickstarterForum.org. I’m sorry, but I have no plans to consistently put out a transcript for each episode.