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Review of Kickstarter-Funded Click and Grow Smart Garden

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Click and Grow is a self-watering smart garden that lets you grow plants with zero effort. The company’s goal is to find solutions to plant cultivation problems and do the best they can to initiate progress and change.

The original Click and Grow got its big break on Kickstarter in April 2013, when 10,477 backers pledged $625,851 to help make this smart garden a reality.

The team recently did it again, raising $350,749 in December 2016 for their nine-plant smart garden.

The original model is now available on Amazon Launchpad for $59.95.

As someone who loves the thought of growing fresh herbs and produce at home, this naturally caught my attention. When I noticed that they were having a Black Friday sale, I couldn’t resist.

I think that gardening is a great hobby, because it makes us feel more in tune with nature. We get to nurture these plants and watch as they grow. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep plants indoors, especially if you have an apartment. Plus, with our busy schedules, who has time to remember to water plants?

Click and Grow recreates that feeling of joy and Zen as you watch your garden sprout and come to life, with minimal effort. It’s amazing how science and technology is used to grow plants automatically. All you need to do is insert the disks, fill the reservoir with water, plug it in, and watch your garden grow! Click and Grow’s specially designed Smart Soil takes care of the rest.

I think this is the future of sustainable farming. Click and Grow’s smart gardens let you grow plants quickly and easily without GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, or other potentially harmful substances.

So how does Click and Grow really work, and is it worth it?

Click and Grow Features

Built-in Timer: Click and Grow’s light stays on for 15 hours per day, the perfect amount of light to encourage fast plant growth. They recommend you first plug it in in the morning so the light mimics your own sleep cycle and shuts off at night.

LED Lamp: The special LED Grow Lamp was designed for faster plant germination and growth.

Note: The basil that came with my starter pack started sprouting in less than 24 hours!

Adjustable Lamp: The lamp has three height settings to accommodate plant growth.

Dual-Coated Nutrients: The nutrients included in the Smart Soil are formulated to give plants everything they need to grow healthy, naturally.

Smart Soil: Click and Grow’s special Smart Soil automatically releases the right amount of nutrients, water, and oxygen needed for the plants to grow.

Professional Grade Seeds: Click and Grow promises a 100% germination rate, which means that all the refills you buy will grow and none will go to waste.

Extra Large Water Supply: The three-plant version of Click and Grow holds up to one month’s worth of water, other models have larger capacity.

Power Friendly: Click and Grow only uses 6 watts of electricity per year, or $3.

In-Garden Sensors: Built-in sensors monitor your garden’s vitals to make sure that your plants are in the best position to grow well.

The Click and Grow App

The Click and Grow App lets you name your garden and each plant to keep track of them all. You also choose your garden’s birth date so the app can keep track and send you notifications when your garden needs to be watered.

A few other fun features of the app are the photo gallery, where you can take pictures of your garden as it blossoms, and a tips and tricks section to help make sure your plants grow to their full potential.

You can keep record of everything you grow and look back on your garden’s history, too.

A button in the app will take you to the Click and Grow website where you can purchase refills and accessories.

Pricing and Refills

The original Click and Grow model grows up to three plants and costs $59.95. There is also a new design that they released recently with unlimited lamp height, along with the new Click and Grow smart garden that can effortlessly grow up to nine plants for $159. They also offer larger Wall Farms that can hold from 34 plants for $399.00 to 51 plants for $799!

So far, the Click and Grow website offers customers a good selection of refills that are a mix of edible plants and flowers.

Some of these include: basil, chives, chili pepper, catnip, lavender, mini tomato, marjoram, oregano, petunia, peppermint, parsley, sage, spruce, wild strawberry, and thyme. They also have experimental refills that allow you to use your own seeds with Click and Grow’s Smart Soil!

You can buy refills ranging from 3 to 18 pieces, with larger savings the more you buy.


I think that Click and Grow is an amazing company that wants to make it as easy as possible to grow responsibly-sourced produce that is GMO-free and doesn’t require the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. They love using Kickstarter to crowdfund their products because they receive feedback from backers, which helps them make their products even better.

For example, newer Click and Grow models use much less plastic and offer unlimited lamp height to allow users to grow taller plants. The company looks forward to making other positive changes to their design in the future.

You can check out what other people are saying on Amazon below.

Personally, I love Click and Grow because it really is super easy to set-up and the plants start growing almost instantly! It’s so much fun to watch them grow and I can’t wait to plant different things and see what happens.

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