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Review of GO CUBES Chewable Coffee on Amazon LaunchPad

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GO CUBES are revolutionary edible coffee gummies available on Amazon Launchpad, a division of Amazon that promotes up-and-coming startups. Amazon Launchpad promotes companies that have successfully launched rewards and equity crowdfunding campaigns, participated in startup incubators, and more.

GO CUBES are made by Nootrobox, a team of technologists, biohackers, and researchers whose mission is to help people live life to its fullest potential.

Nootrobox believes that a smarter society is a better society, which is why they create cognition-enhancing products based on a science called nootropics.

Nootropics are great because they are suitable for long-term use and produce minimal side effects.

The company was co-founded by Stanford University graduates, Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt. In October 2015, they raised $61,566 on Indiegogo from over 1.7K backers for their GO CUBES idea.

Later that year they raised $17,109 for their first dietary supplement, Sprint.

Nootrobox was also featured on Shark Tank in December 2016. They gave the highest valuation for their company that the show has ever seen and walked away without a deal, but the show did help boost their popularity and sales.

The ingredients included in Nootrobox’s dietary supplements are FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) and their components are allowed by major athletic bodies like WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Nootrobox’s products are made exclusively in the US and their ingredients are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and free of all major allergens.

Currently, Nootrobox is shipping to the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain. Customers who subscribe to monthly orders can save 10%. They even have a cool referral program. Each customer gets a referral link with their order that never expires. After that, the customer saves $10 for every order they bring in using that link.

The Go Cubes Breakdown

Each GO CUBES gummy contains the equivalent of half a cup of coffee. These gummies are specially formulated to give you the alertness of a cup of coffee with the relaxation of a cup of green tea. The best of both worlds.

GO CUBES can be purchased in Sample packages containing 6 x 4 packs of GO CUBES or a Full Box containing 20 x 4 assorted packs. They make perfect safe cognitive enhancement and performance boost that you can easily take on the go.

GO CUBES use real cold-brew Brazilian coffee, and come in three flavors:


Flavor Description Rating
  • Coffee flavored with dark chocolate.
  • This gummy has the strongest flavor and aftertaste, in my opinion.

3 out of 5
  • Coffee flavored with a hint of vanilla.
  • Smoother than the Mocha gummy.

3 out of 5
Pure Drip
  • GO CUBE with the best coffee flavor.
  • Good for people who don’t like their coffee as sweet
  • This gummy has less of an aftertaste
4 out of 5


GO CUBES are designed by an experienced team of professionals, including science, medical, design, engineering, and computer science professionals. Their goal is to design cognitive enhancement products that are both effective and safe.

“The components in GO CUBES are selected for their immediate cognitive effects, specifically for their effects on alertness, focus, memory, and reaction time,” their website explains, “The amount, concentration, and ratio of each ingredient are specifically drawn from double-blind, peer-reviewed journal studies that statistically significantly demonstrate each compound’s efficacy.”

Here is a list of the nootropic ingredients included in Nootrobox’s GO CUBES, their concentrations, and their benefits:

Nootropic Ingredients Amount per two GO CUBES Benefits
Vitamin B3 20 mg Known to boost memory and brain function, as well as lower cholesterol

Vitamin B6 2 mg Aids cognitive function and metabolism

Glucuronolactone 250 mg Gets rid of toxic substances that build up in the body due to stress and other factors

Inositol 250 mg Acute effects on anxiety, mood, and memory

Folic Acid 400 mcg Helps brain function and plays a role in mental health

Vitamin B12 4 mcg Aids in cognitive function and neuron health

Caffeine 100 mg Helps with word recognition, rapid visual information processing, attention, and mood

L-Theanine 200 mg Enhances caffeine’s effects when taken together

*You can learn more about GO CUBES and check out their full nutritional facts here.


Pick me up without feeling jittery or drained after

Portable and convenient

Decent taste

Fewer trips to the washroom from downing cups of coffee!


High in sugar

Slightly weird aftertaste

Packages aren’t re-sealable

Potential overdose risk of B Vitamins if taken in large doses

Other Nootrobox Products

Many people have fallen in love with Nootrobox’s popular caffeine creation, GO CUBES, and they wanted more. That’s why the startup expanded their offering to include other cognition-enhancement products that come together to form a Full Stack Set of nootropics.

These supplements provide complete cognitive enhancement for one month and are also sold on a per order or discounted subscription basis. Each set contains 60 capsules of Rise, Kado-3, and Sprint, plus 10 capsules of Yawn.


Do you often find yourself running late for appointments and don’t have time to stop by your favorite coffee shop? Ride on a packed bus on the way to work and don’t want to spill your coffee all over your outfit again? Or do you just love the convenience of a portable cup of coffee? If you answered yes to any of these, I think GO CUBES are worth a try.

Nootrobox is an innovative company that is after my heart, and the world’s, with their useful coffee gummies. GO CUBES really do give you a sense of relaxed alertness that works better than a cup of coffee when you really need to get stuff done. I ate a couple of them before writing this article, actually.

GO CUBES may not be for everyone. I had a few of my friends try them and they didn’t enjoy the sugary coffee taste as much as I do. They can take some getting used to. Overall, I think they’re a great, safe alternative to other cognitive enhancements.

If you have any questions about GO CUBES or Nootrobox they have a very extensive FAQ page on their website.

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