7 Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link

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I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking where you can share the link to your new GoFundMe campaign. Whether you’re trying to promote it and get more donations or just get your story out there, I think that this list will be helpful.

But! I will say this. Spamming your link around the internet is not the best way to get donations. In fact, I think it’s the least effective way, and you’ll probably be wasting your time doing it.

I explain the real way to rack up donations on GoFundME with my latest Amazon ebook. We’ll talk about different strategies to get the word out and ways to get more supporters.

However, if you’ve just looking for a short list, I think this post will help!

1. Reddit Charity

reddit charity

The Reddit community has shown kindness to in-need charity asks in the past. Historically, these types of stories appeal to a larger audience, like a homless man turning in money, or a victim of the horrible Boston bombing victims. Other users have shared the link to their personal fundraiser here also.

2. Reddit GoFundMe

reddit gofundme

This is a subreddit that is specific to GoFundMe. Subreddits function as a mini-community that’s centered around a particular topic. This particular subreddit has a little over 2,500 subscribers or readers.

3. Charity Google+

charity google+

Although Google+ hasn’t really taken off in the way that huge social networks like Facebook has, I think that the groups are still decently active and are another way to get the word out there about a product, campaign, or fundraiser. There aren’t too many groups fully centered on charity pleas, but I’d recommend searching and seeing what comes up. Never know what you might find!

4. GoFundMe Twitter


Don’t forget that you can always tweet your story to GoFundMe! You never know whether or not they’ll retweet you, but if they do, it could mean big exposure to over 450k followers. I think that the more you can tie your story to a larger issue, the better the chance that you’d be linked to or featured by GoFundMe. Remember, they’re in the business of getting more people on their website.

5. GoFundMe Facebook

gofundme facebook

Looking around, it seems like there a good number of Facebook groups dedicated to GoFundMe and charity fundraising. Some of these are private. Others are public. Take two seconds and do a search! You might also find some groups in your local community. Just remember to follow the rules of each group that you find.

6. GoFundME Facebook USA 

gofundme usa facebook

Here is another active Facebook group that I found where you can share the link to your fundraising campaign. I’d also encourage you to like other campaigns, leave comments, and add to the community. Don’t just spam your link and then leave.

7. GoFundMe Facebook 

gofundme facebook 3

I’ll link to one final Facebook group that allows you to share your campaign with their 4,000+ members. When sharing your campaign, don’t assume that anyone knows anything about you. You might be a great person, but not one else knows that! Correct spelling and compelling visuals are a must. Try to use the group to create connections. Don’t just solicit the members for donations.

The Real Takeaway

In my experience, the shorter something takes, usually, the less effective it is. Yes, you can go to these groups and blast your link to your personal crowdfunding campaign. I don’t think it’s the best use of your time though.

Set aside a weekend and look through my proven template for launching a great GoFundMe campaign. It will drastically improve your chances of raising money and getting donations.

I know that you might be short on cash, so I’ve also put together a specific website to house all of my podcasts, videos, and content related to personal crowdfunding. You can get all that free info here.

Hope it helps! Good luck!

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  • 203132
  • Jeff Artman

    We need some help we feel horrible for asking this is our last resort thank you so.much gofundme.com/y9-need-help-please

  • smfresh82
  • rufus242
  • West Up
  • We are reaching out. Our goal is to purchase a travel trailer to live in and travel across the country helping state and national parks to enable active stewardship on a greater level than ever before. In advance, we thank every reader who helps us achieve our passion, and in return, thrive to help you reach yours.


  • Rose Sinclair

    Please read: 92/300 goal raised to get my service dog, Karma X-rays. Can you spare just $10 to save a life?
    $10k is our final goal for surgery, but there are so many in between expenses for vet visits, medication, X-rays etc.

  • Abraham Cedar

    gofundme.com/grandads-knee-replacement … … please read and share, this is for my bestfriends grandad ?#gofundme

  • Meaghann Shaw
  • jessica

    hello, on december 1st my fiancé, dogs, our house which was finished being built on september 1st and was lost in a horrible way we have been staying in a hotel and i have had to quit my job because we now only have one vehicle which my fiancé needs to get back and forth to work because he makes more than I did i figured him working would be more beneficial than me continuing to work any amount could be a huge help for food board and prescriptions which i get monthly with no health insurance. even a couple dollars per person could really add up please share our link as much as possible thank you in advance


  • bchagan1985
  • Please HELP!!!! Help create more jobs on Indian Reservation

  • Carman Most
  • Paul Anderson

    please help if you can ? http://www.gofundme.com/paulzpc

  • Kandice Millhouse

    Best Christmas Present for Low-Income Special Education Students! Please help us…


  • Seamus McKenna

    Help with a school project. I’m currently struggling to make ends meet as it is and any support would be greatly appreciated.


  • Michael Clemente
    • Michael Clemente

      Please help with school

  • patrixk

    My goal is to feed over a thousand homeless people. Click link to read more!

  • Chavon

    This fund is to help my sister who’s son my nephew was murdered senselessly. Please read and share this story. Thanks and God Bless!

  • Mackenzie Get Off My Profile
  • Stephanie A. Guerrero

    My dad has a traumatic brain injury. Anything helps I’m just trying to keep him from being homeless

  • sweetbunny Llamas

    Please help click on the link to read and share my story. Thank you God bless you https://www.gofundme.com/father-needs-to-pay-court-cost

  • sweetbunny Llamas

    Please read and share Thank you so much God bless you always https://www.gofundme.com/father-needs-to-pay-court-cost

  • Sahdia McCall
  • Keyote™
  • Natasha

    Hi everyone. Can you help my class out? I’m teaching science to cycle 3 and I’m looking for donations to be able to purchase a simple machines kit to be able to do a unit on machines with my students. They have been begging me since September to do a project on machines but haven’t been able to find a way to get this kit. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

  • Doris Gander
  • Jackie-lou Balbarino

    Good day to all. If you could just spare a little bit of your time to read this it would be very much appreciated. My niece, Zaria, is in need of surgery and we are currently raising funds to cover the cost. Prayers are very much appreciated and of course if you could donate for her surgery it would be very helpful. Just click the link below. Thank you so much!

  • Sarah Brann
  • Sarah Brann

    Donate if you can. Please share if you can’t. Unable to work. Single mother paramedic USAF veteran. Fighting breast cancer.

  • Mihai

    Hi everyone, please click here to support my GoFundMe campaign,I want to become a doctor.

  • dennis

    please read my story need to get mini implants for dentures normal dentures wont work thanks much….https://www.gofundme.com/dental-implant-help

  • Cayleen Dawn Culver

    My mom has a yorkie who just turned 2 yesterday. For a while now, she’s been on medication and a special diet for a very, very large kidney stone, trying to hold off until we can afford the surgery. Her vet visit today was the worst news we could have hoped for, her stone grew even larger. We’ve started a GoFundMe page, because there is no way we can afford the costs alone, and I’m afraid time is running out. She needs the surgery now, if we wait any longer, she could get worse, and more than likely need emergency surgery which is more than 4x the original estimate of $2,500. Please, below is a link to her GoFundMe. Please, please share! https://www.gofundme.com/my-sweet-tinkerbell-needs-surgery God bless!

  • Jordan Brown

    I went from jobless and homeless in TX to Washington and employed but I need a vehicle to maintain that employment.

  • disqus_mwH5K5Kmo2
  • Teresa Soto
  • Nichole Henry

    Please read and help me save Chloes puppy. https://www.gofundme.com/help-to-save-chloes-puppy

  • Die Trying.

    I’m raising money to get a service dog, if anyone wants to checkout my campaign and maybe share, the link is; https://www.gofundme.com/servicedogforkayd


  • David Kellar

    My brother Mathew and I are fresh out of high school and trying to make it on our own due to our parents passing away when we were younger and our extended family disowning us. Any donations would be greatly appreciated as I’m the only one of the two of us capable of making any money due to Mathew having autism.


  • Ariel Sanchez
  • Alex Zelaya
  • Lor Richie

    Please Share!! Any Donations Are Greatly Appreciated For The Woman Who Spent Her Whole Life Giving To Others


  • jenna

    Sharing this for a older woman that lives on my street. https://www.gofundme.com/m4-please-help

  • Adrienne Adeveuo
  • Jess

    https://www.gofundme.com/reallivesrealize any help helps a life good deeds can happen to anyone an blessing are a prayer away I pray every night for someone to help life this burden plz see story

  • Xavie Dunk

    https://pages.giveforward.com/family/page-qyvklv4/ Hey you guys i’m starting a kick starter for my murals across the country!

  • Kelsey Kay Schunder

    For my poor baby who has sever pancreatitis and we’re hoping pulls through. She has over 3k in medical bills I’m not sure how I’m going to pay. Even if you can spare $10 it would help tremendously!

  • Mimib

    http://www.gofundme.com/tfxsfc please share or donate!!

  • Ida Family-Page Kerr
  • Gibwii
  • Hannah Jones
  • Rafael Landi

    Good Morning and God Bless!
    Hi everyone. Most who read this are my friends and those they have shared this campaign with. Most who know me know that I was a succesful Chef for 30 years. In 2014, I severely hurt my back, tore my right knee and developed Sciatica in my left leg. I applied for disability as is my right but the hearing phase has taken 2 years. On January 6th of this year, I was found Legally Disabled or “Fully Favorable”. We had money saved and used it for rent, bills, etc but I lost my medical benefits due to my son turning 18. I will get medical benefits this July, but again , it is a waiting game.
    In the meantime, Myself, my wife Kelley and my two sons are struggling just to make ends meet and my medical bills, prescriptions and cost of daily life have drained our financial resourses. I realized that I must swallow my pride to ask people for help, but that is what I am doing now. We need to make our rent, buy my prescriptions and just provide day to day for my family. I am told that I will receive my Benefits with the next 30 days, but if we are late, we could face eviction. I would rather feel embarrassed asking for help then be homeless.
    I want anyone and everyone to know that within the next 30-60 days, we will be flush and self reliant, but I am asking for immediate help with whatever you can spare.
    I never thought this could happen but it is and if you can help and not be judgmental, I would truly appreciate it. This GoFundMe account was suggested by a good friend who was also disabled and financially insecure for awhile. They told me not to be ashamed but to be grateful. If you CAN help, My Family would really appreciate it. Please email or message me if you have any questions. I want to thank all of you in advance for reading this.
    Big hugs from all of us and God Bless you all
    Help spread the word!

  • Zac Larson
  • Gisel

    Please support Annamarie’s dream to become a gymnast. She just need a little push. Thanks and God Bless!!!

  • P Rusi
  • Sonja Thomas

    *any little bit helps me see my daughter * thanks. https://www.gofundme.com/help-me-visit-my-daughter-in-pa

  • Rachelle

    Please Help Me! I was diagnosed with a rare terminal illnesses and am an orphan. I am really struggling financially, since I have no one to support me. I need to pay for medical bills and food (which I don’t have). I am desperate and I have no one else to turn to.

    You can click on the following link to view my fundraiser:

    I do have reference letters for verification upon request.

  • Remi
  • Linnifred

    Please help me heal from extremely toxic mold that has made me very ill. I have no one to turn to. http://www.gofundme.com/help-heal-lindsay-from-toxic-mold

  • Lea Denlinger

    Help my 9 year old nephew overcome brain surgery.

  • IPrep TwoSurvive

    I want to continue to help people from disasters to communicable diseases but I need one more class to graduate with a masters degree in Biosecurity and Emergency Response, please donate or share! https://www.gofundme.com/Angelas-Last-Grad-Class https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/69a999faa68e342dd4df47cf4243b69484535ed4ea5547e1a7ad21c1259c619a.jpg

  • Nick Wells
  • Spicy 悲しいボイ


    Hello there! My name is Aeric (previously Aeron) and I am an LGBT and Equal Rights Activist. I’m 19 year old and FtM transgender. I recently moved to all the way to Washington from Southern Illinois for a better life and a safer place to transition. However, I was left everything behind and here with absolutely nothing and still in the process of getting on my feet and building my life back up. Yes, I do have a job, a place to stay, and all that. Unfortunately though, I still struggle in the financial area. If there is anything you can do at all to help, even it it is just kind words, I really appreciate it. Stay awesome friends and have a lovely day. Never stop giving back, helping others, and making the world a better place!

  • Crystal Dunlap

    http://www.gofundme.com/Helpisokwhentrulyneeded. Please help me and my family I feel helpless and soon i won’t have a job or a way to support my children

  • BenFsch22

    Please help and share, thank you!


  • Christina Cimino

    My family and I are the victim of a slumlord. For our safety we have to move out of our home ASAP. We have no working heat, no working stove for as of 1/30/2017 25 days now, no working smoke detectors, & electricity without a ground. Please share our story and donate! We are at risk of being the victims of a fire at this point. We were featured on KTNV news on Friday link to video is in Go Fund Me as well! https://www.gofundme.com/fleetheslumlord

  • Rod White Jr.

    Trying to raise $59 to buy these awesome Trump shoes:


  • Lisa

    Please help my friend get the care she needs for her little girl <3 https://www.youcaring.com/brianasingh-696142

  • Karla
  • Traci James

    Please check out my link and even if you can’t donate a simple share would be greatly appreciated 😊

  • Senpai Cruix
  • Grace Ledoux
  • Cole Anthony
  • Elisha Pierre

    Hey Everyone! I am reaching out to you wherever you are. We all love our mom and would do anything for her right? Because you can’t never get another mom. If you love your mom, please support this fundraiser. KINDNESS IS POWERFUL! We need your help!


  • Fae Evrnyt

    Girl Trying to help her old low income grandmother, please help: https://www.gofundme.com/need-help-to-get-first-house

  • macmilk

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated ❤️🙏🏻


  • Arabella Jenkins

    Im 15 and my mom and I both have lyme disease and have been sick for years with no avaible cure and lasting chronic side effects. My dad works 3 jobs . My dream is to go to Disney World with my family and both of my grandparents. We struggle living paycheck to paycheck and any donations would be greatly appreciated. We can provide lab results if requested. No amount is too little or too big. Thank you and God bless.


  • Aurimas

    Hello, I would be grateful if you could either donate or share this with someone who can. I am in need of help from generous people, any small donation means much to me.

  • Adam Patton
  • Catherine V Smith
  • Eleanor
  • Eleanor
  • Stephanie Button

    Help Jaxon show Dwarfism who’s the boss!!

  • Gail L Peters

    Randall suffered a stroke on Christmas morning and is unable to continue his job as a truck driver because of it and with mounting medical bills things are becoming very tight. Hoping in the near future to pay it forward.https://www.gofundme.com/5d-peters-medical-fund

  • Cameron Scott Reicheneker
  • Michael Close

    If anyone can help please read my story and share if you can. Any help is appreciated.

  • Joseph Lapp

    My family is going to be evicted soon and my income isnt coming until the end of the month at which tine it will already be too late 🙁


  • Mandy Parker

    Please help me share
    My roomate passed friday after reporting he missing to wspd. They found she had been admitted to florida hospital and was on life support. She passed at 4pm that day. She leaves behind three kids. Any support for her service and her kids would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • Alicia Kuhl
  • Tre-cee blizza blaze

    http://www.gofundme.com/qeezks Please help we are about to lose everything and with all the stress we’ve had our immune system are weak and laryngitis is the first sign and we keep getting real sick because we are about to lose the house our car and health😔 We are so far in debt since my grandmother passed and we don’t know what to do anymore and to top it off my mom is so depressed she won’t get out of bed and cries all the time and I’m trying to be the strong one but it’s hard and I am scares. Well thank you for your time and god bless you all. Please pray for us🙏🏻🙌🏻

  • anonomous
  • Mel Mel
  • Mel Mel
  • Susan

    Lupus help us fight this disease please.


  • Dawn Harris

    Mines not as important as others but here it goes.

  • Kelsey Booth

    Hi everyone! So I am 23 years old and have had to get Ovarian Surgery to get large cysts removed. Anything will help me..

  • Robert Wayne Liles
  • Ashley Mcmillian

    please help this family..this mom’s birthday is today and doesnt even have hot water for her kids to shower..anythings helps,even prayers are good if no funds & she has spent 40 years always giving and giving…thank you


  • Daphne Reed

    If you have amount please take the time to read our GoFundMe campaign please help and share if you can, thank you!


  • Dejana Sands

    hello everyone please take the time to read this story and if you’re able to donate that would be treated appreciated thank you https://www.gofundme.com/jacqueline-medical-fund

  • Jarie R


    Hey, I’m a USF student majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Africana Studies. I decided to study abroad this summer for a once in a life time trip to Africa. This will be my first time traveling out the country. I would greatly appreciate any donations to help me go on this trip. I am working and going to school and doing everything I can to fund this trip. Pleaseee Donate anything you can. Thank you and God Bless


  • Nunya Besnus

    https://www.gofundme.com/ya69xk-need-a-car-to-get-back-to-work Please click and read, share of you can.

  • kelly

    Please read and help if you can thank you

  • Fredrick Johnson IV

    Please help anything is a blessing…… https://www.gofundme.com/hzuy82-fathers-rights

  • Tracy Burtch

    If you have time please read and share our story. Please help with our battle to keep our life as normal as possible. Thank you for your time.

  • Gwen Enlow

    This is for my mom that past away we are needing help with paying the funeral.
    A check was wrote for her services thinking insurance would cover it but it didn’t so now we have to cover the check before further actions are taking.
    So please if you can any amount would be appreciated.
    Thank u and god bless!

  • R.H

    Ladies and Gents this one is urgent. Kindly share amongst your networks
    Thank you in advance

  • Sierra Viands

    Please help me raise money for my study abroad trip! https://www.gofundme.com/study-abroad-medicine-in-chile

  • Zitah Dw
  • alialexxis
  • Luevenia Lenora
  • Terry Hilburn

    https://www.gofundme.com/reunite-a-family-by-helping-us-move, We need help we can’t make it here in Colorado, we have no where we can get the funds to go home. I miss my family and we can’t even get a place of our own. There are better opportunities in our home state. God Bless

  • John
  • Skyler

    My uncle has stage 4 thorat cancer he was announced that he has maybe 6 weeks to a month to live and we don’t have funds he has no insurance he needs medical equipment certain food and help anything would help even two or three dollars we really need to get him the equipment and stuff he needs if people just donate a dollar each then it adds up and anything will help.


  • Merolyn

    Hello everyone! If you could just take the time to go read my story, share and donate whatever you can to help me take on my career in hopes of becoming a very successful doctor, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Lauren Browder-Tauch

    My baby just turned 13, and was diagnosed adenocarcinoma, a 2cm tumor in her ear. She can barely stand or walk due to being dizzy.. I am currently syringe feeding her, she has partial facial paralysis that is preventing her from eating on her own. She is still a candidate for the teca surgery, and will need to go through chemotherapy. I cannot lose her right now. She has been with me all of her life, she was by my side when I had nothing, and no one else.. We are going to try and do all we can to save her. But with the cost of the procedure as well as preparing for our first son due in two months, we are in desperate need of any help. Even just a share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 💚

  • Daniel Dawson Vivas

    Trying to move out from Venezuela: https://www.gofundme.com/help-my-friend-move-from-venezuela Any help, even sharing the link is immensely appreciated.

  • Pedro Y Anna Quinones

    Please help only have till the 30th to fight for my 3 and 4 yr old grandson.

  • Todd Autman
  • Todd Autman

    https://www.gofundme.com/v9… 🙂 ty all who help!

  • Aika Amori

    https://www.gofundme.com/v974xy-gender-reassignment ty everyone who helps me achieve my goal <3

  • Makenzie

    Anything goes a long way!

  • Jacob wilbers

    Madly In love couple we met online.We trying to Come up with money to meet in the Philippines and get married.Then working on getting her into the united states.We met online accidentally It was one of those we fell in love instantly type of things. We spend are free time texting and video chatting planning are future together. We are looking to get married as soon as we can. This means everything to us. We are determined to be together how ever long it takes. If you help us meet are goal you will change two lives forever. We just wanna wake up next to each other every morning.

  • Rollin L Peek III

    Me and my wife have been very happily married for almost 16 years. Since then, she has had 3 stents put in her heart, has been diagnosed with
    Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), is an insulin
    dependent, type 2 diabetic, takes about 15 to
    18 pills a day, due to various other medical
    ailments, has been diagnosed as permanently
    disabled due to her inability to walk and/or
    stand for long periods of time. When having to walk long distances, I have to push her in a wheel chair, has about 8 to 10 regular doctors that she sees on a regular basis due to the various ailments that she has.
    But, as of June of 2016, she was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. Since that time, we have seen 2 different types of surgeons for this. The first one, after about a month, determined that she would be unfit for surgery. The second opinion surgeon, for
    about 6 months of numerous tests, procedures and biopsies, also determined that she would be unfit for surgery.
    Her regular Oncologist recommended radiation at another facility. But, this would have been every day and we cannot handle this. So, we opted for chemotherapy.
    She has already been through one of several rounds of chemotherapy with the ultimate shock of her hair falling out.
    With all this going on, she cannot work due to her physical disabilities and I am the only one who can. I cannot get a second job for this would take away the time that she needs for her chemotherapy treatment. So, I have been donating plasma about 8 times a month.
    But, with all that I can do, the doctors bills have surpassed what I bring home and are
    starting to cut into our grocery money. And, especially with my wife being as diabetic, she HAS to eat.
    Another, most important, stress is the gas that it takes to get back and forth to these various and numerous doctor’s appointments that she has to see in order to keep her health up to date. Sometimes, she has up to 4 to 6 doctor’s appointments in one month. It would just be nice if we could pay off
    all of our medical bills so that the financial tension would be lifted from us so that our financial situation would not be so stressful. ANY donation, as soon as
    possible, would be GREATLY appreciated. PLEASE HELP US!!!!! God Bless you all. Our campaign link is:


  • bigboxes

    I’ve got a wife that is fighting Stage IV cancer and a mother who is terminal. My unemployment benefits ran out in November and I’m still looking for work. If you can help at all it would be very much appreciated. Click the Go Fund Me link to read our story! https://www.gofundme.com/id-like-to-see-my-mother-fund

  • Taiya Kristiansen

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to help my daughter go to her grade 5 school camp. Anything would be much appreciated. If you are unable to help with a donation please consider sharing her campaign page. Thank you for considering her campaign. https://www.gofundme.com/Kirstenscamp

  • Iida


    Im 25 years old finnsih girl and this is my life long dream. All help is much appreciated!
    Thank you for your help!
    And best wishes to you whether you donate or not 🙂 🙂

  • Scarlett Amber Gordy
    • Scarlett Amber Gordy

      Please! Help get my family of 6 to the beach!

  • Heye Dee

    we are desperate for help, its me and my sis and she supports 2 kids and i dont make alot of money. we need funds to bury my father. even a share is a tremendous help to us <3 https://www.gofundme.com/burial-funds-for-randy-walston

  • Krysta Skaar
  • Seamus

    Hey everyone if anyone is looking to donate to help someone’s cause please take the time to visit my page https://www.gofund.me/AHelpingHand2017

    Thank you!

  • Shaylean wyatt

    I’ll try to explain best I can. I have had a CT scan, X-rays and an MRI of my neck. Basically all my cervical vertebrae are collapsing. I have now up to 4 herniated discs in my neck and one at my t2-3. My neck will have to be completely reconstructed (if they even can) or they will collapse onto my spinal cord. There are so far 4 places that are squeezing in on my spinal cord which is causing my left arm to slowly paralyze. I can’t hold onto anything with it to much. Can’t use it to pull myself up or down. My arm is completely numb from the nerves being damaged and doc don’t know if that will ever come back. I have an appt next Thursday but if they can get me in sooner they are trying. Paralysis is a factor in all this. Even with surgery I will be disabled. Not able to move my neck left or right very far. It will basically be held together with rods and hardware. I’ve had to hire a work comp atty since they think that’s why my vertebrae collapsed to begin with. I’ll most likely not be able to work ever again. The pain is constant and pretty bad. I’m not able to walk very far at any given time because of the pressure my head puts on the vertebrae. It’s pinched off bad enough that now I can’t even feel when I have to pee and now have incontanence. Outcome of surgery is really not been discussed fully yet but doc said they can only do so much to try to make it bearable. So that’s the jist of it right now.

  • SlyDude
  • Susan Higgins

    https://www.gofundme.com/Darrell2Florida. This is the link to donate for my best friend. He has liver failure and is waiting on a transplant, but in the meantime he has had more complications and was not expected to leave the ICU 2 weeks ago. But he DID!! And now he needs to go into a rehab hospital and will need additional care. He has been in St. Louis, MO for the last 8 months and his family and I are located in Florida. His insurance has approved the Florida location for the rehab, but we need help in getting him here and being able to take care of him . Please help in any way you can!!

  • Scarlett Amber Gordy

    Help make my kids dreams come true! Getting to the beach! They are talking and planning for it but without donations, I can’t make that a reality! They are very sweet deserving kids! My husband is a veteran! Our oldest suffers from asthma and allergies, my second girl has celiac disease and has had 7 procedures done due to the damage! Give them the break they need and deserve! If you can’t donate, please share!


    • Scarlett Amber Gordy

      Please? Anyone? We’ve received zero donations

  • Brandon cote

    Please help share my page, my friend and I are trying to start a business but financially we are unable to make all the steps to get launched. We both work full time jobs, but don’t have enough excess cash to get us started. Our main goal in the end is to give back to the community and charities once we get enough revenue from our sales. Please visit our page and help us out. Feel free to donate yourself or share on social media please! We appreciate your help!


    Thank you from everyone at SkyGate

  • Jonathan van Jaarsveld

    My Brother’s fight against cancer Please help sHare his page

  • Nick Peterson
  • Brandon Armstead

    Single Dad – Fighting for Kids:


  • Dacx Da’Bri Foster


    Hey everyone, I was robbed gunpoint of all my photography equipment. Any proceeds mean a lot to me!

  • Quicky


    please if theres anybody with a couple bucks out there that can help me in i would really appreciate it.

  • Shauna Fotiades

    please help us having a baby!!

  • Brooke Vitovsky Cooper

    I am trying to help a friend in need as much as possible, so I feel this is the best I can do for him. He was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2006 and has had surgery after surgery. I wanted to spread the word to help him. If you can check out his GoFundMe campaign. https://www.gofundme.com/brianconnelly

  • Courtney Harrelson Spivey

    On February 12th Victoria Hope Harrelson of Whiteville, NC collapsed on a softball field during travel ball practice. She has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a condition in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick, making it hard for the heart to pump blood. This disease often goes undiagnosed, and the first symptom is usually sudden cardiac arrest, as Victoria endured.

    Victoria is a 16 year old Junior at South Columbus High School in Columbus County, NC.
    Victoria was flown to MUSC in Charleston, SC where doctors told our family it would be very unlikely for Victoria to ever wake up due to the severe hypoxic damage her brain underwent. Two weeks later Victoria was flown to UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC where she has awoke from her coma and is fighting to recover from this damage. Victoria is now able to smile, cry, move her legs, she has had surgery to implant a defibrillator and a feeding tube, she is working daily with occupational and physical therapist.

    GOD has gave Victoria the strength to pull through what some doctors said would be impossible. Victoria has a testimony to tell, she is slowly overcoming the toughest challenge anyone could imagine.

    ‘The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.’ Deuteronomy 31:8


  • Stormy

    Thank you for this page. I am raising funds for my beloved cat’s vet and funeral fund. I am past 25% there but still need $800 to reach my goal. Thank you very much. https://www.generosity.com/animal-pet-fundraising/help-spirit-cat-s-vet-and-funeral-fund–2/x/16230131

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  • Vinegaryhippo
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  • Mariah

    Please help a father and his 3-year-old daughter facing eviction in the next few days. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and even sharing could make a difference. Thank you in advance.


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    Help me go abroad to overall improve the lives of animals! ANY amount helps! Thank you so much in advance!

  • Brian Hess
  • Bradley Busler

    This program really needs funding any donations at all would be helpful to bring technology to innercity schools to help promote education and learning!


  • Bryan Stites

    This is a very interesting article! Thanks for the information. You can read more about me here:


    Best of luck to everyone and don’t give up!

  • Daniel Bell

    Help a hard working couple get on the housing ladder

  • Ray Henson
  • Ryan

    Hello everyone-
    I am delighted to have found this information on here and would also like to share my link and story with you.


  • Hilary

    Hi Everyone please help these two start their family! The are unbelievable people and are as genuine as they come.

    Thank you 🙂 🙂


  • crystal wallace

    People need to do the right thing…people need to be compassionate, emphatic, respectful and appreciative…because know what? Those people in your life that are like that, only come around once. And just like you want to be respected and appreciated…give it back. You get what you give…you give shit then you’ll get shit.

  • M M

    Help my mom get a roof over her head 🙂

  • Schuyler Woodard

    my mom and me are going to end up homeless please help us even 1$ helps https://igg.me/at/m7ZRR6FbIA0

  • Blake Tudor
  • Rollin L Peek III

    Hi Everyone.
    Just a quick update to let you know that I’m
    still kicking. It hurts a lot more than
    it used to, but I’m OK. 😃 Chemo’s
    going well, but it makes me so tired, and all I do is sleep. I have a PET scan
    scheduled next week to see if the cancer’s getting
    any better. Before I started Chemo I asked Rollin if he would go bald
    with me if I did. Well, after just one treatment, all of my hair fell out. I
    told Rollin that he didn’t have to go through with it if he didn’t want to.
    Well, he made the ultimate sacrifice yesterday. He really needed a haircut
    and he told the stylist to cut it all off.
    By the way, we look great!! I hope you like the picture. 😉
    I am so blessed to have such a wonderful God
    loving man in my life, and every day he shows
    me in so many ways just how much he cares. I wouldn’t want to go through any of
    this without him! What many of you don’t know is that I have multiple health
    problems, and Rollin is always there trying to find out how I’m going to act,
    what symptoms I may be having because of the illness, and most of all he gives
    me love and support!!! We really appreciate your prayers and any contributions
    you can make! May God richly bless you all and thank you all so much!!! Our campaign link is:


  • Kareshma

    Hello everyone please kindly help us raise some money to help out this family. They have no family in USA and they both recently lost their jobs and don’t have enough money to pay bills and even their own rents. Please if you can help us 🙏🏼http://mk2.gofund.me/husband-wife-lost-their-jobs?rcid=904f018fc7984f34936348bedb2163b2

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  • 8feetdeep

    10 years ago or so my mom had her yard cemented in for a drive way but
    apparently the person who did it for her ripped her off, charged her way
    to much money, and didnt file any permits with the city. So 10 years
    later the city is now fining her first 500$ and in two weeks another
    750$ if she doesnt have a section of it ripped up and replaced with
    dirt. My mom is elder not to mention disabled and living on social
    security which is barely anything at all and i wish i had lots of money
    and could help her but sadly i dont and i have already given her
    everything i can so if anyone can donate please i beg you please do.
    Here is the link to her gofundme https://www.gofundme.com/help-my-elderly-mom

  • Jessica

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  • Username I guess?
  • Isabella Randazzo

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  • Isabella Randazzo

    https://www.gofundme.com/kpeuq-isabellas-college-tuition every share or donation is appreciated

  • farhia mohamed

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  • Jacklyn Webb

    My sisterin laws family lost everything including the childrens dog. BRoke my heart for a little girl to see everything go up in flames, and says all I want is my dog I don’t need my toys. THey lose everything. If you can see it in your hearts to even donate 5$ so we can get a roof on these childrens heads it would mean the world. They have no where to stay no clothes no nothing we are going to local charitys to see what we can get. Mom and dad had lost their jobs so they couldn’t afford the insurance for the home they were in so they have nothing for them or their children. PLEASE help.


  • Pichda Serena Chheuy


    Please help me achieve my goals of study abroad!

  • Jenn Malaguti


    I know this isn’t as tragic as some of the others that have commented but I can hope someone can take the time to stumble across a girl who just wants to do what she loves! The whole story is on my gofundme page but the gist is that I really want to get a DSLR camera and I’m going to be a new college student next year so putting the money down on one right now is just too hard. Anything helps! Thank you so much!

  • backdrop001

    Please help raise funeral expenses. My mother passed away yesterday morning and I’m trying to raise money for her funeral. She finally passed after her long battle with kidney and heart problems. She had to endure dialysis and finally they took her off and she died surrounded by family. Please help us give her a funeral. https://www.gofundme.com/cmtpr-funeral-expenses-for-my-beloved-mom

  • Julie Burgess

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  • Chad Gilmore Jr.

    Hello my name is Chadrick Gilmore the 2nd, the son of Heather and Chadrick Gilmore Sr. and the older brother to Julieann Gilmore and Zeveah Parsons. I am from Shawnee, Oklahoma and I am currently a freshman at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. I am a computer science major and I play football here, I am the starting quick side defensive end. I love my college in every aspect and 100% undoubtedly want to come back to continue my journey to getting my degree and becoming the adult that I know I can be. I am wrapping up my freshman semester this May, but due to some unfortunate financial issues I have ran into I am currently unable to enroll for the start of my sophomore semester. My account is on a financial lock prohibiting me from enrolling in my classess and applying for housing. I currently need $1000 to get my account off the lock status and continue onto my education. I have maxed out my student loans as a freshman and my parents were denied the parent loan, so unfortunately through both of these I’m lacking the $1000 I need. I was raised in a house hold that taught me: quitting is never an option. That’s one of my key characteristics that has gotten me thus far. I want to finish my degree to show my younger sisters that there is more out there in the world if you chase your goals and endure through whatever life throws at you, because as long as you can breathe you can try no matter how hard things get. I also would like to get my degree because I want to repay my parents in the future for everything they have done for me and every lesson they have taught me. Getting a good education and a good job is the only way that is possible. All donations will 100% go to my student account and pay towards my loans. Any and everything will be greatly appreciated thank you for reading my story- God bless.


  • Rollin L Peek III

    Hello everyone. Here’s an update on my wife through her chemotherapy journey. A couple of days ago, she had her 4th round of chemo. She feels that it’s getting easier to get through it as she’s getting used to the routine, thanks to all of your prayers. But, about a couple of weeks ago, we saw a podiatrist, farther away than our normal place of care, and we felt that she was a waste of our time, our gas to get there and to see her. The only advice that she would give was to stay off of the foot, keep it elevated to keep the swelling down, to wear compression socks to also help with the swelling and to keep taking her pain medications. Now she’s telling them that the pain feels like it’s starting to move up the side of her leg and it’s really making us nervous. I kept telling her that I wanted to take her to urgent care after the chemo. But, she said that she was just too tired from the treatment. So, I honored and respected her decision. We will have to see what other options her primary care physician has to offer. We still need your prayers and your donations to help us out. And, we really do appreciate all that you have done and given so far. God Bless you all. Our campaign link is:


  • Ben Victor

    Please help me to raise my school fees gofundme.com/r23jxb-help-me-to-pay-my-college-fees

  • Melody D’Alessandro


    My mother was diagnosed with Stage IIIB endometrial cancer on March 10th, 2017 after she endured a 7-hour surgery to remove her uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes. My mother has always been a non-smoker and very health conscious. This has been a shock of a lifetime.

    My mother and I live all alone in the United States (my father left the country to Argentina in 2007 and never returned). We have no other support system here, and we are both dependent on each other for survival. My mom immigrated to the United States 30 years ago, and she has sacrificed so much for my personal and professional development. She has always worked 2-3 jobs, anything to save the money to allow me to follow my dreams (eventually, I would like to apply to medical school and become a doctor).

    My mother and I are literally best friends. The thought of not having her around is too much for me to bear. The oncologist is now recommending intensive treatment (chemotherapy and radiation). She will not be able to work for the next year and her insurance is not able to cover the full cost of treatment. We live paycheck to paycheck and I am not sure how we are going to get through this financially.

    We are super super thankful for anything you can give to help get us through this.

  • LauraAshley Keener
  • Blake Outerbridge
  • Phoi Pham
  • Jay


    Please take 5 minutes to read this post.

  • Matthew Booth
  • Evan Shank

    Recently just started a GoFundMe Campaign, and we would be so grateful not just for donations, but for your time to view and hopefully connect with our story. Thank you and God Bless. https://www.gofundme.com/evan-brookelynns-baby-girl

  • Dusty Lister
    • Dusty Lister

      This is for my family’s dog she has a broken lag and we can’t afford all the bills

  • Alex

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  • Brad Hruza

    Thought I would try this. Our link explains what we are dealing with in detail but shirt here. My now wife arrived here from the Philippines in February. 2 weeks ago she woke up at night in tears and pain. Rushed her to the hospital and uninsured needed an emergency appendectomy. Her bill is over 27,000 now and still going up. This was such a sad way to start a new life in a new country away from her family and everything she knows in her life. She arrived on a K1 visa and we got married and as she is awaiting her adjustment of status still, she cannot get on my insurance and she will not qualify for any help. We are in a sad situation and it breaks my heart that she has to start her new life this way. Any help would be appreciated. Again, this is something we dont want to do but my wife needs help. I am doing everything I can but this was an emergency we can not do anything about or planned for. Thank you. https://www.gofundme.com/helpsalome

  • Rollin L Peek III

    Yesterday, we went to see my wife’s Oncologist and she had some very good news. She said that since she’s been through 4 sets of chemotherapy treatments, the cancer in her lung has shrunk in size. Not by much. But, this was a definite improvement and good news for the both of us, especially for her. But, she did say that she spotted another one. But, nothing of major concern. So, the doctor has decided to give her body a 3 month break from the chemotherapy treatments and she has ordered a CT Scan with contrast to see if there’s any other anomalies. But, needless to say, we were very excited that the chemo treatments are making progress. But, there’s still a long road ahead of us before we can finally say that either she’s cured, or she’s in remission. Your prayers and thoughts have REALLY been paying off. Also, the day before yesterday, I woke up suddenly and looked over at my wife’s side of the bed and something did not seem right. I looked all around and figured that she was either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. I suddenly woke up and 10 minutes later and it still did not look right. I heard her snoring. But, I could not tell where it was coming from. So, I sat up in the bed and saw her sleeping body on the carpet floor. I immediately jumped out of bed to see if she was all right and saw some blood on the carpet. I frantically checked all over her body to see where it had come from, starting with her head first, and apparently, she had an open cut on her foot. I have no idea how and when she fell down there. But, thank God she was okay and the cut was only on her foot and not on her head when she apparently fell. I also woke her immediately to see if she was okay and she said that she was a little sore. I jokingly told her that she keeps this up, I’ll be writing her obituary. This is the latest and greatest in our adventures of her stage 2 lung cancer. But, we still need your help with any donations and/or prayers through our journey. God Bless you all. Our campaign link is:


  • Chris Main


    My name is Chris and we’re in desperate need of $2000 to keep our home.. What exactly happened to make this situation come to light was.. I had found an at home job and due to my vehicle being broke down i figured it would be a great idea to jump on this job.. We put all our faith and energy in to this job and it turned out to be the worst decision of our lives because they let me go without notice. We haven’t been able to pay our rent for the last two months (March & April) and have been struggling really bad.. Not eating.. Behind on bills.. No car. It’s been super bad for us and i know no one has to help us but its worth a try. Recently our landlord came over and discussed with us that we need to get her the money by 04/16/2017 or be out by 04/16/2017.. We have no where to go and really want to keep our home because we worked very hard for it. I have recently came across a job and was planning to start next week but she still couldn’t give us more time so now we have exactly 2-3 days to either come up with the money to keep our place or come up with the money to move somewhere else as soon as possible. If you can help with anything that would mean the world to us! I hope and pray we can make it through this and get out of this situation. Thank you so much!

  • jackson


    I want to take my livestream audience with me to Peru and also create videos there for youtube and share the experience as much as I can!

  • Jackie Wantason
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    My dog needs surgery for his eye he alredy lost one eye due to cataracts and we need money before it’s too late and he loses his other eye to please help us afford his eye surgery to take cataracts off his remains eye

  • Renda Writer

    Please consider donating to The World Peace Mural Tour

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  • Education debt

    If you guys can spare anything help me get back to school. gofundme.com/help-me-pay-back-osap

  • Yeji

    https://www.gofundme.com/new-iphone-for-my-mom My mom has been used a super old iphone 4s for the longest time and as much as i wish i could buy a new phone for her on my own, i’m a university student also taking summer classes so i have not been able to work. I’ve used as much of my savings as i can but i still need some more. she totally deserves this. any donation is greatly appreciated!!

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  • Tom Barker

    Please help my friend Christian battle cancer, we just lost a great snowboarder to cancer and he needs your support to fight the good fight.


  • Tamera Thelisme
  • Caleb Long

    Hello. My name is James Caleb Long. I live with my mom who has been battling lung cancer since October 2014 and is on disability. I work a full time job and we depend on each other to pay bills. I had to visit the emergency room around two months ago as I was experiencing high blood pressure and chest pains. After extensive testing a 3 day hospital stay, the doctors informed my mother And I that I had what is known as an Anomalous Coronary Artery. I have already had open heart surgery once when I was around 3 years old for an Atrial Septal Defect or a whole in my heart. It turns out that I now must have another open heart surgery to correct the A.C.A. This procedure will be a bit more complicated though because of the scar tissue that was left on my heart from my first surgery. I will have to be out of work for a while because of the invasive nature of the surgery and the recovery time that it will demand. Any help is appreciated and no amount is too small. My mother and I have been through quite a lot these passed few years as my whole family has also. But we are trying to overcome all of these trials and tribulations so that we can begin to live a somewhat stable life. Thank you so much to all who take the time to read this. Whether you decide to donate or not, please keep me in your prayers regardless. https://www.gofundme.com/7urcz-open-heart-surgery

  • RG Hayden

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  • KrazyKrackaPDJ
  • Christine Umbach
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  • Billy Bonka

    Hello, my name is Will and I am reaching out to the online community because I really need help acquiring transportation. Since my old car broke down back in November of last year I have been unable to truly save money for a new vehicle despite working a full time job due to rent, bills & taking care of my father who suffers from stage 4 cirrhosis and is in need of a liver transplant. To be frank I don’t know where else to turn as I have no other surviving family or friends with the means which to help me out. I’m not looking for a Rolls Royce or anything grandiose, just something reliable that can save me over a hour a day walking to/from work and allow me to have the means of conveyance in which to get my father to/from his numerous doctor/medical appointments. Any help at all is truly a blessing to me right now. Thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to read this. God Bless.


  • Ray Es

    https://www.gofundme.com/ve4bq364 help my mom get to the hospital for her treatments #fuckcancer 😳🙏

  • Tyler Wallace


  • steven cox
  • Mandy Tuthill


  • Rollin L Peek III

    About a couple of days ago, while I was at work, I got a panicked phone call from my wife telling me that I needed to come home immediately because she had broken her ankle and had to have our neighbors carry her in and sit her on the chair in the living room of our apartment. Needless to say, I was on my home in about 5 minutes. Rushing to get our apartment ready in order to leave, I glanced over at her ankle and it was mildly deformed. We got to the urgent care facility and about 4 and a half hours later, they told us that she had 3 severe breaks in her ankle and put her in a soft cast so as to stabilize the break. The next day, my normal working day, I called off work due to an urgent phone call regarding her ankle and she doctor/surgeon needed to see her immediately due to the xrays that were taken of her ankle. This doctor was about 40 miles away from us, one way trip. But, she said that since she was able to reset the bones in her ankle, she did not need immediate surgery in order to put pins in, which would have meant that she would have been in the hospital for about 23 hours. So, the doctor put a really good soft cast on her and ordered her to stay off of her foot, keep it elevated and to come back in 2 weeks to take have x-rays taken of it to see how it’s progressing. The doctor’s appointment was for 1:40 that afternoon and we did not get out until about 5 that evening. We got home at about 6:30 that evening (sorry that this update is so long). Around 9 that evening, the effects of the local anesthesia was starting to wear off and she was in extreme pain. We contacted the doctor’s nurse and she advised to increase the pain medication. Well, it took about 3 hours and she was finally able to relax after all of the pain that she was experiencing. It was so bad that she was crying so hard, I was afraid that our neighbors would hear it. But now, since I have to back to work in about a couple of days, I don’t know if she can fend for herself. She has said that if she has a walker that has handlebars, brake levers and a cushion in order to rest her foot on, she’d be able to get around for herself. I have called around our town and no one carries it except a medical supply store and the cost of one is about $200 to $400 dollars which we do not have the money for. If we were able to meet, if not exceed our medical bills funding donation, we could afford to get her the medical equipment that she would need for such emergency situation(s). So, please, if you can donate any amount towards our goal, we would greatly appreciate it. But, we do appreciate all that has been donated so far. And prayers are ALWAYS welcome. God Bless you all. Our campaign link is:


  • James Denice

    A note from my husband, James:

    My wife, Yolanda was diagnosed of staged 5 kidney failure. She was on dialysis for almost 3 years now. She goes three times a week, every time she goes and come home feeling very tired and not herself. Though she was sick, I never heard any kind of complaints but rather she’s always at peace.
    I retired four years ago and moved my family to the west coast to have a better living but I can’t predict what really ahead of me and my wife. We have 2 kids together one is 18 years old and one is 14 years old. It’s been tough for them to see their mom’s condition but they’re very good and helpful to her and me.

    I asked for help because she’s been on a list for a kidney transplant and knowing now, Medicare only pays 80% and the rest will be ours. The money that you will help her to get a transplant and also pays for her medical needs in the future.
    I am blessed to have my wife, who’s been with me for 20 years now and every step of my way, she’s been there for me and I could not see myself without her. She’s been my rock and my partner for life for better or for worst, in sickness and in health…
    And with my prayer, May our God will continue to bless each one of you!
    Help spread the word!

  • Jette

    Please help! I have had a failed Kickstarter, have been rejected for
    many grants and loans, and have had a GoFundMe up for over a month with
    only a single donation. I am a disabled single mother trying to get my
    small business making all natural bath, body and skin care products up
    off the ground. I have been given a new opportunity to get my business
    up and running, but I need your help! I have two separate giveaways
    going right now – you get an entry for each share, and an entry for
    every donation. This business is my sole means of income, and how I
    provide for my special needs child. Please take the time to read my
    story, my updates, watch my video, and please, share and donate if you
    can. Much love and light to you all, and many thanks! <3


  • Looney Green
  • Kathy Marmon

    will be grateful for any help on my financial hardship journey

  • Trena Diane Amezcua

    Plz plz share. I need all the help I can get. It’s life or death. Thank you


  • James J Moulton


    Our family is outgrowing our two bedroom apartment. We have finally got ourselves in a position to purchase our very own house. With a new baby on the way, we are eager to start a new journey and although we have come a long way we still need a little bit of help to ensure everything goes smoothly. We don’t need much and anything will help. Our estimated closing costs will come to around 8k. Will you help us reach our goal?

  • Melontine

    Hello, I’m some loser who is struggling to pay all of my cats vet bills. She’s turning out to be the most expensive pet I’ve ever owned, but she’s to healthy and happy to put down and too clingy to send away. It’s hard talking to my family, though I’m sure some of them love to would help me out, they’re struggling with things too. So I guess it’s up to me… Can you help me? Please?
    I need to find a better place to share this. Too bad I never invested more time into social media.

  • mookiebaby2010

    https://www.gofundme.com/9kpz6-please-help-me-go-back-to-school please help me go back to school trying to finish my associate of arts degree

  • Deanna Cherry
  • helpingfriend
  • DeQuandrekeisha Donald Carter

    No long drawn out story I just wanna follow my dream at 18.

  • Rebecca Wicker

    Would you consider helping me?

  • Triin Maasing

    Hello, my name is Triin. As much as I hate to say this, I need help. I am almost 20 years old and dealing with a great stress right now. I need to raise money for my best friend, Simon, who is my cat. The details of what happened to him is in the link, and I would appreciate ANY donation, I AM DESPERATE. Please help

  • Christina St John
  • Charmaine Morris


  • Eric Yang
  • Sam Cook

    Everyone else is posting here, so… since I just became suddenly homeless… here’s my campaign. Anything helps. https://www.gofundme.com/qn6fj8-homeless-need-help

  • Rollin L Peek III

    Here’s another update on my wife’s medical condition. It’s been a little over a week now, I’ve had to go back to work because I do not have anymore vacation time to help her out. So, not only have we lowered the bed as much as we can. But, I’ve also devised a device that will help her to pull herself up on the bed by herself. The doctor had ordered strict bed rest with her foot elevated. She put her in a soft/hard cast and we go back to see her next Friday. And, she has said that if the swelling goes down, in which it has, she will NOT need surgery and that she can put her in a hard cast, which will offer her more flexibility. But, since she has to fend for herself, she doesn’t get out of bed except to go to the restroom and to fix herself something to eat from the kitchen. Plus, due to her condition, we’ve had to buy TV dinners instead so that they are quick to fix, especially since she’s a diabetic and she HAS to eat. So far, it seems that things are really working out even though this is a trying time for not only me. But, especially, for her since she is in this situation. Our love is still very strong and this seems to help to strengthen it for I have to do more to help her out and make sure that she all set before I go to work. But, last Friday, my last day off, when we got home, the right arm on the wheelchair broke and now I’m not able to get her in and out of our apartment without it. I have spoken to our landlord and urgently request that they install ramps to help our situation out since all we have are steps (only 2) and a rail to hold on to. But, do to the wheelchair breaking, we don’t know what we’re going to do unless we can devise a way to get her in and out on my days off. Your help, donations/prayers and truly needed in our current situation. We are truly blessed with what has been donated thus far. God Bless everyone. Our campaign link is:


  • Tyesha Agnew

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  • Alison Schneller


    Please help by donating and/or sharing Katie’s story.

  • ashley odell
  • Whitney Drollette
  • Ann Hull

    It would mean the world if anyone would take the time to read my campaign and share it as well. Thank you and best of luck and wishes to everyone else in need. I’m still holding out hope! It’s unfortunate but I do not have any type of solid support system. https://www.gofundme.com/stephaniea

  • Gabriele

    Please look at my gofundme page any help me I’ve had a horrible last couple months, my grandmother passed away then my mom two weeks later who was my best friend and now I’ve been scammed out of a nice amount of money and I am desperate for help or I don’t know what I’m going to do I’m about to loose everything I’m barely hanging on as it is please take the time to read my situation anything will help thank you https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-me-ive-been-scammed

  • Nahdiyah Crumby

    I’m a single mother of 4 beautiful girls. I’ve had 2 open heart surgeries, 3 strokes and have survived Domestic Violence. I was recently in a car accident that has completely put me out of commission. I was a full time Lyft driver that allowed me to be able to support my family and assist others if they needed help with anything, because I always had extra. Now I’m not even able to pay my rent because I haven’t worked since March 2nd. I had money saved in case of emergencies. But not enough to last 3 months. I payed my bills, and all the responsibilities that I had for the last 2 months have been taken care of.

    I’m humbling asking for some help with coming up with my rent and some bills. I need to purchase a used car so I can go back to work and become totally self sufficient again as I once was.

    I have 4 beautiful girls looking up to me for all of there needs. My oldest is 19 years old and is in a University, and her goal in life is to become a Forensic Anthropologist. My other 3 girls are 3, 8, and 10, and they are all my pride and joy!

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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  • Juris Efneris

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  • Kristen Lollis

    Im reaching out to you about a friend and her family who is in dire need of a Reliable Van for their handicap son please see story below

    Thank you for taking the time to read this we are raising money to help out this beautiful family get a reliable van with a lift to be able to transport their son Jonathan. Recently their car (a Ford Taurus) broke down and they are unable to have it fixed due to finances and Johnathan’s mom being pregnant who is due in July. Even if they could get it fixed they still can’t transport Johnathan’s new wheelchair. Recently Johnathan got a new motorized wheelchair from Shriners that he is learning how to drive and will then be able to bring home but unfortunately they have no vehicle to transport the wheelchair in unless they are able to get a van with a lift. Here is a little background on little Jonathan’s story. Jonathan was diagnosed at birth with Unilateral Schizencephaly, Arthogryposis Multiplex Congenita (affecting each limb) Hypotonia and Bilateral Clubbed Feet. He went thru 16 weeks of casting to correct his clubbed feet at Shriners where they still follow Orthopedics, as well as Powerchair Training every Friday. He is unable to extend his legs to their full potential and cannot bare weight on feet in order to walk. He is unable to bare weight on hands as well, and has very poor/little ability of grasping objects with his hands. He has a long road ahead of him with strong possibility of surgeries in the future to get him to be as independent as possible. Please if you find it in your heart to donate it would be greatly appreciated Also Please share this so we can help this family get what they need!!! Thank you!!

    We have set up a gofund me for them and are looking to see if we can get it covered as well to help increase the chances of them getting a vehicle.

    Here is the link for the Gofund me


    Please contact me if there is anyway you may be able to help or know if someone who can help.

    Kristen lollis

  • Jaimee Gilmore
  • Hallie Heilman


    Please help spread the word – they were scammed and don’t deserve to lose everything and be homeless! </3

  • Rachel Hamilton

    My kitty needs a surgery to save her life. She has a somewhat rare condition called chylothorax, it causes fluid to build up in her lungs. I am out of money to pay for any more vet bills. If anyone could spare 5-10 dollars would make a difference. Thank you.

  • Dean Carter
  • Cat Marie


    I just need to get through college for one year. I just need a financial boost because I have nothing but I have to go to school. I am majoring in Biochemistry which is a hard major to be going into but it is my passion. Any amount….it could be a small amount would be so helpful

  • Caleb Potts
  • julia

    My parents are recently divorced and have been getting the house ready to sell, so they can’t afford for me to go on this trip. If you’re feeling extra kinda today please go donate to my gofundme…

  • Lindsey Thompson

    Hello ladies and gentleman,

    My name is Lindsey Thompson and I am here writing on behalf of my Seizure Therapy dog, Logan Thompson. Logan was recently diagnosed with eye cancer and has been treated for the last 3 months with several different steriods, antibiotics and pain medication. NONE of it has helped. During his last visit with his animal eye care doctor she informed us that there was no chance of it going away, so it would have to be removed as soon as possible. She informed us that if we waited too long there was a good chance that the cancer could either travel to his brain or rupture his eye. Now, let me tell you why I am asking for so much help. I am disabled and currently awaiting my hearing for disability so I have zero dollars to my name. I live in my aunt and uncles RV. Logan has been through so much in his short life with me through all my surgeries. He was right next to me the multiple times I was in the hospital almost dieing from MRSA. Currently he’s been to every single doctors appointment (2-3 visits a week) due to me currently having pyoderma gangrenosum since November of last year. He is to this day, even with his eye bulging, red and oozing, going to every doctors appointment with me, in case I have a seizure at any point during those times. I ask all of you, who have had a beloved animal to look into your hearts, to help me save the only thing I have in my life. I lost both of my parents to cancer and my sister died just before she turned 30. I honestly can’t stomache knowing that Logan could possibly lose his life to cancer as well. I dont know what I would do without him. Sitting there every day thinking that he could of been helped if I had the money to have his eye removed, especially to a disease I have lost so much of my family to already, So I’m asking if you can help save logans life by donating whatever amount of money you feel you can. I thank you for reading this and I thank you from the bottom of not only my heart, but Logans heart as well, If you can donate to my furry 4 legged son.

    Thank you so much for your time.
    Logan and I thank you.

    Lindsey & Logan Thompson
    Help spread the word!

  • Amanda Perrone

    Please take the time to read this, this guy is an amazing dad who has been put through enough with having his child taken from him illegally out of state with no updates on hos daughter. We need to get his daughter back home safe!


  • Genovia Milbourne

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  • Genovia Milbourne

    plz help fund my channel anything hepls 😚😚😚😚😚😚https://funds.gofundme.com/mobile/share/link?url=please-help-fund-my-youtube

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  • Martha Turley

    I’m trying to raise money for my daughters gymnastics



  • Kimberly Tomlin

    On May 16th, 2017 Joshua King made the decision to end his suffering. There are no real words to explain this situation or to make sense of any of it. Josh was so many things to so many people, a brother, a son, a grandson, a cousin & a friend. But above all, Josh was a Father. He loved his children more than anything in this world and they loved him. He is leaving behind 4 beautiful children, Jordan 6, Larry(Bear) 5, Andrew(Roo) 3 & Alice(Gator) 2.

    We are asking for your help to lessen the stresses of those who loved him most by donating whatever you can. We are hoping to help cover funeral expenses and the opening and closing of the gravesite. Any funds left over will go directly to his children.

  • Carly Valcheff

    please help feed the needy homeless

  • Flatass Canuck
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  • Bright
  • Nicolas Rech Tondin

    Hello all, my brother was accepted to study in some of the best univertisties of the USA but they do not give financial aid or scholarships to international students. He is a brilliant student and a great athlete. He received a honor awards and wants to do cancer research in the future. Please help with any amount of money… $1,$5,$10… appreciate if you can donate and share the link below:


    Thank you and God bless!

  • Harold Jefferson Tribute

    Evicted after getting cancer. Lost everything including beloved dog. Live in my car. Help me get her back and on my feet so I can start getting checkups again. A loan v. gift would be great.


  • Jen Su

    I am a single mom just making enough to get by. I was hoping I can
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  • Jean Paul

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  • Mai

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