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7 Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking where you can share the link to your new GoFundMe campaign. Whether you’re trying to promote it and get more donations or just get your story out there, I think that this list will be helpful.

But! I will say this. Spamming your link around the internet is not the best way to get donations. In fact, I think it’s the least effective way, and you’ll probably be wasting your time doing it.

I explain the real way to rack up donations on GoFundME with my latest Amazon ebook. We’ll talk about different strategies to get the word out and ways to get more supporters.

However, if you’ve just looking for a short list, I think this post will help!

1. Reddit Charity

reddit charity

The Reddit community has shown kindness to in-need charity asks in the past. Historically, these types of stories appeal to a larger audience, like a homless man turning in money, or a victim of the horrible Boston bombing victims. Other users have shared the link to their personal fundraiser here also.

2. Reddit GoFundMe

reddit gofundme

This is a subreddit that is specific to GoFundMe. Subreddits function as a mini-community that’s centered around a particular topic. This particular subreddit has a little over 2,500 subscribers or readers.

3. Charity Google+

charity google+

Although Google+ hasn’t really taken off in the way that huge social networks like Facebook has, I think that the groups are still decently active and are another way to get the word out there about a product, campaign, or fundraiser. There aren’t too many groups fully centered on charity pleas, but I’d recommend searching and seeing what comes up. Never know what you might find!

4. GoFundMe Twitter


Don’t forget that you can always tweet your story to GoFundMe! You never know whether or not they’ll retweet you, but if they do, it could mean big exposure to over 450k followers. I think that the more you can tie your story to a larger issue, the better the chance that you’d be linked to or featured by GoFundMe. Remember, they’re in the business of getting more people on their website.

5. GoFundMe Facebook

gofundme facebook

Looking around, it seems like there a good number of Facebook groups dedicated to GoFundMe and charity fundraising. Some of these are private. Others are public. Take two seconds and do a search! You might also find some groups in your local community. Just remember to follow the rules of each group that you find.

6. GoFundME Facebook USA 

gofundme usa facebook

Here is another active Facebook group that I found where you can share the link to your fundraising campaign. I’d also encourage you to like other campaigns, leave comments, and add to the community. Don’t just spam your link and then leave.

7. GoFundMe Facebook 

gofundme facebook 3

I’ll link to one final Facebook group that allows you to share your campaign with their 4,000+ members. When sharing your campaign, don’t assume that anyone knows anything about you. You might be a great person, but not one else knows that! Correct spelling and compelling visuals are a must. Try to use the group to create connections. Don’t just solicit the members for donations.

The Real Takeaway

In my experience, the shorter something takes, usually, the less effective it is. Yes, you can go to these groups and blast your link to your personal crowdfunding campaign. I don’t think it’s the best use of your time though.

Set aside a weekend and look through my proven template for launching a great GoFundMe campaign. It will drastically improve your chances of raising money and getting donations.

I know that you might be short on cash, so I’ve also put together a specific website to house all of my podcasts, videos, and content related to personal crowdfunding. You can get all that free info here.

Hope it helps! Good luck!

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