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12+ Pinterest Marketing Tips to Promote Your Kickstarter Campaign

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Pinterest can be a great place to attract the attention of backers and buyers as you gear up for the launch of your Kickstarter campaign.

pinterest-iconUnlike other social media platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest makes it easy for people to save pictures, products, and content that they want to check out later. This is a great way to promote your upcoming crowdfunding campaign and grow a fanbase of dedicated followers before you go live.

Like any social media marketing strategy, putting together a Pinterest page that people will want to follow takes a little bit of time. You need to be willing to pin things often! You cant just expect people to follow you when you have an empty page. Make sure that your profile looks complete, to improve your trustability and credibility.


Thankfully, there are a bunch of helpful apps and programs out there to give you the tools you need to post high quality content and get noticed on Pinterest. First, I’ll run through some of these tools. Then, I’ll go into some tips for forming a solid Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest Marketing Tools

As a marketer, you’re only as powerful as the tools and technology that you use to get your message out there. Incorporating some of these software tools into your marketing strategy will help you boost your results.

1. Scheduling tools

  • Viralwoot: Viralwoot is an app that allows users to grow, manage, and monitor their Pinterest account from one place. This service lets you schedule your pins at the right time to get the most exposure. Viralwoot also gives users a chance to connect with Pinterest influencers and create mutually beneficial relationships. Plans start at $10/month.
  • Tailwind: Tailwind is a visual marketing tool that makes it easy to optimize your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. With Tailwind, users can find content, schedule posts, track keywords, and analyze their results from the convenience of one service!

2. Pinterest Widgets

In the Pinterest Help Center, you can learn how to use Pinterest Widgets to promote your Pinterest page on your website. Creators can build a follow widget, pin widget, profile widget, or board widget to showcase their Pinterest page to their backers and new fans.

3. Infographic Tools

Infographics are great because they are a form of informative, visual content that people love to share. Creating infographics can be a great way to sort out and share all the relevant information for a crowdfunding campaign. Creators often use them to explain complex ideas or lay out the different rewards available during their campaign, too.

  • Piktochart: Piktochart is an easy-to-use infographic maker that offers over 500 customizable templates to choose from and flexible sharing options.
  • Info.gram: Info.gram is free to join and lets users easily make beautiful and interesting infographics and link them to relevant sources. This tool comes with a lot of features, some of which are only available with a premium plan.

4. Adding Text to Images

  • Over: Over is an iPhone app that gives users the power of creativity. You can use this app to create different collages and add text over pictures, perfect for attracting more attention on Pinterest with catchy visuals and pretty text.
  • Snapseed: Snapseed is a popular iPhone and Android photography app with 25 tools and filters and ‘stack’ editing that lets you tweak the edits you made after. This app also offers users 38 styles of text to add to their pictures, making it a great overall editing app for your Pinterest needs.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

You can have the best tools in the world, but if you don’t have a strategy as to how to use them, you’re not going to see the results you want. By using some of these tactics, you can make sure you’ll get the most out of your Pinterest page.

1. Include prices in your pins

When you’re promoting your crowdfunding campaign on Pinterest, be sure to include some posts with information about your main reward tier at least, especially if you are offering special discounts to crowdfunding backers!

Pinterest is a great visual platform that will give you a chance to showcase your project to the ‘pinning’ world. Sharing the potential savings that come from backing your project now can help you draw in more pledges. Also, don’t forget to link your Pinterest posts to your campaign or your website!

2. Use Pinterest group boards

There is a service out there called PinGroupie that connects entrepreneurs with a list of different Pinterest groups in different niches. This can be a great way to get your product in front of a receptive audience that likes saving things for later viewing! Some of the categories are design, film/music/books, technology, and fashion.

3. Share photos linked to relevant blog posts

One of the more frustrating things about Pinterest is how you can come across a great picture, title, or caption, but click through the link to find something completely unrelated. Even worse, a broken link. Make sure that your Pinterest posts are useful to the reader and if they advertise an informative blog post or product listing, make sure the link fits!

4. Promote your Pinterest account

Pinterest can be a great place for crowdfunders to market their projects in a way that is visual and informative for potential backers. Pinterest can get crowdfunding campaigns more pledges, but creators need to do the work to promote it!

Add a widget to your website and cross-promote your Pinterest account on other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. Make sure that your Pinterest has something unique that your other accounts don’t so people find value in adding and looking at your Pinterest content.

5. Check out your competitors’ or mentor’s pins

Pinterest can be a useful social media platform for many industries, but some may not be sure how to get started. The best advice I can give you is to check out your mentor’s or competitors’ pins.

Look at someone in your industry who you consider to be successful or whose Pinterest marketing you find compelling. I’m not saying steal their ideas, but see what types of posts they are making, which posts get a lot of engagement compared to those that don’t, and take away some of the best elements of what they are doing to incorporate in your strategy.


Pinterest can be the perfect platform for marketing a crowdfunding campaign or ecommerce store. It allows creators to include visual pictures of their work and link to their campaigns or websites easily. Since viewers can ‘pin’ things for later, it is a great way for companies to get repeat shares and views as people stumble upon their pins at another time.

If you want to get started on Pinterest but weren’t sure how, hopefully this post will provide you with some useful apps, tools, and tips for quickly putting together a successful Pinterest strategy.

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Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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