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Indie Comic Book Creator Reveals His Kickstarter Strategy

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

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After seeing Liam on our forum being super helpful to other creators, I knew that I had to have him on the podcast.

In this conversation, he shared everything that he did to make his project a success and some of the things that he wish he knew when he first launched his project.

Liam’s story is proof that with hard work, the right strategy, and some planning, you can raise money to bring your dream project to life!

He breaks down what it’s actually like to raise money on Kickstarter and how he networked his way to a successful campaign.

in a galaxy far far awry

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Liam did to get the word out about his campaign 
  • Free ways to advertise your project
  • Why you should back other projects before launching
  • Things that Liam learned from networking with other creators
  • How much time you should take in preparation for your campaign
  • Ways that Liam got backers for his campaign
  • A smart technique to spread awareness in your local area
  • The best way to get sales for your comic book
  • Tips for other comic book creators

Resources and links mentioned in this episode: 

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