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How do you get the most Kickstarter pledges out of your email list?

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

I LOVE getting listener questions!! It reminds me that there are actually other human beings who are reading my content and listening to my podcasts.

It’s easy to get all caught up in number, subscribers, and traffic stats. Every time I hear the voice of a member of the CrowdCrux community, it makes me smile.

True, we’re all on our laptops, smartphones, or tablets. But there’s something magical about the fact that we’ve all come together at one location to discuss a particular topic.

Today’s question was asked by HamiltonPerkins.com:

“We have a mailing list of 700 people that we’ve accumulated prior to launch. Our question is now that we’re live, what is your advice for maximizing the pledges with the list and our own network.” 

I cover A LOT of ground with this answer. I’ll discuss how to announce the campaign, social proof, capitalizing on influence, and getting the most out of your ardent supporters. I hope you like it!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

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