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A Girl Boss Shares Her Formula To Smash Your Kickstarter Goal

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

I had a real live #girlboss on the podcast today who has grown a fashion brand from nothing into a thriving ecommerce company.

Dara Elliott is the founder of Brevity Brand and a binge listener of the Crowdfunding Demystified podcast. She launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Do Anything Jacket: Athleisure Meets Modern Design.

Not only did Dara hit her goal on the FIRST DAY, but she went on to raise 285% of her original crowdfunding goal. Having learned a tremendous amount, Dara came on the podcast to share EVERYTHING with you, including what technique got her the most Kickstarter backers.

Every female entrepreneur in the audience should listen to this podcast episode, because it will show you what’s possible. You’ll also hear first-hand how Dara built her email list from 0 to 2,000+ subscribers.

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