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How to Finance Your Indie Film and Raise $65,752 on Kickstarter

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

This interview was incredible. No joke.

In life, there comes a point in time where you have to put EVERYTHING on the line to achieve your dream.

You’re all in. You’re maxed out. All that you can do is continue to work hard, and have faith that things will work out in the end.

Alana Brown felt this exact same way when she launched her Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the film, Trees of Peace.

After the first week, she’d managed to raise a healthy $20k, but then the mid-campaign slump set in.

Pledges slowed to a trickle, and it looked like the story was taking a turn for the worse.

Then… something happened.

She revitalized her entire strategy around the Kickstarter campaign. Instantly, she began to see results.

She began to see pledges pour into her campaign, and even got one mega backer who pledged $10,000 to her campaign.

The techniques that we discussed on this podcast episode supercharged her funding progress and soon, she had skyrocketed past her Kickstarter fundraising goal.

You’re gonna want to grab a notepad for this episode. It’s a goldmine of information.

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  • Linda

    I really enjoyed listening to this interview and learning that it’s possible to achieve a hefty crowdfunding goal with the proper strategy and support network. I can only imagine how much work and stress is involved but, in the end, what an accomplishment! Congratulations on your very successful campaign!!

    • CrowdCrux

      Glad you enjoyed it 🙂