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Top 16 Crowdfunding Sites for College and Education Costs

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

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Reward & Donation Crowdfunding

1. GoFundMe – GoFundMe is the most common crowdfunding platform I’ve seen for college and education costs. Check out how Alexis-Brianna Felix raised over $9,000 for her college education using this platform.

“Total GoFundMe fee: 7.9% + $0.30 per donation.”

2. Upstart – Using Upstart, you can offer a percentage of your future income in exchange for immediate funds. The rate that you can receive (cost of 1% of your future income) is determined based on your past education and experience.

“INCOME SHARE- Designed for entrepreneurs. Repay a small fixed percentage of your monthly income. Share 1-7% of your income 5 year agreement 3X cap on repayment. TRADITIONAL LOAN- Our rates can be half those charged by credit cards and other online lenders. APRs starting below 7%. 3 year repayment term. No early repayment fee”

3. Indiegogo – Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding website that also allows charity and donation-based campaigns. You can use this platform to raise money for education related expenses. The fee varies from 4% to 9% depending on whether you choose an “all or nothing” or fixed crowdfunding campaign. There is also a 3% payment processing fee and $25 wire fee for non-US campaigns.

4. CrowdTilt – CrowdTilt describes itself as “the easiest way to pool money with your group. Start collecting money in seconds for anything.” Recently, Vikas Lalwani was featured in a TheNextWeb article for his education crowdfunding project on CrowdTilt.

5. YouCaring – YouCaring offers free online fundraising for a variety of industries. The site operates on donations. You only need to pay credit card processing fees.

“No fundraiser has ever been charged for using YouCaring. We started offering free fundraising in October 2011.” The credit card processing fees are about 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction.

6. Zero Bound – “Zerobound is a crowdfunding platform for volunteers to pay down student loan debt, while also strengthen communities. Zerobound brings together volunteers, organizations and sponsors on one multi-faceted platform to connect with and support one another.”

“Stripe, our payment processor, takes a 2.9% processing fee and $0.30 transaction fee on all transactions. Zerobound charges a 5% service fee on all funds raised for successful campaigns and an 8% service fee if volunteers do not reach their goal.”

7. Scholar Match – The site basically functions as a way for generous donors to provide scholarships to students. Scholar Match is a non-profit org that “partners with college access organizations and schools around the Bay Area to find talented, ambitious students dedicated to pursuing higher education and in need of financial resources. Students are nominated by partner organizations and apply to join ScholarMatch.”

8. Piglt – “Whether you’re an individual raising money for your tuition or to pay off your student loans to a nonprofit organization raising money to cover the costs of the educational programs you run, like teaching outdoor survival skills or cancer awareness to disaster recovery efforts or mentorship programs — Piglt is the place for community-based fundraising.”  Piglt charges a 5% fee if the goal amount is reached and 8% if the goal amount is not.

9. CrowdfundEDU – CrowdfundEDU is another education-related crowdfunding platform. You can use the website to raise money for education-related projects or tuition assistance. The site charges a 5% if you meet your goal, or an 8% fee if you do not reach your goal.

10. AlumniFunder –  “Whether it be a project to enhance the student experience on campus, raising capital to build a new science lab, or funding consumer development of a bleeding-edge robotics product, AlumniFunder seeks to facilitate access to crowdfunded capital for worthy endeavors.” I couldn’t find any pricing information on the website.

11. AngelDorm – “Angeldorm is an education funding platform for tomorrow’s leaders. We help students raise money for their education expenses through tapping their social network” Angeldorm deducts a handling fee of $2.75 per donation.

Education Project Crowdfunding

12. AdoptAClassroom – I personally really like this crowdfunding website, because I think it’s a great way for parents and the local community to involved in schools.

13. IncitED – “Whether you want to create an after-school program, develop new educational technology, help disadvantaged learners, establish a scholarship fund, or acquire classroom supplies, the possibilities for great education projects are virtually limitless”

For projects that reach or exceed their set funding targets, the fee is 5%. For Flexible Funding projects that fall short of their funding targets, the fee is 8%. In addition, expect a charge of  2.9% plus $0.30 per donation for payment processing.

14. UniSprout – UniSprout is a platform that helps students connect with alumni and other members of the community to finance student projects.

Crowdfunding Student Loans via P2P Lending

15. CommonBond – CommonBond is a website that helps you to secure a student loan from a group of individual and institutional investors.

16. Sofi – Sofi is another P2P lending platform where you can secure a student loan from a group of accredited investors.

Other Sources

You can also check to see if your university runs a private crowdfunding platform for student projects.

University Website Focus
Arizona State University https://asu.useed.net/ Student projects, scholarships and research
University of California, Los Angeles https://spark.ucla.edu/ Research, student projects and social change
Boston University https://crowdfunding.bu.edu/ Research, student projects and social change
University of California, Santa Cruz https://crowdfund.ucsc.edu/ Research, student projects and social change
University of California, San Francisco https://crowdfund.ucsf.edu/ Research
Haas School of Business https://crowdfund.haas.berkeley.edu/ Student projects and social change
Pepperdine University https://impact.pepperdine.edu/ Student projects, scholarships
University of Texas, San Antonio https://fund.utsa.edu Student projects and social change
University of Maryland https://www.launch.umd.edu Student projects, research, social change
Pitzer College https://pitzfunder.pitzer.edu Student projects, research, annual giving
Central Michigan University http://www.fundcmu.com/ Student projects
Cornell University https://cornell.useed.net/ Student projects
Furman University http://alumni.furman.edu/fuel-furman Student projects
Georgia Institute of Technology https://starter.gatech.edu/ Scientific research
Lehigh University http://ignite.lehigh.edu/ Student projects
Middlebury College http://sites.middlebury.edu/middgoal/ Sports and fitness
Middlebury College http://middstart.middlebury.edu/ Student projects
Michigan Technological University http://www.superiorideas.org/ Research and public service
Pace University http://pace.launcht.com Students Projects and Annual Fund
Rollins College http://rollins.launcht.com Annual Fund Participation Drive
University of Vermont http://uvmstart.org/ Student entrepreneurs
University of Virginia https://uva.useed.net/ Research
Vassar College https://vassar.launcht.com/ Annual Fund and Class Giving



Did I leave out a platform? Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below.

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  • Shawn Padraic Murphy

    I know someone struggling to get through college over many years because they can’t afford to finish their degree, but I didn’t know you could raise money for your college education. I had always assumed that Kickstarter and IndiGogo were for ‘products’ that had to be made. I will have to let them know about this article (as well as the other 9 Tips To Crowdfund your College Education article).

    • CrowdCrux

      Yea – Kickstarter is, you can’t fundraise for causes or personal reasons on the site. You can on Indiegogo.

  • MoveYourMountain

    Salvadora…yes, you left one out! MoveYourMoutain.org Only 4% fees plus transaction fee of 2.9%.

  • JimtheCoach Ulintz

    Join Me no fees no time limit personal accepted. JimtheCoach find me on FaceBook, send me a message, we can help you pay off your college debt. JImthecoach

    • Rajesh Paltheeya

      respected sir,
      i want to an IAS officer can you help me sir please..

      • try india based crowdfunding sites — most foreign sites do not understand about indian government jobs –find youtube videos on upsc coaching –they are the best than going for upsc coaching — as per some of IAS IPS officers I read yesterday in a news paper

  • Steven Lewis

    Keep an eye on us New Things to Come. http://www.ichatit.com We are your sponsors and there is No Loan to PAY BACK !!

  • Elizabeth Mae Reeves-Rudd

    http://www.gofundme.com/rp39jc thank you so much in advance for taking time to read and possibly help… Help her not be another statistic… if you can’t donate please at least share… Thanks again…

  • Mark Pawloski

    Salvatore – We are launching a performance-based crowdfunding platform that helps students raise money for college-related expenses. Students create a profile and blast their campaign to their networks. The key differentiator from generic crowdfunding platforms is our donor-set threshold requirements to receive donations. When a donor makes a pledge, they can do so in three different ways: pay per grade (e.g. $20 for every future A, $10 for every future B), gradepoint threshold (e.g. $100 if 3.5 GPA is reached), or an immediate, non-incentive-based donation. Donors choose these thresholds, allowing them to pick realistic but challenging goals.

    Website: http://www.acentive.fund

    Press: http://chicagoinno.streetwise.co/2015/08/21/crowdfund-college-acentive-crowdfunds-based-on-grades/

    Please reach out to discuss: mark@acentive.fund


  • Jamie

    http://www.MoveYourMountain.org is free and easy to set up. We support every person who wants to go to college and seeks higher education. College tuition is not cheap, but with a Move Your Mountain Campaign every student has an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and achieve a college degree.

  • belindamanyara
  • Trying to pay for my education http://gogetfunding.com/help-me-pay-for-my-education-3/ Please support

  • josabeth castro

    My name is Josabeth Castro and I will be attending to Abilene Christian University this 2016 fall. I’m trying to get help from others to attend college to become a labor and delivery travel nurse. So that I can travel to other countries or places to lend a helping hand. I am in need of help financially and my family and I can’t afford what the school is wanting. Yes, i completed my fafsa and yet the billing is still pricey and yes i filled as many as scholarships applications as i could yet i got none. If I can just get some help, it will help me pursue my dreams. And make wonders to my family. Thank you.


  • Dan Ettinger

    A great resource for schools looking to organize crowdfunding and social fundraising is called GiveCampus (www.givecampus.com).

    The Washington Post recently featured an article about how GiveCampus helped schools like Holy Cross and Hamilton raise millions of dollars in support in 24-48 hour campaigns. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/grade-point/wp/2016/04/19/colleges-are-going-online-to-crowdsource-donations-and-theyre-raising-millions/)

  • Vinay Krishna

    i am b.tech student my college fee has been paid by government as per scholarship but i wish to learn game designing which i like most along with b.tech my parents can’t afford that amount so someone please fund me so that i can fulfill my dreams

  • Himanshu Dwivedi

    I am himanshu dwivedi a teacher and have worked as CBSE vice principal. I want to start a play school day boarding for all those parents who can not look after their little one’s. Trying my level best I am not able to raise the required money.I can guarantee transparency in fund uses.Can any one contribute for this noble cause….if yes please contact me on my fb address or mob no.9454136187.thanks I am happy you read it….

  • Christopher John

    I just launched a startup called fullride.me. It’s a crowdfunding platform for students, but with a twist. Instead of a single campaign goal, students can itemize ALL their expenses with INDIVIDUAL donation goals. Would appreciate having it added to this list. Example student: https://fullride.me/miasanford


    • Doha Ahmed

      I will check it now, thanks.

  • Sonia Sehgal

    I want for my daughter education who is pursuing in ANU Canberra. Please I request if anyone knows any source for crowdfunding there. Thanks