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Crowdfunding Pioneer Reveals Key Strategies to Raise Money Online

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Ruth Hedges is a crowdfunding industry pioneer!

She runs the Global Crowdfunding Convention, which has been sharing killer crowdfunding information for the last six years.

In addition, Ruth is the founder of CrowdfundingCRM, a tool that helps entrepreneurs attract, build, and retain a crowd of campaign backers and investors.

I’ve been watching Ruth from afar for a while now, and I really admire all of the work she’s been doing educating entrepreneurs and creative types about crowdfunding.

In our interview, she reveals several key strategies that you can use to effectively raise money online. She also shares her candid thoughts on the future of crowdfunding.

This is a must-listen episode if you want the perspective of an industry veteran that has her fingers on the pulse of this rapidly growing field and where it’s headed.

Links and Resources Mentioned

  • The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 million people per month! They’ve helped more than 5,000 crowdfunding campaigns and have a social media following of more than 700,000 followers. 
  • Fulfillrite: Kickstarter and crowdfunding reward fulfillment services. They come highly recommended!
  • BackerKit helps crowdfunders with the survey and order fulfillment process. Don’t buried in spreadsheets and manual data entry!
  • Global Crowdfunding Convention
  • Crowdfunding CRM
  • Crowdfunding America

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