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Crowdfunding Expert Reveals The PERFECT Kickstarter Launch Strategy

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Right out of the gate, this episode has exploded with downloads. I’m not surprised.

I talked with the Crowdfunding Expert, Eli Regalado, who has helped campaigners raise collectively millions of dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Not only that, but he has had more than 10,000 students go through his online crowdfunding course on Udemy.

You’re about to hear firsthand how to build an email list, blow past your fundraising goal, and get media attention. We’ll also talk about a secret “X Factor” that not many crowdfunders use or even know about.

Get ready to take notes, because this episode is PACKED with valuable golden nuggets.

By the way, one of the listeners wrote in about a previous episode (EP #148). They said, “I was just listening to you on Sal’s podcast CrowdCrux! I’m the inventor-type like you. So I could really relate to a lot of the things you said.

My very first campaign happens to be live right now. Taking in and applying all that I learned from the show, I blew past my goal in 11 hours!

I’m exhausted to my bones but I’m having the time of my life.”

Boo ya! Love getting messages like these! My goal is to one day have YOU come on my podcast as a crowdfunding success story!

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  • Brian

    Hi Guys,
    Elie, I will test krowdster, I hope it’s worth it ahah 😉
    Thank you for your help !!

    If you want you can check it out: http://www.fitcaze.co the perfect companion of your iPhone 😉

    • CrowdCrux

      Dope. Let me know what you think :).

  • Am I going doo-lally? I can’t see a link to listen to any podcast shown on this page. Oh well, check out the resources in the meantime

  • Rust

    Hi Salvador,

    Thanks a lot for your podcast! I love it and it’s worth to listen every minute.
    EP # 150 is one of the best so far. Yet, I have some suggestions to you.

    1. Episode’s transcript: If you could provide the FULL transcript for each episode, it would be cool (using your favorite catch phrase). I had to put on pause this episode literally every 5 minutes to take some notes as golden nuggets. For example, Eli Regalado mentioned using Mixmax to track emails to PR, 5-emails process to subscribers, the sequence of “Subject-Pitch-Product” to reach out to media for PR coverage, and many many other valuable advices.

    2. Resources mentioned on your webpage: it would be great if you briefly describe what they are for or at least the context why the resources are mentioned here.

    3. To limit your sponsors mentioning to two MAX per episode! No offence, but sometimes, it’s a little bit annoying and just toooo much

    Good luck and looking forward to a next episode!

    • CrowdCrux

      Hey Rust! Thanks for the feedback! Glad the episode was helpful! Will think about some of your points and how I can continue to improve the show.