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Create a Crowdfunding Platform With These 19 Sites

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Since the world has seen the success of popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, crowdfunding is all the rage! Niche websites have popped up dedicated to gaming, music, nonprofits, and more.

Before becoming a blogger, I was a part of a web development company that created two crowdfunding platforms for clients. I know what it’s like on the coding side and have a good amount of experience helping creators.

From my research, I’ve complied a list of websites, tools, and open source frameworks below that can help you create a crowdfunding platform. The coding ability required to implement these solutions may vary.

Note: I highly recommend using Bluehost if you intend to host your own website, which is what I use for all my websites.

White-Label Crowdfunding Platforms

Launcht: Launcht is one of the best known white-label crowdfunding platforms out there. They are based in Boston, MA and help customers create crowdfunding platforms for nonprofits, universities, startups, and more. Pricing information: Setup – $495-$5,995. Ongoing – $295/mo & 1% of all funds raised – $495/mo & 1% of all funds raised.

Invested.In: “Fully customizable. Trusted and used by some of the largest brands and names on the planet. It’s super-simple. We’ll help you set up.” Prices range from $345.90-$995.90 per month. There is also an enterprise tier where Invest.In will help with coding/design work.

CrowdValley: “Configure and launch your own crowdfunding, peer-to-peer marketplace, or online investment portal. Plug in services and APIs for investor accreditation, escrow accounts, due diligence, regulatory compliance, and financial back office.” Prices range from $99-$1,499 per month.

CrowdfundHQ: “The fastest, easiest way to create a successful crowdfunding site. No coding required. Best pricing in the industry.” Prices range from $60-$200 per month.

Towema: “The easiest way to launch a personalized crowdfunding platform.” Prices range from $500-$1,500 per month.

CrowdForce: “DealRoom: crowdfinancing connects investors and issuers.
CrowdForce: rewards crowdfunding for business or nonprofits.” Pricing information: pending.

Open Source Crowdfunding Platforms

Catarse: Catarse is an open source crowdfunding platform that was created in Brazil. Judging from the last time I used the code base, it will require a good amount of manipulation and bug fixing if you’d like to use it to create a crowdfunding site. It’s easiest to set up with PayPal. Once you do get it working to your needs, it’s awesome and performs the job well. You can see it in action here.

Spot.us (Crowdfunded Reporting): Spot.us is a community funded reporting platform. There is also an open-source version on github. It uses the Ruby on Rails framework.

For more, see seeing factory’s blog, where there is a good list of open source crowdfunding platforms.

WordPress Themes for a Crowdfunding Platform

Note: I highly recommend using Bluehost if you intend to host your own website, which is what I use for all my websites.

Ignition Deck: Ignition Deck is a popular wordpress crowdfunding plugin and crowdfunding theme. Pricing ranges from $79-$349. Extensions include WePay, Amazon Payments, and MixPanel Analytics.

Fundify: Fundify is a wordpress crowdfunding theme by the popular theme marketplace, ThemeForest. It costs $60, integrates with WePay and PayPal, and supports flexible and fixed fundraising options.

FundingPress: FundingPress is another theme created by ThemeForest that you can use to create a crowdfunding platform. It costs $55 and has a bit of a different layout than Fundify.

CrowdPress: CrowdPress is another wordpress crowdfunding theme on the ThemeForest marketplace. It costs $45 and uses PayPal as a payment method.

Campaignify – Another wordpress theme, Campaignify offers a bit of a different layout than the other “build your own crowdfunding platform” themes on the website. it costs $55.

Franklin: Franklin is a premium wordpress theme in the ThemeForest marketplace. Personally, I like the design. It costs $45.

Mission theme: This theme is good for donation based crowdfunding websites. It costs $45 and is more geared towards charities and nonprofits.

Funder WordPress Theme: Another crowdfunding platform theme in the ThemeForest marketplace. It costs $45.

I couldn’t find any Drupal themes/extensions to help with creating a crowdfunding platform, and only one resource for Joomla developers looking to create a platform. If you know of any, then please leave a comment below.

I also recommend checking out “How to get projects for your crowdfunding platform.”

Self-Funding Crowdfunding Platforms

Self-starter.us: “Selfstarter is an open source starting point for building your own ad-hoc crowdfunding site. It was put together by Lockitron after they were turned down from Kickstarter.”

– CrowdtiltOpen: “Launch your own crowdfunding platform without touching a line of code.” CrowdtiltOpen was launched by Crowdtilt.

For more, see the “continue fundraising” section of 22 websites to help post-kickstarter with reward fulfillment and product sales.

Deciding to launch a crowdfunding platform?

Be sure to publish a free press release through CrowdfundingPR.org and leave a comment below if you have any questions about the links I’ve included in this article. If you found this article to be helpful, leave a comment below and let me know!

In addition, I highly recommend checking out our other article on how to get projects for your crowdfunding platform.

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  • Bill

    Terrific list for those who want to venture into the world of crowdfunding from the portal end.

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks Bill!

  • Daryl Stewart

    Salvador these tips are most helpful…we live in Wisconsin, where an intra-state crowd funding legislation takes affect in 6 months…do you have any suggestions on techniques/process/campaigns to build a successful portal before the flood gates open to the “big boys”? Thanks!

    • CrowdCrux

      To be honest, I’m not as knowledgable about the requirements for creating a crowdfunding portal. Likely those requirements will influence the choices of your developer. If I were going to build an equity crowdfunding portal, I would think about how you are going to be different than all the others I’ve listed here: http://www.crowdcrux.com/top-10-equity-crowdfunding-websites-for-startups/

      What unique value will you deliver to investors and entrepreneurs that no one else will?

      • Daryl Stewart


  • John Campbell

    Do these wordpress crowdfunding sites sites handle multiple users ? Or just myself on my own sites. ?

    • CrowdCrux

      WordPress websites can handle multiple users via sign-up/login.

      • John Campbell

        And can I charge the other users a fee for using my site ?

        • Generally, no – unless you are serious and want to do a whole ton of paperwork. Here’s the problem: if you run a site, you’ll probably want to use Paypal which will required a configuration for chained payments through X.com. With that, each user that sets up a campaign in your site – presumably with their own subdomain or something like that – will need to go through the same approval process. While that process is complex, it’s also a bit lengthy – about 10 days – at which point most of your audience will have moved on to some other more “legitimate” sources. It’s deliberately complicated (regulated) to prevent people from just creating a coupla thousand crowdfunding platforms to do something illegal like, uh, launder money, f’rinstance…. (Okay, I used a bit of poetic license here, but it’s a concern, no doubt)

  • Where is http://www.katipult.com on this list? We are a leader in the space.

    • CrowdCrux

      Sorry I didn’t discover you guys in my initial research. I’ll take a look at your site.

      • No worries. I posted that comment just to put the company on your radar for the future. If you have any questions or critiques for us, please let us know.

  • IconParkCloud

    We just released IconParkCloud.com – the cloud based crowdfunding platform that powers iconpark.com

    • CrowdCrux

      Congrats on the new launch!

      • IconParkCloud

        Thanks CrowdCrux

  • Kong Lu

    do those sites help manage the crowndfunding site? do they distribute the fundings to all users? they do everything for you?

    • CrowdCrux

      Some of them will (the white-label ones will provide technical assistance). The payment provider likely will distribute the funds.

      • Kong Lu

        thanks for the reply. so, you are saying that these white-label companies will do all the work? so a kid can just create a crowdfunding site, and they run it for the kid? excluding inquiries about the site. what if the site generated lots of videos, which require lots of data. white label companies are able to handle that?

        • CrowdCrux

          They will provide the technology for the platform. They will not help you get projects for the platform (at least that’s my understanding). It would depend on the particular white label company. I would reach out and ask them.

  • Kong Lu

    can these white-label companies be trusted? can they steal your site/idea?

    • CrowdCrux

      In my opinion, execution is what matters most, not the actual crowdfunding platform technology. Technically, anyone could “steal” your idea, but the successful people are the ones that can actually execute on their plans, whether that’s drive traffic, form a community around their site, or generate revenue.

  • If folks aren’t interested in trying to develop their #crowdfunding site on their own, they may wish to become a Seat Holder on OurExchange.com @ourexchangecom:disqus

  • The MerchantsGazette

    I’d like to figure out how to create a platform utilizing Trade Dollars. Anybody got an idea about that?

  • JB
  • Please include http://groundbreaker.co/

  • Great resource @CrowdCrux:disqus …This is a great listing. I really wondered how did you missed one the famous and top most open source software developed by Rockers Technology named FundraisingScript.

    Take a look at this link given here (fundraisingscript.com/?id=shab… and launch your own customize crowdfunding platform, in Minutes!

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Steve Orosz

    InventorFunds.com I own this domain name. Does anyone think it will make a good funding website?

    • CrowdCrux

      Depends on how much hard work you put in 🙂

  • You forgot to mention this crowdfunding platform (it was developed by me and my team 3 years ago, it’s PHP, Open Source MVC Framework):


    We can customize it in any way you need. My Skype: klausnat and email: webmathew@gmail.com

    All websites below were made on it’s basis.

    enter is password-protected, so this is website password:

    http://www.thewealthinvestors.com/ – crowd funding for real estate



    http://WishForIt.co.za – Choose the gifts you`ve always wanted – post your gifts to your online wishlist – allow friends and family to contribute








    • CrowdCrux

      Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  • TaRea Betts

    As a crowdfunding platform developer, what do you think the best practices/steps are to selling the platform to clients interested in building their own site? I’m trying to formalize a sales platform tool.

    • CrowdCrux

      Selling a pre-existing platform that helps you build a crowdfunding platform? It depends on the framework used for the platform. I would recommend creating an affiliate program and forming connections with bloggers like me!

  • Hi, You have compiled a great list of Crowdfunding script.

    I would suggest you to add https://crowdphp.com . The script is standalone platform developed with specific requirements required for Fundraising site. I have been to most of these 19 sites, and found they lack various features that a kickstarter like site should have .Crowdphp has user verification , user level features which makes it unique from others. There is one more interactive feature called activity , Which provides score/points to users on each of their activity means more user engaged.

    Each of these points can be later consumed at site for purchasing .Good isnt it ?

    Backend is superb , and it is based on RBAC(Role based access control). ie. You can tier up your Admin/staff and Limit their roles .

    There is also access log for both admin and users.

    Donation and Pledge both are present,

    More over Most of these 19 has only Crowdfunding model, in Crowdphp, it has both Project based and Equity based model ,which makes it unique.

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  • David Dumont

    Hi CC !

    pls include Particeep.com

    we provide white label crowdfunding platform : reward / equity / bond / real estate

    thx !!
    David, cofounder @ Particeep

  • Luis Sevilla

    Hello everyone, The company Astoundify created the original Fundify platform as well as Campaignify (which is a “one-campaign-at-a-time” model). Their sales on Themeforest for the Fundify was outstanding. Themeforest was in my opinion overwhelmed with the level of support needed to keep up with sales/bugs. Unfortunately, they just dropped sales and support without warning, explanation or any kind of “moving forward” instructions for the many who purchased the product. Campaignify has a bug that they have yet to correct or give any support with. Their is a work-around I came up with that isn’t worth your troubles. Based on Astoundify past history I do not recommend any of their current or future products. Fundify is now part of Ignition product line. Fundify is a great wordpress open source platform. My statement is based on purchases, support, trial and use of the products mentioned.

  • IM

    Hi – we are a start-up and are looking to build a donation and equity based crowdfunding platform. We are looking for web developers and are pressed in time. We offer small flat fee + equity in the business. The start-up is about movies and is based in LA. Please let me know if you are interested.

  • Casey Sampson

    Great list, I would like to suggest one more. I work for Thrinacia which provides a white label SaaS to anyone who wants to easily build and manage a crowdfunding platform. Our tools are powerful yet easy to use. Thrinacia’s subscriptions are highly competitive with monthly plans starting at $69.99. Here is a link for anyone interested in building extraordinary crowdfunding websites: https://www.thrinacia.com

  • steven paperno


    I am new to the crowdfunding and own a succesful chain of restuarnts. The brand is strong and well known. What are your thoughts on raising money for each store built or a group of stores. Whould you suggest more of an return based on an intrest rate payback or equity or even both. Would that a real pain to controll all the investors since we raise about $900,000 per store. Do we do it our selves sicne we have a loyalty club of over 60,0000 customers to reach out to

    What platform would you recommend

    Thank you

  • Angelica Diallo

    I’m interested in creating a crowding funding platform based around community funding business they’d like to have in their area… Have no clue what I’m doing but do you have any advice?

  • International Realty

    Hello Salvador,

    I am interested in building real estate crowdfunding site, which one you recommend for that pourpose.

    Thanks a lot

  • RaiseSeedMoney

    Hey I own RaiseSeedMoney.com domain, what could be the best name rather than RaiseSeedMoney for raising seed money through crowdfunding. If you interested in my domain email me or call me.

  • Hi, many thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. We’re about launching our Crowdfunding site – http://www.techbnk.com for technology, games, and film creators. I must say that the ideas we got from your post and accompanying links and resources were invaluable. Thank you.

  • Hi,

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    We have recently created a real estate crowd funding platform with very specific business model. Also, to launch a serious business you need to be very picky to lots of details and be able to customize everything.

    All existing platforms have their limitations just like any CMS for web site development. If you need something typical, they are okay. If you need something specific you’d better go with a lower level development approach.

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  • marcus fred

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  • Hi,

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  • Michael Ward

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  • Mike Pluzhnik

    Hi . Our company ( Ardas) developed crowdfunding platform for real estate http://ardas-it.com/crowdmove
    Please let me know, wich topic i need to chose for ad (write article) our services?
    Thank you!

  • HStro

    Hi I am interesting in setting up a crowdfunding website as well, but more as an exercise. Could someone tell me how you actually deal with the money holding and payout? It sounds complicated but I can’t find any information on it. Is it hard to keep track of who paid what and to make sure that money is allocated correctly?

    • Dakota Gallimore

      This completely depends on what payment provider you are using and which framework you are using from this list. For example if you use Stripe like my platform (www.dreams.build) you have two options of implementing managed accounts or linked accounts. If you implement managed accounts then all interactions are done by the platform and you will be managing money from the platforms backend. If you use linked accounts then you will be managing the money flow from Stripe’s backend and I feel is a bit more limited when it comes to money management.

  • Bigjam

    If I’m looking to develop my own crowdfunding site, aside from design, UI/UX, what type of developers should I be looking for? In addition, what type of skills should they have if let’s say I want to make a Kickstarter type site with mobile app connectivity? Thanks!

    • Staffordshire Bosun

      Got plenty of $’s???

  • Marouane Vantout

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  • Kieron Greeff

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