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9 Places to Find Cool Gadgets For Men

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Maybe you’re picking out a gift for someone else, or yourself! Either way, it’s harder than you might think to find cool gadgets online.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of online stores and shops out there to choose from. It can be a tad bit overwhelming.

I’m going to highlight a few different websites that you can check out for great deals on cool new tech gadgets. Some of these are MY favorite websites to shop on.

1. The Gadget Flow


The Gadget Flow has a lot of neat products for both men and women, including categories like: Apple accessories, crowdfunding campaigns, luxurious products, photography gadgets, products for music enthusiasts, and more.

In addition to the categories on the website, you can also look through the gadgets that are currently trending, products that are popular, and those that have been picked out by the staff.

When you’re ready to buy the product, you’ll be taken to the company’s website.

2. Amazon LaunchPad


Amazon LaunchPad is the place to discover new tech gadgets from startup companies. Often times, these are the “cool” products that the mainstream buyer hasn’t come across yet.

You can find products in the categories of body, home, toys, food, gadgets, and more. Depending on the time of the year, you’ll also find some great promotions and deals!

3. ThinkGeek


You can find the best cutting edge technology on ThinkGeek, along with a whole host of other types of products, like computer accessories and phone-related products. There are also some pretty funny nerdy products, like the Pokemon bowl below.


Like other ecommerce marketplaces, there are sales around key periods. You’ll be purchasing these products directly through the ThinkGeek website.

4. Pinterest Pin Boards


If you’re already a Pinterest user, you’ll know that the social media site is AWESOME for discovering cool, new products. It’s very easy to create your own pin board and keep a record of all the different gift ideas that you have for friends and family.

When you click on one of the pins, you’ll be taken to the website that features or sells that product. You can then do the transaction from there.

5. Dude I Want That


Dude I Want That is a curation website that features various gift ideas that you can get for your spouse, a friend, or a boyfriend/girlfriend.

The site pulls together products from Amazon, Etsy, and independently run online stores. In addition to browsing the marketplace, you can also enter giveaways, check out exclusive products, and look into the various “gift guides.”

6. Indiegogo’s Product Marketplace


Indiegogo is one of the top crowdfunding websites in the world. Entrepreneurs and innovators use the platform to raise money so that they can bring their product to the world.

The Indiegogo Product Marketplace lists a bunch of products that have already gone through the crowdfunding process and are now actively being shipped out to customers.

You can also support crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo, but it’s going to take time for the campaign to end and for the product to be shipped out to the backers, so it’s not great for a short-term gift.

7. Shut Up and Take My Money


This website features a bunch of different geeky, tech, and unique products that make great gifts! Other categories include toys, gaming, zombie, beer/wine, kitchen and more. They even have a Star Wars collection.

8. Omg Cool Gadgets


Omg Cool Gadgets is more of a simply collection of products. Most of their listings direct to Amazon. They also link to the website of the company where you can buy the product. Still, you can use their curated marketplace to find products that your significant other might like!

9. Amazon LaunchPad Kickstarter Collection


Finally, you can always check out the Kickstarter collection on Amazon Launchpad. If you want to get a really unique product, you could also browse the Kickstarter website itself. If you’re not familiar, Kickstarter is the top crowdfunding platform out there for creative types and tech entrepreneurs.

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