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  • Christophermaston895

    Please read our story click share and donate if possible. Gofundme.com/n4z9m8. Thank u and God bless.

  • Roshini Gupta

    Please Help!!!!! This campaign is to give support to a 4 Month old son fighting
    for his life against blood cancer.

    My 4 Month old son, Rohan, was living a perfectly normal life until recently when he suffered from repeating fever episodes. Doctors initially suggested that the blood formation is not as normal in his body and more focus is required on the diet.

    But within few days, it appeared that his condition was serious than
    initially thought.

    Doctors advised to take him to a hospital in Delhi, India where he was
    diagnosed as suffering from ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) – a type of
    blood cancer.

    i then took the little child to AIIMS hospital in Delhi where they were told
    that there is a waiting of six days before the child can be seen or admitted.

    The condition of the child deteriorated by the passing time and he was
    admitted in the one of the reputed Cancer Hospital where he is now being treated
    by Dr. Kapoor – a very experienced doctor with specialisation in areas related
    to childhood cancer.

    Doctors are positive that Rohan will be fine after the full course of
    treatment and we hope and pray for the same.

    Me and my family is raising
    money for his treatment by all ways possible. They have sold their
    jewellery and living in a place close to the hospital. They are unable to raise
    the total amount on their own but are doing whatever possible to save their

    How you can help

    The intent to create this page is to provide help to Rohan and my family so
    that the little one’s life can be saved and he can once again live a normal

    The estimated amount for treatment is around 20, 000, 00 INR, which is $45,000

    The $4,000 raised here would pay for a fraction of his Chemotherapy
    treatments and hospital bills. Every little contribution on this page matters
    and will go towards the treatment of my son Rohan.

    Any donation will be a great support and will help the little boy to fight
    this terrible disease and hopefully, he will have the much needed cure.

    Please spread the word. If you cannot contribute I would request you to
    please share this with more people using the link above so that more money can
    be raised.

    For more details please contact me or alternatively family, details are
    mentioned below:

    Child’s name: Rohan

    Father Name: Saurabh Sunil Shrivastava

    Living at Ghaziabad and working in a private limited company.

    If you can help then please send your help in the below account.

    Transfer Details:

    Bank Name: Axis Bank

    Account Number: 912010064882850

    Account Holder name: Saurabh Sunil Shrivastava

    IFSC Code: UTIB0000022

    Swift Code: AXISINBB022

    Branch: B2-b3, Sector 16, Noida

    Thanks in advance.

    Email ID: saurabh0980@hotmail.com

  • joe
  • kai

    I am trying to start up a clothing line to go along with my custom converse business. We have a lot of people on stand by including, models, designers, photographers, business advisor’s and events manager for to make this happen as soon as we raise the funds so I hope that you will be willing for to help us out with it. If you have any suggestions the feel free for to send a message.
    This clothings line is targeted towards the gaming community as well as comic books fans and anime fans.
    It will satisfy your nerdy cravings. 

  • Hemera

    Check out this new unique watch. It is not made for suits but adventurous people who are looking for something comfortable yet bold to where.


  • Asaf Kopla

    Live Stream Singers and Band’s Live Show

    5$ per viewer.

    Using a mechanism based on Entities and Groups.

    Enable new creators to make their brake into the Music Industry.


  • frimpong maxwell
  • David

    Go Fund Me


    Please view my page

  • Roelly Winklaar

    Dear site owner! I came across your site and I’m interested in placing a
    link on your homepage. Please let me know whether you’re interested.
    Will be waiting for your response.


  • JoAnna

    I’m a newbie to this.
    I am trying to raise money to rehab a 6unit building for veterans housing.

  • Alex Clemons

    gofundme.com/8mvqr64k please

  • Emily

    Hi! I am new here. We were just some of the many people effected by the hail storms in Texas. We lost our only car and now me and my husband can’t get to and from work. We are trying to raise money to be able to get approved for a car. Anything helps please and thank you


  • Justin Howell

    I need help with getting Dr appointments anything would be greatly appreciated I haveva rare disease which causes glaucoma, liver disease,elbows do not extend no full knee caps I have no insurance and need help!! https://www.gofundme.com/2emerjc4

  • Ashley Nicole Canfield


    Apartment infested and contaminated with black mold and management will not do a thing. Spent our wedding savings on hotels because we simply could not stay in that apartment anymore, not only were we sick, but our animals too. We lost everything. EVERYTHING. Had to leave it all behind and live out of hotels. Living on a friend’s couch now, waiting for a response from an attorney.

  • Crystal Nicole

    Please check out my campaign and help if you can. Anything is appreciated!


  • Sarah

    Would I be able to get help with funding dental implants?
    I’m 37 years old and due to gum disease I’ve had to have all my top teeth removed and only have several left on my bottom left..

    I’ve suffered with depression for many years and now I’m feeling more worthless than I could ever imagined I’d feel
    I have dentures and I just can’t wear them as they make my gums so sore and it’s impossible to eat with them in.
    They have been adjusted lots but this does not help and I can’t wear them for more than an hour a day.
    I feel so ugly and even contemplated Suiside after my daughter come home from school crying after being picked on for having a ugly mam.
    That was 5 months ago and I’ve not been out the house since as I’m so ashamed and my depression is at its worst.
    Having my teeth fixed would change my life compleatly and would give me my life an health back x

  • Nick Suarez

    Growing up skateboarding taught me quite a bit. When I was young, I realized that when I was skating, or even had a board with me I was looked at differently, judged, and sometimes ignored.

    Skateboarding also taught me that skaters are just a big group of friends spread all over the world sharing the same passion, wether is skateboarding, cruising, longboard and even downhill skateboarding we are all on 4 wheels and we don’t have race issues or personality issues, we help each other to progress and support each other unconditionally, whether you are a pro or a grom you won’t be denied help or banned group of skaters.

    Skateboarding also has a side that very few know or care to even know, skateboarding has changed so many people’s lives, people that have depressions, addictions, and much more, well this is the side I want to show you guys. If you support me you are giving me the chance to show the world what skateboarding is about! And how it has affected people’s lives.

    Thank you for your support.


  • Natalie Montgomery Wetherbee

    Hi all. My mother recently completed ber bachelor’s degree at 57 this past May. She is in between insurance and student loans will soon be due. She finally accomplished a huge milestone to begin a retirement plan. She was diagnosed with ILC breast cancer last week. I am making every attempt to ease her stress. Any help at all is appreciated.

  • OneGuardian™

    Donate $25 or more to OneGuardian and claim a Beta Tester perk! See https://igg.me/at/oneguardian/x for details.

  • Jessica Cruz

    Please help my family and help show the love for my father, my daddy. That recently just got diagnost with multiple myeloma cancer a cancer that i only has 3 stages and he is on stage 2 going on 3 if you can please help donate to a loving husband, father of two, a brother, uncle, son and a great friend. It would grasiously be appreciated. My father has it in multiple places his brain, neck, shoulder, back, and legs. Hes not supposed to walk, drive/ride his motorcycle that he enjoys to do. My mother who recently just got hurt at work is the only one with an income and these donations will be going towards medical and travel fees as he will have to travel back and forth to Rochester N.Y. where he will be getting a bone marrow transplant. I want to thank you all in advace and please take the time to share and have others read and share my daddys diagnost isnt cure able but i want my daddy around long and as much long as anyone else would want their father, son, or friend i left the link below just click and our gofundme page will pop up and you can donate or share it, it means just as much. Tank you all and have a very blessed day.

  • Stacey choudhary

    Hi guys 🙂 can you all please have a read through my campaign and if you can’t donate, that’s fine, but please share my link on your social media sites and help me out! thanks 🙂


  • michelle

    I’ve never done this before..this isn’t an emergency..it’s a dream,my mom has been talking about for years and now we’re trying to get it started if you can help start our small business that would be great..if not please share.https://funds.gofundme.com/mobile/dashboard?url=2hw3x98

  • Mike Termani

    Hi. I have made a hobby of making and selling tropical tanks, and making cool water features in terrariums. So far I have sold 5 aquariums and terrariums to local buyers and would love to start a little business for myself doing what I love. I started a page to help me do just this, if you would like to, I would love it if you would share the page here, or with others in the hobby and maybe one day I can get my dream off the ground. Making sure these animals are comfortable is my number one priority.


  • Kyle Roland

    My son is in ICU he is only 5 days old and fighting to stay alive he has been getting a little better but still having seizures and on a ventilator pls help out and share http://www.gofundme.com/baby-kyle-medical-and-help

  • Amber Gonzales

    Hello! My name is Amber Gonzales and I live in Tempe AZ. I have a 7 month old baby girl named Abigail. On September 27th I picked up Abby from daycare and she was unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital where they found her with a skull fracture and bleeding to her brain. She had 11 seizures in 3 days where they decided to but her in a coma and on a breathing machine to give her body a rest. We were in the hospital 3 weeks where they discharged her with 99.9% severe brain damage and most likely to have Cerebral palsy as she gets older. There’s not a sec we are home that I’m not worried about her breathing or if she’s ok expecially at night I cannot sleep with piece of mind. I can not go back to work because I don’t have family or friends here that can help watch her. I hope that people will see our story and help in anyway they can. Feel free to share our story!! Thank you for taking the time to hear my story!
    God bless!
    Amber Gonzales



    Going for a c-section please read


  • Avenger

    Please help this pregnant mother.
    A very good friend of.mine is pregnant and will be delivering by 29th of this month through a c-section. She has been in and out of the emergency room and this has been out of.job for two months now. She has been lock out of her house and even has been threaten with an eviction very soon. Please help her out

  • Hey everyone! I was wondering if you would take the time read my campaign. We are a large (5 kids) family and hubs has been out of work since October (was out of work from last January until the end of July due to having upper back surgery) and with the holidays we are having a hard time. Thank you for your time and consideration!


    • Avenger

      I guess u got the donation I sent to you last night. Every body is not a scammeras you think. And blocking a lady in need lIke you and painting someone trying to help her as a scammer is been wicked.
      Pray your husband gets well quick

      • I just logged onto disus and everything is messed up, I’m trying to figure out where the thread went. If you noticed notification and comments haven’t been coming in. I’m not trying to paint her or you as a scammer, just was trying to get more information about the situation. But on disqus when someone just pops up out of the blue raises flags. There was just a huge fight because someone else was accused of being a fraud so everyone is being cautious. I appreciate your donations, I saw it this morning but i did not even know it was from you. I ended up going to bed. I wish your friend the best of luck and i will let you know if i can find the thread. Hopefully disqus straightens out.

        • Avenger

          It’s okay… it has been blocked no need for explanations they have taken the comment down
          Thanks anyways

          • People are telling me that they cant even see anything on my channel. So Idk what’s going on, but i didn’t block anyone. The post seems to gone and i didn’t delete it, and i am the only mod.

          • Where did her go fund me account go? I was going to repost the deleted thread and when I clicked on the link it said it is gone.

          • Avenger

            It’s okay. .. she has removed it. She don’t want it again. Her church has helper her pay the apartment

          • I’m glad things worked out for her

          • GetOutThere


          • Cym to u too

      • Mokaddesur Rahman

        I’m reaching out to ask for your support for the
        “E-Commerce Startup for Handicrafts Product” campaign on Indiegogo. This
        business support to disadvantage village women’s. Our Indiegogo
        campaign Link: https://igg.me/at/bornohin/x/11677800
        Please support or share our campaign for collect fund. Thanks.

  • Wayne Fisher

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  • Mokaddesur Rahman

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m reaching out to ask for your support for the “E-Commerce Startup for Handicrafts Product” campaign on Indiegogo. This business support to disadvantage village women’s. Our Indiegogo campaign Link: https://igg.me/at/bornohin/x/11677800
    Please support or share our campaign for collect fund. Thanks.
    https://igg.me/at/bornohin/x/11677800 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f66da5217ae383bcd1c50446cf1cfcb5d16c55b83b336a758488efe211391d14.jpg

  • Петр Мячин

    Hello, let’s try bild to the world of grateful people? https://igg.me/at/ithanks/x/15940028

  • Isi

    38 days until a Night of Worship to remember LIVE in Cardiff! Revival is coming to WALES!

    Love worship? Passionate about praise? Then you dont wana miss this…!

    Start off by booking your ticket via: https://nightofworship-events.yapsody.com. Book tickets for & Invite your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you can think of… It will be a glorious night!

    We are also counting on your support towards this event. If you have the urge to help this great cause (or know anyone) then please do so by visiting our GIVING page: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/now-gospel-music-concert. Remember, “no amount is too little, your thought counts most”!

    Kindly share this on your social media platforms and get people talking about this! You won’t be disappointed! More information is available on http://nightofworshipevent.wixsite.com/thenowcrew

    So… come as you are, come with expectation…! God bless you!

  • Byron Lord

    The World’s First Online Video-Radio Station. Need a little help crossing the goal line! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/665759496/the-worlds-first-online-video-radio-station

  • Ryan Thornton

    Kickstarter Help!!! Almost 20% Please help me reach my goal and launch my passion to the next level!


  • Mimi nunez

    1: Make a donation of any size –
    Even the smallest counts !!

    2: share this campaign on Facebook , Instagram and twitter feeds.

    3:leave a note in the comments section with any loving advice
    Or encouraging words that you can offer for her heart .

  • Alicia Mecham
  • Анна Гусева

    My dear friends and future subscribers!
    I need your help right now. I’ve started this creation with my own time and money, and now I’m asking you to help to continue producing exceptional videos.
    I have launched on Kickstarter. Support and make a pledge https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/s-hubme/art-of-stretching-with-s-hubme

  • Jesse Guzman

    Please help me and my wife put our beautiful babe boy to rest he recently had passed away and this is the worst possible thing that has ever happend . Any donations will help alot thanks eveyone..

  • Lianza Buller

    gofundme.com/43bcesg please could you take a look at my campaign I would be more than grateful for any idea’s as to where I go from here also regarding medical neglect, first and foremost any information in helping me meet my campaign target, how to advertise and publish my campaign as I would like for it to be publicised. If you could give me any advise or even point me in the right direction as to where I go next in regards to getting my story out there I would really really appreciate it so much. I hope you take the time in reading my campaign and I hope to receive any feedback sometime soon, many thanks in advance lianza buller x

  • Lianza Buller


    please could you take a look at my campaign I i would really really appreciate it so much. I hope you take the time in reading my campaign and I hope to receive any feedback sometime soon, many thanks in advance lianza buller x

  • hana

    Hi there, I’m a Canadian single mother of 3 beautiful boys living in Israel, the country that’s holding my children with a no exit order, I am so happy to have joined your group, because of my situation I feel alone and alienated. I have created a go fund me page to save enough for a lawyer to get us all back home, back to freedom and safety. I’m urging all and any to share my story and for any support you can provide for us. Thank you! 💓

    Please support my family cause at gofundme.com/t9xe4ms Help free my children to go back home to Canada with me.

  • Renee Clark

    https://www.youcaring.com/everyoneanyoneinneed-883421 this is my crowdfunding account I live in St Petersburg Florida on the Southside there are a lot of families living in poverty and homeless people so I’m raising money to buy a building to open for families children and emergency shelter

  • Theresa Taylor

    I am seeking desire help to stop my Eviction process before I go to court I have some of the funds. Due to being Late we were hit with not just rent but late fees, court fees.

  • Raven

    Help me get my license

  • JAniqua

    Mother of 3 just trying to get my dream off the ground of becoming a small business owner and being able to provide a better life for my children


  • RLove Depp
  • Alexandru Andrei

    Helps this child fight cancer if you can not donate at least 10 € then help him distribute this article https://fundrazr.com/51HUe2?ref=ab_66rjR2 please help

  • Shellie Ashworth
  • https://www.gofundme.com/grandma-cheryls-cancer-challenge

    Just set this up to help out one of our student chaplains. Feedback invited.

  • Help Medelline

    Please share and contribute for a little girl..Is so little to die.I’m disperate!Please help..Is urgently

  • Aleksandrs Slobodjaņuks

    Good afternoon!

    We are professional leather craftsmen from London. Not so long time ago we launched our new product – True Gentleman’s Gloves. Our design is inspired by the rough weather of Scotland and the practical needs of our clients.
    Scottish weather can be quite harsh on your hands, so our gloves are here to bring you comfort, warmth and additional functionality 😉

    Could you please check out our campaign, we will appreciate any feedback and support.

  • Tia

    Looking for help to get our 3 son’s taken care of. Any help we can get would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rebecca Ortiz

    https://www.gofundme.com/after-hurricane-maria-puerto-rico please my family needs your support, even the smallest amount you donate to help my family will be very appreciated, share my page everywhere, thank you for your support.

  • DavidNalbandian

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    Please visit for more details https://isignfund.com

  • Jason


    Hey all, I’m saving for my first car so I do not have to take the 1.5 hour bus ride each way to school and so I can get to work and visit my father. If you could read the link I sent I would really appreciate it.

  • Courtney Nichols
  • Adrian Meek

    https://www.gofundme.com/50rx1v4 this family needs alot of help so I’m posting wherever I can. Thanks

  • Princeton Williams

    DE LEON | Defining Luxury Handbags With Élise

    Not only is this handbag coated with elegance and sophistication, it also offers RFID protection to protect from card theft. Now live on Kickstarter with 28 days left to reach the funding goal. Please take the time to view our rewards and help us get our funding goal.

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