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Welcome to CrowdCrux – A blog that helps individuals run successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Salvador BriggmanMy name is Salvador Briggman and I am passionate about two things: the crowdfunding industry and helping people reach their fundraising goals. From behind-the-scenes interviews of successful crowdfunders, in-depth research of crowdfunding trends, a decade of experience creating and marketing products, and five years spent working in and running startup companies, I bring you some awesome marketing tips, promotional resources, proven campaign strategies, and more.

My number one goal is to see to it that you have all the tools and knowledge to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. It can be a headache to wrap your mind around all of the resources available and actions you need to take in order to get it off the ground. I bring all those relevant topics to you right here, in one place.

My Comprehensive Guide

Tricks for Launching a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

This comprehensive guide is the result of over 20 interviews that I’ve conducted with successful Kickstarter projects.

Learn what it’s like to run a crowdfunding campaign, from preparing the launch to getting backers, pledges, and media coverage.

On the one hand, there are many Kickstarter project owners that have run wildly successful campaigns. On the other, there are those who struggle to reach 1% of their fundraising goal.

At the end of the day, it is my mission to foster the sharing of knowledge and advice between these two groups so that new crowdfunders can benefit from those who have been there and done that.

If you have a chance, check out our Forum or Subscribe to my weekly newsletter!

More importantly, feel free to leave comments on helpful articles so that other project owners can benefit from your experience or help you with problems you are facing during your fundraising campaign.

Contact Me

If you have run a successful campaign feel free to email me here: sbriggman@crowdcrux.com and share your story! I might have you on the podcast.

Are you struggling with your crowdfunding campaign?

I would first recommend you check out some of the great resources on this site. Many of the tips come from successful project owners that I have interviewed.

Read more about Sal or Contact Him. Follow him on TwitterLinkedIn, or Google+.

  • Monte Tom

    Thanks for making this site Salvador! I just recently discovered crowd funding and am happy to know there are sites like this to foster the community. Keep rocking!

  • Ok at your request I sent you my experience. Please feel free to cut it down a bit. Hugs

    • CrowdCrux

      Awesome. I’ll check it out! Thanks!

  • Chau Nguyen

    nice site with great info

    • CrowdCrux


  • PrimeSales4U

    We just started a new campaign. Please review and let us know what you think. Here’s the link.


  • Eddie Bauer Jr.

    Good stuff Sal I’ve learned more than I ever thought there was to know about crowd funding from ya man…Thanks a ton for the info. We are in pre launch mode…

    • CrowdCrux

      🙂 Do you have any questions I can help answer?

      • Eddie Bauer Jr.

        I was wondering if there were any other services like ayudos, They seem to have a turnkey service at an affordable price (I know affordable is relative)

        • CrowdCrux

          I believe I answered you on twitter, but: http://crowdfundingpr.org, crowdfundbuzz, gogorocket, pitchfuse.com

          • Eddie Bauer Jr.

            You did thank you and I didn’t see these. here is another one also the crowd fund boutique

  • CapimDouradoCampaign

    Hi Salvador! thank you for the information! it helps a lot! i’m working on my indiegogo campaign and kinda getting crazy haha! i didn’t imagine aaaaalll we had to do to have a successful campaign. i wanted to launcho last week but i think i’ll do it in 10 days…can you check it out and let me know what you think? http://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/7c36eecc and more important can you help spread the word? Thx

    • CrowdCrux

      If you post it on PitchFuse (pitchfuse.com) I can check it out and provide some feedback via comments :). Just re-post the link here when you do.

    • Ulysses Magnus

      I really think you should do a soft launch on pitchfuse. I plan on funding my third project (1st one failed to fund, second one made it to the green) in April and will have pitchfuse be an integral part of the meta-campaign. This is just the tip of the spear–actually, the molecule at the tip of said spear!–and every month that goes by more and more new creators will launch. You have to think of the live project as the final stage of a rocket launch. You need a ton of energy to reach escape velocity. Without a built in tribe (like Seth Godin or Zach Braff) you have to find and lead your tribe BEFORE you launch and run a live campaign.
      Right NOW you have to be doing everything you can to get people into your project. I think many key components are being forged this year. Now that pitchfuse is here as a tool, the next thing we all need to send to the blacksmith to work and hammer out is OFFLINE EVENTS.
      I am brainstorming everyday on how to create a way to launch an event in the world of the actual on Day12, and fight back the online slump of a project. I have a theory that the U shaped graph right now has roots in the fact that as of now, most of our activity is ONLINE. So, you have a bunch of pledges in the first week, then things slow down..waaaaayyyyy down–then as your project appears on Ending Soon (do not know if Indiegogo has the same listing) category and the realization that NO MORE PLEDGES WILL COME IN as your campaign draws to a close–you shift to 5th gear. Also, on Kickstarter, there is a Remind Me button–an email is sent out 48 hours before the close of your project, so that also accounts for the last days if increased activity,
      I believe the way to combat the mid-campaign slump is a massive offline attack when the slump starts. You have to meet and great, you have to kiss babies and shake hands. Make postcards, host a party DO SOMETHING THAT ALLOWS YOU TO ENGAGE HUMAN BEINGS and guide them through the pledging process.

      • Guest

        Sorry sal for spewing but I finally am in a comfortable space once Super Wife created the spreadsheet and I don’t feel scattered anymore!

  • Tica Coady Vangen

    Thank you Salvador for your website! It has been eye opening and inspiring. All your information helps to take some of the mystery out of crowd funding. I hope that I may return your generosity one day. Tica

    • CrowdCrux

      Wow! Glad I can help inspire :D. Let me know if you have any questions about crowdfunding that I can help with :).

  • Hi Sal! Your website has been invaluable as I move closer to launching a Kickstarter campaign for my first novel (got the approval back yesterday). One thing I haven’t been able to find, and may just be overlooking, is whether there are specific days of the week that are best to launch and end on. What has your experience with this been? (And just for the record, the main character of my novel is named Sal…thought that it must be karma that I found your website/Facebook page). Have a good one.

    • CrowdCrux

      Good topic for an article. I’ve seen some creators specifically design their campaign to coincide with when their friends will get their paycheck, or refunds from taxes. It’s also important to think about when you would like your campaign to end – time of day, date, etc. (as the start date influences this).

      Several users on the KickstarterForum.org have commented on this in the past, so I will dig through the archives and get back to you.

  • Derrick Moore

    Thank you for the information. I am just trying to expand, develop and grow food for those that really need it. Who would have thought that trying to help others would be so hard? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/derrickmoore74/non-gmo-farm-off-grid-independent

    • CrowdCrux

      Glad the information on the website is helpful. Let me know if you have any specific questions about crowdfunding I can help with 🙂

  • seal of the gods

    hi mr briggman, thank you for checking out my project a month ago and giving me feedback. i am now poised to launch my kickstarter campaign for Vesuvius on feb 26th 2014. please feel free to check it out before the launch. I Took your advice and and since then made some updates. check out the teaser and all the great incentives i have for supporters. thanks again



    Hi Mr. Briggman,
    I’m a high school student planning to launch my kickstarter project in early June. Your website is a great source of advice! The one trouble I’m having is finding bloggers with a smaller audience that I can contact, how should I go about actually finding them? The problem is that I’m finding nothing but Business Insider/ big story writers.
    Thanks in advance

  • Danielle Rose Tufaro

    Hi Salvador,
    Thank you so much for helping people the way that you do. My name is Danielle Tufaro I am a 31 yr old new single mother and I am also creator and inventor of the new woman’s workout accesory called boob tuub. Boob tuub is an awesome product with great potential to be in sports stores throughout America. I started a campaign on indiegogo and I’m having trouble raising money and getting the word out. I have been reading your content and I am going to continue to read more for advice. If you can look at my link and if you like it share it would truly mean the world to me. I am really trying very hard to get my product out there but not having much luck . Hope you get this.


    • CrowdCrux

      Hi Danielle. Thanks for commenting. Most of my advice regarding outreach can be found on the “new here?” tab on the navigation bar. You can also tweet at @crowdcrux and I will do my best to retweet you. I also have paid promotional options (crowdfundingpr.org/submit-press-release-2). Have you checked out the new Indiegogo section of the forum? http://www.kickstarterforum.org

  • Kreedos

    First off,

    Thank you for following me on Twitter, I made sure to return the follow. I must have spent 2+ hours studying your website last night. I will continue to do so. I am in the preparation stages of my kickstarter project and I am well aware that chance favors the prepared mind. Therefore, I plan on making your website my one stop resource, or “hub” if you will for gathering information to be successful with this kickstarter.

    I hope to learn as much as possible while putting into practice the methods you’ve compiled. This kickstarter project is a personal dream of mine and I anticipate being able to implement your ideas successfully!

    Freed aka Kreedos

    • CrowdCrux

      Definitely :). Glad the website is helpful and let me know if you have any questions either via comment or on KickstarterForum.org.


      • Kreedos

        I have learned a ton from you in these four months. I’m over 3,000 followers on twitter and have a nice little following. I feel like there is so much to learn, but I don’t want it to hinder my summer launch. Anyway, thank you for all you do! Your contribution is appreciated!
        I have a soft launch on Prefundia (a week in) but now looking at your site, Pitchfuse seems to be a more favorable spot to check out.

  • Qlipter – Super Clip

    Read your e-book. Good stuff! I enjoyed all the interviews you did. Looking forward to using the tips in my upcoming campaign. Thanks!

    • CrowdCrux

      Glad you liked the ebook!

  • David Fahrer

    Awesome! have kept this all in mind before launching my own Kickstarter campaign:


    • CrowdCrux

      Congrats on raising 12k so far! Keep it up!

  • Austin

    I am trying really hard to reach out to bloggers and get publicity, but nothing has come through so far, and I was wondering if you had any other suggestions.

  • Thanks so much for all of this valuable information! I launched my Kickstarter campaign ten days ago and we’re 54% of the way toward our goal. This is my first experience with Kickstarter and I’m so impressed with the genuine sense of community that exists among backers and creators and people like you who are so generous with helpful tips and advice.

    Thank you!


    • CrowdCrux

      You’re in pretty good shape for your goal. I imagine you’ll see a bit of a surge in the last 1-2 days also. Keep plugging away! Glad the website is helpful :). We also run KickstarterForum.org

    • Gina Buccini

      Great idea! Keep going…:)

  • Gina Buccini

    Hi Salvador! This is such great information. I wish I would have seen it before I began my Kickstarter campaign. Even reading the comments from creators is great. Question: I was thinking about doing one of your paid services. I lost the link to that page. Can you provide? Also, my project is a book about women of the bible. Not a typical consumer product, etc..but beautiful – filled with art. Do you have different PR channels for such a project? We are at 19% funded with 22 days to go. Thanks so much!


  • Erwin Dijkstra

    Hello Salvador!

    Thanks for all the information: you do a great job! I’m a Dutch student who found a solution to solve the problem of seed capital: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bindid We have created a press kit for publishers, so feel free to visit our webstie: http://www.bindid.com



  • Likhit Bharadwaj

    Hello, salvador, we are building this apartment in India & we need crowdfunding for this- we are offering 18-20% ROI, please give me some good ideas and help in fundraising.
    Thank You.

    • CrowdCrux

      Are you doing real estate crowdfunding (equity)? Which platform are you using?

      • Likhit Bharadwaj

        We do not have any real-estate crowdfunding platform in India, but I am thinking of http://www.crowdfunder.com we need $400K, and can you please tell me more about equity and debt crowdfunding? we have recently got a funding of $1,25,000 from a local investor, but now we want to get crowdfunded as we need bigger amount. Please guide us & please can you provide me your e-mail so that we can discuss more on this topic over mail.
        Thank You.

        • Scott E. McIntyre

          depending on where you are building and who will be your tenants, I may have a contact there for you. Let me know.

        • laura

          My name is miss laura, i saw your profile and it drew my attention to write to you. I would like you to communicate me through my e-mail address

  • Mary-Jo de Leeuw

    Amazing Dutch design: train your soul with the Pebblestone

    Start-up Mojo Creations just launched the first tactile designer fitness tool with technical features for training the soul with the aim of enhancing contentment and joy at a personal and global level.

    It is scientifically recognized that the mind is very powerful and controls the way people view themselves, their perceptions of the world and their feelings. Training the ‘mental muscles’ for an average of 10 weeks whilst fully aware can change people’s habits and feelings, making them more resilient, grateful, content, trusting, sensitive, secure, energetic and compassionate.


  • Trisha Powers

    Hi! I just signed up for your newsletter and have begun researching how to get my story out there to the masses. My story is a compelling one, but I believe I have exhausted my local resources (friends and family) and have hit a plateau in my fundraising. Could you please take a look at my site and give me some advice? Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this site and for taking the time to read my story.



  • D+ Volunteer

    Hi Salvador, we are yet to kick off any pledges for Daily Positive (D+): Your Daily Source Of Positive News at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/259043041/daily-positive-d-your-daily-source-of-positive-new What should we do?

    • CrowdCrux

      First step: Ask friends/family/professional connections to back your campaign to get it up from 0 backers.

  • I have an indiegogo campaign and would like to submit a PR. What are the best ways to do that? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kinkless-tangled-jewelry/x/8101865

  • Hi Sal,

    I am new to the Kickstarter world and found your article 21 places to promote your Kickstarter campaign to be very useful. I am using Kicktrag, Kicking It Forward and Crowdfunding to promote and track our progress

    If you could take a peek at our campaign / website and if you like what you see could you share it? We are trying to create a little buzz and any help will be appreciated. Also any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.




  • Laurie Swenson

    Hi Salvador! I just finished reading your blog about 30 individuals that are good contacts for a Kickstarter campaign. I had already read the one about 21 good places to promote a campaign. Those articles were both very helpful, and I’m now following you on Twitter.

    I’m doing PR for a new indie video game called Lords of Steel. We have a press release on PRWeb, we have a more “gaming” press release, we just finished the media kit and will launch the Kickstarter campaign Aug. 4, so I’m working on an email cover letter to send out to bloggers, websites, etc., prior to that date. Your blogs will be very helpful in exploring additional sites to the ones I already compiled. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, the newly updated website (still in production) is http://lords-of-steel.com (if it’s OK to post a link here? If not, feel free to remove it).

  • Mr. Paul

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    Dirty Linen in Public Anymore. It’s The Future of My Children! I was blessed
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    My second daughter
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    in that graduation!

    My 3rd
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    I once came across
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  • Alexander Winn

    Hey, Sal! I just found your site, and it looks like a great resource! I’d love to hear any notes or suggestions you might have about my new Kickstarter campaign. The link is below, and thank you in advance!


    • CrowdCrux

      Hmm.. What kind of feedback are you getting so far? I think it would be better if you were in the video. Have you considered posting on the r/startups subreddit and asking for feedback? They are pretty helpful there.

      • Alexander Winn

        I’m getting some good feedback so far, but I’m having a hard time generating good traffic. About 2/3 of the people who start our video are finishing it, and every time I share the website or the Kickstarter campaign around, people respond very favorably to the idea. I’ve shared my website on /r/startups, although not my Kickstarter campaign specifically. I’ll get on that ASAP.

        Do you have any other tips, for my campaign specifically or in general, for getting eyeballs on a campaign? I feel like if I can just stop shouting into the wind, I can start getting some traction.

        • CrowdCrux

          Most of my tips on traffic are in the “new here” section or in my ebook. Social media, pr, direct email, paid promotion, etc. In my experience, the hard part isn’t driving traffic, it’s converting it to pledges. I would always use your Kickstarter shortlink (can view stats by ending + to end of link) and see what works/doesn’t. Each campaign is different.

  • Jeff Read

    Hello everyone! Please join my worldwide Indiegogo campaign event! Help me reach my goal. Thanks! JR – https://www.facebook.com/events/279109412286982/

  • Jeff Read

    Hello Salvador & everyone! I’ve raised $11,650 of $15,000; I have 512 backers; 78% funded; 6 days left; and, I’m short $3,350. I need everyone’s help to reach my goal. Help a homeless man get a van (RV), build a brand and get back on the road again. Help me become self-sustaining with my brand, merchandise and YouTube channel. I have a lot of good unique and useful perks and rewards at reasonable prices. If you help me, I also help others on the road and on the road of life. Combining travel and helping others. I was covered in our local newspaper the other day. Find the link on the “Updates” tab. Thanks! JR – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-a-homeless-man-get-a-van-start-a-brand/x/1778524


    Hello Salvador,
    I think what your doing is amazing! Thankyou for creating this webpage. I just read your recent tweet regarding how to run a successful campaign. Very helpful. I am promoting a service to connect innovative technology and customers in one place. I would love to know if your interested in my project. Here is the link to my kickstarter http://kck.st/YGJUPi

  • Aurielle Pope

    Hi, Salvador!

    I came across your blog while searching for crowdfunding consultants and got lost (and a little overwhelmed) while going through your helpful content! I am a marketing analyst at a start-up aimed at connecting children with great opportunities that will help them discover and pursue their passions, and we are considering going the crowdfunding route (specifically indiegogo or fundables). I would love to get your advice on this. Is crowdfunding the right path for our small start-up? You can view the website here: http://www.thrively.com.

    I look forward to hearing from you + have a happy Thursday!
    -Auri Pope

  • Hi Sal, I’m finding myself coming back to your site frequently. You have a great resource here. I’m very glad you created it, thanks!

    I have 2 questions that I’d really appreciate your help on:

    1) my Kickstarter campaign is 3 days old and we’ve made good progress with 38% funding. I’m pleased at getting thousands of video views, 70% off-Kickstarter, which would suggest even better backer numbers. Is there anything obvious to you that would explain this possible lag? I’d be really grateful for your thoughts!


    2) If you feel able and do this kind of thing, it would be great if you could tweet something about the wolffepack Kickstarter. That would be fantastic!

    Thanks very much!


  • Nikola Stojkov

    Hi,I started a design project so I’m interested can you help me publishing it
    Best regards,


  • Shannon

    Hello Salvador,

    I am really happy I came across your blog and the tips you have here. Would you please consider tweeting or passing on my teens story? He is trying to raise funds to visit his grandparents in Germany. The local paper did a nice story on him, but he has not had much success raising the funds. Thank you for your consideration. Here is the link to his story.http://leesburgdailycommercial.fl.newsmemory.com/publink.php?shareid=18269aee9

  • Hello Salvador, We’ve recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to provide financial literacy to young adults. Educating the future generation about money, credit, and debt management is critical in the current financial environment. Please take a look at our campaign:


    With your help, we can ensure that young adults are securing their financial future.

  • connor johnson

    see our link its a great campaign:
    Share with your friends and spread the word…

  • Amy

    Hi Salvador. What can you tell me about Pubslush? My campaign launches on March 1st. What percentage of campaign success rates depend on the platform used? Thank you for your advice. https://pubslush.com/project/4429

    • CrowdCrux

      I did a podcast interview with pubslush recently where they shared some crowdfunding tips for authors. Might be helpful? http://www.crowdcrux.com/crowdfunding-tips-authors-podcast/

      For publishing projects, I think the majority of the funds raised come from the author’s network and marketing efforts. Usually, you don’t see too many overfunded campaigns like you do in the technology categories, though that’s not always the case. I think it depends less on the platform for publishing projects.

  • Garret Nathan

    Hi Salvador I was wondering if you can help me with my Fundraising. I am using the money to create a Charity Foundation called Better Days, an organization designed to help create a better world with the power of music. We are trying to create a self sustaining Charity Event to benefit local community initiatives along with creating some of our own.
    Garret Nathan

  • Pascal De Gaillande

    Hi Salvador, Hopefully you are not tired yet with all of us asking you for help. I have an idea for a social media concept, but I am faced with a couple of problems, one I am not able to disclose to the public the concept, but I need the funds from the public to develop the idea. I tried my luck on Indiegogo, only to find out that I was not able to reward the funders with a kind of return which got my campaign stopped right away, so now even having written the proposal with giving no clue about the concept to the public, I am not able to give them something back, as I am not offering a real product to give them….so my question is how can I convince people to fund the project if one I cannot give them a clue about the project, cannot give them something in exchange? Thanks Pascal

    • CrowdCrux

      If you are not able to publicly disclose the concept, then I don’t think crowdfunding is a good avenue. I think finding angel investment (seed capital) might be better. See angel investment vs crowdfunding: http://www.crowdcrux.com/crowdfunding-vs-angel-investing/

      • Pascal De Gaillande

        Thanks Salvador I have started looking into it. hopefully I will pull this one out. I have put the listing on angel.co

  • Mark

    hello, the new Twitter, but with non of the inhibiting. Yes i’ts called hello because you can write, call or send any format to any platform, if it’s not automated yet we’ll do it manually for the time being. 1 st time just answere what you want and you are go in 1 day. We need a crowdfunding crack

    • Mark
      • CrowdCrux

        Thanks for sharing. Think you guys need to work on your wix page before sharing it. It’s glitchy for me.

  • Robert Rybarski

    Hello Salvador, We are asking for your help with our kickstarter campaign. Our project is Handi Sani or Visit us at http://www.handisani.com We have invented to worlds first self cleaning toilet brush but need your help to get the word. Please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you so much

  • Hello Salvador! I am crowdfunding to help me with creating my idea for an out door space for people to participate in daily art projects to keep art as a tool for expression and unity in the community. The space will be called The Art Cart, and I aiming for this summer to launch! I was wondering …How I could attract more outsiders to my project. I would like to promote it to more people than just my friends, family and facebook page, very new at this , Appreciate all tips! Thank you for your time

  • Carnival Food
  • 100DatesofSummer


    Please check out our campaign. We need help. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/100-dates-of-summer-web-series

  • Rachel Hunt

    Hi there I have sent you an email, but if you would like to comment on my Campaign and suggest ways to share effectively, I would be grateful. Thank you http://www.gofundme.com/RoadtoRecovery7 Feedback welcome @ contact.preneur@yahoo.co.uk

  • Diane Z

    Hi, really new to all of this…would the 5 day course be helpful for learning about crowdfunding for a service oriented non profit, ie we don’t have a product that we are trying to promote. Are there platforms that are better suited to one time projects or ongoing funding of operations? Thanks!

    • CrowdCrux

      Hmm…. the main focus of the free 5 day course is on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The first lesson would help a bit in deciding which platform to launch on. I’m working on launching a new podcast that is just focused on nonprofit fundraising, so if you email me, can email you when this goes live. sbriggman@crowdcrux.com.

  • Alex

    This guy is on a mission to make DEANDRE JORDAN a great free throw shooter. Can he make it happen?! Check out the documentary here –> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/542967813/a-swish-come-true

  • Jonathan Heilig

    Hi Salvador,

    I just found your website and I’ve subscribed to your news letter. Would you mind taking a look at my Kickstarter campaign? I’ve been working on it for quite some time, but I finally launched it last night. If you like what you see, a share of the link would be greatly appreciated. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1027248511/the-day-the-sun-went-away

    I also have a website: http://www.thedaythesunwentaway.com

    Let me know what you think whenever you have time, and I will continue exploring your website 🙂

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for subscribing! Hope the newsletters will prove helpful. Have one coming out today :P. Initial impression is that the artistry is pretty cool! Am strapped for time, but feel free to share on our forum for more feedback.

  • Nic Larrivee

    Hello, Salvador, first off thank you so much for creating this website, tons of great tools for first time Crowdfunders!! I am struggling to raise money for my Kickstarter campaign and was curious if my layout and content looks professional enough on my campaign page?? (first time creating a campaign)

    • CrowdCrux

      I would compare it to others in your category (use kickstarter discovery or advanced search feature), as projects will vary from category to category.

  • How do I advertise? luis@talaveraconsulting.com

  • Jack Purdy

    I’ve been following your blog and really believe you would be interested in our environmentally friendly and socially responsible clothing and eye wear company Balboa. We launched our start up last week., here’s the link to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1068160997/balboatm-a-brand-that-feeds?ref=nav_search.
    If you like what were about we’d really appreciate it if you would write a blog, tweet, or even back us to get some cool apparel! I’d also just love to hear your feedback on our company.


  • We are in the beginning stages of Joshua’s Home for Children. We reach out to children between the ages of infant to 18 years who have been orphaned, abused or neglected and pregnant unwed mothers who need support and housing. We welcome any suggestions and assistance. Thank you

  • SaloonBox

    Hi Sal,

    I found your article 21 places to promote your Kickstarter campaign to be very useful. If you could take a look at our campaign and if you like what you see could you share it? Also any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.


    Just connected to you on Twitter as well with @saloonbox:disqus

    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing and connecting on twitter!

  • Thomas Willis

    I have three great uptown properties located in Dallas, Texas and I want to buy the properties all cash, reposition the properties, then put long term debt on the properties or sell the properties to developers going vertical. Property prices are from $1.6 Mil to $6Mil, and are in the best areas of North of Downtown Dallas, but I do not want to use conventional lenders and have that monthly or quarterly debt service beating me to death while I reposition the properties. Is there a crowd funding structure that would allow me to raise all the funds needed to buy the properties all cash? Each property would be in its own single asset entity/partnership. Holding period would be from twelve months to four years, with the exit to be selling the property or financing out of the property and enjoying the cash flow.
    I just do not know the available options available through crowd funding.
    I would appreciate your advise or insight on my funding needs with crowd funding.

  • Hi Salvador,

    I just came across your website and it is very helpful. I just launch my Kickstarter campaign and since it is my first time I don’t know quite yet how to reach the audience.

    Here is the campaign…


    Any tips/ideas will be very much appreciated. Thank you


  • Roll Saga

    Hi, Salvador. Enjoyed your blog immensely. We are a startup for a tabletop game that we’re planning to launch on Kickstarter on July 1, 2015 (signed up), but we are struggling to get any pre-release support via the social media channels. We’ve promoted (at the expense of being pushy) our game across the channels that we belong to and joined 40 Google Plus communities that are related to our game. However, we are seeing very little result. The market is so crowded, it seems, that it’s hard to be heard and we get the cold shoulder everywhere we turn. While we know that there is not a ‘magic formula’ we would greatly appreciate any advice or just a quick peek at our project to provide even the most minimal of feedback. Thanks for your time. Jody at http://RollSaga.com

    • CrowdCrux

      Could you give some kind of incentive for people to opt into the email list on your website, like exclusive access to facebook group, a discounted version of the game when it comes out, or even just be the first to hear about the campaign when it launches? I would try to build relationships and nail down the communities that are most influential in your list. I really like Gary’s jab jab jab right hook concept: http://www.crowdcrux.com/gary-vaynerchuks-crowdfunding-advice/

      • Hi Salvador,

        Great advice. We had that already on the site but we believe that it was a little crowded and overlooked. Since then, we’ve streamlined the primary landing page to only offer the notification of our launch when signing up.

        We’re following your nod to ‘Gary’s Jab’ and on our way right now.

        Thanks again for your reply and professionalism.

        Best regards.

  • Hello, I’m launching my Indiegogo campaign, https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/a924e5e4, in a few days for Lockr app – a new spin on passing notes. There’s this satisfaction in getting these notes. Satisfaction in writing it, folding it, unfolding it, and finally reading it. This doesn’t happen anymore. I wanted to put an app out there that puts a new spin on passing notes. So that today’s generation can have this experience on their phone and my generation can have a nostalgic experience. I hope you can check out the Indiegogo preview page. facebook.com/lockrapp

  • zen indo

    Hi, Salvador? Nice to view your profile. Thanks very much I found this site. First, Let me introduce myself. I am Zen a volunteer teacher in local school,collective class (Zen English Course) and private houses. I am from Kembang village, Bondowoso-East Java, Indonesia. I’ve been teaching English since I graduated from Senior High School in 1988. At the moment I teach English all age students and mostly Elementary school students in my small city. I’ve been a volunteer teacher in my school without salary from our goverment. I have to help my students because most of their parents are poor people. I do hope they can get much experiences and knowledges in English in order to increase their skills and growing up their life better in modern era like their dreams. Suddently, I found this site (gofundme.com) immediately i write my article and I would love to hope donation from this company(Bank). Because I’ve been so long time to find help of money to improve my project. But up to now I haven’t got it yet.

    Let you know that I really need help from donors around the world untill I met your company in this site. It’s amazing and nice sound ! I’ve begun my project since I met the visitors or foreigner tourists 2001 who came to my small city. I welcomed them happily. I help them to stay night in my very simple house at village by free (no payment). Because I extremely excited to practice English conversation for me,my family also my students. This case was as an appreciation of us to them. a year later, there were many tourists who looked for the hotel, but I invited them to hospitalized at home. They were glad and I took them to Ijen Crater and Bromo mount to see the beautiful scenery around us. Untill I got workaway info to get more volunteers around the world from this website up to now. Since that time I’ve worked volunteering teaching English with them. But unfortunately my resource income for budgeter not enough to spend and to serve their necessary with my family. Usually I get 2 or 3 dollar USD perday, but in the fact, I have to spent more than 12 dollar everyday. It made my daily budgeter not compare with my incomed. Every months there are two up to five volunteers currently hospitalized in my house. I borrowed much money to my friends to serve my guests volunteers from abroad. This is one of solution I got. . Beside it all of students are very interesting to study with them. Althought I have much debts but I still spirit and glad to teach the students and accompanied them as important of social education in my place. And It’s nice to serve my honorable guests who help teaching to my students and others who need us. So I need the aid from you to get the best solution. Please give the chance to help my project. I really need money to get my real dream help people. To easy contact me, I give you my e-mail address and cellphone number: zen.indo@yahoo.co.id and +6285 258 502 258. Thank you very much for help and all attention. I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Best Wishes,


  • Christophermaston895

    Please read our story click share and donate if possible. Gofundme.com/n4z9m8. Thank u and have a great day.

  • Alain Martin

    Hello Salvador,

    I’m about 17 days in for my campaign to raise 20k for our documentary, the Forgotten Occupation.

    It’s about the United States Occupation of Haiti. We have raised 11k but I feel as if I’ve peaked and am worried that I won’t be able to raise the 9k for the remainding month a half left. Any tips on how to reach a wider audience? And people who said they would donate have not and I don’t want to come across as me harassing them. So I feel that I need to go beyond my present network. This is a link to our campaign.


    • The first week and the last week of a crowd funding campaign always show the most momentum.

  • Shannon Mansfield

    Hello Salvador, I am an ordinary person..I am not trying to raise money to build anything, become famous, or ask for money not needed. I am a mother of five trying to give her family a home..a happy home. I have created a gofundme account with no luck. I have tried to reach out to Ellen Degeneres and other celebrities with no luck.. Do you have any suggestions on ordinary people needing help to turn their lives around for the better of their family?

    • Ordinary people can build things. Come up with a creative project that will make you some money (People want to make investments, not give handouts.). Then, start a crowdfunding project to get it off the ground. You have to be serious about it, though.

  • Are you based in New York or nearby?

    • CrowdCrux


  • matthew Lesko

    Salvador.. It’s Matthew Lesko.. Like to get in touch and the number i have does not workl.. matthew@lesko.com

    • CrowdCrux

      Saw your email. Will reply to it today. Apologize for the delay.

  • Hey Salvador. I just hit you up on twitter.

    Incredibly interesting information you provide. I’ve read a few articles and found them really helpful.

    We just launched our new summer product for the US called KoolZone bit.ly/KoolzoneKickstarter

    If you have a few minutes I would greatly appreciate any advise you may have on how to get this in front of people.

    I really feel that its a great product, but with a low marketing budget it’s proving to be quite difficult. Thanks again! =)

  • Hi Salvador,

    I launched my first kickstarter campaign today and am eager to learn how I can make sure my idea is shared. I believe that people supporting others and sending small items like my Life Quote Cards will help to brighten someone’s day just having them know they are being thought of. Alternatively the option for people to receive a card each week I believe will help motivate people to go after their own dreams. I would love if you would take a look at my campaign and provide any recommendations based on your expertise.



    • CrowdCrux

      You need to ask members of your social network to pledge asap to get the amount up from $0. Strangers are less likely to pledge when they see that it’s at 0.

      • AAgyie


  • John Cummins

    Hi Salvador, my partner and I are in the final stages of lease negotiations for a space to open a hip, fast-casual restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. It is a start up concept, though we both have extensive background as owner operators in the food business. We have a core group of investors but we’re looking at options to complete our capital raise. We’d like to explore equity crowdfunding and would appreciate any guidance you could provide for us to connect with the most appropriate sources. Looking to raise approximately $200-$250k. We have our investor deck for review. Would love your feedback.
    Thank you.

  • John Alexander Oberman


    Enjoyed reading some of your work on publishing a successful Kickstarter campaign, thank you for your passion helping others, I found a lot of your insight helpful. Would love to tap your knowledge a little more if you are available for services at a cost. alex@flomusic.com, I will send you an email shortly.

    Thanks again,

  • Sonia Pivetta

    Dear Salvador,

    my name is Sonia and together with my partner Filippo I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to promote our iOS keyboard app. It is called What2Share and lets users create and share any kind of contents through the keyboard itself (eg GIFs, MEMEs, Sounds, Smileys, Photo editing, Screen shots collages, doodles, balloons and so on).

    We want to raise funds in order to both promote it and develop it for Android devices too.

    It would be an honor to us if you decided to help us in promoting our campaign! Have a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/361751701/what2share-keyboard

    Thanks for reading this, have a nice day 🙂


  • Joseph

    Well Sal, I dove in too fast and desperate for expert help. “I ain’t got long”.

  • Hi Salvador, I just wanted to say I really enjoy you’re site and I really appreciate the content you provide.

  • Tiffany Lajola Toothman

    Aloha Salvador. We’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign. Although we’ve created a lot of buzz by being on the local news, and have been featured in magazines/blogs, and have built a good amount of following on all our social media, we are still struggling to get people to actually back our campaign. Can you give any advice on how to adjust at this point since it’s still a bit early.



    • CrowdCrux

      Thanks for sharing! I would put your thumb on why people aren’t (objection or traffic relevancy) and how you can turn lurkers into backers. The best way to determine that is by talking to prospective backers and gathering data to glean insights.

  • Tiffany Lajola Toothman

    Hi Salvador, can we please hire you for your consulting services for our current live campaign?

  • Vin


    Do we need a merchant services account for a IndieGoGo campaign or do we just use PayPal to collect funds? I can’t tell if we use IndieGoGo’s merchant account or ours? Can we use Apple Pay?

  • ?? CJWKA

    This is a silent bequest. I have a friend that was cutting his tree’s in his yard, with a chain saw, and the sad part is the ladder flew up and went air borne along with the saw, out from underneath him, his name is William Clatfelter. They (Judy his wife) live in Noblesville, Indiana. He broke both wrists, had to have two sets of wrist plates surgically and also is going through therapy to regain movement, and he’s suffering for with an open bleeding wound on one leg(which he could’ve lost), where he must lay in an oxygen tank to try to stop the bleeding from the inside out. His wife said their financially ruined. He’s to be in the chamber daily, @Westfield Wound Clinic; c/o William Clatfelter, Noblesville, Indiana. It would be a blessing in disguise, but the bill is yet to be determined, knowing hospitals, the bill must be over 50K. His wife is unable to work, I believe this couple is on social security benefits only, and have been financially burdened. I saw the wound, where it looks like a piece of liver is cut, and the scar of the wound is all the way down to the bone of the leg. He’s fortunate enough to be able to walk on the other leg even though he’s bed ridden unable to do nothing. If he hadn’t been sent life lined to Westfield clinic, than he may not be with us today. They are special people. The saddest part is they lost a child, a son, just recently. This article is from your heart and mine to theirs, good and honest people. (I ask nothing for myself and they don’t know I’ve put this on Crowdcrux). May god be with them. His wife must perform all functions for them, so any giving is a blessing to the wound clinic on their behalf, or on Behalf of William Clatfelter’s is a blessing by God. . Silent Request by a friend CJWKA .

  • lschafman

    Hi Salvador – thanks for this blog! I’m interested in sites that combine fitness with charity fundraising. I know of Charity Miles, but wonder if you know of any other sites, and how people are responding to them. Thanks for your response!

    • CrowdCrux

      Hmm.. I don’t, but I’ll ask a friend of mine in that space to comment.

      • Hi there! You can use Deposit a Gift for fitness and charity fundraising. What kind of campaign did you have in mind? Feel free to email me: dana [at] depositagift [dot] com

  • Jimmy Club


    Hope your day is going well. I am running a fundraising campaign for my startup company. We’re scaling extremely fast and gaining subscribers everyday. The reason I am sending this message is in the hope that you would help spread the word about our campaign.

    We are helping people everywhere get quality name brand condoms at discount prices sent to them in a discreet box. This allows people to get good quality protection without paying ridiculous prices.

    Here is a link to the campaign —> http://igg.me/at/thejimmyclub/x/12142591

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • Stacey Monroe

    Hi Sal! I’ve been devouring your blog for several months, and kicked off an Indiegogo campaign about 6 days ago. With your advice, thought all was in order! (huge personal contact list, focused on email and facebook mostly) etc. etc. Soooooo, seems as though all our friends who are sharing through the GO site .. it’ll post to their FB page, but not showing up on news feeds of others. We’ve now read similar issues. Other curiosity factor – we are targeting women 35+ – and through a focus group, only a very few had even HEARD of crowdfunding. I’ve searched your blog, but do you have any articles relevant to marketing to this demographic? (And, we’ve also heard stories that they are having trouble checking out through the paypal partnership) — any advice/links would be great! Thanks!

  • Jymme Gann

    Hello Mr. Briggman,

    I appreciate the service you are providing by sharing your knowledge and experience. However, I have yet to find an answer to my problem. I need to raise just a small amount of money (less than a $1000) to take care of my problem. I very recently had to leave a bad situation/marriage. I had to let my daughter go live with my brother, leave my dog of 11 years with a relative, and leave most of my belongings behind. My daughter is able to receive a lot more at my brothers than I can give her (better school, stable home, cousins her age, etc.), so that has worked out very well. However I am currently unemployed and with certain disabilities, it will be harder and take longer to find a job, though I know that in time I will prevail. While job-hunting, I am doing as much volunteer work in my new community as possible. In the meantime, I am blessed with being able to live with my mother and step-father, but they are on a fixed income. I need to raise enough money to move my things to where I am living, thus being able to clothe myself for winter and sell a lot of my belongings to pay my own way until I can find work.

    What crowdfunding site would work best for me?

    Thank you for your time and help,

    J.J. Gann

  • BBFLFan

    Salvador, I have reworked the description of my GoFundMe campaign after reading your article. Could you possibly read it and let me know how you think I can make it better? You said tuition for education is one of the hardest campaigns to have and that is what mine is. I have, I think, great reasons for it. Here is my link. Thank you. http://www.gofundme.com/FundBett

  • Can I have both a Go Fund Me Page and a Kick Starter Page?


    • CrowdCrux

      You can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. They are very different fundraising mediums and Kickstarter doesn’t allow causes if that’s what you’re using GoFundMe for.

  • Fariya Khan

    respectfully i want to ask that i am from india and i want to raise fund for my education .i belong from a lower middle class family so i dont have enough money to continue my studies. i got admission me australia but due to lack of money i cant continue my study . total fee is 27,000 $ aud [ australian dollar] and same amount is for living expenses i am in a critical condition i want to do masters n got admission also but cant continue my studies please help me i will be highly obliged

  • Mia

    Hi Salvador, I read a few of your articles and they are very helpful, thank you! I need your input please…we are a fairly new non-profit and wanting to start our first preschool, the project cost is estimated at $320,000. We are first reaching out to our local private foundations and requesting smaller grants since we are new… in addition we need crowdfunding to raise the money. Please let me know if you think Tilt.com would be a good site for us…..also if the amount of $60,000 in 60 days is to high to ask with a $20,000 to tilt? …I saw another start up preschool there and they exceeded their target tilt….I hope you have a minute to look at our website. We provide Art-based educational curriculum to under resourced children and children in general. http://www.buildingdreamstogether.org

  • Rob Corra

    Hello Sal,
    I am trying to figure out how to do a fundraising. The problem is that my project does not seem to fit any categories on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It is a humanitarian project (but not a non-profit, – the company itself will be launched upon successful raising of the capital.). I created a press release, but even that would be a bit long to post here, although I can if it would help. I could also send it privately, if that would help.

    A super-short version is that we will provide free sewage and water treatment (among other things) for poor areas, and offer green services in others to help offset costs. – It is much better than the super-short version sounds. We are looking for Phase I funding which would launch the company and allow us to make the promo material and travel to sites, meet with people, and possibly do talks.

    I think I am going with Indiegogo and I asked them if they had insight to the category. However, I thought your expertise might be useful for such an endeavor.


  • Duncan McKay

    Hi Salvador. It’s a great blog! We are a European company and have, after 5+ years in development, launched an instant messaging, cross platform app with which you can text, send audio and video messages, make phone calls and video calls to other users, group chat, “a broadcast” function. The app really is “state of the art”. We are looking at the US potentially as a market to raise under a Reg D 506c private placement through a crowdfunding portal but it has to be affiliated with a broker dealer. Question 1) Do you have or can you point me towards a comprehensive list of such portals and/or broker dealers? They seem very well camouflaged amongst every other CF platform and these will not suit our needs. 2) Being European (the company is registered in Gibraltar but founders are Austrian/Liechtenstein based so Germanic), we are also looking at European equity based crowdfunding platforms. We are not UK based so Crowdcube seems to be off limits and the amount we hope to raise is significant. Can you give any advice on which platforms to approach for a consumer based app? The app is called OneTime. (www.Onetime.world) We also have a very interesting twist in that every user also immediately becomes a shareholder and those they invite also receive shares. This method will create a chain effect and will create real value for our users, who also become owners. You spoke in a blog interview with the founder of i-want recently and you picked up on the current valuations that similar apps are commanding so we believe our unique strategy will be very well received. By the way, if and when you download the app for either IOS or Android or desktop, please put in the code 531685811 and we’ll both get a share!! http://www.onetime.world

  • Spooky Nation

    Loved your blog article on “21 Places To Promote Your Kickstarter”! We just launched our apparel campaign with some pretty unique shirt designs. Our longtime goal is to have a e-commerce site where we donate a portion of sales to some pretty awesome causes. I would be honored if you would check it out and offer any advice. Thanks Salvador! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/777827878/spooky-nation-changing-the-world-one-shirt-at-a-ti?ref=nav_search

  • Gulam Sidique

    Hello Salvador,
    I am Campaign manager, in a start up in Lisbon, basically we are developing software to sell to hoteliers, and I was wondering if you could advice me some platforms to start. We are thinking of doing equity crowdfunding.

  • Scott Lockwood

    Hello Salvador, thanks for sharing all of this great information. The question I have is, considering that people are concentrating on buying gifts for Christmas and traveling, etc., is December not such a great month to launch a C.F campaign? Or, would it be a good time because people are more into the spirit of giving?

  • Gretchen

    Salvador your blog has helped tremendously thank you. I am a young South African woman who wants to start a restaurant to create jobs for people with disabilities. I would like someone to help me with my campaign, are there ‘agents’ in South Africa who do this?

  • Balton M. Omwodo

    Hi Salvador, I am in Nairobi-Kenya and I completed my high school level qualified to join university but due to lack of funds I could not join one. My family can not afford to educate me of the rest of family members. I am now the bread winner of the family and now am married. I really want to enroll into a college so that I can be professionally trained get a job and be able to meet my families ends, like daily meal, house rent, medication, and education. Please advice me on any possibility. Thanks

  • Serge Bulat

    Hello Salvador! Amazing blog! I just launched my Kickstarter campaign and looking for assets to promote it as much as possible. I think this music project will find its audience as it combines and covers so many forms of art.
    Here it is:

    Would love to hear your feedback or any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Douglas Mari

    Hey Sal, thanks a lot for your fabulous podcasts and tips. I found them very helpful. I’ve launched an Idiegogo campaign to raise money for my App. I’ve tried to follow all your tips but still struggling in getting backers. I’ve sent personal email to all my friends and contacts. They went to see the crowdfunding page but no one left 1cent. They’re all sharing the page without backing. It’d be very kind if you can have a look of it and tell me if there’s something wrong and unattractive. Here’s the link: http://igg.me/at/bm4y/x/12057667. Thank you in advance. Douglas

  • lifehackplanner

    Thousands of dollars already pledged towards our humble planner which can help people improve their every day habits, and over time their lives!

    You wouldn’t possibly be interested in sharing or helping our cause would you?


    A million thanks!

    Life Hack Planner

  • Colton Anderson

    Hey Salvador, my question pertains specifically to short films. What is the most important aspect to display that will get backers? Is it primarily story that gets people hooked or just concept shots? Do I need a full trailer, or are people looking for a full budget and plan layed out? Thanks so much!

  • Marianne

    Hi Salvador! I just set up a GoFundMe account to fund raise some extra cash for me to move house and buy food. I’m currently looking for work and am determined to get myself out of this situation as soon as possible but in the mean time I need money. The only thing is I don’t have any accounts on other social media sites so I am not able to advertise my campaign. I read that if you like the campaign you would share it on twitter. If you could consider my campaign to be one of those that you share I would greatly appreciate it and I’ll be posting pics of my new home when I move in on the 10th of February. Here’s the link if you would like to check it out: https://www.gofundme.com/foodandrentmoney
    Thankyou 🙂

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  • songmango

    Hi Sal. Great blog. I’ve been reading your content while planning our upcoming crowd funding campaigns. Can you recommend any up and coming consultants or promotional teams that work on campaigns? We may be looking for guidance and execution assistance. Thx so much.

    • Susakajo

      I was just about to post the same question. The articles that I found on that topic seem to be about 2 years old. We have been following CrowdCrux on twitter, Facebook, and blog while working on our Kickstarter and working on our videos and assets but have decided we could use some assistance.

      • Michael Raftopoulos

        and that was exactly the question I wished to ask 🙂

  • Lisa H.-S.

    I’m walking the Camino de Santiago, in Spain, starting in April (500 miles, if I make it the whole way) and have been thinking of doing a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a drop-in center for homeless youth that is located near my home here in California. You know…a pledge 10 cents a mile kind of thing. I don’t have a lot of time/band-width to set this up. What would be the best/easiest platform for me to use to do this? Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Scroggins Bertha

    Hello Mr. Salvador i am a aspiring writer , my manuscript has been chosen to be published and its a big deal to have accomplished this dream of mine ….the publication of my book cost more then the computer i wrote it on lol …… my book is about my life and my walk with Christ and all the lows and highs along the way ……i would love to make a fund me page so that i can reach out to my fellow christian brothers and sisters in Christ to help me reach a goal of $ 4,695.00 to publish my book. (any help could help)….. i am just a house wife that wrote and submitted my work ….. i never thought they would pick me ….. its a big deal for me and i could pay it all back i just need some one to believe in me thank you in advanced

    • France Paris

      They are a scam.

      You’re aspiring writer with a dream
      You have accomplished your dream? already? wow and you just started aspiring.

      They chose you? lol, they choose everybody. aww they chose you to send them $5000 … it’s a scam. if your manuscript, or book. was any good, then they will pay YOU. not the other way around.

      So. let’s begin the dream again, write it so good that a real company pays you for rights to sell copies. now THAT is the dream. not paying $5000 to nobody.

      What you thinking, you know good music and reading don’t need no pimp, it sells itself.

      Lastly, what has God said about it.

    • France Paris

      put they name on here, mark them as a scam honey, I never heard of such. well I have. My wife wants to be a writer. I’ve been down these roads before. I don’t know how book publishing works but i just know in life, when what you got is good, they pay you, you don’t pay them. they need they ass whipped.

  • Valery

    Hello, Salvador! My name is Valery. My dream is to buy a motorcycle. For 5 years I`ve been on the way to achieve this goal. I was really crazy with it.. I took up working to save more money but couldn`t continue because of difficulties in combining studies and work. I was extremly frugal and I could save only 1500$, in order not to give up I`ve bought helmet, motorcycle suit, glovers – so there is no way back. My future job for the next 2 years will not be well paid and I won`t have opportunity to work somewhere else and all savings will be at minimum. This dream really hurts… Every spring-sommer-autumn I get crazy with bikes.. I hear their motor sound even if they are some miles far from me. It`s melody for my soul. I like how petrol smells I constantly realize how I drive empty roads at night… I wish I could be free from my addiction and to drive it this season. I don`t want to feel myself obliged to you so in return I can draw beautiful pictures in hyperrealistic style. I can show you some examples of my work. The question is: how can I take part in those platforms if my country does not acept getting money from abroad by paypal and stripe? Thanks for attention.

  • Studio Bark

    Hi Sal, interesting blog with some interesting campaigns! I’m not sure if you get involved with many campaigns in the UK, but we set up a small campaign for an event / exhibition for the Design Museum in London and are struggling to reach out to the right people. Would you consider giving us a any advice on the matter? We are not looking for a lot of money and think it could be a great event with quite a wide reach. I think our main problem is that we were relying on a social media surge based on help from the museum itself, which is something that is (apparently) against their policy.

    Please see a link to it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/251979950/future-bike-live-challenge

    Thanks in advance, Wilf

  • Ron Golembieski

    Hi Sal, Thank you for all of this great info. I am trying, but struggling. I have NOTHING but fantastic feedback about my product, I just cant seem to get the fire burning. My goal is high, but that’s the least we need to assure full fulfillment to our Backers. I am using a lot of your advise, not sure whats going on. I’m doing 1 Million Cups soon as well. Please check it out, and advise would be so much appreciated. Thank You – bit.ly/thpcktshlf

  • Ocean

    I am starting a new nonprofit company for education in the South Pacific. I am looking for advice on a strategic plan to market a nonprofit crowdfunding campaign. Most, as far as I see, information appears to be for profit companies. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mick Jackson

    Hi Salvador, I am trying to raise funds through Generosity through Indiegogo to bring 2 people from Chile to compete snowboarding for the first time ever in the Special Olympics in Austria 2017. Can you please help me raise funds? Here is the link to our campaign –> https://www.generosity.com/fundraisers/special-olympics-chile-snowboard-team/edit. Thank you. Kind regards,

  • Emmanuel Baah-fenning

    I want to raise funds for a Peace Camapign in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and selected countries in Europe, involving Ghanaians living abroad to send peace messages back-home ahead of the crucial general elections on 7th Novermber, 2016 for a voilence free elections. The Peace Campaign will start in July — 25th September, 2016 and it will be broadcast in Ghana TV and Radio stations from 20th September — 20th Novermber 2016. I have been able to get three NGO`s to collaborate with me on the Peace Campaign but they are not able to fund the entire cost.

    Let all help to create a culture of peace to save lives.

    How do I start fundraising on any of crowdfund platforms ?

    Emmanuel Baah – Fenning
    Student on Erasmus Scholarship (Masters Students)
    University of Lisbon

  • Anil Ghanwat


    http://www.globalwellbeings.com, infogppm@gmail.com, 9372050214, 8237890060, 9420571798

    12/2/3 Vetal Maharaj society, Sangvi, Pune 411027, Maharashtra, Pune 411027, India..



    Pune March 29, 2016, India.

    Global well being program, an social responsibility program designed, developed and being promoted by scientists, researchers, organizations, companies and volunteers. The core aspiration of this program is GLOBAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY THROUGH MEDITATION. In the initial phase of research and development of this program we have been strongly supported by Pune based real estate business person. Under his patron and support of funds we have successfully researched and developed more than 400 innovative products, out of which more than 35 products have global monopoly importance and positioning. Such products are further promoted in the special list of GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS.


    Wellbeing is creating , providing, doing such an act by which others get happiness, healthiness, peace of mind, all these slowly leads to in totality well being of mankind.

    Doing good for other’s for someone’s well being , offering and doing good for others to make others life happy, healthy, prosperous, peaceful is well being; this process when applied for the entire world’s well being becomes global well being process.

    Global application of well being of mankind is GLOBAL WELL –BEING.

    Global well being is an united approach of group, society and all those who have desire for others well being is process of well being……slowly it leads global well being.

    In the process of well being the sadness, sorrow, worries, tensions, hatred, all such acts starts to Devenish, and simply healthiness , happiness, peace of mind, cheerful life remains in the life of mankind.

    GWBP is a complex process based on scientific spirituality.

    In this process mankind , humanity these are centers of the global well being circle.

    We are group of researchers, volunteers, experts, organizations, companies working for global well being. One of group members has more than four hundred innovative herbal , ayurvedic, food supplement, nutraceuticals, feed supplement , animal , human, farm health care products to his credit . Out of which more than 36 products have global monopoly positioning. Based on this research, friends, co researchers, well-wishers; are working for GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAM. The global well being program is supported and charted and governed by special charter of GLOBAL WELL BEING. The Research Company, Manufacturing Company, NGO’s, Experts, Researchers, and Volunteers are global well being group members.

    At present there are 18 programs under the banner of GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS. These programs are based on global monopoly exclusive research work, experience, expertise.

    The legal registrations and product authentications for international services and trade, is under progress.




















    And much more to add to this list…….research is continuous process.


    GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS, 12/ 2/ 3 VETAL MAHARAJ SOCIETY, SANGVI, PUNE 411027, M.S., INDIA.8237890060, 9420571798, 9372050214

    http://www.globalwellbeings.com, infogppm@gmail.com, globaldiabetes@yahoo.com,

    This is our global monopoly roaring great success. Now we have stuck up with funds for global application/ operations of our global well being programs. We plan to associate with, countries, social organizations, groups , international companies, research organizations, social responsibility organizations and all those who desire for the well being of others for the global implementation of these programs. Our research and programs are ready, however for global application and services great funds are required. By this public release we are approaching to funding agencies, crowd funding companies, venture capital companies, Banks, Social organizations, donors, for the cause of funds raising for the project….THE GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAM.

    Naturally be comfortable we are greatly open and wish for others well being…those who wish to mint money they can mint money far more than they desire. However please keep in mind that this is not fully commercial project, it’s a socio- commercial venture aspiring for global well being.

    The funds are required for :

    1. Establishment of GLOBAL WELL BEING CENTER.

    2. The land requirement is estimated to be around 5000 Acres.

    3. The buildings are planned for GLOBAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY THROUGH MEDITATION program- research, training, practice, study center, etc; along with international standard hostel facilities.

    4. The HQ for global well being program, office, accommodation for the office bearers, food facilities for the office bearers.

    5. Research and development facilities for the present products and programs i.e. herbal food supplement, herbal remedies, herbal medicines, ayurvedic medicines, with ultramodern international manufacturing facilities. Human health care, veterinary herbal remedies this is present scope of research. Future expansion will be in perfumery, and allied biological , biotechnological products.

    6. Farm land natural land and ecological perceptions for the natural herbal plants and medicinal plants, etc.

    7. Farm land for growing food and vegetable and horticultural crops.

    8. Schools, colleges, etc educational centers ..( international affiliations for schools, colleges, universities) ; being so the education will not for papers and degrees. But it will be an unique education. This will be with hostel, playgrounds, workshops, agricultural, electronics, science, arts, sports, yoga, health care, and all sects of educations required for human beings.

    9. Residence for directors, key persons, key staff and all most all staff in one premise.

    The funds required will be calculated once the collaborator, associate, VC funding companies, Financers, etc comes forward for the project funding. However depending upon the situations small beginnings could also be considered.

    This is just a brief what we are, what we wish to offer the world and why we require funds for development and to start our ventures and services. If at all non comes forward for the purpose we are ready to sale out one or the other global monopoly research or research product.

    Anil Ghanwat

    Chief Scientist


    009372050214, 009420571798, 008237890060

    infogppm@gmail.com, globalwellbeing97@gmail.com, sadgurubio@yahoo.com,

    Why the GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAM requires great funds for its expansion, if it has its own global monopoly research as its asset?

    Great ventures were started on small scale, natural great rivers have starting with some drops not with the oceanic flow. The best example is the great Ganges , the river Ganges has started at its origin with a small drops at gomukh and slowly in due course of time the small currents have joined to travel further as river Ganges. At the Bay of Bengal it’s like a ocean, or sometimes one could not understands clearly which is Ganges and which is ocean. This is what nature teaches us.

    We have started the venture GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAM just with one man army research activities long back more than 23-24 years ago, somewhat in 192-93. The aspiration and aim was constant and other most of the situations approaches have changed. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND PROSPERITY THROUGH MEDITATION the core program is first made concrete and firm. For this program other innovative health care activities and inventions are supplementary activities. The initial venturing money or funds were flowing through activities related to herbal research and services. In due course of time lot many friends and well wishers have supported financially. The result is we are equipped with global monopoly programs, products and means to reach the global population with meditation and other services, and programs.

    What is the quantum of funds are required?

    If we have started with single research product, and today if we are having more than 400 innovative products to our credit; and more exiting is the core of the program the meditation application for global well being is researched , developed and made easy as simple as anyone can take it to global horizons. Then why should we be fixed on certain amount of funds for certain functions or facilities. Whatever funds could be available for bare minimum formalities completion we will manage with that and the program will get flourished by virtue of its content.

    What are basic requirements?

    Small or big GLOBAL WELL BEING CENTER , comprising of central office, departmental offices, research center for meditation, health care, traditional health care research and application center, herbal remedies research and manufacturing facilities center, accommodation for foundrs, researchers, and visitors and volunteers. This could be accommodated in any amount as which suits for any global project.

    For this global cause we are appealing to all to get involved and help us to implement GLOBAL WELL BEING PROGRAMS. The venture capital funds, crowd funding companies, individual investors, or groups are requested to associate with us.

  • Κορίνα Λυμνιούδη

    Hello Sal, I have sent you an email some days ago…Do we have a chance to get a reply to our emails or is better asking you in comments? thanks a lot

  • Charlotte Muir

    Hello Sal, My cousin Louis is dying of Leukemia and is now on hospice through Oshner’s Hospital in New Orleans. My sister started a GoFundMe because the family needs financial help. Louis was born premature, a twin, and together they weighed less than 5 lbs. He is severely mentally challenged, and has had seizures his entire life, which has made insurance not affordable. His mother is deceased and my Uncle is in his 70s. My Uncle owns the deed to where my grandparents are buried, so Louis can be buried there, but there all still expenses. I am at a loss as to what else to do, as we have raised just $500 through GoFundMe. Louis’ time is nearing the end, he has never wanted a car, or a vacation, or really anything except patience and love. If you can help me any way possible I would be eternally grateful. https://www.gofundme.com/f8sg3gcc?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&utm_content=cta_button&utm_campaign=upd_n
    Thank you,

  • Raswithej

    My sister is admitted in Global Hospital for liver transplantation and the operation will take place by this weekend, for which i have to pay Rs.25 lakhs in advance. I have arranged 10 lakhs as of now, but couldn’t find a way to get remaining 15lakhs (15,000,00) and we do not have any assets to get loan on. Could you please help to donate us this huge amount through crowdfunding? It will be of great help if this can happen ASAP. Please contact me for any medical proofs/documents or to contact the hospital to verify the case history.

  • Moritz Amahaotu

    Hi Sal
    I have a somewhat quirky idea, some might even consider it radical, but i’ll humbly allow you to be the judge.
    I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, to a German mother and Nigerian father. Afterwards i moved to Germany to study and eventually work. I finally landed here in Switzerland and have settled down. I’ve had the good fortune of living in 3 different countries that have distinctly different cultures. They all had a few things in common though, their societies are a rich mix of cultures and all 3 countries are soccer crazy!
    i, too am soccer crazy and growing up i always had to choose which country to support at any given time; either Germany or Nigeria. After 25 odd years i finally got tired of that and came up with a solution; Multinational Soccer jerseys.
    Its really simple; 1 Jersey, 2 Nations Side-by-Side. I made the first prototypes and wore them out in public. The resonance i got was huge and decided to try out my luck and start offering similar combination jerseys (I call them KTRX; Kombination Trikots) for sale.
    Now all i need to do is make a large order by a renowned manufacturer to finally make this dream come true. And that’s why i recently launched a kickstarter campaign.
    Here’s the link to it


    I would be very grateful if you helped me spread the word; countries like Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the USA are FILLED with multinationals; people who are of mixed origin, are married to people from another country, or have lived abroad for a long time, or are just fans of different countries. And I’m sure you have here, amongst your readers, loads and loads of people that might be interested in supporting my kickstarter campaign.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my (somewhat) lengthy post.
    Take care
    Moritz from Switzerland

  • Christine Fugitt

    I’ve had 3 fundraising sites going for 3 days with nothing. My sons really ill too and I just started the social networking. Hit it hard. If you have any extra advice that’s not expensive let me know. gofundme.com/23pp9chx?pc=ex…

    Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

    – Christine Fugitt

  • Susan Cram

    Good morning, Salvador. I have a Kickstarter campaign ready to launch but was waiting to hear from the last of the lending institutions/private groups to know where I should set the goal. After being told yesterday by the gate keeper for the group that I need to prove that my business will be successful, “do a test version” (which is impossible) and use my own money for it I’ve reached the conclusion that I will have to sell my home to fund it. The total amount needed, including 3 months of operating costs (the minimum required by lenders and a safety measure) is $196,000. I can’t risk setting that high a goal on Kickstarter since it’s an all or nothing platform and my type of business (local retail with a benevolent factor) won’t appeal to as many national donors as a new high tech product, for example. Kickstarter says to ask for what you need to get the business started. Even without the 3 months that amount is $112,000, a lofty goal.
    My question is this – if I set the goal at $50k, for example, and hope to exceed the goal, do I dare say I am selling my home to make up the difference? I’m guessing that would scare people away rather than demonstrate my commitment to the project. Some who have done what I’m going to do set their business up as a 5013c instead which gives you access to more foundations, grants (of which I’ve found NONE) for assistance but I do not want to run a charity. I want to ask for money once and then be responsible and solely accountable for the business’s success thereafter.
    FYI, my home would sell for close to $300,000. I would still have to either find a property zoned for commercial and residential so i could live behind or above the business or get a very tiny place to live separately so the proceeds would not all be available for the project.
    I initially considered a platform that has flexible goals rather than an all or nothing one like KS but after reading about donors giving more and more often to those who have a fixed goal, I decided against it.
    How would you recommend I set the goal and how much do I tell the Kickstarter audience? I have some items that I can highlight as features that I can implement if we exceed our goal but I would still have to set the goal around $80k.
    I appreciate your response.

  • Hi Sal, I just launched my first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo For my film about ADHD https://igg.me/at/areyouadd I plan on reaching out to the press, Do you have any suggestions on the best way to do that? Thanks in advance.

  • Ben Greene

    Hey Sal, I’m part of a group of people that are planning the Midwest’s first Youtuber Convention. We’re doing this because the Midwest is a huge untapped region in terms of Youtube fans as well as we’ve always wanted a way for fans to meet their favorite Youtubers. If you have a chance you should check out our indiegogo campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/make-you-con-a-reality/x/13559353#/ we have less than a month left for it . Thanks

  • uzma

    Respected Sir
    kindly let me know if you could help me as I am a school teacher and have to look three kids.
    I live on rent and no other support only my job.
    Please reply if any possibility.
    Kind Regards

  • Brandon Gaskins

    Hello Salvador I frequently view and share post from your website about crowdfunding. I would like to offer you the opportunity to develop a business relationship. Hello my name is Brandon Gaskins and I am the founder of Entrepreneurial Advancement Group LLC. A company that provides a platform for group members to utilize crowdfunding and group economics to build better business relationships. I currently administer a Facebook group of the same name and a website (www.wearetheeconomy.blogspot.com) that promotes crowdfunding, small business owners, entrepreneurship and business development. My business model will improve the way members are able to create multiple streams of income. Currently I am developing my email list of backers, influencers, owners and those can contribute to my crowdfunding campaign, which will begin no later than 08/01/2016. My campaign goal will be in the range of $5k-$7.5k, and my lowest dollar reward will be for $1.

    The company will target 4 segments of society that seek out social mobility on a daily basis, they are:

    · The crowdfunding community

    · Entrepreneur/Wantrepreneur

    · The working class

    · Small business owners

    Crowdfunding is a global $32 billion industry that has grown in triple digits for multiple years yet the majority of the public does not know what crowdfunding is, let alone how to use it successfully to raise needed funds or introduce a product to the market. One of the biggest reasons the majority of crowdfunders fail to run a successful campaign is due to a lack of exposure. An online community of knowledgeable and active group members would greatly influence the success rate of crowdfunding.

    Without creating multiple streams of income the majority of society will continue to struggle financially. Social mobility requires business strategies that is centered on group economics and entrepreneurial endeavors. The 401k plan has failed miserably in providing the working class a tool to retire comfortably.

    I would like to know if I can count on you to offer your assistance in bringing awareness to my cause. Any type of resource (time, expertise, money, connections etc.) you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for advisors, investors and partners. If you have any questions or are interested in contributing to my upcoming crowdfunding campaign please email me at http://www.ideatank75@gmail.com or bgaskins@live.com

  • Fabio

    Hi Sal,
    I would love for you to have a look at my first Kickstarter campaign http://kck.st/28AbayO
    It’s an art project aiming to raise awareness for gender identity issues and it will lead into my Graduate show.
    I would really appreciate your advise and help.
    many thanks,

  • I’m sorry.
    I believe, that you are right!
    Let me take one minute of your attention if I may?
    Pls put account Every little helps. https://www.youcaring.com/liudmila-onegin-578320…
    Best wishes,

  • Chiked

    Hello Sal, I have a question. I launched a kickstarter campaign but I am afraid I may have set my ask too high. Is it ok to cancel and launch on indiegogo at a lower ask?

    • CrowdCrux

      I would set the lowest goal possible. Yeah, you can always cancel. Just have good communication with your backers.

      • Chiked

        Sorry I was not clear. I was on kickstarter but I am planning to launch on indiegogo (not kickstarter) at a lower ask thinking I may be able to tap into the indiegogo community crowd as well as bring over my current kickstarter backers. Is that a smart idea or should I just re-list on kickstarter?

  • Lapadrada K.

    Hello Salvador,

    First of all, I would like to thank you on writing this blog. I found it very useful. 🙂
    I am interested in crowdfunding platform and I have sent you an email with some questions.

    I hope you don’t mind to take a look. Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you, 🙂
    Lapadrada K. (Ta)

  • Justin Snyder

    Hey Salvador,

    Thank you for your commitment to helping crowdfunding projects everywhere!

    I’m Justin, a Korean adoptee & entrepreneur in Austin, TX. I’m going back to Korea for the very first to connect with birth family, fellow adoptees, and the country, and have just launched an IGG campaign to raise funds for a short film project during my trip.


    Question — being that it’s pretty personal subject matter, what are your thoughts on targeted Facebook paid/promoted ads to promote the campaign? It causes me head trash thinking about paying for your own endorsement, but if your campaign requires it?

  • Ted Frey


    Great website! So much information I need and I wish I had found this all earlier… like last year. I am using your tips for generating a following for my Indiegogo campaign and I’m starting to see some traction!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  • Keith Allen

    Hi Sal,

    I LOVE your podcast. There is so much great insight and information!

    I am launching a Kickstarter on September 6 to help publish my second self-published complex Pop-Up book. My first book I crowd-funded the old fashion way, by going to local businesses and having them purchase pre-orders or sponsor the book. This time around I’m turning to Kickstarter, but some of my previous investors haven’t heard of kickstarter and may be a little less willing sign up and enter their credit card information on the computer.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to educate backers on why Kickstarter is so helpful for independent authors and why Kickstarter.com is a safe and trustworthy site?

    Thanks so much for your help!
    You can view the book here: http://www.messypopup.com

  • Sunny Shine

    Help me get my album funded pls bit.ly/SiningOne

  • Einar Petersen

    Dear Salvador, thanks so much for offering me the opportunity to leave you a voice message on my comic book kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/einarpetersen/implant – I would absolutely love your and your listeners feedback on the topics I touched in my 90 second pitch…

    Boy it was hard to get time to breathe in between the rants 🙂 Anyway – Thanks again for creating the CrowdCrux resources and for all the tips n’trick you are sharing.

    All the best from Copenhagen, Denmark

    • Paulina Grabara

      Hi i’ve just had a look at your project – sounds interesting!

      A PERSONAL CAMEO- i like the idea of this pledge! i think your should use your creativity to add some more pledges. If you have some time just have a look at our project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1275141822/peoples-tuscany – hope you can give me some feedback what you think as it looks like we can’t make it what is really really sad.

      • Einar Petersen

        First of all thanks for the feedback on the rewards section for my kickstarter that is in remodeling mode at the moment, I hope you check out the updates section for views upon what worked well and what worked less well.

        I think I would simplify the rewards section, it should be possible in
        the backer survey to specify either Polish or English versions of the
        same book rewards.

        As for your rewards section there are some things that spring to my eye.

        You mention a reward called

        “Something bigger” at 10 Euro

        Here I would just use PDF version of the book, as the title of the reward as it gets quite confusing with all the different sizes etc. you mention.

        Then in the reward itself you say people will get the whole book

        But in the next Reward at 15 Euro you talk about an additional chapter.

        This I would rather call an additional Wine Guide for the Tuscanny regions

        Because You already said people would be getting the whole book, if it is a chapter then it is part of the book.

        Perhaps team up with some travel agents etc. that offer off the beaten path traveling ?

        It is possible to set rewards as sold out. and then create copies of rewards and then just adjust the language etc. to make them look more attractive.

        Hope you can use the “critique” for something positive and I wish you t best of luck with the project that you still have some time left on so don’t despair, and no matter what happens don’t give up on your dream – make it happen.


    I am DR Prempeh and the leader of vision for the needy outreach
    group.Our aim is to provide free eyecare to the poor in rural areas in
    GHANA due to the alarming rate of glaucoma.so we need your
    assistance.www.indiegogo.com/to give free eyecare to the poor in rural
    areas.THANK YOU

  • Scott Canton

    Mr. Salvador Briggman
    I’m disabled, was on my way to Georgia, to get my few belongs that i still have, car broken down, now i can’t even get home, my meds run out in another day, i have some in Georgia, and some in Portland, OR, where i plan to live for the remaining three or four years of my life, can anybody help me, please. Just want to go home can you help me.
    Lost and stuck


  • Raphael Muhirhi

    I am Raphaël Muhirhi, Founder of the Tuinuane Foundation Hands in hands and need a friend who can help me run a gofund me in order to help orphan children for education program. How can you help me please?

  • Paulina Grabara

    Hello, my name is Paulina, i am from Poland. First i am a mother of 5 weeks od baby girl and second i am a traveller with a dream to raise funds to publish my first book “People’s Tuscany”. Could you have a look at our kickstarter project as it’s not working at all. Just our friends supported us – we didn’t get to any target group we hoped that could be interested. PLease be so kind and let me know if it’s sth. wrong with our product (but many people say it’s great but they just say – don’t support, but in Poland supporting and crowdfunding is not popular), or we miss the right promotion.
    I will really appreciate your help! Greetings from Warsaw

  • Boudicca

    Hi Salvador. I am currently midway through my crowdfunder on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/treewithin/fiona-mcintyre-a-tree-within
    I am suffering from midterm slump! What can I do to get more people interested before the last week is up? Many thanks.

  • Boudicca

    Just to clarify to people on this forum, I am a professional fine artist and I am trying to raise funds to get a book published on my art. The book has been written by a very respected Canadian art historian who has known, worked with and written about some of the most famous artists – David Hockney, Henry Moore, Lipchitz, Andy Warhol etc and I feel honoured that he agreed to write about my work too! There are lots of interesting historical links to my work and I have a 35 year track record but it is difficult to know how to get this message across to people who don’t know me or my work since I don’t have a big name yet. I would be grateful if people on this forum could give me some useful advice about how to market this project in a coherent and exciting way that will engage and inspire people to want to pledge. Many thanks.


    Want to do good, while having fun? Would you like to send a solar-powered light to a student in Africa just be getting outdoors? Yes, this is a self-promotion. Yes, we have a really awesome new solar powered camping light on Kickstarter. Yes, I’d be happy to share the link. 🙂 —–> http://kck.st/2bCpz4o <—— Ps…CrowdCrux is the best!!!

  • Tom Muhumuza

    Hello All
    I found this based in africa uganda kampala

  • Marcus Jefferson

    Hello Salvador,

    I am a Residential Mortgage Banker in Illinois, USA. My client is seeking to find out the best Crowd Funding site to use for Cash Equity to build a four unit, owner occupied multi-family building. He needs $600,000.00. A local Bank has agreed to provide the Construction Loan if he will deposit the $600,000.00 Cash Equity into the Bank as collateral until the Construction Loan has been repaid. The estimated time for construction including permit approvals is six months. I have Pre-Approved his permanent end mortgage that will pay off the Construction Loan to the Bank. The $600,000.00 Cash Equity will be released at that time.

    Please share with me the best of the top ten Crowd Funding sites that I should tell him to use.

    Thank you kindly,

    Marcus D. Jefferson

    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS ID. # 1220330

  • OfficerLincolnHolly

    Hey Sal, peace and blessings, I’m looking to save my Kickstarter. There were not any models that dealt with our subject matter. We are a husband and wife team that are wanting a safer place for our newborn. I have signed up with your newsletter and have been gaining a lot of valuable knowledge. I have a small budget available through a sponsor. Please review. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1217538053/officer-lincoln-holly

  • Megan Nichols

    Hi! I was wondering if you could help with my sons campaign to make sure it’s successful. We are raising money to get a better and hopeful diagnosis for my son. I really want to advocate more on his disorders and get him as much support as possible. My email is meeegannichols@gmail.com and the link is

  • Wiki Shopline

    Hello Salvador and community. I have the following websites: wikishopline.com and wikishoplinextreme.com. I am no “techie”… just a guy with ideas (and not lots of cash). I would like to know your thoughts on how to get my campaign off the ground. I tend to dream big a little too often. Here is the link to the campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wikishopline-double-perks-best-website-ever-video/x/804229#/

    Thank you.

  • Createures

    Dear Sal,
    You have provided so much invaluable information via your blogs, podcasts and videos! Thank you so much for being our go-to guy for all things crowdfunding. We just launched our Kickstarter project, any feedback that you or your audience may have would be greatly appreciated. Our project is called Createures, 6 Fun Drawing Games in 1 Box.

  • Mary Godley

    Hello Salvador,

    I have a son Adam who has a number of disabilities including autism. He was also diagnosed with Bowel Disease last year. We had to take him abroad as for a variety of reasons as we couldn’t get any treatment for him here in Ireland http://theadvertiser.ie/adam-godleys-mother-attempting-raise-awareness-rare-disease. That’s one article I wrote about this.

    Anyway, now I want to try and raise money for Adam’s on-going medical care. Also I wish to advocate for children with this condition and to raise awareness of it here in Ireland, and throughout the world really. As there are countless children out there who are suffering everyday with this painful condition just like Adam but unfortunately they very often don’t get the medical care they need mostly due to lack of awareness and for political reasons too. My questions is what do you think would be the best platform for me to use to begin with and what do you think my best approach would be?

    Thanks for your advice. Mary

  • Adam Ong’Ayo

    Mr Salvador & Friends Reading This CFC,

    I humbly seek your considering,
    promotion & referral of my Crowd Funding Campaign, to share within your
    professional & social circles too:


    A Donation Token of US$1/Backer &
    a minimum of US$100 only so my CFC goes public will kindly do toward raising
    the required Capital?


    Adam Ong’Ayo.


  • Grant Kearney

    Hi Sal I am looking at running a crowdfunding campaign t raise funds ti fill suitcase for of goodies for children in orphanage in Nepal. Im in New Zealand so cant use gofundme.com, however I have looked at causevox or a New Zealand based givealittle, however givealittle don’t have pledges just asks for donations. What you you suggest. Any suggestion is welcomed, have a great day kindest regards Grant

  • albert dehaan

    My colleagues needed to fill out IRS W-3 yesterday and were made aware of an excellent service with lots of fillable forms . If people are looking for IRS W-3 too , here’s https://goo.gl/7d4BQS.

  • Ari

    Hi Salvador! We watched some of your videos online and thought you could help us to run a campaign that is currently LIVE on Kickstarter. This is about Open Source Dome, super ecological house which is a low cost, futureproof project. Perhaps you could email me and let me know?

    Below link to the campaign:


    Thank you!


    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ad77676b3c43e564d195a03f7ece42bec41e0a8c9888e72c71c0b0586b5000f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/84a12200235099dbbef4f543351641d3b15f76223e479449678f4be6f0f012bd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ea8861e4180b66a63d61141cb5b8fcdf847c838c3d29bc798711305efa19e5c.jpg

  • Adela

    Hello Salvador,

    Wanted to ask a question regarding crowdfunding marketing & PR agencies such as Agency 2.0 or Crowdfund Mafia. Do you know if these can really help boost your campaign or if they are trustworthy? I’m curious since we are planning on launching our project till the end of this year and we really want to understand where our investments should lie.

    Thank you kindly in advance,

  • TheElementalChronicles

    Hi, Sal. My name is Ross and in my preparation of my campaign I always find my way back to your blog.

    I have recently launched (about 24 hours ago) and had a great start!
    My question is this, do you have any marketing professionals that you could recommend?
    My project is a fantasy novel and artwork (all completed) and most of the marketing consultants who keep rushing me seem quite insincere.

    Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you!
    My email is RossKingston1989@hotmail.com
    and my project link is:

  • Dawn Whitney

    You mentioned that $1000 is the typical amount sought. I am seeking $6000 for an educational live performance (to be preserved on a DVD) including narrative and song. If I produce a video that really sells my production, is $6000 a big stretch? I can wait until 2019 to raise the money.

  • stephen Lowe

    Hi Salvador, i am a builder and i have a house nr Brighton England and need £25000- to upgrade and sell it, i am offering 30% repaid when sold, can you give me some advice on doing this, Thanks

  • Danielle Alamo

    Hey Salvador! My name is Danielle Alamo, I’m a 14 year old entrepreneur who keeps up school, tennis, and a awesome kickstarter campaign. I currently have a kickstarter project going on right now called furhood. Its a soft cute faux fur hoodie that creates awareness on how climate change is ruining our polar bears habitat. I would love if you gave me shoutout or even just a little feedback on my project. If you would like you can contact me at furhood.info@gmail.com. I will be glad to talk to you!

  • Lauren Peterson

    —–Original Message—–
    From: libran1
    To: sbriggman
    Sent: Sun, Nov 27, 2016 2:25 pm
    Subject: questions


    I just watched your youtube video on the difference between indiegogo generousity and gofundme and thought you should add that
    wepay (with gofundme) will put a hold on donating if the beneficiary doesn’t withdraw any funds within 30 days. Also, the total GFM and wepay charges is over 9%,
    I found that out the hard way when someone tried to donate to my daughter’s campaign and got an error message.
    Never did get that donation, btw.

    Below is the link to my daughter’s campaign. We need help with it.
    As you can see, she’s had very little response even though she is well known and liked locally.
    We have no family left except for her two grown children who are always broke- and her friends have no money, obviously so GFM is getting us nowhere.
    I think the problem now is that it’s been up a month then stalled because I’m pc illiterate and donors seem to only donate when others are donating. (trending)
    Anyway, my question is… what videos do I need to watch and review to be eligible for your crowdcrux promo?
    We’re at our wits end with this crowdfunding thing.
    I’m not a sore loser but I’ve seen 16 year olds on GFM asking for a lawnmower that end up with over 400k.
    What are we doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance,


    1 Attached Images

  • Christine Mancusi

    Hi Sal,
    Thanks for the all the crowdfunding info throughout the web.

    My name is Christine, I’m running a campaign (Indiegogo / education category)
    called Eddie The Original, a young adult, fantasy novel about an Autistic teen with a talking cat, new super powers and a new friend named Mercy, who happens to be blind.
    It’s a tough subject to tackle but one that needs to be told. Feedback on the novel has been tremendous.


    I’m an artist and writer-not a great marketer. Shameless self promotion isn’t my thing. I did run a very successful campaign in 2011 for a friend battling breast cancer.

    Any advice on an authentic approach & direction?
    Thanks again.

    • CrowdCrux

      I have a lot of advice on my youtube channel: youtube.com/crowdcrux. Aside from all of the basics I outline there and my site, I’d say to think about ways to sell YOUR story, along with the story of your book. Have them join you on this journey. Make it an experience. I’d also say that you need to do a lot of direct out reach and ask people to become a backer. Gain an understanding of why people will or won’t support it.

  • Ronald Cloudwalker Collins

    Hi Sal! I just received an email about how to raise 81k on kickstarter…went to the link nothing there???

    I DO have an important question….I need to raise $$$the balance owed on an “off grid ” property mini land house off grid on peninsula between thousands of acres of nature preserves in florida…… I would like to make this an “educational environmental – off grid living program.” HOW could I reach schools, colleges and off grid people, survivalist utilizing what Crowdfunding Campaign…..I will provide reward based fro thank you to tshirts, sweatshirts, photos/videos, training off grid survival, tourist for fishing…clamming, photography tours…..”OFF GRID VACATIONS” to chosen or certain amount donators……PLEASE CONTACT ME as soon as possible directly. @ gromwolfhound@yahoo.com Thank You! Ron

  • Brandon Gaskins

    Hello, my name is Brandon Gaskins I own Entrepreneurial Advancement Group LLC. I also run a Facebook group under the same name. I formed the company in order to create an ecosystem/community of members that would like to build business relationship in an effort to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Those efforts will ultimately lead to multiple streams of income and social mobility. The issue my company is tackling relates to poverty, it is my philosophy that poverty is the inability to create multiple streams of income. Secondly I want to educate to public to the benefits of resource sharing and crowdfunding. Along with providing a platform where members can develop and promote their own campaigns.
    I am reaching out because on 1/1/2017 I will be launching my own crowdfunding campaign and would love if you can invite your audience to my Facebook group where they will be able to see the information I share and be updated in regards to my crowdfunding campaign. I would also like to build a business relationship and together bring awareness and solutions to some of today’s social issues.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction; best regards Brandon Gaskins.

  • Antony Antony

    Hello Sal, Antonio here.
    I have a question regarding EMAIL LISTS.
    I was thinking of using an EMAIL APPENDING SERVICE to collect real email addresses from a given list of customers.
    Just to put things in perspective: the product I intend to fund is a premium, innovative version of an item that I’ve been successfully selling on Amazon for the past 8 months; I have made around 7000 orders so far, but the only way for me to communicate with these customers is through the Amazon messaging system, and that’s where the EMAIL APPENDING SERVICE would come into play.
    By doing so I may be able to pull out a good 30-40% of real email addresses (about 2 or 3 thousands emails) but I’m not sure how well would this work for marketing my campaign.
    The fact is this: this people never really signed up for receiving any information about my crowdfunding project, but they’re my past customers, which makes me believe that a good part of them will certainly be interested in my new product.
    The question for you would be: do you think is a good idea to use this type of list to market a crowdfunding campaign?

    Thank you so much Sal, I really appreciate the work you’re doing. Cheers

  • Catherine Rowe

    Hello Salvador, started a campaign to help a young man from Lagos Nigeria, No reponse only (all scammers come from there),, (not true), We lost our son 6 months ago, My goal is to give hope and a fresh start in life to Ejima (native name), that kinda helps me to feel our son leaving this planet is not in vain, trying to raise enough for a Visa/clothing., He is aproximately same age as my son was, really need a lot more but afraid to ask and lack knowlege,, have read lots on tips etc, guess i need good advice as what i’ve tried has returned 000 regards Catherine, on bahalf of Visa for Fred Damian C @ go fund me

  • Van Williams

    Greetings Mr. Salvador,
    I am a Real Estate Investor & Fund Manager. I have been investing in Real Estate over 18 years. I recently Launched : http://www.ProactiveAssetsOffering.com via my Company: Proactive Assets & Realty,LLC. We are in Contract to close on a Property in February. I have been so busy getting the Property Repositioned (53 units), that I got a late start on raising Money. What do you Suggest for our Company to raise 2.1 million by February 10,2017?? We offer a little over 6.4% and possible additional return.. Our Fund is More like a Real Estate Bond Fund, in that we take a Conservative Approach, and we Don’t Offer unrealistic returns. I have seen numerous times: A lot of CrowdFunding deals offering double digit returns, and they don’t produce at all. If you have any ideas,resources,etc; Please let me know. I am open to all advice and referrals. I do not want to lose this Property. When we acquired the Property it was rife with Drug Dealers, Prostitution, and Numerous other “Undesirables”.. It was the worst Property in Las Vegas, and the City had come through and issued Notices to the Tenants that the place was being Shut down due to Numerous Code Violations & Being a Dangerous Public Nuisance. I see that you offer a CrowdFundingPR?? I am not the best at advertising, Marketing.. I welcome any assistance that you can offer. Thank You,
    Van Williams (916)546-0324

  • James Allen

    Hi Salvador,

    Don’t Laugh! Other than friendsreunited.com (years ago) and a facebook account I haven’t accessed for about 6 years, I have almost no exposure to social networking (it’s an anxiety thing). And I’m about to start a campaign on kickstarter!

    I’m talking to my friends and customers and intend on doing a press release to the local papers. My partner has just started an account on twitter and instagram, and there is already a facebook page with just over a hundred followers.

    Do you have any pearls of wisdom for a “socially incomplete” like me?

    Kindest regards,

    James (in rural Norfolk, UK)

  • Elisa Galbraith

    Hi Sal, I am trying to register with Kickstarter Forum, however every time I click to register, I am getting this message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘*’, expecting end of file in /home2/crowdcru/public_html/learn/wp-config.php on line 21

    Please let me know as I would love to join!
    Thanks so much for some great content and tips.
    My Kickstarter Campaign is coming in March 2017 so am learning everyday!
    Keep an eye out for Meal Monsters coming soon!

  • Raj Sark

    Hello Salvador,
    We are launching this campaign on Kickstarter. DontLoseYourSh*t: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xupo/206320551?token=5a545678
    Any feedback and tips how to reach the right social influencers?

  • Dahlia Rizk

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f773eccf7a1e5deb3b190e9c654af8cd0d135e6e4a8a9b65211cf5575a981293.png Hey Sal- LIstening to your podcast on perfect crowdfunding launches. The idea of curiousity as a email collection method is interesting. I also love the short formats. I wanted to let you know about my project that has just gone live.

    The Coat vs Car Seat Struggle is Over

    Experts recommend no coat in the car seat which is tough for parents and kids dont like it. Buckle Me Baby Coats powerful solution makes life easier for parents with a patented side and shoulder seam opening that allows parents to pull the panel out of the way and place the harness properly on the childs shoulders and chest. Our coat is currently available on Kickstarter and we would love your support!

    Your support on Kickstarter will help us meet factory minimums which will keep our costs down – savings we will pass down to you with better pricing!

    Check out our videos on how the coat works http://www.fb.com/bucklemebabycoats

    Check out our Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/66161170/buckle-me-baby-coats-winter-coats-designed-for-car

    Thank you!!


  • Chris

    Good Afternoon Sal, Like many others, I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign without a full understanding of what it will take to get the project noticed. My question is simple – is it too late to come up with a solid plan with 28 days left and counting and no real social media platforms to fall back on?

    Any advise would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Chris

  • DrMangle Mangle


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  • Martin Iron

    Please help with my small campaign. I have been sick for more than 10 years and still have no diagnosis. I need to see a special doctor specializing in GI disorders but unfortunately they don’t take my insurance and my insurance doesn’t cover “out of network” doctors. Due to my situation I cannot work and I have no income except supplemental benefits. My problem is very complex and threatened my life on more than one occasion.



  • Gina Gomez

    Hey Sal, We were recently selected by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love” we’re getting some press, and are actively trying to reach new people everyday. But so far, we are stuck at 6% funded with 23 days to go. Our project is called, “Weird Folk” a suburban horror comedy that takes place on election night 2016. Here’s the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703341325/weird-folk-a-suburban-horror-comedy-feature-film?ref=user_menu

  • Sadia Raisa

    Hey, Sal. I’m from Bangladesh. I recently got in Yale Summer school with scholarship. The course costs $5800, I got a scholarship on $4000, the rest of $1800 has to be paid be me. So, that and the airfare which is approx $1200 from Bangladesh to JFK. I need to raise a total of $3000 min, excluding any other expenses. I was looking at GoFundme, Youcaring, and Indiegogo. But I’m not quite sure how the transaction’s going to take place, and which one’s going to be better with the least percentage of interests. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Selena

    Hello ! My name is SELENA ( model from Ukraine!)
    We launched our project – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/887141781/fantasy-erotic-girls-in-real-life-part-2

    There u can see models in real life – EROTIC PHOTOS
    Project was created for revealing a natural beauty of models, who are posing for fantasy style photo pictures! Feel free to go and watch video or our erotic photos ( for free – there are a lot of photos i the description!) THANK U ALL!

    • France Paris

      How much do I get paid, i accept bit coins,

  • Donna Torney

    Hi Sal: I’m looking for money to grow my counseling practice into a retreat center for emerging influencers, and seasoned professionals who need a reboot. I would also like to include a scholarship arm. We Just purchased a home in the White Mountains with a second lot. We need funding to clear/grade the land, build two cabins/out buildings, plumbing, electricity. What’s the best way to get started for this type of project?

  • Anthony

    Salvador, can you tell me what you opinion is on Agency 2.0
    Much appreciated. -anthony

  • Hello! I have just launched my RatMat Electrified Rodent Repellent Flooring on Kickstarter here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2094321450/ratmat-rat-repellent-electrified-flooring and was wondering if anybody had any tips on the best way to get the word out?


  • TJ Williams-Hauger

    Hello, My husband and I are social justice advocates as I just graduated seminary and we are the first gay couple to marry at the Riverside Church in NYC. We were invited by President Obama to be one of the gay couples to welcome Pope Francis at the White House We Need the help of our neighbors. We are fighting for the right to serve. Therefore, We are asking every LGBT person and every ally to help us fight as I am looking for a call to serve the public at the highest level. As an openly gay interracial couple, we are committed to advocacy. We have raised about 11,000 but need to reach our goal to do the work effectively to serve people our justice are immigration, healthcare, LGBT rights and global sustainability …..www.gofundme.com/18t700

  • Founded in Scotland

    I have a Crowdfunder campaign and would like to submit a Press release. Where is the best place to do that? http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/founded-in-scotland

  • Jan

    Hi, I’m on the other side of crowdfunding…. A person with small money to invest. Do you have any information about the best way to go about evaluating crowdfunding sites for a good return, plus safety? Also, can a person invest Roth IRA money on any of these sites? Thanks much. I am unhappy about Wall Street so this looks like a good opportunity for me.

  • Taylor Helen

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    Mrs Samir Desai

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  • Samaara Green

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/abfb2fdbdc386bbda9c50f6f2f35940d8dc60794e99f90c49c8d6a025a107949.jpg Hi Sal! I only recently discovered you via your blog about 21 places to promote a kickstarter campaign. Though I am working on reaching out to those places I would love your feedback on what I’m currently doing, some of your ideas on what more I could be doing, and if you would be willing to share our campaign. Can you help?
    Thank you for your time!

  • Engr. Richard Bremmer

    I am a director of a private loan company LIBERTY LOANS LTD and issue secure and unsecured loans. We issue a minimum range of credit ($ 5,000.00) to the maximum ($ 20,000,000.00) with the interest rate on the loan (3%) and repayment duration (1-30yrs) Transactions can be successfully launched and completed within (24) hours of operation. If you are interested enough to be part of this great offer and help, do not hesitate to contact by e-mail: dgodwon@gmail.com

  • Bakhtawer

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4312f5eda25b0ceb0d52925207c083cfd28fc05d29790583d4abb16f20e380be.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb66f8f0003bafc049f07a6b091f8cf07e81a2849c9ea87db0684be097060710.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75fea8cfbdf2cd7accde026f98ccb30afd49c3b230b40c7b2da52bbaab29ec65.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3b68ed41d918573651612eead6bfad791e1941f2ee1c9eb2b190fce1eea9f4c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a8ba51e4ead0435c87a6e0baeffc46bc5056c8f9a51296b375fcc9fb6f3044e5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a213758e46aa91c91be916b0dd3765c2078571c9777326037ed13e6853ab7b5f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4c28ba8ff69430ffa5df5a7a19bdd6501c19940150fa9d3b6f5a54422fa636cd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/17a3355309029ff648a8648ee0049d31f8a4ee4e68f9ea3a654a31bfa589b296.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ebfea18bc7539b2c1326aea7ee5ba4438f9e885df2f86f0af9d70a38824dc6e2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/33f3cb194a0e8a6824595811a23ded7929afd0ae0cbceadd468ac8974b1fe03c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc09aeb294cd99d2c08ad1ea8bb4d2607c6d6d6102ca9d2d71786843b13164db.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8b862882ae555ffb9466d65a9329755550ccd2c4118e5dd58f5aaf63c3b7ef52.jpg

    i am christian girl from Pakistan.I’m joined to Sunday school.i have some orphans kids and i give to them Bible study.

    i am sweeper Me and my mom work together our job is to clean the city streets and after that time left in whole day in that time i teach bible to kids Jesus Christ teachings.

    At evening time many families come from village area i teach them too because there is no church in our area the church is to much far from us

    Families got too much happy when i tell them about Lord God

    i wish i do more work but Here to do work or job for girls is too much dangerous because the society is not correct.

    But our Christian people faith is very strong in Jesus.PLEASE HELP US FOR FOOD I CANT AFFORD GIVE 3 TIME FOOD TO MY KIDS…my face book id is Sumeergul@yahoo.com

  • Roberta Secheres

    Me and my friends just launched the Furrytale Campaign for our shelter. Because winter is coming and the existing kennels were build by us (due to lack of funds) they cannot protect our dogs from low temperatures. We would be really happy to receive you feedback. Thanks 🙂

  • John Wood

    Hi Sal: I have to fly back to Canada from Thailand as the Canadian Gov cut my pension. I have managed to gather enough to purchase a plane ticket, but when I get off the plane I will have no money left. I need $2,500.00 to enable me to find employment, a place to live and exist for a month. I desperately need help with crowdfunding will be in Canada Sept 15/17. Any suggesting would be greatly appreciated. Even “HELP” of any kind.

  • John Wood
  • Michael Cuenca

    Just signed up to your subscription list, Sal. Looking forward to reading through your tips. We actually launched a Seed&Spark campaign yesterday: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/illbearound

  • Serkan Elbasan

    Hi Guys,

    I wondering if you would like to write something about my upcoming FOCX Everyday Wallet on Kickstarter?This is direct and exclusiv link to the previewpage:


    Please let me know if you need more informations.

    Here you find the press-kit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5DXL82hMhJJak1pZ3lnUmNOOWs

    Thank you 🙂
    Best regards from Germany,

  • Adam Ong’Ayo



    I humbly seek you read through, consider, back & share word on
    my CrowdFunding Campaign:


    A Donation Token of US$1/Backer & A Minimum of US$100 only so
    my CrowdFunding Campaign is shown within https://gogetfunding.com/
    &Their Partners’ Public Listing will kindly do toward raising the required

    Help Fund My Dream Please!?

    Faithfully & Gratefully,

    A Ong’Ayo.

    *For Direct Donations Given The Current Dire Situation Upon Me, You
    May Kindly Via /MoneyGram/Skrill/Western Union/World Remit/Xpress Money To My M Pesa A/C 254-720-410-810.

  • Todd Price

    You gave me the confidence to launch our campaign. I can’t thank you enough.


  • Siva Ganesh Dharmala

    Hello Sir, My name is Siva Ganesh Dharmala, I am from India. I got some offer letters from some universities in UK for MSC Finance. Because I don’t have enough funds, I feel that I may not be able study. I need your help

  • Siva Ganesh Dharmala

    My parents don’t have either land or building or any property which can be pledged to take an education loan. I am the only son to them. Places such as this are ways to help me fund my educations. Please reply and tell me what I can do. My mobile number is 9538471530. My e-mail id is sivaganeshdharmala7@gmail.com. My parents aren’t both working now because they became old.

  • Siva Ganesh Dharmala

    I can submit my educational credentials, documents and offers from Universities.

  • Siva Ganesh Dharmala

    Hello Salvador, Please reply as soon as you can. My programme starts in third week of January 2018, I must show a statement of my bank account stating that it contained 19000 pounds for 28 days when I attend the VISA interview.

  • Md Jamal Hossain

    From Bangladesh can i able to collect fund for my 6 years school going daughter?

  • Md Jamal Hossain Manik

    I had just started a fundraising project for my 6 years old daughter who not going to school due to i unable to pay her educational cost. Please help me. Link given below: