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7 Inspiring GoFundMe Campaigns That Remind Us Not Everyone is Apathetic

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

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Hero Stops School Shooting – Raises $100K+

antoinette tuff

When a gunman entered her school armed with an AK-47 and 500 rounds, Antoinette Tuff faced the threat with compassion and patience, saving numerous lives in the process.

“Thank you for your support!

Proceeds will be used to provide travel for underprivileged children. We will provide inner city kids the opportunity to see the world. If you change their vision, you can change their lives.” Read more here.

Donations for honest homeless man Glen James top $158,000

ethan whittington

Fundraising for a Boston homeless man named Glen James quickly took off when he was heralded as an honest guy after handing in a backpack he found that contained over $40,000 in cash and travelers checks in September 2013.

A GoFundMe.com campaign raised more than $147,300 in two weeks and is still going with a goal of $250,000.

Many people have contacted Ethan Whittington, the man who organized the fundraiser, about James and expressed interest in doing this for him including donating computers to James, providing him dental care and helping him find a job. Read more here.

The Chive And A Sister’s Love Helped Raise $400,000 For Young Woman Who Faced The Unthinkable

melissa smith

After beating cancer twice, a young woman was left paralyzed and imprisoned in an inaccessible apartment she couldn’t afford to move out of.

Unable to watch her sister suffer any further, Stephanie Smith launched an online fundraising campaign and beseeched Chive Charities, a group that encourages its community to support orphan causes, to take on her case in March. Moved by Stephanie’s love for her sibling and Smith’s survival spirit, the CHIVEFund decided to donate $50,000 to Smith and urged others to do the same.

Moved by Stephanie’s love for her sibling and Smith’s survival spirit, the CHIVEFund decided to donate $50,000 to Smith and urged others to do the same.

Once Chive Charities publicized Smith’s story, her struggle went viral and the donations started pouring. At one point, Smith calculated that she was getting $837 per minute, she told WBAL-TV. To date, donors have pledged nearly $400,000, breaking Chive’s previous fundraising record.

Internet Rallies for Wounded Vet

gail pesce

Sean Pesce was shot 13 times in Afghanistan, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Over $50K has already been raised to help make his family’s house wheelchair accessible.

Thanks to hundreds of generous donations, Sean’s home will be wheelchair accessible when he returns to his family this month.
$51,865 raised by 1,164 donors in 1 month. Read more here. 

Hundreds give cash to help homeless gay Atlanta teen

steve bevers

The somber story of a gay Atlanta teen kicked out of his home after being outed to his parents touched nearly 200 people, who in two days have donated more than $8,083 to an online campaign to help him.

Steve Bevers launched Nick was kicked out of his home, a GoFundMe campaign, on Tuesday to help Nick, who he describes as an 18-year-old freshman at Kennesaw State who lives in Marietta. Bevers says his family took Nick in and now he’s hoping to raise $10,000 to help the student, who was left penniless after his parents apparently kicked him out and seized his savings. Read more here.

The Inspiring Story Of How A Boston University Student Raised $5,000 In A Day To Stay In College

alexis-brianna felix

Alexis Felix will be the first person in her immediate family to receive a Bachelors degree. Felix is a straight-A student who got a 3.78 GPA last semester while also tutoring elementary schoolers, holding a research position at a consulting company, and dancing as a member of BU’s Latin dance team.

Felix was recently faced with a major issue — her family would not be able to afford to pay for her next semester at BU. After exhausting every possible solution and sitting through multiple face-to-face conversations with BU administrators informing her that she was “out of options,” Felix turned to what she called a “last resort.”

With only two months to find the money, Felix created a GoFundMe page in the hopes that some friends and family members would help her reach the $5,000 she needed to stay at BU. “I thought it would take months, if at all,” she said.

27 hours after the page went live, Felix had recieved $5,000 to continue her education, with contributions from friends, acquaintances, and even total strangers. The page had been shared close to 400 times on Facebook. Read more here. 

Firefighters Rally to Help 7-Year-Old Leukemia Patient

steve belski

When a Somerville fire lieutenant and his family received the news on Thursday—that their 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia—colleagues in the department jumped into action.

The girl started treatment immediately, meaning she’ll be spending the next six weeks at Boston Children’s Hospital, and the family will need to make weekly trips to the hospital for the next two years. Read more here.

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  • Ashley Posey

    This is a great article! I couldn’t read it without tearing up. It’s especially heart-warming to hear complete strangers reaching out to our wounded veterans!

    • CrowdCrux


  • germanwolf
    • CrowdCrux

      Did you want feedback or what?

  • Hi

    I have had my Go fund me page up for about 11 months now and have only raised $325.00 I really need your help! I never thought this would happen. I am always seeing people get thousands of dollars in donations for meaningless causes why people like me are dying from chronic disease, Can you please help me with my campaign and get it out to the masses. I have created Facebook events and sent out invites out to my network of over 1,000 and I only got a few donations. light years away room my goal! my goal is high 200,000 I put it that high because my situation is a very expensive process and this is how much it will cost me to get well.

    Barely anyone is sharing my page let alone donating to my cause. Thank you! please look at my go fund me page and tell me if something is wrong with how my page is set up or looks? I did a lot of research and I am stuck it is so hard for me to manage my campaign on my own due to the progression of my illness.

    Please help me! Thanks!


  • olivia


    Hi there!

    I am doing a charity/volunteer trip around Europe and I have just set up the page, and it needs a kickstart. I appreciate any amount – even £1 would help me! All the money is going into a cause – and I am funding the rest of the trip with my money alone – which isn’t a lot either, but it’s a chance to help people and do some good!

    I’d be very grateful if you could take a look – thank you!

  • i lost my wife to breast cancer and i have 2 small children. I see others that are trying to get their car fixed getting a bunch of donation and showing up on top google searches. How dpo i generate that kind of traffic?


    • CrowdCrux

      First, I would recommend reaching out to your local community and social, as they are the most likely to donate to your campaign. You can also try to get local press or submit to the subreddit charity threads.

  • Kenneth

    I am not too sure how to help raise money as well. I created a GoFundMe, though reaching out to friends and family is a bit of an issue, I have few friends (both on Facebook and in Real life.) Family would be helping me already if they were able… Any tips on helping raise money with strangers or the community?

    I really do need the help about as much as possible.


  • Brian McLoughlin

    Please helpme follow my dream as an aspiring journalist and help me cover the World Lacrosse Championships! Thank You 🙂 http://www.gofundme.com/92y9lo

  • I am planning my first volunteer expedition to Costa Rica and I have created a page here: http://www.gofundme.com/childcare-costa-rica
    I’ve shared with all of my networks but I have a hard time asking friends for donations. I’m going to work on a fundraiser to help as well. Any suggestions for my page?

  • Rachel Smith

    I need help fulfilling my dreams of becoming a teacher. I have to student teach but I have no transportation to get to the schools that I need to go to. Thank you for the advice! http://www.gofundme.com/a3uv0w

    • CrowdCrux

      Glad the advice was helpful! Good luck on your campaign.

  • katielyn

    This is a great article about all the success stories!! I think it’s important to be grateful for “tiny” success stories as well! My gofundme journey raised a lot of money really fast for my Chocolate Persian, Roman. Friends came forward big time to make sure we had the funds to expedite his care. We had 2 strangers (yet still friends of friends) who donated two of the largest amounts 🙂 My advice to people writing their description is to tell us this:
    1. Why you need the money
    2. What you have or have not done on your own behalf
    3. How your current circumstances prevent you from helping yourself
    4. Give a back story to your circumstances
    5. Give plenty of updates and make sure to thank your donors.

    The smartest thing I did was take pictures of my poor baby kitty… not even thinking anything was wrong or that we would need eye surgery. but I had pictures of him as a baby kitten and then when he got hurt. It’s pathetic how sad his situation is!

    We are still in the process of getting him to the eye specialist. But I just wanted to share my ideas on how to make a successful campaign

    BTW: Here’s my link if you want to take a look or drop a dollar: http://www.gofundme.com/HelpRomansEye

    • CrowdCrux

      Great tips!

      • Jay Samuels

        My friend just launched his campaign for his dog yesterday.. We are hoping and praying that it is successful. He has posted puppy pictures, a rather lengthy back story and will be posting updates regularly. If you want to visit and provide feedback/suggestions, the link is

    • Tim Gwin

      My good friend Jerry started this site on my behalf to help offset expenses after I had a massive heart attack while out of town. It looks like I will eventually need a heart transplant as my heart suffered severe damage resulting in one heart muscle now having 50 % dead tissue. I now can’t work and am waiting for long term disability to take effect in a year. Please distribute this link if you can assist and God bless you for your support and prayers


    • Olivia Grace Owens

      Thank you for the tips. They’ve helped me. https://www.gofundme.com/lillythepug

    • Julie Ruengert

      Thank You for sharing this!

    • coty

      Thank you for all your tips. I will be editing my campaign to go into more detail about my mother’s situation. I was trying to keep it minimal because she is embarrassed that I created the campaign and is the kind of person that would never ask for help for herself. This is the campaign link by the way: https://www.gofundme.com/Plz-Help-My-Mom

      I’m so happy to hear that your kitty had his surgery and is doing great. He’s a beautiful cat!

      • katielyn

        Thank you very much1 We are so glad we were able to do the surgery. He is a GORGEOUS adult now and I can’t imagine allowing him to grow up with the cloudy eye. He is just beautiful! Good luck to you and your mom!

  • I’m a dedicated volunteer and student looking to raise money for my final year of tuition at Chico State University. This would mean the difference in me pursuing a career I love and have passion for. My mother is deceased and my father is homeless, so any help from the online community would be appreciated beyond my capacity to explain so. Please take the time to visit my fundraising page.

  • caterinna
  • Alejandro Barcenas

    Things get better.. please take some time to read my story.

    Thank you.. http://www.gofundme.com/bjwuz0

  • Mario Ha

    hey, there is a girl succeeded with an education cause, maybe mine will work a little too 🙂

  • Ricki

    After talking with my fiance about saving money we decided to add me to his phone line which we were planning to save $20 a month. That plan has back fired on us and we are struggling to pay more than what the bill is itself, which doesn’t cover the phone taxes or the other things they had tacked on in the beginning. Our biggest concern is not going without phones it is saving our credit! We had big plans to buy a house next year and at this rate I don’t think we are going to reach that goal.
    The smallest amount of donation would be greatly appreciated… Thank you everyone!

  • Emily Faith

    Hi There! I am trying to raise funds to pursue a certificate program to become an Addiction Counselor after losing my boyfriend to heroin addiction. Wonderful stories here just wanted to share mine too!

  • Susan Bradford

    We started a gofundme page and are looking for some media attention to her story. She was inspired to go to nursing school after the ordeal our family endured when her oldest daughter, at five years old, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. She was only the fourth case ever at CHMC since the 1980s when this type of tumor was discovered. Destinee is now in remission after four years, but continues testing to make sure the tumor hasn’t grown back.

    If you are interested, please check out the page I made and feel free to contact us. Thanks for your time and attention.
    Website: http://www.gofundme.com/c2m2ao

  • Alice Herren

    My name is Alice. My goal here is to be able to give back to my community, by donating a portion of the proceeds from my jewelry making to a local charity and making a difference in the lives of others. I would really like for this to work. The only way I could think of doing so is by creating this page. I’ve been making jewelry since 2010, I love making my own jewelry. It all started as a hobby. I make custom 3D printed jewelry with 3D printers. I also make Pandora style bracelets, and I just started working on a surf and skate line. Pictures coming soon. I am looking to start a home jewelry business and would eventually like to expand. I am currently working on my jewelry from out of my home and being a teacher at a small school, my hours are not consistent and I can’t afford to do this on my own right now. I would like to buy more supplies and eventually become incorporated. Any amount that you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. I would love to make this a fun, successful event but I need your help to make this happen. Lets Make a difference and Change a life together.

    Thank you, in advance, for your support.

  • Anastagio

    My goal is to have my fund become a success story and raise the money I need to open my food truck business. Life is short and I would like to Start Over before its too late: I’m
    starting over and using my cooking and business experiences to make it happen.
    But I need your help, please fund my campaign for support at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/starting-over-in-atlanta-food-truck-please-help/x/8334498
    every dollar will help and please share with your friends and family

  • I am a student who is receiving no help with funds and is trying to stay at my school but i cant register for classes. I’m even willing to start late due to rolling admissions. If you can just take a look and see how bright and creative i am that would mean alot. Btw i am an accounting major <3 http://www.gofundme.com/cu13lc

  • Hello every my name is Darrien, I’m here seeking a little help with furthering my interest in pursuing a photography career. I work full-time, but my income is pretty much fixed. For the last 4 years I have tried to save, but always ended up having to spend anything I tried to set aside towards photography. I have been a photographer for 4+ years and counting, I just want to do more about being self sustained in my future. Donations will go towards essential equipment needed such as a new tripod, camera bag, and lighting. I have gone through so much in the last two years, photography is the only thing that fills those missing gaps, and helps me understand things in my life, and why such things happen. Photography means a lot to me,my future means more, my future determines how I’m able to support my family. Donating a minimum of $1, is better than nothing, and minimum efforts makes a difference in a person life. Thank everyone in advance, I appreciate anything donated.

  • Lauren

    My friend Jessica and her family are going
    through a rough time and are in need of financial help towards her
    recent medical situation. Doctors have found issues with her brain
    pertaining to an excess of cerebral fluid. This has caused many
    adverse effects including memory loss, temporary loss of vision,
    disorientation, dizziness and excruciating headaches. In order to
    receive specialized medical treatment she has been instructed to see a
    neurologist. Please share this and if you could be so kind to donate
    anything please do. I would like to thank those who able to donate in
    advance. Your support is graciously appreciated.

  • Susan Bradford

    We started a gofundme page for my daughter, Ashleigh Massey, and are looking for much needed media attention to her story. Ashleigh was inspired to go to nursing school after the ordeal our family endured when her oldest daughter, Destinee, at five years old, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, called Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT).

    Destinee was only the 4th case ever at Cincinnati CHMC since the 1980s when this type of tumor was discovered. Children under three usually do not survive this cancer, mostly because radiation is part of the protocol, and there is only a 10% survival rate for anyone diagnosed with this tumor prior to surgery. Luckily Destinee was already five when the tumor presented itself. Her surgery was successful and she underwent radiation, chemo treatments and stem cell replacement. Although Destinee is in remission after four years, and she now has a 70% survival chance, she continues testing to make sure the tumor hasn’t grown back. Children who get this type of rare cancer are missing the gene that suppresses it. We are constantly on pins and needles every time she gets a headache or feels sick to her stomach, which is one of the first signs that the tumor has returned.

    Ashleigh works 30 hours a week at a nursing home as an LPN as well as going to school 30 hours a week. She also has two online classes each week. We are in desperate need of tuition assistance. She struggles to pay bills and her school, Hondros, wants her to pay $1,000 a month, which we cannot afford. Ashleigh has exhausted all grants and undergraduate loan opportunities, and cannot get more funding until she finishes her BSN, which she cannot start until she finishes her RN next March. We have received $375 to date and have paid over that amount to the school. Hopefully with her next paycheck she can pay the additional amount needed so she can at least register for next semester’s classes, which begin in October.

    I am on disability. We do not qualify for county assistance because Ashleigh makes over the poverty level by just a few dollars. We are looking to the community for help. The gofundme page explains Ashleigh’s predicament. We are asking for donations, large or small, every little bit helps. Feel free to contact us with any questions. The link for donations is below. Thanks for your time and attention.

    Website: http://www.gofundme.com/c2m2ao

  • One thing I get now is that Money goes where there is already Money. I have been trying in every way possible to work and save so I can pay my last college bill and get my damn diploma sent to me but neither my school wants to understand the situation in which I am nor others. Making money to pay my school bill requires me to get a job getting a job requires me to send my diploma so I can prove companies I graduated and getting my diploma requires me to pay that bill off. Vicious circle hahahaha

    here maybe this can bring some good newshttp://www.gofundme.com/dksgmg

    • oscar morgan


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  • Rita Miller

    This is a wonderful article. I started my own go fund me page. I am disabled and find myself unable to work. I am going through the process of applying for disability. In the mean time I have gone through my savings and find myself in need. My gofundme link is http://www.gofundme.com/dyiwxs

  • Matthew Cullum
    • Tasha

      Your link says campaign not found.

  • Dale
  • Jay Samuels

    Hey my friend, Jared, save his dog! Any little bit helps!


  • Mark41981

    I’m raising money for Help struggling couple with honeymoon . Click to Donate: http://www.gofundme.com/f8jvq4 #gofundme would you share this

  • PleaseShareThis

    Could you do me a huge favor and share?

    You don’t have to donate just trying to seek some help from kind people

  • Jasmine Belton

    Really helpful article! Thoroughly enjoyed reading the touching stories from others raising money using gofundme. It’s nice to know there are people out there willing to selflessly help others in need! Please help share my story on gofundme! http://www.gofundme.com/f6vh3w My sister and I are seeking donations of any size to help us study in London! We need you!

    Many thanks!

  • Susan Bradford

    Please share this link with anyone you think may be able to help us! My daughter, Ashleigh Massey, is trying to raise money to help with nursing school tuition. She was inspired to go to nursing school when her daughter at 5 years old was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor (ATRT). Destinee is 9 now and has survived her ordeal for 4 years. Please help Ashleigh achieve her goal of becoming an RN and BSN.

    Any donation, large or small, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration. Please donate, share, pin, blog and retweet: http://www.gofundme.com/c2m2ao #gofundme

  • Help Ebola Laboratory researchers http://www.gofundme.com/ft7hpo

  • Nathan Jensen

    I just launched a campaign for my family. We are out of options financially. Our big problem is that our bankruptcy plan is way behind due to loss of income from health issues and its taking a toll. We used to have a decent income for our area, with me working and my spouse, but now I’m only working. My job is different my income is significantly lower than it was with my previous job. I loose over half of my check to my bankruptcy plan each week, and since I’ve had to stay home its not a good scenario. Our mortgage is factored into it, and if its not paid we could loose our home. We have two children, 6 and 4. We recently found out our 4 year old is on the autistic spectrum. We have sooo many apt ahead of us for him and my wife. The car is not running at the moment. Bad things just keep piling up. Its hard to stay positive. Hopefully we can get some activity on our page. It was difficult to ask for help. It hurts your pride. Thats the biggest problem we’ve had with resorting to fundraising. How do you go about letting your friends know you are in such a bad state?

    If any of you have suggestions, or would like to help us out check out our gofundme. Thank you!


  • Jharv

    Again, dreams are supposed to come true, but rarely do people take the time to click the link and read about you:

  • Cass

    Great stories, I am hoping to get the same response, though I wouldn’t feel comfortable accepting a large amount. I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired, trying to get back to work, because this is the longest my entire life I have been without work. I became wheelchair bound due to MS and am currently in school trying to get my life back. If anyone is interested in helping out, check out my link. http://www.gofundme.com/studentonwheels

  • Valerie Hill

    We would love to take our kids on a much needed trip to disney. Please help us xoxo http://www.gofundme.com/grywe0

  • pam malane

    A tragic accident took my brothers life Oct. 10th. Don Clary lived on Maui as an artist. He had no insurance. Our family is from Michigan. I’ve created his memorial page to help our grieving and financially burdened family raise funds to assist in bringing him home for burial, services, and then travel to and from Maui to clear and clean his apartment. My father and I need to be there by the end of this month. (Nov) There are near 200 paintings that have to be prepared for shipping. Household items will be donated to the local Salvation Army there. Any donation you can give is graciously appreciated, thank you, and please help us by sharing this link with your network of friends. God bless. http://www.gofundme.com/ggysoo

  • Hey guys, could you guys please check out my campaign it would really mean a lot to my friend and I if you guys could help!

  • These success stories leave me in happy tears. I can only hope and pray ours gets the attention needed. My Aunt Bridget had a brain aneurysm and is in desperate need! If the good Samaritans of the world could please SHARE and if possible, give a few dollars to her cause, I would be forever indebted. http://www.GoFundMe.com/BridgetBosley Thank you so much and good luck to everyone else in need! I plan on being a habitual silent donor on GoFundMe from here on out after this experience. “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” -Ronald Reagan

  • Hardworking lesbian

    It would be nice if you could look at my page

  • Raysa

    I’m in a battle myself trying to raise funds to get my grandmother out of the mortuary and laid peacefully. If you can take one moment and a few dollars out of your time as I have done for other, I would highly appreciate it.


  • Mrs_TY

    Hello, my son has been chosen to travel to Cuba on an educational trip with his school. We are a low income family in Baltimore City. Most of my Facebook friends are also low to no income families. To be honest I don’t know any African American 16 yr old males in Baltimore City that has been given the opportunity to experience life outside of the hood. Many young men in our neighborhood are lacking hope and goals. The look on my sons face when I told him we couldn’t afford it is one no parent would want to cause on their childs face. I had to go in a room alone and cry because I knew there was no way we can afford for him to go. When I was told about go fund me I thought we had a chance. Then I learned we had to depend on our family and friends to donate and I lost hope. We would appreciate if you can share our link in hopes that those who can donate wilI do so. Thanks in advance http://www.gofundme.com/gcx0fc

  • jaygrind

    The Nite of Hope, Atlanta Foundation was founded by Ron Tripodo and …his wife Pasty. Ron has always maintained a yearning to serve others. In late 2001 Ron became involved with feeding the homeless in the inner city of Atlanta. Since then, his diligence, commitment and faithful service has led him to visit shelters weekly to serve the homeless. In the fall of 2002, Ron developed a vision to serve the homeless with a special Thanksgiving meal. This vision was manifested as “Nite of Hope Atlanta,” an elegant Thanksgiving feast that provides dinner and entertainment that helps restore hope, spirit and dignity. The inaugural event served 600 men, women and children. In the second year, 800 people were served; in the third year, 1,000 people were served and in 2005, Nite of Hope served 2,000 homeless people and provided each guest with a new, warm winter coat that reads, “Jesus Cares.” PLEASE DONATE…EVERY LITTLE BIT HELP gofundme.com/h8l5e4

  • Katelynn Adams

    Hi can you guys check out my College FundMe! 🙂

  • We are a family of 8 and need to find a new place to live because our house has been foreclosed and sold to another in auction. My husband works 60+ hours a week and I am a stay at home mom teaching home school during day and freelancing work online at night. We have opened an account to save money back for moving and in over 6 months time have saved 250 dollars so far. Please if you can take a minute to share this with your friends and family. We are so thankful for any and all help everyone gives us whether it be sharing our Story, donating or just sending warm wishes and prayers our way 🙂


  • Kirra Sadler

    I didn’t get really deep into detail in my explanation on the site itself because I didn’t want to make my story so long ppl wouldn’t read it. Please if your reading this though if you can’t donate at least share my link. My children and I really need the help, Thank You!!!


  • Irma

    Hi I just started go fund me for my father in law. For me family is everything . He is a Rev he loves what he do and loves to help people I think it’s his time to get the help . I hope Ya love family as I do . He is getting older . He is in fair health but he want to expand his church he basically spent all his life saving on the church but he need the fund to repair and expand his church that he loves and it’s his second home and his life.
    Thank you

  • Brittney

    My campaign is nothing great like these. I just want to visit my family and don’t have the airfare or even an extra $5 to use if I went up there. Lol. But really. Just share if you can’t donate. Donate to others more important like these first, please though.


  • Noalyah Quis

    I usually don’t do this, but please see fit to point my campaign to any potential individuals who might be sympathetic to my plight. I’m trying to take a career in an expensive city but the allowed timeline to take the career makes saving up on my own all but impossible. Thank you ever so much http://www.gofundme.com/icrki4

  • Cassie

    Please check out http://www.gofundme.com/helpmeri for Meri who has lung cancer, It would mean a lot, just started to share, thank you!

  • Courtney Mann
  • politeia

    Please help. She can’t work and is about to be homeless and lose her kids….


  • Joshua Bailey

    These are all very inpiring. they give me hope that my family and I might get some help as well. Shameless plug: http://www.gofundme.com/jagx4s

    • CrowdCrux

      Glad they are inspiring for you 🙂

  • Candelario Martinez

    i just started my GoFundMe today trying to go to college yet im quite poor i thought it was worth a shot one of my last resorts


    • Pamela Kennedy

      Good luck with this. Only the weirdest things seem to work – I’m starting to think I’m going to have to tweet mine directly to some rich billionaire deaf person (I’m trying to raise my tuition to get ASL Interpreter certified at Gallaudet University which is hella wicked expensive, we’re talking more than the Ivies or NYU).

  • Candelario Martinez

    hey, how is everyone today just updating my post hoping someone out there will see them and share them to the greater public.


  • Elizabeth

    I just love stories like these! I’m hoping to have a similar one for my aunt, whom was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer just a week before Christmas, after being cancer free for six years. I was thinking of making videos after each goal is met. Letting her put a pie in my face after reaching the first $1,000.00 mark. Would that seem to help draw attention to her page? http://www.gofundme.com/j7jkc0 Any tips that can be recommended?

  • JayMa Wonn

    I need help and have no friends or family to ask. I lost most of my “friends” when I became ill and most of the people on my social sites are just ex-coworkers. 🙁 Please check-out my GFM page… http://www.gofundme.com/move4health If you can’t help financially, please share it with others. Thanks so much and bless you and your loved ones.

  • Kristen

    Great advice! I want to give my friend a quick plug as she is trying to get some traction with her campaign. Love her and her family. http://www.gofundme.com/jlt3dw HAPPY 2015!!

  • Jamie Kelly


    im tring to get donations so my wife can go back to school she is in default but we applied for fed loans the other day but even if she does get the loan it will not be enough to cover the full school year so please donate if you got it if not please share thanks for taking the time to read..

  • crepass29

    We saved our money for years, but unforeseen events drained our accounts.


  • Enjoyed reading the article and success from some of the gofundme users! Please check out our story and share. I have helped others in the past with their visions and now it’s our time to ask for help. http://www.gofundme.com/truth-silenced

  • Lindsie Hampton

    If you can’t personally donate, take 2 seconds to share! While sitting on the bathroom floor of the shitty motel room she’s staying at, my best friend Sasha told me she has Stage 4 Ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed a year ago. They cut off her chemo after 2 treatments because she lost her insurance. She has 2 young daughters. Her father is a heroin addict dying of AIDS. Her mother only calls when she needs money. She has no one. She has nothing. Lately she’s been having a hard time paying for her motel room. On the nights she doesn’t have the money she sleeps in her car in the parking lot. If I can’t figure out some miraculous way to pay for her chemo she will die. Not maybe. Definitely.
    If you don’t have the money to donate, maybe you can take a second to share this story. I am really hoping some kind strangers will swoop in and save the day because unbelievably, none of her “friends” are stepping up.
    Thanks for your time. I will post a picture of her in a “reply” to this post, as I can’t figure out how to post it here.

  • Lindsie Hampton

    This is Sasha Smith. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!

  • Blaine Fisher

    Woman had her teeth knocked out by controlling man

  • Dallas Adams

    Hi, please check my link. http://www.gofundme.com/lm2zug

  • Patrick
    • Patrick


  • Sarah Nanones

    Please stop and read my friend’s story. She’s too humble to write about all the amazing things she’s accomplished. She started college at 14 and is 1 semester away from finishing her BA. Please help her fulfill her dream. She is so deserving


  • Ruth
  • Costello syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder affecting around 500 people world wide. Families are isolated and rarely have the opportunity to meet with others or medical experts. 15% of all children with costello syndrome will develop cancer in the early years.

    We have launched a fundraising campaign to raise funds to host a conference and provide support for people to attend .

    Please take a moment to visit our donation page and watch our video, even if you are unable to donate, help us spread the word about this rare condition by sharing our page. Thank you.


  • allyandi


  • HI all,

    It would mean a lot if you could check out our campaign. We are a small rare disorders charity in the UK. Many thanks..


  • Kimberly Di

    My son is trying to get people to donate to The American Heart Association to help pay for children who need heart transplants.

    “My name is Oran. I am 6 years old.
    Me and my school are raising
    money for kids with sick hearts. Please Donate money to my American
    Heart Association fundraising page for sick hearts. So, all kids can
    have a healthy heart like me.

    Thank you, from Oran

    It takes heart to be a hero!

  • Todd

    I would be greatful if ANYONE can share my story and go fund page. it’s a daily struggle as a single father of 3. http://www.gofundme.com/mg4am8

  • Cynthia

    Please check out my fund raiser for my son and daughter in law..it would mean alot to get it out there. Please share if you are able. gofundme.com/k2964k

  • I have started an initiative on gofundme raising money to send free painting kits to Autistic children around the world. So far, I have raised $235 for the cause. I am chuffed to have already received such support. If you are interested in supporting, you can donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/optw15 . If you are a parent of an autistic child, or know someone who is, you can sign up to receive a free kit here: http://www.operationpainttheworld.org
    Thank you for reading, and happy raising!!

  • Penny Mabley

    If we can make all of those success stories, maybe we can make one more a success? This is for my mom and she deserves it more than anything in the world! http://www.gofundme.com/eyc1i4

  • Kay Beckham

    I am looking for donations for attorney fee’s to fight for custody of 3 of my grand babies which I have had since 10/2013. They were taken away from the parents because they tested positive for drugs when they were born. They have lived with drugs alcohol and physical and mental abuse since they were born until I got them. I am a 54 year old woman on disability and struggle to make ends meet so I am desperate. I have filed in court for full custody but attorney fee’s are expensive so I desperately need all the help I can get. PLEASE have some compassion and concern for 3 little boys that deserve a chance at a normal life. Scott, Mikey and Peanut will greatly appreciate any help at all and so will I. These babies are my world I have had the baby since the day he came home from the hospital Please help us, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help.


  • Luis

    Looking for some help for my former foster brother and current great friend raise some money for his son. He let me know his son passed away this sunday and I told him I’d do anything to help relieve some of that burden off their shoulders. Son was 3 autistic and battled leukemia for a year and a half. I have done a couple car washes for them and raised about 50% of what we need so i created a go fund me account to see if i can get support from other generous people. I figured, ive donated to gofundme accounts before maybe ill get good karma.

    the link is below… anything helps from a penny to a dollar. Thank you so much.


  • Dessirae Lorona

    Please help

  • Melanie

    My family had a house fire March 3rd and lost everything any donations or shares would greatly be appreciated. Thank you http://www.gofundme.com/o478mo

  • Amy

    I’ve had quite a rough few years and have worked to put my life back together after losing my mom, who was my only family. I was recently diagnosed with a heart condition and I have been in and out of the hospital and doctor’s offices, all while trying to keep my job and it’s finally become too much. I have accepted a new job at home in Texas that will be easier on my heart but I need a bit of help to get home to Texas from Florida and get my stuff there. Please take a moment to check out my page and pass it along, if 200 people donate $10, I will be able to get home and start my new job. http://www.gofundme.com/homesweettexas

  • JV

    Please help. I just would like to share and ask help. its for fundraising, any amount will do for baby milk supply. Thank you


  • I am a single mother with a sickly son that has Osteogenesis Imperfecta brittle bone disease and I have been without Transportation for over a year to help get my son get to very important appointments please support my page at http://www.gofundme.com/fundraisecar God Bless!!!!

  • Jmazzil

    Want to help out a good dad gain custody of his daughter? http://www.gofundme.com/pz2r3k/

  • WOW! these are truly inspiring accounts. I created a campaign for an amazing little family I adore! They were blessed with a beautiful little bundle of Joy 5 months ago that was born with Leukemia. His name is Sebastian and he’s simply amazing. I hope that my goal for this campaign is met as well as the increase awareness of childhood cancer.

    I’d appreciate if people shared his amazing story & please pray for our little batman!

    every dollar counts guys <3


  • Ray

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  • manuela garcia

    Please Help Support! –> http://www.gofundme.com/rncjdk

  • manuela garcia

    Please Help Support! –> http://www.gofundme.com/rncjdk

  • kerin tate

    Please help if at all if you can I am suffering from stage 2 thyroid cancer and need surgery to remove my two tumors on my thyroid but the issue is my state insurance won’t cover it all please raise funds if at all possible even a $1.00 is greatly appreciated. May God Bless you all! http://www.gofundme.com/ry4xyc

  • Erika Villacampa

    Please share: http://www.gofundme.com/d06xg8

    Thank you!

  • Kylie Rae Stroble

    This is a stretch, but my family REALLY needs the help… So my link is
    http://www.gofundme.com/Newbabyonboard Love the tips by the way!! (Thank you everyone in advance)

  • Trina Ann

    My uncle needs a heart transplant. He is otherwise healthy but has a defect. He is only 53. If people would please share his page. http://www.gofundme.com/tonyseger

  • I’d love to get some tips on how to make my gofundme plea better. My initial amount was raised but now need additional money to help us stay in our apartment. Thank you! Katielyn definitely had some good tips but anything else someone could think of would be very helpful. And good luck to all of you! http://www.gofundme.com/ox4czc

  • nayda

    please donate, like and share my sister ..she is in desperate situation and time is of the essence . need immediate emergency help .http://www.gofundme.com/hopeformysister

  • nayda

    the judge answer the petition, time is running out we have 30 days to raise 50k for trial please help a mother in despair and desperation. This is her ONLY opportunity to regain her children…30 days started on April 28 , 2015 and 18 days of the 30 days started.
    Abandoned mother , sick and no money Help get justice PLEASE donate, like and share. http://www.gofundme.com/hopeformysist

  • Desiree

    Please help me spread my gofundme. I don’t have many in my personal circle who can afford to help. Read my inspiring weight loss story and my campaign to raise money for excess skin removal. gofundme.com/desireehelp thank you so much!

  • Beth

    Please take a minute to read and share this story.
    It would mean a lot thank you. http://www.gofundme.com/emilycastro96

  • Bennie Pierre

    My name is Bennie I’m 20 yrs old and In need of your help. A little less than a year ago i lost my job the same day that I received my associates degree. A few days after that because I was unable to secure another job my stepmother kicked me out of her and my fathers home, fearing I wouldn’t be able to continue paying my rent. I respect encouraging me to face the real world on my own but for me the timing just didn’t prove to be right!..So an ex co-worker turned friend extended a hand to help. I was Allowed to stay there in exchange for child care as I diligently searched and patiently waited for an interview. I was asked to ride along with my friend for support in the event the car broke down on the way to or from Georgia as we were to return the Children in time for the first day of school. Who would of guessed the car would of completely stop working the moment we exited off the interstate, 5 miles from where the children was to be. That break down lead to me now being jobless, homeless, penny less and without transportation in a new city; Not to mention that friend I road up to Georgia with decided to fall back in love with the ex and left me to fend for myself

    Please check out the rest of my story and find it in your heart to donate.


  • Jeanny

    Wonderful stories!!!

    Please help to share this for my Mom

  • Nia Powell

    Anyone reading this my daughter has been in the NICU for 2 months. If you have had a NICU experience you know this will be costly. Please go read her story at gofundme.com/Nylah … If you donate you will be a blessing to my family, thank you!

  • Suzzy

    gofundme.com/charityforchange woman taking food insecurity issues into her own hands. Please like share, donate!

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  • Cicilyn Balfour

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  • Ose

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  • cj

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  • Concerned friend

    We need to earn money for this blended family with 6 children ages 4-11, they have until Sunday to come up with $900 and then the rest by the first in order to have a home for these babies they both work full time, him in the day, her at night.

  • Rook Bridges

    Asking all to share and donate if they can. Thanks so much in advance

  • shadowfairy4ever@yahoo.com

    this is perfectly sad. our family was infested with a bedbug problem that we are unable to care for with a newborn and moving to a good home we have to take care of our kids and yet there is still a bed bugs problem to were they are crawling on my daughter and myself and all the treatments over the counter have not worked. i hate to use gofund me but im willing to help our family. http://www.gofundme.com/helpwithbedbugs

  • kate

    gofundme.com/xzdb38 I’m having no luck at all. I’ve shared on facebook and my fiance has as well and not one family member or friend has helped or even shared. Its great to see others having better luck with this

  • Jasmine Hunter
  • N Pahwa

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  • DannyE

    I need a kidney transplant. Need help with transportation to and from transplant center after transplant for anti-rejection meds. I am on disability and funds are short. My sister helps but she is retired and on a limited budget herself. http://www.gofundme.com/4v3bum

  • Molly Callejas

    Please help, my mother recently had a massive stroke leaving her basically paralyzed and unable to talk and eat, she is 48. I lived with her and my dad and now with her in the hospital with so many problems we are unable to pay for daily needs and hospital bills/rent. I am forced to stop seeking education and start working to help but this will not help much. Please help me and my family. God bless. gofundme.com/qhjqap9g

  • Hannah Andre

    Please like, share and read.

  • thycagirl

    I have cancer and none of my friends and family have stepped up. I have had 2 surgeries and a radiation treatment already, and have to go for another radiation treatment in the next few weeks. I have been going through this alone for a while. I have set up a page and no one has helped. Life sucks! gofundme.com/7s24esww

  • Jen Ryan

    I am not sure how to go about sharing a gofundme request so I thought I would ask in hopes that it can be posted somewhere. Our story is one of love, heartbreak, a boy, more heartbreak and now a battle. We live in Naples, ME and could really use the support of anyone who can give financially as well as prayerfully. I would like to know where I would be able to post this:

    Help a father fight for his son

    My name is Jennifer and my husbands name is Jeremy, we have two sons together, Isaac (8) and Aaron (6). On August 10th 2015 our lives (any many more) changed forever. This was the day that my husband and I found out that his ex-wife, Kari, had been killed in an automobile accident a few nights prior in the state of Illinois. Kari and Jeremy have a son, Ethan, who is 12 and was also involved in the accident and had gone to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. It took days before we got an answer as to what had happened and what Ethan’s condition was. Kari and Ethan’s car was hit by a drunk driver who had crossed the center line, Kari was sent home to see the Lord and Ethan lost his mother.

    My heart is broken for Kari’s family and many many many friends and loved ones, but mostly for Ethan. Jeremy and I know that it would be best for Ethan to move to Maine and be here with us but his maternal grandparents would like him to live with them. We were trying to give them time to grieve for their loss but while waiting we received a petition for co-guardianship and a notice of a court date that is a week away. Ethan’s place is with us in Maine, in a home that we own, and with parents and brothers who will love him and include him. We are active in our church (Youth Group leaders) and believe wholly that Ethan needs to know the Lord to begin his healing. We can provide for him in ways that a grandparent may not be able to.

    We have a fight directly ahead of us and then a long road of healing, adjustment, and prayer to follow. We need help with this legal battle and were told that it could be very costly. We know that he is worth the fight but we can’t do it alone.

    What we need: Prayer! First and foremost please pray for Ethan and the rest of Karis’ family. Then please pray for us as we will need the strength and discernment to know what is right. We also need financial help to proceed, this was very unexpected and we do not have the funds available to fight for my husbands right to be a parent to his son.

    Thank you all so much for reading!

    Thank you for anything that you might be able to do. We hate to ask but we have run out of options. We have given all of our savings account to the lawyer and the battle has just begun. We do not believe in credit cards and can’t get a loan, we both work full time but with a mortgage and two kids currently in our home we will never be able to cover the full costs of a custody battle.

  • Zach Stephens

    Hey guys could you do me a huge favor and share this too everyone please even if its just a dollar anything will help. http://www.gofundme.com/rb3amjqk Please Please read my story!!!!! Me and my daughter and her mother had moved From Florida to Michigan when she was about 6 months old. Well shortly after her mother decided to go on vaction with her. Well she never returned with my child and there was nothing i could do because we didnt live in the state of Michgan long enough to establish residency and my child has birth state custody is what i was told. Anyways i went down to visit my child on her second birthday and her mothers refusing to let me see her unless i paid for her glasses :(. Well adventually i got her to allow me to spend some time with her one short day but it meant the world to me it meant everything. It broke my heart when i had to say good bye i cried and cried. I ddint get to see my daughter on her birthday because i didnt have the money to pay for mother diner. Me and her mother are getting along slightly better and she is allowing me to speak with her on the phone now! Before that would be a task but please help i wanna get back down there and have money to stay. I wanna get a place and get a job and have my life back with my child that i deserve the one that was taken away from me. I missed everthing guys, EVERYTHING and it breaks my heart. I wish i could rewind time but i cant i can only keep pushing. Please support a loving father who care about his child and wants more then anything to just be a part of their life again!

  • Lauryn Cabral

    I just created my go fund me account looking for sponsorships for my sheep breeding project. I am a junior in high school involved with FFA and I pay for all of my projects. If any of you have advice or would like to check out my go fund me to donate please do.


    Thank you guys!

  • stuhuzz1981

    Finally, funding campaigns that aren’t to help out people who shoot unarmed minorities or refuse to serve gays.

  • What do you do when your social media friends aren’t even willing “Share”. I’ve had more shares from complete strangers (not that there have been many of those either).

    My whole experience has been a let down from the beginning, and it started way before my GFM campaign. I am probably taking things to personal, but it really just feels like no one cares about me, what I went through, what I am going through, and the enormous amount of time that I am taking to just share my personal experience in the hopes of helping someone else avoid a similar situation. I keep thinking I shouldn’t even bother, but then feel guilty because people [especially in my area] need to know about a particular chiropractor.

    I keep wondering why people don’t care that a doctor that injured his patient [me], of course lied about it and got away with it, while I had to have surgeries to fix the damage from his negligence, and pay for that myself!! How is that not important news that people would want to share in the community?? I just don’t get it!

    If you are interested in reading the story, you can visit my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ChiropracticHell

    I’m really just venting here. I just wish I could understand what was going on in this world.

  • Chris Pienaar

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  • Chitown Blu

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  • Shawnee

    I tried a fundraising account to help me get through my hardships. I feel kind of dumb for doing it though to be honest. Now that i have created it….I feel embarrassed to post the link on my FB page. My story is that I am pregnant (31 weeks) and got sick and had to stop working. I am on the verge of losing my home…and I don’t really have any friends or family that are supportive of the pregnancy to have a baby shower to get the things the baby needs. I feel depressed and don’t know what else to do. please go visit my fundraiser page and check it out. https://www.crowdrise.com/preg


  • Janice

    My husband had 4th degree Burns on both his legs and skin graft surgery. The trauma has also caused congestive heart failure. Our medical bills are over half a million dollars so far. If everyone could share his story, we would appreciate it. Thank you…
    Bernie Calkins Medical Fund by Dave Meumann – GoFundMe – http://www.gofundme.com/xv7yc2s?fb_action_ids=10155625274230408&fb_action_types=og.shares&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B816799218436391%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.shares%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D

  • Josh Fannin-maynard

    This is for my friends nephew who just went through his third surgery for cancer and they found out it is now in his blood and not sure how long he has to live please help Logan and his family.

  • brittany omalley


    We are in desperate need please Atleast share if you can’t donate every and anything helps ❤️

  • Amanda Estes Hicks

    These are some great tips! I’d love it if you’d stop by my GoFundMe page at


    to read my story, share if you could or feel so inclined, & donate if you feel it in your heart. I am a victim of the ravaging autoimmune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis & also Sjogren’s Syndrome, married to a husband who has a brain injury, & trying to raise a 4 year old son. Everyday gets a little harder mentally, physically, & financially. Thanks so much! Love, thanks, blessings, & prayers to all!


  • Diesel creed

    Please help save my dog diesel https://de.gofund.me/4yavdd2w
    He was search and rescue we were hit by a car on Monday night he mounted the kerb and run diesel over and drove off.. my poor dog did not deserve this now he can’t go find lost people now or rescue people from water (he tracked a two year old boy too a lake from 30kms away unfortunately it was to late but he did his job) now diesel is currently in surgery having his leg amputated and several other things done. Me and diesel were volunteer search and rescue team meaning we did it for free we just loved helping people and the community so we have absolutely no money to pay for medical bills cause I work for free. I need to get this beautiful creature up and going again so we can try see if we can do search and rescue still, we just want to help people but it is diesel who needs help this time.. please help my boy so we can help find you if you ever get lost. These are his links
    Go fund me https://de.gofund.me/4yavdd2w
    Twitter @diesel_creed
    Instagram dieselcreed
    Facebook chris.creed.3158@facebook.com
    You do not have to donate even just a small message will make my day thankyou everyone this dog has saved another of lives how about saving his

  • I’m a college student and I only have two months left too. Please help.


  • Ariel Leigh
  • Ariel Leigh

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  • Maria Tina Nabukenya

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