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6 Tools to generate a buzz before you launch a crowdfunding project

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

So you’re sold on the importance of preparation for a crowdfunding campaign, but you don’t actually know where to start. In a few months you will be launching a campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pozible, or another platform, and you’d like to start generating a buzz now!

Resources To Get You Started



ThunderClap.it is a really cool new service that more and more creators have been using to build momentum for their products pre-launch. Essentially, if enough people support your “thunderclap,” then Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet from all your supporters, creating a wave of attention.

With each thunderclap campaign, you have a certain number of days to generate enough support to reach your pre-set goal. As the campaign progresses, the website keeps track of the growing influence of your movement, or the social reach of your campaign. If you meet your goal in terms of # of supporters before the clock winds down, your timed message will be blasted out throughout your supporter base.



PitchFuse is a recently launched website that allows creators to generate and gauge interest for a crowdfunding campaign before it’s actual launch. It kind of acts as a Launchrock for crowdfunding campaigns, which is another tool I have highlighted below.

Using the service, you can post your up and coming Kickstarter or Indiegogo project and receive comments, collect email addresses, analyze pageviews, and accumulate followers. Finally, you can also notify your followers when you do launch.



CF4ALL is a new service that is still growing its user base. The driving force behind the website is a CrowdCredit. “CrowdCredits, the Social Currency of Crowdfunding, are a powerful way to tap the collective influence of the Crowd to gauge a Project’s popularity. The more CrowdCredits a Project receives, the higher they rank in CF4ALL search results. Projects that receive the most CrowdCredits — along with other measures of support — will be showcased on the CF4ALL home page under “Trending Projects.”



You can use CrowdfundingPr to create a free press release for your crowdfunding campaign. There are also paid enhancements to expand the reach of your press release. This is a great way to explain why you are raising money if you don’t have a blog or website, and is an easy-to-share link that you can send to bloggers, journalists, friends, and supporters. Disclaimer: I help run CrowdfundingPR.



LaunchRock is a tool that you can use to create a pre-launch landing page for your campaign. You can use the landing page to collect email addresses of potential backers. If you don’t want to be a part of the Prefundia ecosystem, LaunchRock is a good alternative with customization options and visitor analytics.



Although blogging can be difficult and time consuming, it can be a great way to share your experiences and connect with other creators. In addition, you can share your findings about raising money online on forums or contact bloggers like me to feature your content or include you as a guest poster, which could drive traffic back to your campaign when you launch.

Fast & Easy vs. Slow & Difficult

No matter how cliche the saying “Great things take time” is, it’s completely true. There is no silver bullet when trying to generate buzz before the launch of your crowdfunding campaign. Work hard to establish a relationship with influencers in your industry. Don’t expect people to find you. Take your project to them!

Be sure to let me know about other tools or techniques you used to generate interested pre-launch in the form of a comment below.

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  • Booster Palz

    Fantastic article and links. Will definitely be looking into this more. I meet a few kickstarter people at the toy fair and almost every single one told me, that if they had to do it over, they would have generated buzz and promotion BEFORE launching their Kickstarters. I’m hoping mine won’t suffer because of this, but should it fail at least I know for the future.

    • CrowdCrux

      Yea, this is probably the #1 “lesson learned” that I hear from Kickstarter campaign creators. I would drive marketing as hard as you can now – should you choose to relaunch in the future, you will have all the backers you’ve accumulated up until them and can let them know about the relaunch in an update.

  • Avela Grenier

    Thanks Salvador, for the great article. Surprised I haven’t heard of thunderclap. After browsing through their site I have one question and would value your opinion: Do you think there is the potential to create countdown fatigue among your audience? In context, I have a kickstarter launch (for a documentary film @R2FF_Film) planned for April 1st. Say I set a 3 week window for thunderclap, with a goal to ‘blast’ on the kickstarter launch date. First the directive is ‘help me meet my thunderclap goal’ for 3 weeks, followed immediately by ‘help us meet our kickstarter goal’ for the next month thereafter. Does the crowd tire?

    • CrowdCrux

      Interesting thought. To be honest, you know your “crowd” better than I do. I think that the first 7 days are most crucial. By the end of the first seven days of your Kickstarter, I think you should have had all your social connections and audience pledge and then begin moving on to marketing it to strangers.

      Personally, I would use the Thunderclap.It campaign to warm up your audience and if you reach your goal, that’s a mini-win that will also up morale.

  • ecoeinstein

    Thanks for including CF4ALL in your recommended resources for creating pre-launch buzz. As the industry’s only crowd-powered search and support network, we already have over 28,000 current projects in our database — and over 111,000 overall! That makes us a great tool for doing your initial research. It’s always nice to know who else is out there in the same space, what they did that worked… or didn’t.

    • CrowdCrux


  • Sean Petersen

    This is super conflicting because you own Crowdfunding PR!! You need to have a clear disclaimer on this.

    • CrowdCrux

      Good point. Didn’t think of that. I’ll add it in right now.

  • Thanks for the article. For the paid campaigns..does Thunderclap still charge if the support is not met?

  • Zcan, the Scanner Mouse

    Just started the #pitchfuse and #prefundia, going for the crowd funding PR … Thanks Salvador

  • Anna Klepacka

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