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30 People to Promote Your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign to on Twitter

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

Since I received a lot of positive feedback from my last article, 21 places to promote your kickstarter campaign, I decided to draw up a list of some of the awesome people involved in the crowdfunding industry and who are some of the biggest Kickstarter/Indiegogo supporters. Feel free to reach out to them when you are looking to promote your campaign.

Please keep in mind, that you should always put yourself in the shoes of the other person when you are promoting your campaign. The next time you are going to put your self-interest first, stop, think about the interests guiding the person you are attempting to persuade, and then work from their interests back to yours. I really recommend the bestselling book How To Win Friends and Influence People. You can probably find it somewhere online for free if you look hard enough.

I talked a lot about this in 5 Kickstarter Mistakes You Should Avoid.  Remember, no one likes spamming! Use twitter as a starting point to establish a relationship and then follow up with an email or call. After you’ve finished with this list, check out my new article, Who’s in the Crowdfunding Community for a huge list of supporters, service providers, bloggers, and more that are interested in crowdfunding.

1. @crowdfundingpr_

“Write a FREE press release for your crowdfunding campaign #crowdfunding#kickstarter #indiegogo

2. @CrowdfundingDjo

crowdfunding dojo

“Advice from leading projects on how to get crowdfunded today (See how to set up a #crowdfunding campaign video studio from $80 below!) #indiegogo #kickstarter CrowdfundingDojo.com

3. @kickstartforum

kickstarter forum 1

“A Community Where We Like, Share and Support Kickstarter Campaigns.”  KickstarterForum.org

4. @CrowdfundStrat


“Crowdfunding Consultants. Featured on @TODAYShow. Founder, Leigh Lepore. Everyone has the opportunity to get #Crowdfunded.”

5. @BestKickstarter

best of kickstarter

“Follow and include @BestKickstarter when posting about your Kickstarter project and we will retweet and may even contribute money! #kickstarter #crowdfunding

6. @CrowdfundExper1

kickstarter support

“Helped and backed a lot of campaigns and all about building a Kickstarter Community #crowdfunding#indie#indiefilm. I back projects! Kickstarter Indiegogo”

7. @KSStandard

kickstarter standard

“Follow the latest Kickstarter projects each week, discover crowdfunding project trends and stake a claim to your project predictions.”

8. @TCFrose


” I’m a storyteller. A connector. A crowdfunding enthusiast. I have a philanthropic heart. Stop by if you want to create a #crowdfundingcampaign that succeeds. Chicago · http://thecrowdfundamentals.com

9. @IndieFundIt


“Passionate supporter & coach to all who crowdfund! San Francisco, CA · indiefund.it

10. @BillHuston1


“CMO and Co-Founder of My Crowd Rocks a crowdfunding and social media consulting company focused on Small Businesses, Start-ups, and Real Estate Developers”

11. @CrwdFndPlanning

crowdfunding planning

“Helping SMBs, Startups, and Entrepreneurs seeking #CrowdFunding; we provide access to seminars, research, and expert advisors. Join us http://goo.gl/Phf9N”

12. @MatthewLord7

mathew lord

“I’m Philip Cardwell, Founder of Universal Media Consultants and the Creator of Marketing Magnification.Marketing and CrowdFunding Expert.”

13. Anthony de Souza


CrowdFunding Focus Magazine. Editor and Publisher. #CrowdFunding Workshops and Speaker.

14. @IndiegogoFilm

indiegogo film

“The home of all things film and crowdfunding related – #gogofilm. Find our main feed at @Indiegogo! The World’s Funding Platform.”

15. @kgarewaffle

komal garewal

#Crowdfunding consultant; Jane-of-all-trades at @Medstartr; Blogger for @Maximhy; Global nomad, Exposer of Injustice, Destroyer of Apathy & Taboos ny · http://www.linkedin.com/pub/komal-garewal/26/2b0/8a2

16. @crowdfundingx


“Crowdfunding X Blueprint: By Far The Most Comprehensive and Easy to Follow Guide About Crowdfunding Your Project or Business. http://CrowdfundingX.com

17. @CrowdFundingBB


“CrowdFunding Forum http://CrowdFundingForum.com

18. @CrowdFundingPro


“How can we help YOU!? We are building a #Crowdfunding SocialHub to support, educate, discuss and help others in their crowdfunding endeavors. Global · http://www.CrowdFundingPro.com

19. Elena Mikhaylova


“We help CrowdFunders by promoting their projects to hundreds of potential backers. Boulder, CO · http://crowdfundbuzz.com

20. @CrowdFundingBro


“Crowdfunding is changing the world. Join me on the journey.”

21. @CrowdfundMAFIA

crowdfund mafia

“We are a crew of Crowdfunding experts that build, design and manage custom #crowdfunding campaigns for #startups #creativeprojects and #smallbusiness. San Diego, Ca · http://www.crowdfundmafia.com

22. @OccupyCrowdfund

occupy crowdfunding

“An extensive social network is a fundamental component of effective online crowdfunding! Might this help?: http://tiny.cc/1gpzmw.#crowdfunding #Twitter #money The United States of America · http://tiny.cc/1gpzmw

23. @Crowdfundinfo


crowdfunding.info  Bringing Crowdfunding Education to Life!@crowdfundinfo updated by mat walker Brisbane · http://www.crowdfunding.info

24. @TeamCrowdfund

team crowdfund

“We are #TeamCrowdfund and we will help you promote your Kickstarter, IndieGOGO or any other #Crowdfunding campaign. We only ask that you Share WITH us.”

25. @KickstarterTips

kickstarter tips

“The best tips for how to promote your #kickstarter #crowdfundingmarketing campaigns!http://kickstartermarketingcampaigns.com/kickstarter-marketing/kickstarter-marketing/ …


26. @justkickstarted

recently kickstarted

“Trying to tweet about all new Kickstarter projects. Visit the website for a related old-school RSS feed. Blogger · http://recently-kickstarted.blogspot.com/

27. @KickstarterNews

kickstarter news

“Profiling the best Projects of http://Kickstarter.com . Giving you all the news and gossip. Not affiliated with Kickstarter At All.”

28. @KickstartAdvice

kickstarter advice

29. @KickstarterMark


“You launch your #Kickstarter, we do all the marketing for $50 a week. It’s that simple. Check out our site to see a list of some of our services. #creatorowned Portland, Oregon · KinshipMarketing.com

30. @CrowdCrux


“Crowdfunding tips, news, and resources for campaign owners, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Washington, DC · crowdcrux.com


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  • our Crowdfunding Press Center readily accepts news on crowdfunding industry news.


  • Thank you so much for this list. So very helpful as we are looking at ways to crowdfund an event that will benefit SPCA Singapore as well as break a world record.

    • CrowdCrux

      Hi Dips- Of course! Sounds like an interesting event. Crowdfunding for events is definitely an emerging niche. Hope it goes well.

  • Great List. For those interested, some additional tips for Crowdfunding Success can be found in this article from last week: http://pitch.pe/103A5VE

    • CrowdCrux

      Hi Christian- Thanks for sharing the article. Agree with most of them except “getting as much feedback.” It’s important the feedback be from authoritative sources. I like the focusing on “use cases” tip to explain to potential backers how the product would work.

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          Awesome! Let me know if they have any topic suggestions.

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            Sal, did you have a post about engaging with bloggers? I remember reading it, you mentioned Dale Carnegie’s book – “How to win friends and Influence people”. Trying to find it but having difficulty.

          • CrowdCrux

            Reko- I think you’re referring to Kickstarter Mistakes You Should Avoid: http://www.crowdcrux.com/5-kickstarter-mistakes-you-should-avoid/ 🙂 I’ll put “search bar” as a to-do item.

          • Reko Moreno

            Yep, that’s the one. Thank You!


    Thank you so much for all the great tips! This is the 4th article I’ve read on here tonight. You are awesome for all of the info which you share with us! I am currently in re-launch mode of an unsuccessfully funded campaign. I think the biggest problem was not enough exposure, so I will definitely be incorporating these tips with some of my old strategies.

    Hopefully the 2nd time around I could have a fully funded project, which would be awesome because I’ll be graduating next month. My project goes live at the end of the week! #EXCITED

    • CrowdCrux

      Definitely. Glad you benefit from the articles. Knowing that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning! Shoot me an email with the link. If you’d like to share any of the things you’ve learned from the first campaign, I’d love to hear: sbrigggman@crowdcrux.com – Just remind me in the email.

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      :D! Thanks! I have less experience with rallying action for the kind of donation-based campaigns that usually appear on GoFundMe. It’s definitely a lot harder, so I give you Kudos for going for it.

      As a recommendation, I would recommend crafting more compelling rewards. $25 for a thank you letter – people would likely go for this only if they knew you or/and liked you or really resonated with your story. Even then, I personally think you should offer more value for $25. Even with bake sales you will get a cupcake or food for a $5-10 donation.

  • So far the best site for tips! Thank you for not just writting about get press release, etc as its not that easy. All tips are great, I wish I have founded you before launching my project 🙂 Now we are in a run, but trying to follow the steps and tips you are providing here!



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