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20 Bloggers and Publishers To Market Your Kickstarter Comic Book Campaign To

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

1. Bleeding Cool: 34K twitter followers, 10k facebook likes


2. ComicsBeat: 13k twitter followers, 3k facebook likes

comics beat

3. ComicAttack: 3.5k twitter followers, 4.6k facebook likes

comic attack

4. Broken Frontier: 2k twitter followers, 1.6k facebook likes

broken frontier

5. Comic Bastards: (Not currently searching for Kickstarters). 

comic bastards

6. Comic Book and Movie Reviews: 9.6k twitter followers, 2.6k facebook fans

comic book and movie reviews

7. Comic Booked: 31k twitter followers, 7k facebook fans

comic booked

8. ComicBookMovie: 16.8k twitter followers, 32k facebook likes

comic book movie

9. Comic Book Therapy: 6.9k twitter followers,  4.7k facebook fans

comic book therapy

10. Comic Book Resources: 57k twitter followers, 71k facebook likes

comic book resources

11. Comic Book Realm: 1k fans on Facebook 

comic book realm

12. Horror Comic Book News: 1.6k followers on twitter, 2.9k facebook fans

horror comics

13. Comicosity: 1.4k twitter followers, 260 facebook likes


14. Comic Related: 3k twitter followers, 670 facebook fans

comic related

15. Comic Vine: 18.6 twitter followers, 12k facebook fans

comic vine

16. Comics Alliance: 21.5k twitter followers, 16k facebook fans

comics alliance

17. Comics Bulletin: 3k twitter followers, 1.2k facebook fans

comics bulletin

18. The Comics Journal: 9.8k twitter followers, 2.3 facebook fans

the comics journal

19. The Comics Reporter: 11.7 twitter followers, 1k facebook fans

the comics reporter

20. Cosmic Book News: 5k twitter follwers, 13k facebook fans

cosmic book news

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  • Chau Nguyen

    how about a fashion and gift project/campaign? any tips how to find those? if you can list them, that would be great too. 😛

  • Axel

    hey friends..

    jst look at the “free twitter followers” …

    its wonderfull.. http://bit.ly/18co06v

  • akanezumi

    This is a great list! However there is one tiny problem!

    NONE of them reply! lol. I’ve sent out emails to everyone of them, even on facebook and twitter and I’ve gotten no reply. Either they are too busy and miss the email or they don’t care? Maybe if I keep sending once a week I’ll have some luck?

    • CrowdCrux

      Yea, I wrote this article a ways back, so they may have changed their guidelines regarding accepting Kickstarter project submissions, or they may have not just been interested in the particular project.

      I would also form your own list like this one that you can use for outreach. Pitching bloggers/media is tough and time consuming, but it’s kind of a necessary fact of life.

    • richjohnston

      Did you email me?

  • Shaun Whittaker

    Check out my new site: Need funding , word of mouth and commentary..for a new Universe: http://daydreamincomics.weebly.com

  • Shaun Whittaker

    Who are the Roughens?

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  • richjohnston

    I’m Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool, top of this list. We run first person perspective articles written by you, about your crowdfunded comics, every weekend. Email me at richjohnston@gmail.com

  • Bryna Makowka


    Here is the trailer for Sig Haig’s next movie A COMIC BOOK STYLED, DARK COMEDY “Razor” that releases April 29th!

    Hope you download it on all the major platforms! Here is the press release and the poster to help us promote the film. We appreciate your support!!! Thank you!!


    Razor Press Release.pdf

  • You can remove Comic Bastards from the list. We’re not actively searching for Kickstarters. Thanks though.

    • CrowdCrux

      Okay thx for the comment!