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20 Bloggers and Publishers To Market Your Kickstarter Comic Book Campaign To

Published by Salvador Briggman. Find him on Twitter.

1. Bleeding Cool: 34K twitter followers, 10k facebook likes


2. ComicsBeat: 13k twitter followers, 3k facebook likes

comics beat

3. ComicAttack: 3.5k twitter followers, 4.6k facebook likes

comic attack

4. Broken Frontier: 2k twitter followers, 1.6k facebook likes

broken frontier

5. Comic Bastards: (Not currently searching for Kickstarters). 

comic bastards

6. Comic Book and Movie Reviews: 9.6k twitter followers, 2.6k facebook fans

comic book and movie reviews

7. Comic Booked: 31k twitter followers, 7k facebook fans

comic booked

8. ComicBookMovie: 16.8k twitter followers, 32k facebook likes

comic book movie

9. Comic Book Therapy: 6.9k twitter followers,  4.7k facebook fans

comic book therapy

10. Comic Book Resources: 57k twitter followers, 71k facebook likes

comic book resources

11. Comic Book Realm: 1k fans on Facebook 

comic book realm

12. Horror Comic Book News: 1.6k followers on twitter, 2.9k facebook fans

horror comics

13. Comicosity: 1.4k twitter followers, 260 facebook likes


14. Comic Related: 3k twitter followers, 670 facebook fans

comic related

15. Comic Vine: 18.6 twitter followers, 12k facebook fans

comic vine

16. Comics Alliance: 21.5k twitter followers, 16k facebook fans

comics alliance

17. Comics Bulletin: 3k twitter followers, 1.2k facebook fans

comics bulletin

18. The Comics Journal: 9.8k twitter followers, 2.3 facebook fans

the comics journal

19. The Comics Reporter: 11.7 twitter followers, 1k facebook fans

the comics reporter

20. Cosmic Book News: 5k twitter follwers, 13k facebook fans

cosmic book news

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