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Listen to this podcast from your phone! Get it on iTunes or Stitcher. There are a lot of people in the crowdfunding industry, but Bill stands out to me as one whose done a great job of building relationships. After seeing him consistently commenting on my links, engaging others in the niche, and providing great advice to crowdfunding campaigners, ...

luna indiegogo campaign

The first week of September was a promising one for many crowdfunding campaigns, and those on Indiegogo are no exception.
These five instantly popular Indiegogo campaigns have caught backer’s interest and raised …


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Haven’t heard of Periscope? You’re not alone!
Periscope is a new way to live stream events or moments from your mobile device. Viewers can interact with your stream by asking you …


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Clear communication with backers is a very important element of any Kickstarter campaign. Honest and frequent updates can help maintain backers’ trust and respect, and even encourage them to up …


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the crowdfunding centre front page

Listen to this episode on the go with iTunes or Stitcher.
I had the privilege of interviewing Barry James, the founder of The Crowdfunding Centre. In this podcast, we talk about a few …


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One thing that I’ve come to appreciate about marketing is that it’s always changing, but there are always underlying truths that never do.
Here’s a truth: You need to go where …


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