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Do you want to get funding for YOUR business? As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to motivate teammates, crank out good products, and sell, sell, sell! It’s hard to do that if you don’t have any kind of capital to work with. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. Almost every major startup had multiple rounds of funding before it ...

On today’s podcast episode, I brought on Artur Stelmakh who has launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns, “Vasco packing cubes and bags” and the “New Leveraxe – The Smart Axe.”
If you’ve been …


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When I first started blogging about crowdfunding, it was the wild west!
I’m talking about 2012, when websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo were just starting to see breakout success.
Over the last …


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Of all the crowdfunding platforms out there, Indiegogo is one of the top in the industry!
You can use Indiegogo to raise money for many different types of projects, including film, …


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This launch plan raised $8.5 million on Kickstarter with two successful crowdfunding campaigns.
Today, I interviewed Bruno Sautter, the co-founder of the mega-successful tabletop game, “The 7th Continent.”
He shared a goldmine of …


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For me, setting up a WordPress blog was one big struggle.
I hated figuring out all of the technical jargon. I didn’t understand what to do (or how).
It was so freakin’ …


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