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If you’ve seen successful Kickstarter campaigns in the media or been browsing around the crowdfunding platform, then you may have noticed something called Kickstarter add-ons or addons. These can become a little confusing to a newer creator or backer, so let’s set a few things straight! What is a “Kickstarter Add-on?” Add-ons are not part of the core ...

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As you’ve been browsing around Kickstarter, you might have noticed the “Kickstarter Staff Pick” badge on several videos or the “Staff Pick” search parameter in the Kickstarter discover tab.

Advanced Discovery

Staff …


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potato salad kickstarter snapshot

This article was written by Brian Wong. You can find him on twitter here
In this article, CrowdCrux reporter Brian Wong spoke with Zack “Danger” Brown, the creator of the famous Potato Salad Kickstarter …


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On KickstarterForum, there have been 400 replies since I asked the question “What is your day job? What is your passion project?”

After reading through 41 pages of replies, I’ve come to the …

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front chosen space

This article was written by Marcus Beard from The MMOLab Team.
We launched our Kickstarter for Chosen Space: Relaunched about a week ago, and we got to 50%, then 60% far quicker …


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Indiegogo is a growing international crowdfunding platform with a diverse array of project categories. Creators ranging from inventors to artists have been using the website in greater numbers to finance …


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