Prepd indiegogo campaign
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Indiegogo introduced InDemand in January of 2015 to help creators continue to sell their products after their crowdfunding campaigns were finished. This feature has become very popular, along with Indiegogo’s Shipping Now feature. We decided to put together a list of a few different campaigns that have gone on to use Indiegogo InDemand and Shipping now ...

nobowl feeding system

Dr. Liz Bales invented the NoBowl Feeding System, which raised $136,000+ from nearly 2,000 backers and met its goal in 4 days and 4 hours. This system enables cats to …


10 Jun 2016 | 4 Comments
bj minson carbon6

If you have 0 social media followers and don’t want to promote your Kickstarter campaign, you’re in the right place.
I know I talk a lot about building up your crowd before …


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medical costs

Guess what!? This is an “Ask Sal” podcast episode where listeners submit their questions, and I answer them! The question today is a little bit different, because it focuses on …


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knocki front

May is over and I wanted to review some of the month’s most successful and quickly funded crowdfunding projects. These are Kickstarter campaigns that were fully funded in under a week, …


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real estate

This is an Ask Sal episode of the podcast, where you submit your questions and I answer them! Thomas Setteducato asked:
“How do I use real estate crowdfunding for my property?”
I’m about …


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