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In 2014, Blackbaud surveyed 3,000+ nonprofit organizations and released a study on charitable giving. The report showed that overall, charitable giving revenue grew by 4.9% in 2013. Sounds respectable, right? However, compared to 2012, online giving grew by 13.5%, with the largest amount of growth happening in small nonprofits to the tune of 18.4%. This is ...

Onion Omega

This edition of our rapidly funded Kickstarter projects lists features cool campaigns from different categories that include product design, technology, 3D printing, hip-hop, and DIY electronics.
Four of the six campaigns on …


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So far I’ve backed almost 100 projects on Kickstarter. For many of these campaigns, I’ve mainly wanted to support a particular creator who I discovered on one of our forums or who …


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Forgotten Colors kickstarter project

In 2014, David G. Forés and Play Attitude launched their first Kickstarter campaign for an Edgar Allan Poe illustrated anthology entitled “Ravings of love & death.” Despite setting an initial $58,000 goal, the …


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With hundreds of thousands of online fundraisers out there asking donors to help support causes, nonprofit initiatives, and personal tragedies, crafting a compelling story …


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Greenbelly is a healthy meal on the go that provides 1/3 of your daily nutrition. It serves as a great supplementary or replacement meal for travelers, athletes, cyclists, adventurers, and executives. …


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