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At the time I’m writing this blog post, over $3.2 billion has been pledged on Kickstarter towards technological, creative, and entrepreneurial projects. More than $48 million has been invested on WeFunder, an equity crowdfunding website, which enables startups to grow into big companies. Right now is the BEST time to seek out crowdfunding dollars to ...

Whenever someone sees remarkable success at a young age, it’s a blinking indicator that you need to PAY ATTENTION.
If a group of young entrepreneurs just out of college can raise …


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EquityMultiple is a young real estate crowdfunding website that’s recently been making headlines in the industry.
They have picked up a lot of speed, with investments on the platform having tripled …

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When you include these elements on your Kickstarter landing page, you’re gonna boost overall conversions.
Point blank, you’re going to have more people opting into your email list.
This might sound like …


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When you’ve found something that works, you keep at it.
The team behind the Koala-Gear has taken that lesson to heart, having launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns.
Their most recent project for the …


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It’s impressive how fast some Kickstarter projects reach their funding goals these days. With proper preparation and a well put together campaign, more and more projects are now fully funded …


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