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The video for your Indiegogo campaign is one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of your overall pitch.  First, it’s what backers are going to see when they first come to your project. Second, it’s a more powerful way to get visitors to take action than simple text and images. There’s a lot of great crowdfunding video advice out there ...

comic book

Launching a comic book Kickstarter campaign isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, Einar Petersen, a member of the CrowdCrux community has been struggling with his campaign and asked my …


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tech startup ideas

This podcast is a follow up from my very popular article about tech startup ideas that I’ve come up with!
We’re living at the best time in history to start a …


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When I first got into the the crowdfunding industry, I admired two and CrowdfundInsider.
Believe me, it takes A LOT of work to run a media company. CrowdCrux is producing new …


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Jchon Perkins is a fan of CrowdCrux and the Crowdfunding Demystified podcast. He submitted a question asking how I and other consultants can help his upcoming crowdfunding campaign.
“Hi! My name …


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Real EstateCrowdfunding

I’m pumped to share this YouTube video with you. I’m about to break down how real estate crowdfunding works and everything that you need to know if you’re new to …


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