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This week’s rapidly funded Kickstarter projects can all be described as revolutionary in some shape or form. Each of these campaigns aim to improve on something old (and in one case relatively new), making it better and easier to use. All of these projects will help many different people save time with a little help from ...


It’s no secret that finding financing for science research projects and studies is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more, what you are able to study is dictated by what you …


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Arist coffee machine kickstarter

These five Kickstarter projects have killed in in the past week, some having passed their funding goals in just the first few days after launching! This list includes projects in …


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Film, video, and movie projects are some of the most popular types of crowdfunding campaigns on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. On Kickstarter, these types of projects have raised a …


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WakaWaka Base

This week’s list of rapidly funded Kickstarter projects stands out from some of the other ones in a couple ways. For one thing, all of these projects started on October …


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If you’ve seen successful Kickstarter campaigns in the media or been browsing around the crowdfunding platform, then you may have noticed something called Kickstarter add-ons or addons. These can become a …


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