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I first learned about Nathan Chan, the founder of Foundr Magazine when he appeared on the Smart Passive Income podcast and shared his story of building a six-figure digital magazine that’s gained the status of an AppStore top 10 ranked ‘Business & Investing’ magazine. The magazine has featured interviews with superstar entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Daymon ...


Today’s episode of the Crowdfunding Demystified podcast is an Ask Sal episode where listeners submit their questions and I answer them.
Justin Rogers asked a question about growing his website, which …


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Once upon a time, if you missed a Kickstarter campaign it could be months or even YEARS until you could purchase that product again. Sometimes projects never became available to …


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Indiegogo’s Generosity platform is in direct competition to GoFundMe. You can use both websites to raise money for personal expenses, including medical costs, emergency costs, education expenses, and more.
But, which …


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Ecommerce is a super hot industry right now. More independent creators are setting up their own online shop and selling directly to consumers.
In this post, I’ll share a few different …


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Recently, I was on a science panel where I and other panelists shared how you can harness the power of crowdfunding to help finance science research.
One of the panelists was Jai Ranganathan, …


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