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Have you been wondering whether or not this whole Kickstarter thing is legit? Can you actually raise money from a crowd? The team behind this project first came on my podcast on episode¬†#129, where they shared how they raised five MILLION dollars with six successful Kickstarter campaigns. Now, they’ve launched another and guess what… they just hit the ...

Looking to give your online store a facelift? There are a wide variety of Shopify themes available online to suit and style or budget.¬†Whether you are a new entrepreneur starting …


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I’m going to reveal a few key things that you can do to boost your funding meter on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
If you’re in the trenches right now and you’re struggling …


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Makey Makey is a unique circuit board that turns ordinary objects into computer controllers. This gadget was conceived by two students, Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, as a school project …

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10 May 2017 | Read more

Crowdfunding is a very different experience for musicians.
Often times, many of the major crowdfunding successes in the media are centered around a design or technology product.
If you’re trying to raise …


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On this episode of the podcast, I answered a question from a listener in the CrowdCrux community!
You’re about to discover how to effectively launch a nonprofit campaign on Kickstarter, and …


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