Indiegogo tips
4 May 2016 | No Comment

I can’t wait to share this video with you! I broke down a few ways to raise more funds for your Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Before you hit the play button below, I just want to remind you that you don’t have to implement all of these techniques or tools. Remember that every category is different and every campaign is different. That ...

eletronics board

The rise of crowdfunding had drawn in many innovators who finally have the support they need to bring their ideas to life! Technological innovations have been particularly popular.
Technology is a …


21 Apr 2016 | No Comment
$1 millionphotography (1)

This blog post is a little bit different than my other articles, because I’ll be sharing a video with you!
In the video, you’ll discover my five biggest takeaways from having interviewed …


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lomography kickstarter

One of the wonderful things about Kickstarter is how many amazing creators and projects you get exposed to from month to month! Thanks to the popularity of crowdfunding, there is …


19 Apr 2016 | 8 Comments

This is another “Ask Sal” episode of the podcast where you submit your questions and I answer them! Today, I answered a question from Matthew King who is a Senior …


18 Apr 2016 | 2 Comments

On this episode of the podcast, I talked about getting funding for a veteran event and whether or not crowdfunding is always an appropriate way to raise funds.
Ronnie Terry submitted the question …


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