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Just because I talk a lot about crowdfunding doesn’t mean that it’s a good fit for everyone. Quite frankly, I think there are many types of projects and businesses that crowdfunding might be bad for. At the same time, there are a ton of projects and products that you can bring into the world with crowdfunding websites ...

Right now, it’s easier than ever before to start your own online store.
It’s extremely profitable to sell goods online, particularly when you factor in marketing tactics like Facebook ads, email …


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Did you know that more than $3 billion has been given on GoFundMe in the form of donations?
Pretty crazy, right?
It’s easier than ever to raise funds for charity online.
There are …


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Devin Thorpe is a legend in the crowdfunding space!
He’s a pillar in the industry for having shared a ton of great info on crowdfunding for nonprofits, causes, social entrepreneurs, and change …


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There are a TON of ways to get PR attention for your Indiegogo campaign.
Before you know it, you can have articles going up on different publications around the web.
I know …


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This video is gonna blow your mind!
I swear, I had NO IDEA that real estate crowdfunding was going to explode in popularity.
At the time of writing, platforms are raising millions …

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