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In this mega episode, I talked with a crowdfunding veteran who has launched 16 projects on Kickstarter. He’s the man behind the million-dollar Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter campaign, along with many other cool high-end board games, like The Gods War and Planet Apocalypse. I’m talking about Sandy Petersen, the founder of Peterson Games. In our remarkably candid interview, you’ll discover exactly how ...

In the early days of the crowdfunding industry, there weren’t any proven or verified strategies to go about actually marketing a new Kickstarter launch.
Thankfully, the “wild west” days of crowdfunding …


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Do you want to learn the TRUTH about crowdfunding?
How can you actually get people to back, support, and rave about your campaign?
I got a special episode for you today. I …


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There are many legal implications attached to an equity crowdfunding raise.
From Regulation A+ to Regulation CF, it can quickly become extremely confusing and difficult to sort out the legal mumbo …


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I’m always on the hunt for nuggets of gold!
That’s what I call little tips, tricks, or strategies that you can use to improve your crowdfunding campaign.
From being in this business …


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Do you want to learn more about equity crowdfunding?
What about more alternative ways of financing a startup?
Oh boy – I’ve got the episode for you.
Not only will you walk away …


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