5 Dec 2016 | Read more

Maybe you’re picking out a gift for someone else, or yourself! Either way, it’s harder than you might think to find cool gadgets online. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of online stores and shops out there to choose from. It can be a tad bit overwhelming. I’m going to highlight a few different websites that you ...


Ecommerce is a super hot industry right now. More independent creators are setting up their own online shop and selling directly to consumers.
In this post, I’ll share a few different …


21 Nov 2016 | Read more

Recently, I was on a science panel where I and other panelists shared how you can harness the power of crowdfunding to help finance science research.
One of the panelists was Jai Ranganathan, …


17 Nov 2016 | Read more

Indiegogo recently announced that they are partnering with MicroVentures to offer a new equity crowdfunding service.
This has been a long awaited announcement. There were rumors for some time that the …


16 Nov 2016 | Read more

I’ve been pretty vocal in my support for the peer to peer lending industry, which I also call debt crowdfunding. Still, many out there have no idea what p2p lending …


15 Nov 2016 | Read more

Ever since writing the Amazon guide, Real Estate Crowdfunding Explained, I’ve been following the industry closely with enthusiasm! There’s been a lot of progress this year, but in this post …


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