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I admit it… I have a blindspot! I’m a millennial and I’m super passionate about crowdfunding, online giving, and online marketing. To be quite honest, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to traditional fundraising techniques like direct mail, roping in big corporate sponsors, and setting up matching giving programs. Oops! But… never fear. That’s why I brought Adam from Double ...

Devin Thorpe is a legend in the crowdfunding space!
He’s a pillar in the industry for having shared a ton of great info on crowdfunding for nonprofits, causes, social entrepreneurs, and change …


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There are a TON of ways to get PR attention for your Indiegogo campaign.
Before you know it, you can have articles going up on different publications around the web.
I know …


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This video is gonna blow your mind!
I swear, I had NO IDEA that real estate crowdfunding was going to explode in popularity.
At the time of writing, platforms are raising millions …

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I can’t believe how radically Kickstarter has transformed crowdfunding.
When I first started writing about the platform in 2012, I had NO IDEA that more than $3 billion would end up …


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You might remember Guido from podcast episode #148. His first Kickstarter campaign didn’t work out, but he launched again and ended up raising $14,428.
After this financial raise, he set his …


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