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In this post I’m going to share a few trending Kickstarter projects from the month of July 2016. Whether you love checking out innovative crowdfunding campaigns or hope to run your own successful campaign soon, the projects featured here have something interesting to offer for just about everyone. The creators behind these projects have caught hundreds of ...


My main goal with this website is to help you SMASH your Indiegogo campaign, speed past your goal, and really knock it out of the park!
Crowdfunding isn’t easy, but thankfully, there …


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indiegogo evan

No jokes, I’ve been waiting for this moment since 2012. I’ve FINALLY managed to get a member of the Indiegogo team on this podcast to share the inner secrets of …


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growth backers

This might be a bit of a controversial post. I’m about to break down some of the marketing principles that the most successful crowdfunding campaigns use to get backers and …


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I LOVE getting listener questions!! It reminds me that there are actually other human beings who are reading my content and listening to my podcasts.
It’s easy to get all caught …


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I never thought I’d be writing an article sharing how you can actually finance your honeymoon with crowdfunding. It’s SO cool!
If you haven’t already check it out, I highly recommend …


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