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3 Aug 2015 | 2 Comments

As each month goes by, new Kickstarter projects are launched that go on to be break-out successes! To take a look at the diversity of projects launched in July, I selected seven Kickstarter campaigns that quickly reached their funding goals – and some that raised even more than they were expecting. This edition of our rapidly funded ...

lending club homepage

Lending Club is a San Francisco based peer-to-peer lending company that was founded in 2006. They are the largest online marketplace connecting investors and borrowers, while offering lower rates than …


15 Jul 2015 | No Comment

Since writing the article about different ways to raise capital for your business, I’ve been getting more and more questions about what this whole “peer to peer lending” thing is …


13 Jul 2015 | 3 Comments
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On June 3 2015, Adam Nimoy launched a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary that explores the birth and evolution of Star Trek’s Spock, titled “For the Love of Spock”.
Since Leonard …


10 Jul 2015 | 11 Comments

Crowdfunding has emerged as a revolutionary new tool that musicians can use to develop a relationship with their fanbase, reward them with cool swag, and get funds to release a …


8 Jul 2015 | 8 Comments

Using the free WordPress CMS is one way that you can set up a low-cost crowdfunding platform with the ability to host projects, accept donations or pledges, integrate with a payment …


6 Jul 2015 | 6 Comments